The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 70

The Photo Shoot (Part-1)

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“Why are we here? The lessons are ongoing, you know? We head to the grounds…” Riley asks desperately.

“You were bunking the lesson already, slut! Shut up!” Kate snaps.

Right now, me, Kate, and Riley are inside the P.E. storage room. I chose this location because there is no chance of anyone coming here right now, and well, there are a few things here that might come in handy.

“She doesn’t care about the lessons, Kate. She just wants to quickly tell Alex about the breakup…” I say.

“N-No, I won’t tell him anything…” Riley denies.

“Well, you better not. Or Kate will confront him about it instantly…” I tell her.

“P-Please don’t. You don’t know what he will do to me…” Riley says in a scared voice.

I give her a simple shrug before lifting up a foam mattress lying beside me, and placing it at the center of the room. Then, I lift up another mattress and stack it on top of the previous one. Continuing like this, I make a pseudo-bed out of the foam mattresses.

Okay, we are good to go…

{Sorry to disturb you, master. But I think it is time to give you your system mission as well.}

Hmm… Sure. By the way, you wanted to talk about something related to Riley, right? What is it?

{Yes, and I guess I should tell you this before activating the system mission, master. Can you recall the plan which we are following now?}

Well, yeah. I have to shoot some intimate photos with Kate and some sex photos with Riley, right? And after that, phase two will begin. That phone call thing and stuff…

{You are right, master. But my plans for Riley are a little different than I told you earlier. You see, I don’t think that we should just let her go after we get our revenge on Alex.}

Not let her go? What do you mean by that?

{Please excuse my language, master. But I am planning to make this girl your personal whore.}

W-Woah! Wait a second, what!?

{I want to make Riley Cooper your personal whore, and I have a good reason behind this proposition, master. Right now, you are heavily dependent upon numerous factors to fulfill the requirement of your system.}

{And needless to say, the biggest one of them is finding temporary women. While we can easily hire prostitutes for this purpose, seeing what happened to us earlier, we can safely say that dependence upon money here is not an option.}

I-I know, but still…

{Please, listen to me carefully, master. In the future, I am sure that you are going to get really perverted tasks and methods and well, there are going to be many instances when you might not feel comfortable in asking your permanent women to do them with you.}

{So, in times like these, a permanent temporary woman will prove to be extremely useful to you. In other words, you need a personal whore, master.}

Permanent temporary? Personal whore? What the fuck?

That doesn’t even make sense…

{It does, master. Just imagine, a woman whom you can call upon any time to have sex. No matter how perverted it is.}

{For example, you are in the classroom and suddenly start to feel really horny, what will you do? Simple, you just call your personal whore into the toilet and empty you load inside her mouth or pussy as many times as you want.}

{And as she is just your whore, you will feel completely at ease in asking her to perform any type of perverted act. No matter how difficult tasks and methods show up in your system.}

{And well, there will be no need to worry about money or facing any consequences later on as well, master. And though she will remain a temporary woman, we are going to make sure that she doesn’t sleep with any other man except you. Thus, she will be your “personal” whore.}

{Now, please give me your thoughts, master. Don’t you think that this role fits perfectly with Riley’s slutty personality?}

Hmm… True. It will be great if I can make Riley my permanent temporary woman. But still, what will we do after our revenge with Alex.

Will she still listen to me after I lose the weapon to blackmail her?

{Well, you remember our original plan with Kate, right master? About the unique way of use Beast’s scent? Well, we are going to give that plan a little tweak.}


Fufufu… You are a genius.

{Thank you for your kind words master. Now, let me present you with your missions…}

Suddenly, the black miasma changes shape in front of my eyes…




Grope Kate Bailey.

Time remaining to start the mission: 5 minutes

Reward: 500 points

Penalty: 250 points

2. Spank and fuck Riley Cooper.

Time remaining to start the mission: 30 minutes

Reward: 3000 points

Penalty: 1500 points



{With this, you will be able to earn the points from level-specific method as well. If everything goes right, you will end up with a total of 5500 life points, master.}

Good job. These missions are way better than the first one you gave me.

{I again apologize for that, master. I am going to prove it to you that I am worthy of your trust.}


“Okay then, the mattresses are in place. Kate, are you ready?” I ask while turning back.

“I am. But Jacob, I have a small request…” Kate says reluctantly.

“Request? What is it?” I ask with a frown.

“I know that I agreed to do anything you ask and believe me, I will. I-It’s just that I don’t want to remove my clothes when you… when you touch me…” she says while looking down apologetically.

“But Kate, it won’t look much realistic if I don’t even touch your skin directly…” I tell her calmly.

“No, you are misunderstanding me, Jacob! Y-You can touch me directly but under the clothes. It’s just that I don’t want that scum to see my bare skin… not even in a photo,” she says hatefully.

Oh, so, it because of Alex…

“Sure, I don’t mind. Under the clothes it is…” I answer with a smile.

“Thank you for understanding,” Kate says, looking clearly relieved.

Hmm… she must have thought that I will refuse.

Well, even I don’t want that son of a bitch to see a beautiful girl like Kate naked.

“Hey, Riley! Take this and click photos of us when I tell you to, got it?” I say while taking out my phone and handing it to Riley.

“You just want me to take photos of both of you? Nothing else?” Riley asks, surprised.

“Of course not. Your turn is after this. Not shut up and do as I say,” I tell her strictly.

“O-Okay,” Riley says in a scared voice while opening the camera of my phone.

“Now Kate, first, I want you to sit down on my lap, okay?” I tell her while sitting down on the pseudo-bed.


While giving me a slight nod, Kate moves forward and perches her butt on my lap. I can feel her entire body shaking from nervousness.

And even though she smells amazing and her plump ass feels heavenly on my thighs, I cannot help but think how extremely vengeful woman Kate is…

She didn’t let her boyfriend touch her for months so that she can find out about his personality, but now that he has cheated on her, she agrees to sit on the lap of a guy she barely knows and is letting him do anything he wants, just so that she can get her revenge.

Well, anyhow, it doesn’t concern me. I should just enjoy this…

“Okay then, I am starting…” I say.

Kate gives me another nervous nod.

Let’s do this…

I raise both my hands simultaneously. After resting my left one on her thighs, I start groping her moderate breasts from above her clothes with my right hand.


Kate leaks out a small voice and her body squirms a little.

“Are you fine?” I ask.

“Y-Yes, please don’t mind me. It’s just that this is the first time a man has touched me here,” she says while turning a little red.

“I will try to be as gentle as possible,” I say seriously.

“T-Thank you,” she says gratefully.

“Riley, start clicking photos in 5 seconds. I want at least three photos of every single pose, okay?” I say.

“O-Okay,” Riley replies while raising my phone.

I lower down my face and start kissing Kate’s neck passionately. My hand also fondles her soft tits and rub her thighs, though this time, I am putting much less force than earlier.


Kate leaks another voice but unlike before, her body remains stable.


Riley begins taking photos of us.

“Face towards me, Kate. We will kiss now,” I say.

“K-Kiss?” she asks, surprised.

“Well, yeah, kissing is a must, you see…” I tell her.

“B-But I have never— Ahem, I-I mean, sure…” she says while turning her face sideways and looking towards me.

Hmm? Why is her face so red?

I mean, I know she was blushing furiously till a while ago but now, her face is completely red.

Ahh~ who cares? Let just kiss…

I move my face forward and start kissing Kate’s thin and soft lips. Instantly, I try to enter my tongue in her mouth as well, but for some reason, she is not parting her lips at all.


“Mhhhh… Open your mouth, Kate. We need to capture some tongue action,” I say after separating my mouth.

“S-Sorry, I-I will… try my best,” she says while looking down.

“Are you alright? It looks like you are having a fever or something…”

“N-No, I am fine. Please continue…” She says while shaking her head furiously.

I give a small shrug before starting to kiss Kate again. This time, she reluctantly opens her mouth and let my tongue slide in.

As I start to lick her entire mouth and taste her sweet saliva, I cannot help but wonder how immaturely she is kissing me back.

Is Alex that bad of a kisser that he didn’t teach Kate anything?

Fufufu… Well, good. I will teach her then.


“Now, we will go a little bold, okay?” I tell Kate.

“S-Sure, I-I am ready,” she replies stutteringly.

You don’t look that ready, but well, if you say so…

I open the top few buttons of Kate’s shirt such that her cleavage gets visible. Then, I put my hand inside her shirt and even insert it inside her bra.


Kate leaks out a voice as my hand gets a firm hold of her bare breasts.

Damn… I can feel her nipple poking my palm.

Her skin is also amazingly smooth and the softness of her tits are incredible.

I move my right hand from her things as well and put it inside her skirt. I directly pass under her panty and reach her small slit there. The skin down there is completely hairless, giving an overall silky feeling to my hand. The lips of her pussy are also tightly closed.

“J-Jacob!” Kate suddenly calls my name loudly.

She also grabs hold of my arm and clenches it strongly.

Fuck… I guess I went too far…

“I-I am sorry. I will touch you over the panties…” I say apologetically.

I start to remove my hand but because of Kate’s strong grip, I couldn’t.

“No… I am sorry. I agreed to do everything you say. And you have already listened to one of my selfish wishes… you can do as you want,” she says while loosening her grip.

“Are you sure?” I ask, a little concerned.

“Yes, please continue…” she tells me.

“Well… Okay then…”

I stretch her pussy using my fingers and start stimulating her small ruby-like clit slowly.


Kate leaks out a moan.

Because she is looking away since a while ago, I can neither see her face properly nor kiss her lips, so, I start to kiss her neck again.


“Now, one final photo of us kissing like this, and then we will change position, okay?” I say.

“O-Okay…” Kate replies.

“You have to look at me Kate, or I won’t be able to kiss you…” I tell her.

“Oh, I-I am… I am sorry…”

Slowly, she turns her face towards me again…

… Fuck.

Kate’s eyes are filled to the brim with tears and she looks really close to crying. It’s clear as day that she is feeling really uncomfortable from being stimulated down there.

And obviously, it’s not because I am doing it badly or anything. Even though she is greatly determined to get her revenge on Alex, this level of intimacy with a man she barely knows is still too much for her.

Damn it!

I move my face forwards and start kissing her strongly.


The instant Riley clicks the photos, I separate my mouth and take out both my hands from inside her clothes.

“Okay, this much is enough…” I say.

“W-What?” Kate asks while quickly wiping the tears which finally leaked out.

“We are done. I think we have clicked enough photos,” I tell her.

“B-But didn’t you said earlier that we will change the position after this? Please, don’t stop because of me,” Kate says.

“Nah, that scum will be jealous enough when he will see you do this much with me. And anyway, I cannot continue because my leg is hurting like hell. You are too heavy, get off!” I say while feigning pain.

“I-I am not heavy at all!” she says while hitting my shoulder lightly.

“No, seriously, I cannot feel my legs anymore. I think they are totally crushed underneath you!” I say while pushing her.

“You… ”

Kate lightly punch me again while getting up from my lap. Her crying face is already replaced by a playfully smiling one.


To be honest, I wanted to play with her body more. But I would rather see a cute girl like her smile than cry because of me…


“Now, Riley, it’s your turn. Kate, take the phone from her…” I say.

Kate snatches away my phone from Riley’s hand instantly.

“Well, I know that I don’t have to hold back with you….” I say.

{Yes, master. Please don’t hold back on her at all. Use her to your heart’s content. This is crucial.}


A nasty smile unconsciously forms on my face.

This is going to be fun…

“Beast’s scent, active!”


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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