Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I?ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World Vol 00 Chp 08 End

Author Note(?):

That’s it for this shitty story.

However, I had a lot of fun, Isra—-

《from Arisa》

Treadstone Tavern.

There was a great ruckus full of cheers, almost like in a festival.

A large amount of food was being carried out one after another.

Drinks and laughter were constantly exchanged.

“Let’s chug it all down today too! Take a good look o’er here!”


Watching Isra in the centre of the frenzy from afar, I leisurely drank wine with Tess.

“Isra-kun is amazing. Even though he’s just arrived in this city, he’s already so intimate with everyone.”

He’s just that kind of person.

“He’s really popular. So how about it, aren’t you a little jealous?”

Her brown hair swayed just like usual.

“Tess. Rather than popular, he just gets easily carried away. I don’t know what he’d get up to unless I watch him.”

“You’re sooo not honest….ah! Isra-kun is approaching a sexy girl!”

What did she say!?

“……did you think that’s what I’d say?”

“Geez, if you don’t get even a little agitated, it’s boooorrriiiiing!!”

She appeared to be dissatisfied with my reaction of pouring another glass of wine.

That’s right, I don’t care about such a thing.

That’s Isra, after all.

“Hey, ladies! Are you drinking?”

Upon turning my eyes to the loud voice, there was a man standing right next to me.

The lights were hidden by a giant, casting shadows onto our table.

“Yes, a little bit.”

“What, aren’t you sober?”

The man sat down and brought his face close.

He stinks.

He was a filthy man who hadn’t even taken a bath.

He’s the type of person I hate the most.

I wanted to hit him, but I suppressed that reflex.

“It’s because I have to go earn more money tomorrow thanks to a certain somebody.”

“Hmmm. It must be rough accompanying an idiot, huh?”


Something clicked in my head at that phrasing.

“He really doesn’t know how to spend his money, after all. In the middle of the night, he left his woman and is drinking himself stupid. That ain’t right.”

That man deliberately shook his head and brought his face closer to me.

“Did you know, Arisa? Recently there’ve been many corpses around here. Human bodies that have been chopped to pieces, or adventurers who have been burned down to their bones.”

“Is that so? How scary.”

I turned my face away to escape from that stinky breath.

“What, don’t worry bout it. I’ll protect you.”

My disgust has hit its boiling point.

‘It’s unnecessary’, or so I tried to spit out.

With a thud, he placed a drawstring bag onto the table.

“Have sex with me, Arisa. This’ll be the money I’ll pay for tonight with you.”

He opened his mouth while raping my breasts and butt with his eyes.

—-that was his last moment.

“Hellfire’s Law.”

“Gyaaaaaaaahh!!?? Hawt hawt hawwwwwttt!!”

The body of the man before my eyes was instantly wrapped in flames.

“Wha-hawt!! I-I’ll die!! Someone, someone help meeeee!! HAWT HAWWWWWTTTT!!!!!”

A death cry that echoed from the bottom of hell.

A piercing cry that made one want to close their ears.

[Yaaaaaaayy! Gahahaha!]

However, not one person tried to help him, nor were they surprised.

On the contrary, the people in the tavern surrounded the man who was thrashing around, as though he were a campfire.

“Oooh, it’s burning well!”

“What victim number is this one~! Ain’t no way Arisa would be won over by trash like you~!”

“Hya hya! That’s pouring fuel on the fire right there~!”

As the men drank, the flames gained momentum.

Among them were those who dropped their pants and urinated on it.

However, I didn’t think that such a degenerate situation was vulgar at all.

“Oh dear. So this is what they call a summer insect jumping into the fire. In this case, though, the insect is just vermin.”

“Hihigyaaaah!! It hurts, it’s hot, it’s painful, I’m dying, I’m gonna dying, I’m dying, dying, dyinnnggg!!”

“Hey, what kind of cry will you give us?”

I smiled at the fire doll that rolled around before my eyes.

To me, this was the value of human beings.

If I don’t like them, then I can just kill them.

Entertain me as much as possible and die.

“Ahha, oh Arisa, you’re bullying and killing them again, huh? You’ve got bad taste, y’know!”

“Even though you say that, aren’t you enjoying yourself in the shadows peeling the skin off of other people?”

“Oh, did I get caught? I mean, adventurer skin is very good material, right~ Teehee!”

“Not as good as yours.”

Fufu–I gave an amused laugh.

Tess really is interesting.

“Now then, everyone. We’ve gotten tired of this kind of flame, right?”

whoosh! –the momentum of the flame increased, reaching the ceiling of the tavern.



I spread my arms wide and sneered in the highest of spirits.

It was so funny that my stomach became twisted.

Somehow, I feel good today.

Even though I was just doing the same thing as usual.

I felt amused from the bottom of my heart.


At that time.

A party was walking in the city at night on their way back from a quest.

“Alright, we hunted a lot of monsters today as well!”

“Our level has risen considerably, huh? It really was quite the harvest.”

From their appearance and armaments, one could tell that these individuals were not normal people.

All of them had a silver tag somewhere on their body, indicating that they were B-ranked or higher.

The men were full of vitality, laughing comfortably while suffering big and small wounds.

One of them, an especially well-built swordfighter, called out to the figure beside him.

“Hey, Esca. Which quest should we go on tomorrow?”

“Hmm, let’s see.”

Silver-white armour made a clunking sound.

Esca, who hunted more monsters than anyone else, walked more dignifiedly than anyone else.

The men narrowed their eyes.

When they looked at her, it was as though they were looking at something dazzling and precious.

As they should.

“Today’s enemies were formidable, but are nothing if we all put our strength together……in which case, next we should face a bigger and stronger enemy.”

She held her fist tight and spoke with a face full of self-confidence.

That woman did such.

That woman who was soaked in blood shined more brilliantly than anyone else.

A short man leaned forward.

“Hey, about that! We’ve been packed with quests lately, right!? So let’s go out and play, Esca! It seems that the rose garden in the suburbs is in full bloom!”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad.”

Good job!–the men made a guts pose.

“Ah, of course with just the two of us.”

The team members changed their expressions and approached the killjoy.

“Oi, you! What’re you trying to steal a march for, haah!?”

“In that case, Esca, come with me!”

“Ah?! Oi, I’m the one who got that info!”

Seeing the men on the team messily quarrelling, Esca gracefully smiled broadly.

“Geez, everyone is really close, huh? ……the rose garden might be a bit overkill, but we certainly need a diversion.”

At those words, everyone became brighter.

Everyone stopped while pulling each others’ hair and clothes.

“Wha-!? That’s right, Esca! Let’s do what Esca wants to do! Anything is still fine!”

“What I want to do, is it?”

Esca acted as though she were thinking for a while.

There was a mysterious group watching over that situation.

And after a while.

This is it!—she seemed to say with a big smile.

“How about an adventurer massacre?”

—-with a big smile, she pulled her beloved sword from her waist.

《From Vigilante Captain》

A few minutes later, the place was flooded with armed vigilantes.

“This is pretty terrible.”

A newcomer with a pale face muttered to the side.

I tapped on his shoulder and leaked a sigh.

Pieces of meat had been scattered on the busy streets.

“Well, ‘course that’d make you sick. Just what kind of magic was used to make things turn into this?”

They must have met a gruesome death.

I’m also self-aware of the fact that I have dealt with a countless number of bizarre murders.

Even then, this was abnormal.

Lumps, both large and small, were scattered not only on the floor but all over the surrounding walls.

Fragments of glass and iron were embedded into parts that is thought to be a human body.

“Their weapons and armour are shredded, huh……this must definitely be the work of some kind of demon beast.”

Upon touching the cross section, blood rushed out from the place I had touched.

What incredible sharpness.

It seems that a stay-at-home order needs to be issued right away.

The area around here is already closed to traffic, and the soldiers have been warned.

However, against an opponent of this caliber……

Suddenly it began to rain.

In this country that had a public order better than any other, an abnormal day had been carved out of it.

Placing my hand on my head, I imagined the appearance of the demon beast.

The silence was suddenly torn to pieces.

“U-Um, pardon me.”


A girl’s voice.

My body stiffened involuntarily.

Looking back, there stood a woman dressed in rags.

Her face was hidden by a hood, but no matter how one looked at her she appeared to be just an ordinary woman.


“……what do you want? This place is off limits!”


When I raised my voice, the woman curled herself up.

“D-Did I make you angry!? I-I’m sorry!”

I let out a splendid sigh.

Just what is this?

“Geez, what are they doing……what’re the use of checkpoints if they let even this kind of woman through?”

Standing up in displeasure, I slowly reached for the white hands that extended from that cloth.

I need to escort her out. That’s what I thought.


The woman disappeared from before my eyes.


The danger signal lit up.

Raising the enemy detection to max—-

I felt a soft touch on my crotch.



Although I let out a pathetic voice, I didn’t think I was the one who did so.


The area around my crotch was unpleasantly cool.

I slowly looked down.

“Ahah, mister, you have a nice dick there.”

My dick was being jerked off.

I have no memory of opening my zipper or having an erection.

Also the girl who should’ve disappeared was now crouching, burying her face in my crotch and moving her plentifully damp hand up and down my crotch.

squelch squelch……♡

“Oh, oh!”

In such an incomprehensible situation, I completely stopped thinking.

“Fufu, when that happens, you’re already playing right into us succubus’s hands. Once you’re trapped in that chain of pleasure, you can’t resist. —-now then, please feel good.”

A captivating voice.

That voice stimulated the eardrums, and even shook my spine.

“Geez, mister, you can’t run away from my body anymore. Look, your cute little balls are also trembling adorably in the palm of my hand.”

“Oh oaah!”

Pleasure that I don’t understand rushes like a raging billow.

“Y-You, you’re-“

“I’m Tamil. It’s a little unique, but I’m one of those so-called succubus.”

Her hood fell and her glossy hair popped out.

Young features. Such a girl performed this kind of technique.

“T-That chest wound……you’re the girl, from that village, huh?”

“Fufu, so you know, do you? Yes, I’m from that poor village where all of the men had their life drained and destroyed.”

“This, demon……guoooooh!!”


Heat built up in my crotch.

I’m finished.

spewwwwww!! spluk spluk! splut splut splut splut splut!!

“Uah, gah! Wha-, just how much, i-it won’t stop……!!”

An unusual amount leaped out from my glans, and flew onto the woman’s face.

Underneath the cloudy liquid, her tongue moved alluringly.

speeeeeeeeeeeew!! spluk! spuuurrrrrrrrrrrtt!!


“slurp♡ lick♡ Ufufu, it’s so rich—-just how many years have you been saving up, I wonder? Aah, I intended on this being a warm up until I see that person, but how disappointing.”

A stimulus that I wasn’t even able to faint from could be felt from the muddy stream of semen that passed through my urethra.

The front of my eyes flashed, and my head crackled.

“No, stop—-“

I’m being destroyed.

By this girl, whose face I ejaculated a large amount onto.

I couldn’t do anything but that.

“Let out all of it.”

Kill me please—-or so I prayed to god.

And then, all of a sudden.

A heavy sound could be heard.

At the edge of my field of vision, I saw a shining sphere.

My life ended there.

“Hey now, Tail-chan, how long are you going to be playing around?”

“Ah, Altair-san. It’s been a while.”

“Geez, you took way too long just to kill one person.”

“Eeh, even I could do about 10 people at the same time if I felt like it, you know?”

“For me, it’d be 20 people……that’s enough, so go quickly. That guy’s waiting for you.”

“I’d do that even with you telling me. Ehehe, please wait for me, ‘kay~♡”


《From Isra》

I was seeing a dream.

It was a terribly ridiculous dream.

A dream where I became an adventurer.

Seriously practicing the sword like an idiot, I had left the village.

I helped people in need and had fun.

I met Arisa who was kind and thought of others.

I met Esca, who was righteous, noble, and walked down the road of chivalry.

The three of us defeated many demon beasts.

We were praised for defeating the Demon King who caused suffering for people.

The King of Windmill and its Princess were smiling.

As the hero, I had saved the world.

That’s the kind of dream I saw.

“Nn smack……♡ Hey, Isra. What’s wrong?”

“Hm, nothing.”

Upon noticing it, I was on top of the bed.

Arisa comfortably laid in my arms.

“You know, today I burned more than 50 people. B-ranks and several others. All of them were made into charcoal without leaving any meat pieces behind……hey, Isra, praise me!”

“Sure, you did well, Arisa.”

When I stroked her head, Arisa squinted comfortably as she rolled around.

When I turned my gaze downwards, I could see my cock was erect.

As well as the thin and soft fingers that were coiled around it.

smack slurp surp……♡

“Aahn, it’s so manly today as well……♡ Even if I faint again today, it’ll squelch♡ and pierce my pussy, right This absolutely best male dick that will satisfy a woman no matter how many times it cums?”

The movement of her fingers became intense, focusing around the glans.

“slurp♡ Ifra, Ifraaaah……♡ Nn, smack♡”

Arisa’s tongue crawled inside of my ear.

While calling my name, she appealed to me with an entranced voice.

“Between me and you, Arisa, how many people have we killed?”

“Nnph, there’s no way I’d remember that……ick, lick♡”

“Who am I?”

While feeling the soft flesh hitting against my arm, I leaked out a whisper.

Arisa got up and looked at me, a little surprised.

However, she immediately made a bewitching smile.

“You’re the Demon Israfil.”

Bring her chest, she exposed a her womanly parts without a shred of embarrassment.

She then snuggled up to my chest.

“The one and only who violates, kills, and gives despair to people.”

Her slender legs entwined around my lower body.

“The most cruel and deliciously atrocious. All of the women are your captives. You rape them like pussies and make them conceive children. You spread your blood like such and create a country just for you.”

While staring at the ceiling, I listen to those words.

I became acclimated to Arisa’s words without resistance, just like how rain fell onto a body of water.

That’s right, I’m a demon.

Arisa mounted my cock.

“And I’m one of the sows who were charmed by you. Arisa.”

squelch squelch♡–her wet pussy folds enveloped my glans.

It was a ticklish warmth.

A sensation that I should have experienced countless times.

However, I wonder why?

I’m so incredibly happy to be doing this.

This sense of expectation, as though I were connecting with Arisa for the first time.

splut squish♡

“Nn, so big……♡ Aah, Isra, I love you, Isra♡ A male like you is putting someone like me the closest to you. That’s my happiness.”

Arisa put my member up until the root all at once.

After quivering, she leaked a lustrous sigh.


Aah, Arisa is shaking her hips on top of me.

How beautiful.

When I placed my hands on her waist to try and seek more pleasure-

“Excuse me.”

A dignified voice echoed in the room.

“So you’re having sexual intercourse, is it? And you’re messily violating Arisa with that fierce, stiff meat rod? While having people play boring games, aren’t you lucky, Isra?”

A venomous way of speaking.

I know the owner of this voice.


“Hmph, it’s useless even if you’re sweet to me. You selfishly made me think I was an adventurer and had me team up with those crappy humans. Thanks to that, I’ve completely forgotten the taste of your cock.”

She threw off her blood-soaked armour and approached me.

Her fresh and youthful limbs, and her elegant way of walking.

“U-Um, Isra-saan! You’re having sex with Arisa again! E-Even though I like Isra-san too!”

A seemingly reserved, stuttering voice could be heard.

I also know this voice as well.


“Uu, but that kind of Isra is also cool…… Auuh, s-since I reincarnated as a succubus after going through a ritual, even I can satisfy Isra-san!”

For some reason, Tamil-chan was already covered in semen.

Seemingly embarrassed by that appearance of hers, her abundant body quivered as she slowly sneaked closer.

“Haah. You can really go at it day after day, huh? ……please try to put yourself in the shoes of the one who has to change the sheets every morning, Isra-san. Giving a boob job fellatio to your first morning wood of the day is nowhere enough.”

A glossy, listless voice could be heard.

There’s none in this guild who don’t know who this person is.


“Haah, you’re making such a face. Isra-san, I fished up 3 A-Rank men with these big boobs today. I firmly stopped their breathing after processing, and the clean up was also perfect……isn’t there a reward for me who works so hard?”

A sensational dress with the chest region completely visible.

At the end of the swaying see-through dress, a generous amount of white meat shook.

The receptionist licked her lips and twisted her hips.

“You lot……”

The bed sank a lot.

The momentum of my women flowing in. I was pushed. I could feel the warmth of their bodies.

The finest of women were doing their best to please me.

“Are you willing to follow me?”

While drowning in flesh, I felt a slow pulsation.

As Israfil, a demon and an enemy of adventurers.

“Fufu, isn’t that only natural? No matter how long, or how far, I will continue to satisfy you by your side, Isra. That’s the meaning of my life, and the meaning of my existence. smack, slurp♡”

Arisa hugged my body strongly, and allowed my tongue to invade her mouth.

“Nn lick, besides, your abilities are abnormal and wonderful. That non-standard power that is almost as though it were bestowed from outside this world……nnph, you’re the only one who is suitable to be the Demon King. nn lick♡”

I made a realisation.

I am me.

What was there to be lost about?

“smooch smooch♡ Isra. Your cognition modification ability is the strongest in the world. I was able to fool this foolish world, after all. With this power, you can definitely become the Demon King……nn lick♡”

Somehow vexed, Esca let her tongue swim between the skin of my dick.

A knight at the peak, one that was out of everyone’s reach, was desperately cleaning my dick cheese.

“Ku, kuku.”

These girls will listen to whatever I say.

They would gladly hunt adventurers. The greatest of pawns.

“That’s right, I am the strongest in the world……I will defeat the Demon King, and turn this world into one full of violence and desire.”

Reaching my hand out, I roughly groped Tamil and Sherry’s chests.

With enchanted eyes, the women raised their voice at my mercy.

“Nn♡ How wonderful, Isra-san♡”

“I’ll help you, forever. Nn ah♡”

And then the four lined up and spread their legs at the same time.

[Please bless us with your seed♡]

That’s right, I can do anything!


My crotch went beyond its critical point, and I pushed everyone down.

“Aah, I’m happy. Are you listening?”

I whispered to somewhere far away, to a place even I didn’t even know.

Directing it towards someone who should have gone ahead.

“Say, Isra. What are you going to do after the world has fallen? Won’t you be bored?”

Arisa asked, placing my head on her lap and combing my hair.

“Nn? Well, I’m sure I’ll work something out. I can play around as much as I want, after all.”

“Geez, you’re always so carefree. Do you know how much hardship I have because of that?”

“My bad, my bad. I’m thinking about it seriously, ok?”

Poking her pouting cheeks, I humoured her.

I was always causing Arisa trouble.

Let’s see, what should I do once everything’s over?

I have no idea, but I’m sure that I—-

[I’ll be waiting on the other side, Isra.]


I jumped up involuntarily.

“? What’s wrong, Isra?”

Arisa blinked in wonder.

I looked at that face for a few seconds.

I scratched my head.

—-the answer was there from the beginning.

“Well, if I’m still bored after all that, then-“

“What will you do?”

I spoke slowly as though telling myself.

“It means that this world isn’t the place I ought to be……and in that case-“

While laughing, I replied so.

“I’ll just go and make a different world fall.”

Somehow, I found that amusing.

Everyone laughed.

== END ==

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Score 6.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
The ability to alter common sense that belonged to the mysterious man that suddenly appeared in another world. Helpless in the face of such a cheat ability, every single woman was suddenly changed to become erotic. Isra, a simple and innocent hero. And Arisa, a noble and virtuous sorceress. The story revolves around these two people at the centre. It is the another world version of the previous work, “A world where you can do whatever you please with girls that talk dirty every day is erotic, isn’t it?”



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