Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I?ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World Vol 00 Chp 04

“Fu!! [Gokusai (Rich Colouring)!]”


A huge shock wave swelled and cut through the Drago’s skin.

Its hard scales roared and scattered.

However, the winged dragon, which regained its posture, flapped its wings and returned from its free fall.


A low roar echoed.

Captured in its eyes was the prey before it—Esca.

Those earthly-coloured eyeballs, which showed unreserved anger and hostility, opened wide.


“To think that it’s still at it. It really is war-hungry during breeding season.”

Despite the roar that reverberated in one’s blly, Esca danced in the air.

Dividing the skies with a straight line, and running with the light.


There were four white feathers on Esca’s back. Long, geometrical diamond-shaped wings.

I didn’t understand the principles behind them. However, there was no doubt that they made Esca a denizen of the sky.

“Maximum Release!!”

Esca’s speed increased further.

The space behind Esca was distorted by the air shooting backwards for propulsion.

It was a tremendous amount of energy.

Just where in the world did such power-?

In the space above me, who was looking upwards.

Esca rushed towards the Drago at the speed of sound.

“This is the end.”

They clashed.

I was dazzled by the blinding light.

An eardrum-rupturing sound assaulted me.

When I regained my senses and opened my eyes.


The Drago’s body had been split in two.



That giant body fell before my eyes.

The ground swayed and staggered.

Once again, I was overwhelmed by its size.

Its mouth and jaw could swallow 3 or 4 humans whole.

If something like this attacked the village, it would be destroyed in no time.

The dragon race that even the god of grace touted as the incarnation of disaster.

To think they would meet this end, and furthermore so easily.


“Fuuh. As expected, the Drago was a tough job.”

While panting a little, Esca descended from the sky.

That appearance of hers was almost like an angel.

While washing away the dragon blood that covered her whole body, she wore an elegant aura.

A beautiful war-maiden.

I stood stock still, stunned.

“So this is…Escalayer.”

I swallowed.

“What’s with that face, Isra?”

“Nah, I was fascinated by Esca.”

“Wha-…i-is that so…?”

“What, are you embarrassed?”

“I am not embarrassed! Hmph, fool!”

In a huff, Esca turned away.

“My bad, my bad.”

“Geez, you say that kind of thing so plainly…when you say such things to me, no matter how much I know it’s a joke, it makes me, um…surprised.”

Esca mumbled while looking towards the day after tomorrow.

What an interesting fellow.

It’s something I learned about her during the several days we’ve travelled together.

Contrary to her reputation and speech choice, Esca has an unseen side to her that’s more appropriate to her age.

While possessing a strong core and a sense of justice, she also has the kindness to seriously deal with such teasing.

And above all, she has overwhelming strength.

It wasn’t just in name.

This woman was unmistakably one of the strongest B rankers.

Esca turned around as though to shake off my observing, fixated gaze.

“Now then, it’s work time, Isra.”

“Eh? But the Drago is dead already, right?”

“It isn’t dead yet. That’s the most feared ability of the dragon race…it’s not their prowess with fire or physical strength, but their vitality.”


I looked at the creature that moaned regularly, even though it had lost half its body.

“Even in that state, the Drago will survive for a while. If left alone, what do you think will happen then?”

“But it’ll die, right?”

“It can call its friends before it dies. And then it will pass its will to its comrades before sleeping peacefully.”


—-to think that they’re just like humans.

I swallowed my spit with a gulp.

“That’s right, revenge. The Drago who lost one of its beloved compatriots will burn neighbouring villages with angry fire.”


“That’s why the request was written to completely halt its breath, right?”

“So that’s how it is. In that case, we can’t leave it as is, can we?”

“Well then, I’ll leave you to do the rest.”


Esca turned back.

Wait, wait, hang on a sec.

“My job is over. You should also work properly. Those who do not work do not eat.”

“Guh…well, that’s exactly right.”

It just felt way too uncool to finish the quest just by observing.

Without knowing what to do for my first Drago subjugation, and with no way to compete with a flying enemy, I really have to face something that all of the newcomers would probably be taken down by, right?

Well, I’ve been getting sick of all the small fries lately.

Bring it on.


I pulled out my sword and placed it against the Drago’s neck.

I then made a big swing with my sword and struck it down.

“Haah! Is-ruuush!!”


I felt the sensation of scales being broken and flesh being reached.

How was it? If I use my sword, then even dragon skin becomes like this.

In that instant, I felt that Esca huffed out through her nose.

“Oh, I forgot to say it, but you’ll get very dirty.”

bpp psssssssshhhhh!!!

“Ugyaaaaaahh!! Say that earlieeeeeerrr!!”

“Oh man, that’s a terrible fate you’ve met with.”

splash my head bobbed out of the water.

A cool starry sky appeared in full view.

This was a village inn.

Most of the large public baths had been reserved.

The hot spring with moderate heat soaked into the body that was covered in blood.

“But Arisa and Yamada sure are cold, huh? No matter how urgent the quest is, for them to just go off by themselves.”

That’s right, I completed the Drago subjugation with thoughts of dying today.

And neither Arisa nor Yamada was there.

Haah–I leaked a sigh.

It happened this morning.

We were staying in the inn when we had a sudden visitor.

They were the village mayor and his granddaughter.

The old, bearded village mayor said he wanted his granddaughter to be escorted during the altar ritual.

The cave, which had been left unattended for a long time, was inhabited by monsters, and they were in trouble because they couldn’t perform the ritual without reaching the altar deep inside.

And it was during that time where we conveniently appeared.

(That’s pretty tough. Leave it to us, missie.)

Upon immediately agreeing, Yamada took Alisa with him.

“Geez, just how hard do they think this quest was…they better remember this.”

With a splash, I submerged my face in the hot water.

The taste of sulfur. I bitterly reflected on things.

Alisa who was happily pulled along by Yamada.

Their profile was stuck in my mind.

“How stupid am I.”

It’s a misunderstanding.

There’s nothing between them, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

“I guess it’s almost time to finish up.”

The woman’s bath was just about getting noisy.

“U-Um. Thank you very much for today…”

“That’s fine, Tamil-chan. Tamil-chan’s dance was really wonderful.”

“Hieh! T-T-That’s not true! Anyone can do something like that.”

“That’s not true. Even though you should just have more confidence.”

The voices of Alisa and the village girl echo.

Apparently they have returned back safely.

Splash–the sound of water could be heard.

“But even so, I was surprised. To think there were that many monsters.”

“T-That’s right. Goblins, bats, and fire mice…I was so scared.”

“But it’s because you came to us that things turned out like this. It’s refreshing now that the ritual is over, right~?”

I could hear a pleasant-sounding voice.

I soaked my shoulders in the hot spring and opened my mouth wide.

Looking back on today’s adventures, I entrusted my body to the comforting fatigue.

This was the real thrill of adventure.

Saying that I live just for this sensation…would probably be a stretch.

“I live for this sensation~ It feels so good~!!”

I can’t help but smile.

She really hasn’t changed, has she?

“Wah wah, Alisa-san, if you spread your legs that much then…!”

“It’s fine, there are only women here after all. Or rather, Tamil-chan has a beautiful body, right? Show it to Onee-san for a bit!”

“Hyahn♡ W-Wait, A-A-Arisa-san! That place is-!?”

“Aaah!! What’s with that voice just now! Let me hear it more!”


The voices of two people making noise could be heard.

That Arisa, she’s completely drunk.

“Tamil-chan, is there anybody you’re dating right now~?”

“Eh, um, right now I don’t have that sort of personage…kyahn!”

“Then how about someone you’re interested in?”


Why can I hear their voices this clearly?

I’m pretty sure on the otherside was a large communal bath.

Normally I wouldn’t even be able to hear their voices.


“Seriously? Someone who Tamil-chan is interested in…? I’ll increase the accuracy…”

Hearing enhancement technique.

I was making full use of the spells I got from the quest rewards.

There wasn’t any reason not to use it.

Because I’m a man!

“S-S-S-Such a thing for someone like me is impudent.”

“Such an easy-to-understand reaction. So who is it, who~? A childhood friend? Or perhaps it was Gon-san who kept escorting you all day today?”

“Ah, no, um…”

“Nnn! Ok, I’ll talk, I’ll talk! That’s why, please don’t rub me!”

“I see. So I can use this spell…”

“Nii-chan, sorry to bug you while you’re making that serious face, but you’ve got a nose bleed.”

What’s with this old man?

Even though someone’s concentrating over here.

I cut the spell after hearing the sound of rubbing skin.

I pinched my nose and smiled at the old man in front of my eyes.

“snort…delusion is the wisdom bestowed upon mankind…don’t you think so?”

“I’ll introduce you to a good doctor, Nii-chan.”

The old man passing by looked at me with eyes as though he were watching a pitiful person.

But that didn’t matter.

The Eden that unfolded beyond that wall.

I had to confirm it.

Invoking the spell, my hearing immediately became clearer.

“U-Um…m-maybe Isra-san?”



The voice suddenly flowed into my head.

Along with Arisa, I raised a hysteric voice.

“W-Wait a little, Tamil-chan! Are you in your right mind!?”

“Hieh! As I thought, that’s no good, right? My apologies, my apologies!”

“Ah, no I’m sorry. I was just a little bit surprised…”

Arisa’s voice was dumbfounded.

Certainly, pressing her like that means she was drunk on the atmosphere.

T-This is…!

My heart was pounding.

The conversation was following the flow regarding what person she was interested in. And the name that came out of Tamil-chan’s mouth was a shocking one.

To think that it would be my name.

I-In other words…Tamil-chan thinks of me as…?

“But still, why Isra? You didn’t really talk with him much, right?”

“Ah, um…Isra-san came to this village a long time ago…and I had been in his care a lot during that time.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Certainly, I have been to this village once before.

However, I hardly remember what happened at that time.

I think I just stopped by during a hunt.

“Isra-san doesn’t seem to remember, but…when I was attacked by a monster, he came to my aid. H-He was like the Prince on a White Horse that appears in fairy tales, so…wait, j-j-just what am I!?”

Tamil-chan began blowing bubbles in the bathtub.

I see. So such a thing had happened, huh?

Although I can’t remember it, it appears that I had saved Tamil-chan.

“Fufu. Tamil-chan is so cute. I’ll give you a hug.”


“…but you see, Tamil-chan. I’m also the same.”


“Don’t look at my face. I’m sure I’m making an unpleasant expression, after all.”

“…Arisa-san, um-“

“No, you don’t need to apologise. It’s not something to be apologising for, after all.”


Tamil-chan’s voice sounded like it would disappear.

It seemed as though she would cry at any moment.


Arisa’s feelings.

No matter how dull I am, even I can tell. It’s already quite obvious.

Arisa and I understood each other.

Contrary to Tamil-chan’s sad voice-

I realised that my slowly sinking heart was becoming brighter.

“That’s no good, me.”

Aah, thank goodness.

I can’t help but feel that way.

The anxiety that I’ve been feeling lately. It’s disappearing.

“Tamil-chan, don’t hesitate. I’ll support you.”

“Eh, Arisa-san?”

“But I also won’t hold back. So I want Tamil-chan to support me too.”


That voice was filled with her own beliefs.

Just like Arisa when I first met her, those were straightforward words filled with her beliefs.

“—-Yes, Arisa-san!”

I was surprised.

For that frightened Tamil-chan.

That Tamil-chan who—now that I think about it—would always look downwards and send fleeting glances my way.

She was without hesitation, just like an adventurer.

She was full of confidence.

“Well then, I’m going now.”

“Sure, see you.”

A conversation between the two that almost seemed like it was spun with planned harmony.

There is something between them that only they could understand.

That’s what I felt.

I heard the splashing sound of the bath water shaking.

“Tamil-chan…you got stronger.”

I don’t really understand the content of the conversation.

What happened to Tamil-chan?

What happened to Arisa?

However, it was enough.

Cutting off the spell, I also stood up from the bathtub.

Placing my feet on the stone pavement, I walked while looking up at the sky.

I lay on the cold stone with my completely soggy body.

“Fuuh, so coold.”

Let’s apologise for the eavesdropping later.

Even if it’ll make Arisa hit me like a fool, or even if it makes Tamil-chan hate me.

That just can’t be helped.

“Oh, thank goodness.”

For a while, I looked up at the starry sky.

I entrusted my body to the drowsiness that comes from fatigue—-as well as this comfortable sense of security.



Upon noticing, it was right before my eyes.

Tamil-chan’s face that was peering into my eyes.

Her bright clear eyes that were hidden by her hair.

Upon looking closely, she was a beautiful girl with a rather well-defined nose.

After such an impression, my dazed head slowly grasped the current situation.

…why is Tamil-chan in the men’s bath!?

I suddenly raised my body and turned around.

And then I was at a loss for words.

“Nnah♡ Good morning, Isra-san♡ Nn…such an amazing dick♡”

Her well-shaped breasts swayed and trembled before me.

She was in her birthday suit.

A female and male were mating like monkeys in front of me.

“Because you were sleeping, we started by ourselves♡ And so I was thoroughly raped by a fat bald man who was picking his boogers♡”

“Wha-, T-Tami-…”

“I’m nervous, but I’ll tell you! Isra-san, I want Isra-san to…be cuckolded and spew your ejaculate♡”


“Oheh♡ Uehihi♡ Aah, extreme indiscriminate sex really makes my pussy go crazy♡”

I was stunned.

What is this girl talking about?

No, before that, what’s with this situation?

“Oh, Onii-chan, did you wake up? If you sleep in this place, you’ll catch a cold.”

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oah♡ The pumping is so amazing♡”

slap slap slap slap slap slap♡

It was the old man who called out to me just a while ago.

He was grabbing Tamil-chan’s arms from behind and slamming his hips against hers at a ridiculous speed.

She was being raped.

I felt that way only for a moment.

“Uehehe♡ Ehehe♡ Isra-saan♡”

Her hair was dishevelled, and her mouth was open loosely.

While sticking out her tongue like a dog in heat, she panted with sharp shallow breaths.

Her skin was boiling red.

Are you saying that this girl coveting pleasure is that Tamil-chan?

“Onii-chan, did something happen? Hahahn, could it perhaps be about a woman?”

“Ogeh♡ Wait, your slamming is a bit too strong♡ D-Dying♡ I’m gonna die♡”

“—-you fucking bastard! Stay away from Tamil-chan!”

I tried to jump at the old man who was making a cool face.

“Don’t move.”

Feeling a cold sensation on the back of my neck, I stopped still..

It was a blade.

And also the sign of an expert.

The owner of the high voice was behind me.


“I would like it if you didn’t get any strange ideas, Isra.”

“What’s the big idea?”

“That’s my line. To flatly ignore Tamil’s feelings, and furthermore use violence against a civilian, is not permissible conduct.”

Just what in the world is she talking about?

It doesn’t make sense at all.

“Are you joking? That’s not funny at all. Put down your sword.”

“Sure, I shall lower my sword. However, cool your head.”

“Who should—-!!”

I looked back the instant the murderous intent faded.

There was a naked body.

While holding a disproportionately decorative sword, Esca stood there completely nude.


“Don’t stare so much at my chest. After all, this is exclusively for Yamada.”

Her big breasts that surpassed even Alisa’s swayed with a va-voom♡

I was overwhelmed by its presence.

Every time Esca breathed, it would sway little by little, and beads of water would drip down.

It was way too erotic. An unfair-class body.

“Geez, that’s quite the foolish virgin-revealing face. Even while you are lonely rubbing one out to these breasts, these breasts would rudely rub against Yamada’s dick and give him a boob job. What a pitiful man.”

I couldn’t draw my eyes away from Esca, who was grandly exposing her naked body.

The body I had delusions of night after night during our journey was right now before my eyes.

“…what’s with that poor-looking cock? Don’t tell me that’s erect?”

Esca sat down, looking at my crotch—-sneering at it through her nose.

“You’ve done well to come this far with such a scummy sausage-like dick. Here, I’ll step on it.”


With a squish, her beautiful feet trampled on my dick.

The movements of the muscles on Esca’s soles caused blood to flow.

Becoming pleasure from there, it rose from my crotch.

“Ugih!? Wait, Esca, t-that’s!! It hurts!!”

With a squirm, my member was kneaded and crushed.

Even though it hurts. Even though I should hate this.

For some reason, without being able to move, I accepted the pleasure not yet known to me.

“Hey, Isra. Look at Tamil.”

I ended up submitting.

It was almost as though I were a servant who obeyed the Queen.

While having my dick trampled on by my comrade, I turned to Tamil-chan who had continued to be violated.

“Isra-san♡ P-Please listen to this♡ Nnoh♡ I was a virgin until today, but♡ Yamada-san tore my hymen while we were travelling, and I came to realise it♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

“N-Notice what?”

“I am a lewd woman who loves sex♡ After the cermony was over, I gave a thank-you blowjob to Gon-san for escorting me, and then had impregnation sex with grandpa♡ I fucked all of the males that entered my sight on the way home♡ It felt so good that I though I’d go craaaaazyyy♡”

Something came out from the place where Tamil-chan and the old man were connected.

A cloudy liquid globbed as it flowed out.

“Nn, it doesn’t really feel that good, Tamil-chan.”

“Nnoh♡ My apologies♡ I’ve fucked 100 people just today, so my stupid pussy has already become slutty and loose♡”

“Well, I guess you’re good enough to sell to those guys in that area. When it comes to that, I’ll have to look for a good trader.”

“Uoah♡ Your pumping is still getting faster♡ Waist movements desiring ejaculation is so bad♡ This is the best dick I’ve had today♡”

While screaming like a beast, Tamil-chan’s entire body trembled with a jerk.

Sex where they covet each other’s pleasure.

They were soon approaching the limit.

Tamil-chan is going to get impregnated.

How vexing. How regrettable.

Why, by this old man?

I’m better than that guy.

My impure emotions—no, my male instincts were drawn out.

Perhaps seeing through it, Esca’s gaze distorted into a sneer.

“Now then, Isra. Look closely, the girl who liked you is, right now, being ejaculated into by a fat pig of a man. The egg that she planned to give to you will be pre-emptively taken by this inferior pig’s gene.”

“Uoh, T-Tamil-chann…b-by my, my dick-“

“By this short dick that gets off on being stepped on?”

“…Tamil-chan, please get pregnant with my sperm!”

“However, it’s useless.”



An indescribable stimulus was sent from my crotch to my brain.

This sensation.

My balls were stepped on.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah, oeeeeh!!”

Discomfort rose from my abdomen.

And this got mixed up with a pleasure that surpassed it.

I’m dying.

I’m being killed by Esca.

“Ngguooh! Cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming♡ I’m cumming from using Isra-san’s unsightly appearance as my fap material♡ Ojii-san should also ejaculate and ejaculate and ejaculate into me like crazy♡ Give Isra-san a Cuckold-impregnation Trauma that will never disappear for his entire life♡ Nnuguh♡ …so bad, so bad, so bad♡ Cummmmmmmingggggg!!!!♡”

spluk spluk♡ splut splut! spurtle-urtle-urtle-urtle♡

I was on the verge of losing consciousness.

At the edge of my field of view, I saw Tamil-chan, convulsing with her eyes bulging out.

spurtle spurtle

I fell down on the spot while ejaculating.

“Such filthy sperm. Lick it up yourself, Isra.”

My fallen body was stepped on with sperm-covered feet.

I, who was blowing bubbles, was being looked down on with contempt.

Esca gracefully left the men’s bath.

“Hmm, I wonder if I overdid it?”

“Jerking you off with my ass meat is so amazing♡ Yamada’s cock is too hot♡ For it to be this hard even after ignoring the request and raping all of the girls in the village♡ Uhih♡”

“Well, there’ll be no problems if I just mess with their memories a little. I guess I’ll make it so he had an event with Esca where they mistook the men’s and women’s bath and leave it at that.”

“I’m back, Yamada. Now then, make sure to thoroughly violate me.”

As though to encircle the man and woman who were enthusiastically doing it in the girl’s bath, the village beauties were nude as they had bouts of drinking.

The depiction of debauchery was unfolding in the hot spring next door.

The next day, Tamil-chan said that she wanted to follow us on our journey.

Apparently she longed for the city and wanted to go there at least once.

The village mayor was reluctant, but after losing to the ardent request of his granddaughter, he entrusted Tamil-chan to us.

Perhaps she will confess to me on our way back to the city.

While my heart was in a pitter-patter, we headed down the road.

—-sorry, Tamil-chan. I can’t answer your feelings.

And then, behind me, who was thinking about how to reject the cute village girl so she wouldn’t be hurt as I continued to walk.

“The dicks of the capital…slurrrrp♡ I’m looking forward to how many I can milk♡”

For some reason, the voice that licked its lips didn’t interest me at all.

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Score 6.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
The ability to alter common sense that belonged to the mysterious man that suddenly appeared in another world. Helpless in the face of such a cheat ability, every single woman was suddenly changed to become erotic. Isra, a simple and innocent hero. And Arisa, a noble and virtuous sorceress. The story revolves around these two people at the centre. It is the another world version of the previous work, “A world where you can do whatever you please with girls that talk dirty every day is erotic, isn’t it?”



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