The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 03 Chp 128

In The Hospital (Part-2)




Current System level: [5]

Max level: [Not defined]

Life Points for Next Level up: [18,000]

Life Points: [3,400]

Life points consumption rate: [30 points/hour]

Magic Level: [4]

Mission: [None]



Rebecca Woods, 22 (Perm.) [Level 6]

Layla White, 22 (Perm.) [Level 9]

Zakira Vondrack, 123 (Perm.) [Level 4]

Evelyn Carson, 26 (Perm.) [Level 1]

Arora Kremer, 19 (Perm.) [Level 1]

Kate Bailey, 17 (Perm.) [Level 3]

Note: Temporary names will be removed from the list 24 hours after the sexual activity.



1. [Beast’s Scent] (Max Usage: 2 times/day)

2. [Beast’s Mind Read] (Can be used one time on a person per day)

3. [Beast System Read Level 1] (Max Usage: 2 times/week)

4. [Fetish Finder] (Max Usage: 4 times/day)

5. [Women Tracker]

Note: Passive skills are not shown in the list.


Buyable skills and powers [Level 2]:

1. [Unnamed 01] (Price: 50,000 points)

Skill description: Forcefully activates Beast Awakening: Mode 2 for the duration is 5 minutes. (Maximum usage: 2/week)

Note: Skills will vanish if not acquired before leveling up.


Points earning methods:

[Level 5] Specific Methods: –

1. Finger a woman in public place [100 points]

2. Sensually smooch a woman in front of her parent(s) /relative(s) for 2 minutes [300 points]


Point will not be added if done during sexual acts.

Permanent methods: –

1. Kiss [100 points]

2. Cunnilingus [200 points]

3. Fellatio/ mouth fucking [200 points]

4. Vaginal sex [300 points]

5. Anal sex [320 points]

6. Impregnating [400 points]


Points will be multiplied by 10 if the above are a girl’s first time.

50% more points if permanent tasks are done with consent.

Warning: All the permanent methods can give you points only once every day per girl.

[Poison]: –

1. [Beast Awakening]: Lose control of your body with extreme sexual heat. Once activated, will go on for 30 minutes. Will raise in intensity and frequency as the level increases. When special conditions are met, Mode 2 will be activated. Other specifications, not defined.

2. [Instant death]: Activates if any of the beasts mating women (except for temporary rank) gets removed from the partner section or indulge in sexual activities with other than the beast.

3. [Mission Penalty]: Refusing any mission will cost a penalty of 1,000 points.


Time left to level up: 49 days : 23 hours : 59 minutes : 12 seconds


I start reading my new system description from top to bottom.

Damn… Three levels at once. I don’t know if I should be happy or scared about this.

Let’s see how many life points I’ve left—

[What happened, buddy? Why did you go silent all of a sudden?]


You spent freaking eighty-four thousand life points! You shitty system! You’ve left me with just two days’ worth of points!

[Fufufu… Just read the whole thing and then talk, Pinkie-finger.]


[That’s the size of your—]

Never mind! I don’t want to know. And this is getting old now.

[Hehehe… Not for me. ]

[Okay, okay.]

By the way, just so we’re clear, I am way bigger than a pinkie-finger.

[… Sure. Read the description now.]


A little angry, I quickly skim through my system details, mostly focusing on the important stuff like skills and Point-earning methods. Though suddenly, my eyes get stuck on one particular thing like glue.


Sensually smooch a woman in front of her parents!? HER PARENTS!? Is this for real!? Who the fuck is making these methods!?

[Seriously? Out of the things, that’s the first one you’re going to ask me about?]

I mean, I was about to ask you about that Unnamed skill at first. But this temporary method is just too bizarre!

[Hey, it’s not bizarre! More like, it’s a sweet, forbidden fruit! You will love it once you’ve taken a bite. In fact, I suggest that you should take this up a notch and just fuck the chick in front of her parents as well. Let them see how much their baby girl has grown!]


[Are you sure?]

[Ahem… Okay then, let’s talk about the new buyable skill— that’s something really exciting, isn’t it!?]


Yes, it is. But why is it so expensive? And what’s up with it being unnamed?

[Expensive? Considering what this skill can do, it’s not expensive at all, buddy. You remember how powerful you felt when Beast Awakening mode 2 activated, don’t you? In emergency situations, this skill is going to be your trump card.]

[And as for being unnamed… Well, that might have something to do with the fact that this skill shouldn’t exist, or be here in the first place.]

Hmm? What do you mean?

[Do you not remember what I told you when your system got glitched? One of your skills, Beast’s Mind Read, was supposed to be a Level 5 skill. But due to the glitch, it somehow appeared at Level 2— with its price reduced from 50,000 to 10,000 life points. This created a void in the buyable skills section at Level 5, which is now filled by the unnamed skill.]

[If that void was never created, this new skill wouldn’t be here at all.]

I see… Well, I guess I got lucky.

[You got very lucky. Honestly, I was scared that something bad might happen because of the void. But things ended up in your favor.]


By the way, I see two new skills added to my skill list as well. What do they do? There’s no description for them in here.

[Oh, description vanishes once the skill is bought. Though it can be easily seen again if you want. For now, let me just tell you directly.]

[Fetish finder: Using this skill, you can find the fetish of any person close by. If there is more than one fetish, use this skill multiple times in quick successions to know them all.]

[Permanent Women Tracker: As the name suggests, you can track the exact location of all your permanent women, no matter where or how far they are. It’s similar to the Blood Bond between you and Zakira— just a bit better.]

[Well, according to me, both of these skills can be pretty useful if you know where to use them.]

True… but is that it!?

You spend what, like eighty-four thousand points, and just got me two skills!?

They are not even that impressive. We could’ve bought them later, fucker! At least, I would’ve had a decent amount of life points now.

[Hey, just so you know, half of those points were used for leveling up! And anyway, just continue reading the system description. You can yell at me all you want once you’re done.]

I am done, bitch! That’s why I am yelling at you!

[… Did you read all of it? Properly?]

Eh, why? I read all the important stuff. The rest of the things are the same as before.

[No, they aren’t!!! Look at your point consumption rate— it’s half! Look at the permanent Point-earning methods— they give double the life points than before! And last but not the least, take a peek under your pants— your twig is… well, still a twig, but bigger!]


I search for the things Pink is telling me. And, to my surprise, it’s telling the truth (not yet sure about my twi— dick as it’s flaccid at the moment)!

Holy shit! This is fucking amazing!

[It is, isn’t it? This is because of the passive skills I bought on level 3, level 4, and level 5. You will now earn almost four times more life points than before, with the same amount of effort at that!]

Wow… Just wow…

[So, do you still want to yell at me?]

Are you kidding me!? I am sorry about that.

[Hehehe… I accept your apology. Be thankful for my forgiving heart.]

But you don’t have a heart…

[Oi! You want me to get angry—]

[Someone is here!]

Pink declared abruptly.


The next instant, with the faintest creaking sound, the door of the room opens up and an elderly-looking nurse enters inside. She’s a portly woman with a gentle and caring face.

“Oh my! You’re finally awake, Mr. Jacob!” she exclaims the moment she sees me, quickly rushing forward.

“Yes, I am,” I say with a smile.

“Thank goodness! Your family was devastated when they found out you’re in a coma. Those poor women,” she says, checking the reading on the machines that are attached to me.


“Everything looks fine to me. Let me call Doctor Louise to take a look. I will inform your family as well,” she says with another smile, turning around to leave. Though well, the moment her hand reaches out to open the door, she hesitates for some reason.


She turns around to look at me again, her face a bit tense.

“… Are you feeling well, Mr. Jacob?” she asks.

“Yes, perfectly,” I answer promptly.

“Are you sure? Because if you don’t mind, there’s someone who requested to meet you as soon as you regain your consciousness. It’s merely by chance, but she’s here in the hospital right now,” she tells me.

“Oh, by all means! Send her in,” I say without giving it a second thought. I can already guess who this woman is.

Layla… She must be so worried…

The nurse gives me a quick nod and leaves the room.

I don’t have to wait too long. Within minutes, the door opens once again— but to my utter surprise, it’s not Layla who enters the room, but a policewoman. She’s tall and beautiful, with straight black hair and deep brown eyes. Her overall figure is slender with heavy curves, all in the right places— just the way I like it.

In any other situation, I would’ve been really excited seeing such a sexy officer. But right now, I am nervous enough to sweat bullets. Even my spine has frozen completely.

Why? Because I already know this Policewoman. She’s—

[No, you don’t know her. You’ve just fucker her on the train once.]

… R-Right. And she’s going to fuck me up now.

The policewoman doesn’t immediately say anything, nor does she show any particular sign indicating that she recognizes me. She just grabs one of the stools lying in the corner of the room and drags it next to my bed— sitting down on it.

Maybe she has forgotten my face?

[Hmm… that’s possible.]

I hope so…

“H-Hello, officer. How can I help you?” I ask nervously, trying to sound as polite as I can.

For a few seconds, the policewoman just keeps staring into my eyes intently— as if trying to see something in them. But then, she finally starts to speak.

“The girls were rescued safely; they are fine now. The kidnappers are hospitalized, but awake. We’ve taken the statements of all of them. Also, you should know that the kidnappers ended up with multiple fractures and concussions, one of them will even have to use an artificial anus for the rest of his life— but as none of them are in a serious life-threatening condition, everything you did will be counted as self-defense. You won’t be prosecuted for it,” she tells me, her voice toneless.

“T-That’s good,” I say with a small nod.

“Furthermore, as all the kidnappers are above 17 years of age, they will be charged for their crimes as adults (once they are out of the hospital, that is), and are expected to be in prison for a few years at the very least,” She continues.

“I am glad to hear that,” I say, getting slightly happy despite the situation.

Still staring at me, the policewoman leans towards the bed and rests her elbows on top of it— finally showing some expressions. Unfortunately, she looks angry.

“Now, let’s talk about some of your crimes, shall we? I haven’t forgotten what happened on the train that day.”


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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