Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I?ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World Vol 00 Chp 05

“Quest complete!”

Along with those words, everyone jumped.

“We did it! We completed a B Rank Quest!”

“These rewards are…amazing.”

The reward offered by the receptionist was a large purse packed with a mountain of gold coins.

With just this reward, one could play around and live for a month. That was just how much money there was.

“It’s great that you came back safely.”

“Indeed, Sherry-san. To think that you’d be worrying about me…”

“Haah. You’re mistaken. I was worried about Arisa-san.”

While I dropped my head in disappointment, I caught a sideward glance of Arisa laughing cheerfully.

“Thanks, Sherry-san. But this guy also did his best, you know?”

“…is that so? Thank you for your hard work.”

While bashful, the receptionist showed me a face I had never seen before.

She really is cute.

Also her chest is huge.

“Where are you looking?”

Since her gaze hurts, I whistled and looked at the surroundings.

“Huh, Yamada?”

“If it’s about Yamada, then he’s drinking over there.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

“The Drago that I hunted was super big. There were many times along the way where I thought I was done for.”

“Eeh! You beat a Drago alone!? Adventurer-san is amazing!”

There was a group who drank in a conspicuous manner at the meeting area.

And in the center of them was Yamada.

Somehow, he looks like he’s having fun, being waited upon and surrounded by pretty woman.

“Aren’t I? Well, I wasn’t really being serious at that point, though. In the end, I ended it with these fists. Right, Esca?”

“Indeed, that is correct. Everyone, Yamada is so strong that even I wouldn’t be able to stand up against him. Adventuring together with Yamada is my greatest honour as an adventurer.”

“Hahaha. Well, do your best as well, Esca. Rather, your breasts really are big, huh?”

“Indeed, I will devote myself to be of use to you, Yamada.”

Grabbing the nearby Esca, Yamada did whatever he pleased with her fresh limbs.

The women were enviously looking at her situation.

Seeing that dignified Esca’s composed expression, my balls shriveled in fear.

I inadvertently held down my crotch.

Somehow, things have been strange lately.

“Yamada’s pretty popular, huh?”

“Well that’s cause he’s the hero who defeated a Drago alone. I wonder if I’d have to abstain from Yamada’s dick today?”

Arisa bit her lips vexedly.

That appearance of hers was really adorable.

My chest throbbed.

“S-Say, Sherry-san.”

“Haah, what is it?”

“If it was you, Sherry-san, then what kind of present would make you happy?”

I had this thought.

After completing this quest, I was going to give Arisa a gift.

I wanted to express my feelings of thanks for everything she usually does.

I thought such while I watched Arisa being humped by Yamada on the way back to town.

“A gift, is it? From Yamada-san to Arisa-san?”

The receptionist blinked her eyes.

After staring at my face for a while, she erupted.

“Haah. Can’t you tell just by looking at that?”


“You’re so dull that I can’t even make a comment on it. Please take a look at Arisa-san.”

Upon moving my eyes as I was told, I saw Arisa masturbating with her lower body exposed.

squelch ♡ squelch squelch…♡

“Npph. Aah, I’m so jealous, so so jealous…jerking of Yamada’s sweat-covered dick like that…oh♡ oh♡”

“What Arisa-san wants is Yamada-san’s dick juice.”

My beloved person who was trampling on her beautiful costume and indulging in masturbation.

“Nngh♡ Shiit…why is it not me but Esca…guhyuu♡ Masturbating while being dumped is so hot♡”

“Arisa-san masturbating while pathetically swinging her hips while bow-legged is erotic, isn’t she? However, I also don’t have the right to talk about other people.”

squelch squelch squelch…♡

Saying this, the receptionist who was looking at me was also drooping her eyes in a trance while moving both her hands without hesitation.

I can’t see what’s happening under the desk, but I guess she’s in the middle of working on something.

“Are you ok, Sherry-san? Your face is red.”

“Please be quiet for a little bit….uuh♡ Haah, aauh♡ Semi-exposed masturbation…so amazing♡”

Sherry-san trembled as she turned her head away.

Her boobs that were pressing against her shirt swayed with a bounce♡ each time…

Not good, not good.

“If you’re not feeling well, then you should rest without overdoing it-“

“Hah♡ Hah♡ Fuh♡ Hoh♡”

Ignoring me who was showing concern for her, the receptionist began panting while showing off an “Oho” face that couldn’t be imagined from her usual appearance.

“Heya, Sherry-san.”

An arm stretched out from behind me, and a figure appeared.

A figure with well-organised blue hair and a ball of magic that floated in the air.

It was Altair.

A beautiful young man who sat down with movements so beautiful that it got on my nerves.

As usual, he’s a stuck-up fellow.

“Also, Isra. Good work on the quest.”

“Am I an afterthought?!”

My best friend laughed elegantly as he leaned over the counter.

“You are, compared to Sherry-san.”

“What a terrible fellow. You should respect me some more.”

“How would I go about doing that? You’re the same as ever, Isra.”

His gentle bearing.

I don’t know what he’s thinking, but if I asked a woman, then they’d probably say it’s fine if he’s mysterious.

That’s something I can’t understand at all.

“Sherry-san, you really helped me yesterday.”

“Hah♡ You’re wel…come♡ Altair-san.”

“Thanks to Sherry-san’s mediation, I was able to get acquainted with information channels about the aforementioned abnormal ability user. You really know a lot of people.”

“Nnoh♡ Fufu, I’m glad to have been♡ of use to you♡”

The receptionist, while being shy, moved her hands without hesitation.

Altair’s expression was softer than usual.

The magic ball also spun, seemingly in a good mood.

“To thank you, how about we go for a meal.”

“Hah♡ Fiddling with that place is amazing♡ …I’ll think about it♡”

“Is that so? How unfortunate.”

While seemingly not bothered, Altair moved on to the next topic.

I have a long relationship with this guy.

It’s clear to me that he was depressed from being rejected by Sherry-san.

“Fuhaha! You were rejected!!”

“You really can laugh a lot, huh? Well, that’s the good thing about Isra, though.”

“My bad, my bad. Kuku, I’ll buy you lunch to make it up to you.”

“I don’t want that.”

“Sherry-san, I’ll ask for the special drink.”

Altair sulked while listening to other people.

The receptionist stretched out her hand, sticky with a mysterious liquid, from the counter.

And then she took out a glass from the back shelf.

“Kuhoh♡ Just right on time, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…fnnh♡”

splasssssh♡ tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle♡

While shaking her cleavage with a boing♡, the receptionist’s face slovenly slackened.

The intense sound of water leaked from under the counter.

As expected of the rumoured special drink.

The manufacturing method is a secret.

“Haah♡ It’s hitting my clit…a super concentrated one is…cumming out♡ Kffh♡”

The woman continued to stick her tongue out as she scattered drool from her eyes and nose while rolling her eyes into the back of her head.

Is this really the person that Altair likes?

Upon glancing to the side, I could see that Altair had an erection.

You, even though that’s really…

“Thank you for waiting. It’s Sherry’s special drink.”

thump! -a glass was placed on the desk.

“Hou, this is?”

“It’s a drink made 100% of the water I squirted out while thinking of my ideal dick. Please have it before it gets cold.”

The receptionist smiled.

“Nggh…gulp. Hoeeh, well well.”

“How is my pussy juice?”

“It’s tasty. Although it has a water base, there’s a faint astringent scent in its depths. I get aroused by drinking this.”

“Haah…is that so? I’m glad.”

Sherry was relieved as she unbuttoned her shirt.

Oh, Sherry-san is unexpectedly not as bad as I thought.

Even though I may be dull, I analysed things.

“Well then, please start the dick stroking.”

“Sure, got it.”

Her big boobs bounded out with a booing♡

And Altair also threw out his dick.

At that moment, a sense of discomfort struck me.

“Nn? What is this…!? O-Oi, Altair, what are you doing-?”

“Why are you making such a puzzled face, Isra? The cost of this beverage is semen, so I’m just having her jerk me off to get the semen out.”

“Haah, that’s right, Isra-san…hoh hoh♡ Shake my shitty big breasts♡ And rub them stronger and more violently♡”

What are, they talking about?

I couldn’t understand what the two friends before me were saying or doing.

No, I should have understood it up until a while ago.

It was as though my head had suddenly switched out.

“Fufu! Ohh, Sherry-san’s chest that I have deluded and masturbated over countless times…they’re very beautiful. Aaah.”

“Fufu. Altair-san is so miserable♡ Hoh♡ Hoh♡”

“Uuh! Cumming, cumming! I’m ejaculating from this bitch dance of the person that I love!”

splurt splurtle

Altair, who stood up, thrust his dick firmly towards Sherry-san and ejaculated.

Sperm flew from the tip of his dick, which couldn’t be called big even as a flattery.

splut splut♡

“Nnbbh♡ slurp♡ …the taste is so thin. This is out of the question.”

The receptionist crawled her tongue along the cloudy liquid on the counter.

Her cleavage was emphasised with a droop♡

She was almost like a bitch.

I was aware of my body that was clinging to my chair.

I couldn’t get up.

Could it be, the abnormal ability user!?

“You guys, wake up! This is…bad!!”

The two people looked at me with eyes as though wondering what the heck I was saying.

The aforementioned abnormal ability user is highly likely to be able to interfere with a person’s mentality…in other words, they can manipulate people.

These two are already under his brainwashing.

“Shit, someone!!”

I called, but no one answered.

There was noisy chatter and laughing voices.

—-no way, is everyone in the bar already-?

Despair eroded my heart.

“Shit! Before I noticed it…”

“What’s wrong, Isra? Today you’re a bit…fuhoh-“

“That’s right. As always…hmm♡ Please pathetically arch your hips back♡”

My friend shook her hips, as though having completely changed.

I don’t know why only I was able to lift my brainwashing.

However, if things are left as is, then I’ll be taken in eventually.

I heightened my spirit.

Kneading my magical power, I raised my mental resistance to the max.

“Where is…the enemy?”

Although my perception skill is still immature, if the wave of magical power is as strong as this, then I can tell where it’s from even if I didn’t want to.

And the source of it is-

“Yo, Isra. What’s wrong, you’re making such a serious face?”

Yamada approached me in a relaxed manner.

A terrifying magical power was flowing out of that body.

“It has to be a lie, right Yamada?”


“To think that you were the abnormal ability user.”

“Oh, so it lifted, huh? I don’t know how, but-“

Yamada scratched his head.

I couldn’t say anything towards the criminal who confessed so easily.

He was a team mate who I have travelled together with up until now.

I had thought that there were a lot of strange things to him, though.

“I was completely deceived. You criminal!”

“This will be my first time having to re-cast it, but I wonder if it’ll go well?”

“As if I’d let you. These crappy restraints…take this!!”

Spreading my magical power, I conducted power.

And then, there was a snap sound of something breaking.

In that instant, the control of my body returned to me.

I can move!!

Yamada looked surprised.

He appeared to start chanting in a hurry, but—-

“Too slow!”

I slid my hand into my chest, and touched the handle of my self-defense dagger.

Pulling it out, I let the fiendish abnormal ability user taste that flash—-

The butterfly sword of that ace flashed.

“Hyper masturbation slash!!”

wriggle wriggle bbbppuh.

I vigorously moved the slime-derived sex sleeve that was attached to my own erect cock.


Pointing the tip of the sword that popped out from the thick handle—-AKA my glans towards Yamada, I mercilessly jerked myself off.

Endlessly overflowing mucus fulfilled and exceeded the role of lubrication, taking me to even further heights.

squelch squelch squelch squelch!

“H-How’s this, Yama, da!! My deadly technique…!!”

“Ooh, amazing, amazing. I surely can’t compete with this.”

“Uoh!! Rah!! How’s the taste of this dagger!! The self-defense sword that Arisa gave me before our trip…uuh…looks like you didn’t know that I had this, huh!?”

“Uwah, no more. Just please spare me my life.”

Yamada pathetically begged for his life.

He spoke his words in a monotone due to the excessive fear.

“There’s no way that I’d…forgive you! You turned my cherished people into toys, and played around with them!”

“Even now I’m still toying with them, though.”

“Don’t bluff. That neck, I’ll cut it off now.”

I handled my sword with high speed.

“Uoh oh oh oh oh oh!”

“Man, this is a riot! Seriously!”

I exceeded my limits and slashed at Yamada.

The burden on my body was great.

I wouldn’t last long.

Suddenly, a figure appeared.

“Yamada, what happened for you to suddenly stand up? Even though we were just about to have our fucking time.”

“No! Esca, get away!”

“…Isra, why are you masturbating?”

Esca approached.

Of course, she is already brainwashed.

Yamada hugged the woman in white armour who looked at me with a dubious face.

“Ah, Yamada♡”

“Oi, I can do whatever I want with this guy, right?”

The thing that I was afraid of had happened.

“Guh, you bastard, to resort to such a cowardly tactic!”

He really is a fiend.

He was an absolute disgrace to adventurers.

“Fufu, what in the world are you going to do to me, Yamada? I was looking forward to it so much that I’m already sopping wet. If you so desire it…here.”


Opening her front crotch on her own, Esca escorted Yamada’s hand.

That expression she made was completely that of a maiden in love.

“Damn it, wake up Esca! He’s the abnormal ability user!”

“What are you on about? For the time being, stop that ugly masturbation. It’s unpleasant.”

“This fucking bastard…! To make Esca say such words…I’ll finish you off!”

The art of physical strengthening.

I maximised the sensation of both hands.

“Turn into lumps of meat! I-slaaaaaaaaash!!”

spluk spluk spluk spluk spluk spluk spluk!!

I flashed my hands at high speed and even added hip movements.

Yamada will probably no longer be able to retain his original form.

“Uooooooooohhhh hegeh!!”

I received an overpowering feedback in the center of my waist.

My consciousness grew distant.

spurtle spurtle spurtle spurtle. splut splut!

And then vigor flew from all over my body.

“Hah…hah…I did it. I defeated the abnormal ability user.”

Yamada did not speak.

Evil was defeated.

The brainwashing should also have been lifted.

I called out to Esca who was in front of my eyes before I knew it.

“Esca, it’s alrigh—-“

“I told you to stop, didn’t I? This mongrel.”

Esca’s leg disappeared with a whoosh.


Something exploded in my crotch.


I looked down.

Esca’s foot was underneath my crotch.

“Don’t show me such sickening things even though I’m about to copulate with Yamada. I’ll castrate you.”

“Ah, ah aaaaaah…ooh.”

Disgust rose.

“Oh dear, my condolences.”

What just happened?

Why did Esca show such a deeply disgusted face?

Why is Yamada, who should have been defeated, standing next to her?

Shortly after those thoughts, my consciousness fell into darkness.

“—-sra…Isra. Oii, Isra!”


I raised my face.

My vision was blurred.

Someone was there in front of my eyes.

I suddenly stood up.

“Damn it, this brute.”

While groping around for my sword, my sleeping brain began to grasp the current situation.


“What’s wrong, Isra? Was my story boring enough for you to fall asleep?”

Altair laughed sarcastically.

“Haah. Really, Isra-san, if you’re tired then shall I make a nourishing drink for you?”

Sherry-san tilted her head, appalled.

…was I asleep?

This was the reception counter.

Next to me was Altair, and Sherry-san was in front.

It was a trivial scene.

I glanced at my crotch.

“Isra. I don’t know what you’re examining, but…for the time being, sit down.”

“Y-Yeah, my bad. Somehow, it seems like I fell asleep, huh.”

“You can really sleep while in the middle of conversations, huh? Oh, this is me praising you, by the way.”

“…rather, I was really dreaming. Somehow I feel like I saw a bad dream, but I don’t remember.”

Even if I racked my brains over it, I couldn’t recall anything.

All that was left was an unpleasant feeling.

Haah–Altair stood up with a sigh.

“Geez…well then, I guess I’ll just move on to the main subject. The contents of which will jolt you awake, after all.”

“…what’s this?”

“You’ve been called by the King of Windmill.”

pat Altair tapped me on my shoulder before leaving his seat.


It took me a few seconds to understand the meaning of those words.

“Wai–what do you mean by King…?”

“It seems that he wants everybody to come. You’ll all be entertained to the fullest.”

The magician laughed happily as he left the guild.

While saying farewell to that back of his, I muttered to no one in particular.

“When he said King…he means that royal family?”

The sound of Sherry-san polishing glasses echoed quietly.

Author Note:

Thank you for reading!

From here on, it will be covered in an even more intense lust.

Look forward to it!

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Score 6.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
The ability to alter common sense that belonged to the mysterious man that suddenly appeared in another world. Helpless in the face of such a cheat ability, every single woman was suddenly changed to become erotic. Isra, a simple and innocent hero. And Arisa, a noble and virtuous sorceress. The story revolves around these two people at the centre. It is the another world version of the previous work, “A world where you can do whatever you please with girls that talk dirty every day is erotic, isn’t it?”



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