Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I?ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World Vol 00 Chp 01

Author Note:

I won’t let this story have a happy endiiiiiiiing!

Because I’ve decided so.

Douglas History XXX

The outskirts of Windmill Country.

At the small village in the forest of Minson.

Arisa was running.

“Hah! Hah!”

I looked back.

Gigigig, guguh!!

There were creatures that made a strange noise.

They were neither boars, nor pigs.

Standing on two legs while giving chase like a human.

Sharp ears that could pick up the sound of their prey’s feet.

Large noses that evolved to inhale the odour of dead humans.

They were goblins.

“What the hell is up with those goblins!?”

I spat out.

Glaring ahead, I saw the goblins crushing plants as they advanced.

There were instant traps dropped near the feet, though I didn’t know the exact number of them.

If touched, they activated nature magic, and the spirit of the forest would restrain the enemy.

For things like goblins, they would get stuck for a few days.

That’s how it should’ve been.

Gugih! Kukikih!

A storm of ivy stretched from the activated trap.

The goblin dispelled it very easily.

“Kuh! It wasn’t just a normal goblin?!”

That goblin had a large body.

That’s all it was, or so I underestimated the goblin.

However, that was wrong. This goblin’s level was totally different from the ones that I hunted every day.

I had confidence in myself.

Rather, this was a task that was difficult to fail in.

Extermination of Goblins that devastated the fields.

To think that would lead to this—–

Gugih, gih!

Intimidation pushed my back.

That goblin was close behind me.

“Damn, how about you….eat thiiis!”

The moment I looked back, I fired.

A stalk magic bullet that contained all of my magic power.

A palm-sized bullet of white light was shot out with tremendous momentum.

However, the stalk magic bullet hit the goblin’s body and bounced off.

“N-No way!!”


With a single swing of his club, the goblin who approached me as I was dumbfounded-

-broke the solid costume that Aunt Ann tempered and gave me.


As I rolled on the ground, I began to regret.

My lack of preparation. My negligence. And my lack of luck.

The goblin towered over me, and with his thick hand raised his club that glowed with a dull light.

“I’m sorry, mother.”

Tears of pain and sadness struck my cheeks.

I tried to spin up my last words.

“Don’t give up!”

A man’s voice echoed loudly.

The goblin noticed a presence behind it—-

The shadow of a person swayed.


The crown of the goblin’s head had been cracked in two.

Blood splashed towards the blue sky spread high above.

A fearless countenance. A trained physique.

That person who wore armour I had never seen before with a raised sword spoke.

“I am Isra. The adventurer who will one day defeat the Demon Lord.”

Unabashedly making such a declaration, he lifted me up like I was a princess.

This was the reason why I left the village I had lived in for many years.

Because this man said that he needed me in order to defeat the Demon Lord.

—-and most of all, because I wanted to be near Isra.


And then, a few months had flown by.

Windmill Urban Castletown.

Mein River Wharf.

“Man, we were able to earn a lot of experience points today as well, Arisa.”

“3 Orcs, and 1 familiar. The rest are trash…isn’t this pretty good?”

“Let’s go wild today too! Call everyone!”

“Hang on, Isra! Since we went through a lot to get the funds from the quest reward, we should save it for all kinds of things…”

“Aw yeah, those who want to drink come with me!”

Without listening at all, Isra ran out while hoisting a drawstring pouch.

I took a big sigh.

“Oh, did Isra do it again!?”

“As expected of the hero! His use of money is also splendid!”

“For sure! Let’s gather at the usual bar!”

Isra’s back was like a child’s as he ran.

Even though it was so reliable in the midst of battle.

“What a helpless fellow.”

Fufuh–a laugh spilled from my lips.

However, I think that it’s fine for him to be like that.

He was the sun that shone on everyone. Such words fit him to a tee.

I walked lightly through the castle town which suddenly had become noisy.

Treadstone Tavern.

There was a great ruckus full of cheers, almost like in a festival.

A large amount of food was being carried out one after another.

Drinks and laughter were constantly exchanged.

“Uwoooh! The hero’s beer chugging! Watch thoroughly!!”


Watching Isra in the centre of the frenzy from afar, I leisurely drank wine with a girl I knew.

“Isra-kun is amazing. Even though he’s just arrived in this city, he’s already so intimate with everyone.”

“He’s just that kind of person.”

“He’s really popular. So how about it, aren’t you a little jealous?”

The brown-haired girl sprawled on the table while directing her spinning eyes at me.

This girl is Testadol.

She was a saleswoman at the nearby clothing store who I’ve been meeting and talking to a lot recently.

“Tess. Rather than popular, he just gets easily carried away. I don’t know what he’d get up to unless I watch him.”

“You’re sooo not honest….ah! Isra-kun is approaching a sexy girl!”

What did she say!?

That idiot, don’t go getting carried a—–

“Arisa, your eyes are scary.”

“…you tricked me.”

My gaze returned back from Isra, who was laughing and falling while linking shoulders with a giant.

“Be honest with yourself. Otherwise, he’ll get taken away~”

“Shut up. I’m always being honest.”

I hid Tes’s face, which seemed to want to say something, with my glass.

“Hey, ladies! Are you drinking?”

Upon turning my eyes to the loud voice, there was a man standing right next to me.

No matter how you saw him, he was drunk.

“Yes, a little bit.”

“What, aren’t you sober?”

The man sat down and brought his face close.

He stinks.

I wanted to hit him, but I suppressed that reflex.

“It’s because I have to go earn more money tomorrow thanks to a certain somebody.”

“Hmmm. It must be rough accompanying an idiot, huh?”


Something clicked in my head at that phrasing.

“He really doesn’t know how to spend his money, after all. Really, he should use it like this to support a beautiful woman.”

With a thud, he placed a drawstring bag onto the table.

“What’s this?”

“Money to pay for you tonight.”

It took a few seconds for me to chew on those words.

Money for me tonight? What is he talking about?

“Oh, would you prefer the straight way of saying things? Then I’ll say it plainly.”

Out of all of the men I had seen up until now, this man’s face was exceptionally vulgar.

While his eyes licked my body all over, that man opened his mouth.

“Have sex with me, Arisa.”

At first, my emotions became blank.

My discomfort and disgust also disappeared.


With violent emotions erupting from the depths of my heart like a geyser, I took a dagger and stood up.

I aimed for that man’s ugly face.

I’ll make it so he can’t talk like that again.

Raising both hands, I jumped at the man—-

“Bbhmm slurrrp ♡ bbh smooch♡ smooch♡ smack ♡”

A deep kiss.

Pursing my lips like a duck, I plunged my sharp tongue into this fucking guy’s mouth.

Squeezing my tongue in, I even licked the back of his stinky mouth.

While I wrapped my hands around his rugged neck, we exchanged saliva.

The taste of booze and tobacco. He probably hasn’t brushed his teeth very well. It stinks.

“Nnboh♡ —-well? These are the consequences of your actions. slurp♡ Nn smooch♡”

“Ooh, how scary. But if it’s just this, then I won’t give up.”

“It seems that just the mouth wasn’t enough, huh? Nn lick♡ lick lick ♡”

I licked his face all over.

I’ll commend him for still being able to show defiance even after having all this done to him.

However, this guy did something unforgivable.

I need to make him pay dearly for that.

“Nn slurp♡ …now then, how are you feeling, Ladykiller-san?”

“My face is covered in a beauty’s saliva. After having gone that far, it’s clear that I’m the one in the wrong.”

I kept licking his dirty face for a few minutes.

During that time, I continued to rub my chest and legs against his body, also giving him stress.

“If you’ve learned your lesson from this, then watch what you say from now on.”

While continuing to rub his crotch that rose between his legs, I continued to glare at him with a strong countenance.

“Well then, quickly put away that filthy money.”

“Gotcha. Then till next time.”

The man easily left while taking his paltry sum of money.

Seeing that figure of his caused anger to rise within me once more.

“Wait. Are you an idiot?”

I stopped him.

What–the man asked, turning back with a stupid face.

Is this man really an idiot?

I heaved a sigh.

“You asked to have sex, right? It’s too late to try and stop now.”

I removed the drawstring bag from my pocket.

In there was not a measly sum of money, but the entirety of our assets.

It contained a large amount of gold coins.

I held that out to the man with both hands.

“Buy me, you say? Don’t say something so silly. I’m the one who will pay you for your cock-sama to take my virginity and knock me up. Isn’t that obvious?”

Hmph–I harrumphed through my nose.

Incidentally, I consciously twisted my hips and sprinkled my pheromones into the surroundings.

“Then quickly guide me, whore who only has her body.”

“I’d do so even without you telling me. Our quarters are right around the corner, so follow me.”

“Eeh, is Arisa already leaving?”

“Sorry Tes. Right now, I can’t help but want to copulate with this guy.”

Muuh–giving a sidelong glance at Tes whose face swelled up behind, we left the tavern.

squish–my butt was violently grasped.

“I’ll fuck you until morning.”

“Just what I was hoping for.”

Snuggling up to the man’s body by myself, I flirted while giving him an upwards glance.

I moistened my lips and revealed a peek of my tongue.

“Even though you’re a virgin, you can do some pretty erotic things, huh? Kuku, my bad, Isra. I’ll be having a taste of your woman.”

While stifling his vulgar laugh, the man groped my body.

I looked back through the closing door.

Isra’s happy laughter continued.

Author Note:

Thank you for reading!

I changed the stage and tried out common sense alteration, but how did you find it?

This genre is popular, isn’t it? Surely (confident)

Things will continue with this sort of feeling, so please keep following!

Note: This have 8 chapters in total

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Score 6.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
The ability to alter common sense that belonged to the mysterious man that suddenly appeared in another world. Helpless in the face of such a cheat ability, every single woman was suddenly changed to become erotic. Isra, a simple and innocent hero. And Arisa, a noble and virtuous sorceress. The story revolves around these two people at the centre. It is the another world version of the previous work, “A world where you can do whatever you please with girls that talk dirty every day is erotic, isn’t it?”



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