Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I?ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World Vol 00 Chp 02

Episode 2: Arisa’s Room

“Oi, Arisa. Have you ever masturbated before?”

“Don’t be stupid. I do it several times a week.”

I laid on my back atop of the bed, as the man spread open my crotch.

My armour was scattered on the floor, and I was currently only wearing my underwear.

It was my lucky underwear that I bought together with Tess after getting excited about wanting to show it to Isra someday.

I never thought that the one I’d show this off to first would be this guy.

boing♡ boing♡

When I breathed, my chest shook.

The man grasped the mostly neglected tips of my breasts–my plump nipples.

“It feels good when I mess around with these large areolas, right?”

twist♡ twist♡

“Nnoh♡ W-Wait a sec!”

What is this?

I’ve never known this pleasure before.

Electricity ran through my body.

“Ah? Are you feeling it that much from something like this?”

The man’s ugly face, that as usual I could only feel disgust towards, slackened.

“Well, I’ve set your sensitivity to very high, after all.”

While speaking words that I didn’t really understand, the man spilled his drool into my mouth.

Opening my mouth like a baby chick, I accepted it all.

smack smack ♡

“Nbh, it tastes terrible. It’s even worse than stewed toad soup.”

“But you like this, don’t you?”

“Hah? What’d you say? There’s no way—-“


“–that’s right. Now then, give me more of your low-life saliva.”

I never thought that he would give this sort of thing to me.

So even this kind of man can be a little useful, huh?

I vulgarly stretched out my tongue, as though to receive the saliva even a little bit sooner.

“Nn lick ♡ Hey, this is super delish♡ Nn slurp♡”

The back of my head became numb.

My field of vision was dyed pink.

“Ggfh, you’re way too erotic. I guess I’ll increase your lewdness even more?”

“Nbbh♡ I can’t bear it anymore♡ Nnbbh smooch♡”

I bounced up, directly taking the saliva from the hated man’s mouth.

“Nbh slurrrp♡ How does it feel to take my first and second deep kiss♡? It’s something you’ll treasure all your life, right♡ Nnroh♡ Buboboboboh♡”

While indecently sucking my cheeks in, my eyes turned into hearts.

It’s this person’s fault.

Because he’s pouring such an erotic thing into my body.

On top of my rumpled bed in my room.

A long time had passed.

The man grasped my hair and pulled me away.

“Do you want cock?”


I answered immediately.

With an enraptured face while having no sense of decency.

“Are you a virgin?”


I made a flirtatious face that I haven’t even shown to Isra.

“Then be impregnated.”


I no longer had any room to think.

Because right now, it’s the thing that I should do.

To accept this person’s seed in my womb.

I willingly threw myself down on the bed, glaring at the man with moist eyes.

It was almost as though my anger towards him at the bar was a lie.

I was simply happy to be chosen by him.

Meeting the best male, I felt the greatest joy of my life.

“Please, Master. I beg of you, take that stiff cock-sama–“

I unveiled my brand-new pussy that I had never been seen by anyone before.


“–and use my drooling pussy to rub one out and feel good!”

Shortly after I finished speaking, the man’s large build leaned over me.

The man’s bulge pierced me.

“Phui~ I drank way too much.”

The morning light spread from the skylight, piercing my heavy eyes.

“That Arisa is probably really pissed.”

While staggeringly following the path to the inn, I finally reached my room.

My wallet was completely broke, and my body was somewhat light.

My homing instinct was really convenient.

“Heya, Isra. You must be feeling good coming home in the morning after being out all night.”

The door opened with a clank, and Altair came out from the room two doors away.

With coffee in one hand, he looked to be in good shape.

“You, why didn’t you come yesterday?”

“It’s a shame, but I had an audience with the almighty nobles yesterday. It seems that your earlier work was greatly appreciated.”

“Oh, the wyvern extermination, huh? They’re just trying to flatter me.”

“Information goes around up above, after all. If you can connect with a noble, then you’d be able to drink disgusting sake while looking at their fat face.”

Blue beads spun around Altair.

Altair was a Magic-Ball User.

It’s a rare system among technique users, and he seemed to be in great demand from various parties.

However, the person himself didn’t belong to any party, charging through as a lone wolf.

He was a person who I didn’t know what in the world he was thinking.

“If it was me, then I would absolutely cancel it.”

“I know.”

While elegantly laughing, he passed by me.

“Arisa-chan was quite rough. She was making noises all night. Perhaps she was in an awfully bad temper because somebody neglected her?”

“I got it, alright? Just go already.”

“You’d better apologise.”

Altair left, and the early morning corridor once again became quiet.


Between my room and Altair’s.

That was where Alisa’s room was.

Resolving myself, I approached Arisa’s door.



She’s awake.

I could hear the creaking sound of wood leaking out from behind the door.

Cold sweat flowed.

I strongly felt like I wanted to go back to my room just like this.

“Today, I don’t think I can get away with just begging.”

She’s probably angry, huh?

I used up all of our money, after all.

“…there’s no point in thinking it over.”

Resolving myself, I brought my hand to the doorknob.

Swallowing with a dry throat, I took a breath.

“Sorry, Arisa! I just got back!”

With that momentum, I firmly opened the door.

“NNOOoooooOOOH♡ Cock thrust is sho baaaaaaad♡ Pumping while having the 13th load spit out feelsh SHO GUUuuuuuUuuUUuuuud♡ Ohyoh♡ Guhyoh♡”

A man and woman were having intercourse.


“UOOOOOOooohh♡ Impregnation pumping♡ Pumping pum-pumping♡ This inexhaustible devil penis is way too baad♡ My virgin pussy is gone without a trace…nn beh lick ♡ K-Kischu♡ I’ll get addicted to sloppy kisshing while being hammered♡ T-This will make me faalll♡”

A loud scream that seemed as though it would tear the eardrums.

I wonder why I didn’t notice it when I was in the corridor?

The source of that sound was on top of the bed.

A man leaning over a woman and shaking his hips.

squeak creak squeak squeak creak!

Every time the man’s hips moved, the bed creaked and bounced.

A plump butt was sandwiched between them.

“Shake your hips moore♡ Break me♡ Let this cheeky woman learn the taste of your cock-sama♡ Uhyohyo, Hooooh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

A cloudy liquid flowed out from the hole where the penis went in and out.

A thick, nasty smell pricked my nose.

Unable to process the scene before my eyes, I stood stock still.

“W-What is this?”

Why are they having sex?

No, well, doing it is fine, but this is Alisa’s room.

Did I get the wrong room?

I definitely drank too much. But even so.

I must have entered a brothel by mistake.

“M-My bad…I’ll leave right away-“

When I tried to turn back, I noticed it.

Altair came out of his own room.

From a room that was definitely next to this one.

And next to Altair’s room was Arisa’s room.

If I listen carefully to that flirtatious voice.

I feel like it was a familiar voice.

And upon looking closely, those hips.

They resembled those hips that shook during battle every day.

“Guhyoh♡ The vigorous Last Piston♡ It’s really gonna get crushed♡ My already squelching uterus is completely going to be crushed♡ My eggs are coming out♡ They’ve come out♡”

sqeak sqeak sqeak sqeak

“Alright, well done! I’m going to fertilise you now! Get pregnant, you fucking arrogant woman!”

A male and female rampaged atop of the sheets.

Don’t tell me? There’s just no way.

I sobered up, and my limbs trembled.

“Don’t tell me-“

I muttered.

“Uooh!! Cumming, cumming, cumming!! Here’s the last shot!!”

spurtle-urtle-urtle! splurt!

“Nngih♡ It’s cumming out, it’s cumming all ooooout♡ Nnoh♡ Semen is amaaaazhing…♡”

The woman firmly wrapped her legs around the man’s waist.

The man’s trembling meat rod stickily licked the woman’s secret place.

Such a vulgar woman.

There’s no way that she could be Arisa—-

“Phew… Nn? What, if it isn’t Isra?”

An unknown man noticed me.

With a heave, he moved that loose body beneath him.


“Aheh♡ Thank you sho mush for hafing sherioush impwegnation shecks…♡”

My beloved person was there.

The resting place at the inn.

I performed a dogeza in front of Arisa.

“My bad, I’m really sorry!”

“It’s not something you can just settle by just saying sorry, though.”

She gave a cold response. As expected.

Arisa snorted next to the table that gave off the scent of coffee.

“Isn’t it stupid to blow all of our money on drinking? What happened to my efforts?”

“Next time I’ll earn double! I’ll buy something that Arisa wants! Anything!”

“…hmm, anything?”

“Of course!”

After hesitating.

“Very well, I’ll forgive you.”


As I thought, she really is Arisa.

In the end, she forgives me.

That’s why she’s my partner.

“Ah, but jumping at my master is a different matter!”

Saying this, Arisa vigorously jerked the man’s dick.

She pulled her breasts that were exposed more than usual closer, and seductively crawled her tongue on the man’s chest.

A smooching sound of water echoed.

“Even though we were going to have super messy sex, it’s now ruined.”

“Guh, t-that’s…”

“You misunderstood that I was being attacked? That’s got nothing to do with you, virgin bastard.”

“No, that’s. Upon thinking about it now, I wonder why I did that? I’ll have to consider it.”

Arisa glared at me with sharp eyes.

“Unlike your crude dick, this cock-sama, no matter when or where, will ravage any and every female. Even if that’s this virgin pussy that I’ve been taking care of for you to take.”

“I know, alright.”

“Haah. I was planning to get humped about 5 more times, but the mood is gone now.”

Arisa appeared to be disappointed from the depths of her heart.

Before my eyes, a thick and sloppy liquid fell from her crotch.

“Well, whatever. That’s why this person will join our party from today.”

“Eh, that’s-“

“I won’t let you say no.”

“Wait, that’s too sudden. Besides, we don’t even know his abilities-“

“Ah, don’t worry about that, Isra.”

With that one phrase, for some reason I didn’t feel like refuting.

“…sure, I won’t mind it then.”

“Then it’s settled.”

While smiling happily, Arisa pulled her body to the man’s arm.

Seeing the figure caused my chest to tighten.

While having bread brought to his mouth by Arisa, the man spoke messily.

“Well, I’ll leave the fighting to you. And so, I’ll be managing the bounties so look forward to working with you.”

“…got it.”

I wonder why?

I feel like I was just told something unbelievable, but my head is blurry.

“Fufu. So this dick-sama will be able to ravage me without regard for time nor place, right…slurp♡”

“That’s right. Don’t forget that bitch face.”

The man roughly grasped the horny Arisa’s breasts.

kyan–Arisa raised a voice I had never heard from her before.

Upon realising it, my crotch had become large and swollen.

This is bad. Arisa will get mad at me again.

Getting an erection while being lectured to, I’ve really gone crazy.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

Shaking off my guilty feelings, I asked the man such.

“Name? Hm, just Yamada is fine.”

“Y-Yamada…? What a strange name.”

“Yamada, Yamada…aah, what a splendid name. Let’s give our children such a name as well.”

I could hear the name, but couldn’t grasp its meaning.

The man introduced himself with such a strange name.

“Well then, looking forward to working with you from here on, Yamada! Since we’ve decided that, then let’s immediately go to the guild! Follow me!”

I stood up triumphantly and walked towards the main street.

“Uwah, you’ve got an erection…disgusting.”

“Well, it can’t be helped, see. Also, don’t forget to use that body of yours to seduce him in our future adventures.”

“Eeeh, no way. But if it’s a request from you, then my response is obvious.”

rustle rustle rustle

I could hear the sound of rubbing cloth from behind me, but I didn’t turn back.

After all, the hero just has to look forward and advance.

The heroic tales of these adventurers has now been modified.

Its pages were now plastered with crude texts.

With a strange power that is not of this world—-

Author Note:

Thank you for reading!

From Dirty Words to Cuckoldry…it definitely is the royal road.

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
The ability to alter common sense that belonged to the mysterious man that suddenly appeared in another world. Helpless in the face of such a cheat ability, every single woman was suddenly changed to become erotic. Isra, a simple and innocent hero. And Arisa, a noble and virtuous sorceress. The story revolves around these two people at the centre. It is the another world version of the previous work, “A world where you can do whatever you please with girls that talk dirty every day is erotic, isn’t it?”



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