The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 74

Blue Cloak

“Hey! Wait! WAIT!” I shout while thrusting my arms forward in defense.

But the blue cloaked person’s knife easily slips through my hands and stabs my throat directly…


While screaming painfully, I drop down on the ground while feeling a body-numbing pain. Instinctually, I cover the stabbed area on my neck with both my hands, trying to stop the bleeding.

Fuccck! Is this the end for me!? Seriously!?

I always imagined that if I die, it would be either due to my system or because some girl will decide to kill me for rejecting her proposal (in my dreams) … but for fuck’s sake! Like this!?

Being stabbed out of nowhere for no reason whatsoever!?

No… I am not accepting this. I have a lot of things left to do. Well, it’s mostly perverted stuff, but still, it matters…

And also, what will happen to my women once I am gone? Especially Rebecca and Layla?

I don’t even want to imagine them getting along with another man…

No, I will live… I have to… There is no other choice…

Slowly, I start crawling towards the door of the room.

Someone will surely notice me if I get outside…

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, a female voice asks me.

With a jerk, I look at the direction of the voice, only to find the cloaked person standing right next to me.

Fuck! She is going to stab me again.

Putting even more power into my limbs, I start moving towards the door faster than before.

“Oi! I want to talk to you, wait!” she quickly says while grabbing my left legs.

“Yeah, you stab the person and then talk to them, right? Let go of my leg! LET GO!”

I try to desperately shake her hand off but without any success.

How the fuck is she so strong!?

“Why does it matter if I stabbed you? It’s not that much of a big deal, to be honest. You are just overreacting…” she says.

“Overreacting!? I will freaking die, you crazy bitch! LET ME GO!” I shout.

“No, you won’t die. Why would you? It’s not like you are hurt or anything…”

“Not hurt!? What is this then, huh!? What is… this?”

I move one of my bloody hands forward to show this cloaked woman… except, it’s not bloody at all.

“What the fuck!?” I swear in surprise.

Reluctantly, I remove my other hand from my neck as well, which also turns out to be completely clean. I cannot see even a drop of blood.

“See? You are not bleeding. In fact, there is not even a wound,” the hooded woman says simply.

I touch my neck again and unbelievably, there is actually no wound at all.

“T-Then, why the heck does it hurt so much?” I ask while slowly raising my upper body.

I admit that even I didn’t saw any blood, but the pain was so severe that I automatically assumed that there is blood flowing out.

“Oh, don’t worry. The pain will disappear in around 5 more seconds… 5…4…3…2…1.”

Immediately, the pain vanishes…

“What the fuck is going on!? I clearly saw that knife penetrating my throat! And the pain was also real and intense! So, why am I not injured!?” I ask in shock.

“Oh, you see, that was not an actual knife or anything. It was something else… Anyway, answer me, do you have a girlfriend?” she asks.

“Yes,” I answer.

“What’s her name?”

“Layla and Rebecca.”

“What? You have two girlfriends!? Are you two-timing?”


“Oh, so, they know about each other? Wow, you are a playboy…”

“I am…”

“Then, you must be planning to seduce more women—”

“Okay, wait a fucking second! Why are you asking me this!? And why the heck am I answering you!?” I ask, shocked over is happening.

“Fufufu… As I said, that wasn’t an actual knife. And by the way, I am asking these questions just to test out something…” the woman replies while chuckling.

Test out something!? What!?

{Master, she is telling the truth. That wasn’t an ordinary knife. I sensed some sort of foreign magic being injected inside your body through that attack.}

Foreign magic?


“I am getting out of here…” I say while trying to stand up.

What the…

On matter how many times I try, I just couldn’t muster any strength in my legs.

“You cannot escape, you know? The most you can do is crawl right now…” the hooded woman tells me.

Damn it!

“Who the heck are you!? And why are you doing this to me!?” I ask, a little panicky now.

“Who am I? I am your classmate, obviously. And as for why am I doing this to you? Well, it’s because I want you to answer a few questions of mine… And as you might have guessed already, you can neither keep quiet nor lie to me anymore,” she says, sounding a little smug for some reason.


“H-Hey, just let me go, okay? Or, I will… I will report this to the school and the police. You will be punished severely,” I threaten desperately.

“Hahaha… Do you actually think I don’t have any measure to prevent that from happening, right?” she asks.


“And anyway, I will let you go after you answer all my questions satisfactorily. So, don’t worry.”

“You abducted me, stabbed me, and even somehow magically drugged me. Obviously, I really shouldn’t worry at all…” I say sarcastically.

“Yup,” she answers simply.

Fucking bitch…

{Master, don’t let her ask you any questions. Please distract her for a while. I am going to try to expel out the magic she has injected in you.}


“L-Listen, Blue Hood, I want to ask you something,” I say.

“Hey, don’t call me Blue Hood!” she says angrily.

“T-Then what is your name?”

“Do you really think I will tell you my name?”

“Okay then, Blue Hood, are you related to White Hood— I-I mean, Miss Naomi by any chance?” I ask.

She doesn’t say anything…

“Are you?” I ask again.

“Y-You are here to answer my questions, not me,” she says, sounding a little strange.

“Anyway, my first question—”

“W-Wait! Wait! So, about that knife you stabbed me with… H-How come it didn’t wound me?” I ask, cutting in-between her sentence.

“As I said, I am not answering any of your questions and also, just so you know, it’s clear as day that you are trying to distract me,” she tells me.


“Anyway, my first question: in your first magic class three days ago, did you, or did you not performed magic knowingly?” she says, sounding extremely serious.

Shit! Why the heck is she asking me this!?

“N-No,” I answer.

“No? Really?”

“Really…” I tell her.

I can tell that she was expecting to get the exact opposite answer.

“Well, let me be a little bit more specific: When that boy, Alex, threw those fireballs at you, didn’t you, at first, instinctively tried forming your own fireballs? But then, when you noticed that everyone will find out about your true abilities, you faked fainting… didn’t you?” she asks.

What the fuck!? That is too freaking specific!

“And also, even after that, you were secretly performing magic in the regular classes of yesterday and today as well, right?” She continues.

Holy shit! This is just crazy…

It’s like she knows everything already and is just me this for confirmation.

“I-I… that is…”


Even though I am trying really hard not say anything, my mouth is opening up itself to speak.

“Answer!” the woman orders.

“I… Yes—”


Suddenly, drowning my voice, the door of the room bursts open with a bang and a person enters inside.

“Zakira!” I exclaim in relief.


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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