The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 72

Maya’s Accusation


I quickly turn my head sideways with a jerk and see Maya standing next to the entrance door. Her face is twisted into a horrified expression, and her eyes are staring at me with utter disbelief.


“L-Listen to me, Maya—”

“How could you do this… to Layla…” Maya says accusingly while backing away to the door.

I cannot tell if it’s from anger or shock, but her whole body is trembling right now.

“What!? No, wait, hear me out—”

The next moment, she turns around and runs away from the room while slamming the door shut.


Immediately, I push Riley away from on top of me.


My cock plops out of her vagina and she lands on the bed while raising a small scream. All the semen which have accumulated inside her pussy till now from my multiple ejaculations starts flowing out in streams.

“Hey, I want to ride that cock more…” she says while lewdly rub my semen all over her pussy.

I ignore her demand and start to pull up my pants.

“W-Wasn’t that a senior, Jacob? Does she know you?” Kate asks, looking scared.

Unlike Riley, she seems totally out of her horny state.

“Yes…” I answer quickly.

“T-Then, she won’t report us, right?”

“I don’t know…” I answer.

I seriously cannot tell what Maya might do right now. Especially after listening to her thoughts in the morning…

“N-No…” Kate mutters while looking even more scared now.

After finishing to wear my pants and fixing my shirt, I stand up from the bed.

“Listen, quickly clean up here and return to the grounds with Riley. I will find Maya as fast as I can and see that she doesn’t tell anyone anything. And yes, give me the phone as well…” I say while taking away my phone from her hand.

Kate gives me a shaky nod before moving towards the bed. I also start sprinting toward the door immediately.

Both of them should be fine once they reach the grounds. Their absence will most probably go unnoticed.

I know Riley is really horny right now, but after getting out of this room, she will be back to normal within a matter of seconds.

There is nothing to worry about them at least for now.

But still, Maya…

Damn it!

Why the hell did she come to the P.E. storage room!? I cannot think of any reason for her to…

No, wait, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the morning. What if she was here all along?

But she entered through the door just now…

Maybe she went outside for a while?

Yes, that seems the most plausible answer. There could be no other reason for her to come to the P.E. storage other than that. Especially at a time like this.

And to be honest, I am not that worried about getting reported by Maya. I am much more concerned about her mental state…

She was really depressed in the morning because of what happened last night. And she kept repeating in her mind that she couldn’t hurt Layla by pursuing me and all that stuff. About how much she respects and loves her.

But now, in her eyes, I have cheated on Layla. I have betrayed her best friend and family.

But well, I am also someone she loves…

And because of these things, her mental state must have deteriorated even further…

Fuck! I need to find Maya fast. I hope she doesn’t do anything reckless till then.

Getting out of the P.E. storage room, which is on the ground floor, I start climbing upstairs.

Damn… where would she go now?

Her classroom? Girls washroom?

I hope it’s the latter— I-I mean, I don’t hope so.

Well, let’s check out her classroom first—


The moment I start turning at the stairs of the first floor, a voice call from behind.


I turn back with a jerk and see Maya standing a few feet away from me, right in front of a classroom. Her face is clearly etched with anger and her eyes are filled with tears.

But how come Maya is here? Was she waiting for me?

“… I need to talk to you,” she says in a heavy voice.

Without wasting any time, I quickly move forward and grab her shoulders.

“Listen, Maya. You are misunderstanding this—”

“There is nothing to misunderstand, Jacob,” She says while slapping away my hands.

“You tried to hide it, but I am aware of your relationship with Layla, you know? And you just cheated on her. And while I don’t wish to even look at your face, I am speaking to you right now because there is something you must do, Jacob.”

“You have to tell Layla about what you did. You must take responsibility for your unfaithfulness. I know Layla will be devastated, but she doesn’t deserve this. And you don’t deserve her.

“I never thought that you will repay her like this for all the things she has done for you. But at least don’t continue to ruin her life. Don’t continue to betray her—”

“Just shut up for a second and listen!” I say angrily.

Maya jumps up from my sudden outburst and gets silent while staring at me in surprise.

“I am not betraying Layla or cheating on her, okay? Yes, we are in a relationship and it is also true that I sleep with other women. And not just sleep with, I am even romantically involved with someone else,” I say.

“I cannot believe that you will fall so low—”

“But… Layla already knows everything about it. I told her myself and she agreed to it,” I say while cutting in-between.

“What!? Layla agreed to this!?” Maya asks, shocked, “N-No way… She cannot… why would she?”

“It’s because of my system, Maya. My system is of that kind, you see?” I say meaningfully.

“That kind…”

Maya’s eyes open up wide.

“You don’t mean… No…” she says in shock.

“Yes, I mean exactly what you are thinking. And Layla knows about this. So, she agreed to be in a polygamous relationship with me,” I tell her with a nod.

Without saying anything further, Maya stares at me with an expressionless face. I cannot guess what she is thinking right now, but I wait for her to speak.

“I… I cannot believe that, Jacob.”

Mata says after a few seconds in a low voice.

“What!?” I ask.

“You know that this is the most common excuse people give after committing infidelity, right?” Maya asks.

“Do you think that I am lying to you? Really, Maya?” I ask in a loud voice.

“Who knows, Jacob? Who knows? For people who have been with their system for at least a few months, it’s easy to tell when they are lying about their point earning methods. But for someone like you, who just acquired their system, no one can tell anything… no one,” Maya says with tears filling her eyes again.

“I… I know, but still, why are you choosing not to trust me!? It is possible that I am not lying, isn’t it!?” I ask.

“It is, Jacob. But after what I just saw…” Maya’s voice trails away.

“Then at least give me a chance to prove myself, Maya. That my system is just as I say it is. That I neither lied, nor cheated on Layla. You can agree to that, can’t—”

“Ohoho… Did someone mention “cheating”?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice comes from behind me, cutting me mid-sentence.

I immediately turn around and to my annoyance, find Alex and his gang of hoodlums climbing the stairs leisurely.

No now. Please, for fuck’s sake…

“Get lost, Alex!” I say angrily.

“How about no? By the way, did someone cheat on your sister?” Alex says while eyeing Maya disgustingly.

“Shut the fuck up, asshole! She is not my sister!” I shout angrily.

“What!? For real!?” He asks, looking genuinely surprised.

“But you walk to school with her, right? Wait… Don’t tell me that she is your girlfriend…” he says.

“It doesn’t concern you. Just get lost already!”

“Now, do you seriously want to take that tone with me, cunt?” Alex asks while raising his hand.

Getting his signal, the hoodlums behind him starts glaring at me while mouthing abusive words.

These fucking pigs…

“Well, I guess ugly rats like you also get lucky sometimes. Anyway, I came looking for you and overheard your conversation. You have cheated on this beautiful girl, haven’t you? Look, she is crying as well… What a huge asshole you are…” Alex says looking at me with a smirk.

Like you are the one to talk, dick-head…

“So, I was wondering…”

Alex starts moving towards Maya with a vulgar smile on his face.

“Hey! Don’t get close to her!”

I try to block his way, but two of his hoodlum grabs me from behind.

“You fuckers!”

“… if you would like to come with me after school, baby? I will show you a really amazing time, and make you feel so good that you will forget everything about this idiot. Believe me, I can please you in ways he never will,” he says while getting uncomfortably close to her.

“Get away from her, you scum! Don’t you dare to even touch her!” I shout.

“I will fucking kill you if you—”

“Okay, I will…”

Maya says in a toneless voice.


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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