The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 63

Learning Basic Magic (Part-1)

What the hell is this?

I rub my eyes and look at the MCT paper again carefully.


The same bank space in place of my compatibility percentage greets me.

What is the meaning of this?

“Is everyone done? Okay then, I will be taking those papers back…” Miss Laura says.

Suddenly, black miasma erupts in front of my eyes.

{Place your hand on top of the paper! Quickly!}

Wait, what!? Why!?

{Please, we don’t have time, master!}


I place my hand on top of the paper hastily.

The next instant, my palm begins to glow in a light blue color.

What the fuck!?

Don’t tell me… is this magic!?

Suddenly, the MCT paper slips off from beneath my hand and the blue light also vanishes at the same instant.

I look up and see that all the MCT papers are again flying into the air and arranging themselves into the wooden box placed on the teacher’s table again.

Once the box is full again, Miss Laura places her hand on top of the bundle and closes her eyes.

“Good. Very good. Almost everyone got a rather nice score,” She says happily after a few seconds.

“Mam, is there any significance to these scores?” Aria suddenly asks while raising her hand.

“I mean, we will be using magic through the core stones, right? Will these scores affect out magic performance in any way?”

“Yes, it will,” Miss Laura answers.

“Usually, these MCT papers are used to determine on which level a person will gain access to magic. If a person is more than 75 percent compatible, he/she will access magic at level 2. If a person is between 40 percent to 75 percent compatible, he/she will access magic at level three. And anyone below that will gain access to magic at level 4 or level 5.

“Now, as you all know, the same cannot be a basis for evaluation here, as all of you can access magic through the core stones now. But the reason why we are still testing your compatibility is because, through this method, we can find out to what extent you can use magic from the core stones.

“More compatibility means that you can use magic for a longer period of time and the power of your spells will be stronger as well,” Miss Laura explains.

“Damn… I just got 52 percent,” Ryan says exasperatedly.

“I-I got 67 percent…” Leo says, finally returning from the dark abyss.

“The fuck!? You are 15 percent more than me!? Lucky bastard. And what percentage you got, Jacob?” Ryan asks while turning to me.


Damn… What should I tell him?

“Okay, class, silence!” Miss Lauren says loudly.

It looks like everyone else also started asking each other about their scores.

“I don’t want students with higher compatibility bullying those with lower compatibility than them. So, I am banning you all from asking each other’s scores. Those who will break this rule will be punished, okay? So, please focus on your own scores,” she says in a rather strict tone.

Everyone quiets down.

I think she is right. There are a few people I know who love nothing more than bullying others.

“Now, we are finished here. Please stand up from your seats and follow me to the grounds,” Miss Laura says while picking up the wooden box.

“Fuck, I hope they haven’t started yet…” I mutter while running towards the school grounds.

I took a detour to the washroom and was stuck in a line there.


Reaching the grounds, I see numerous students standing with their class teachers and people from other races and are getting what seems like a lecture on something.

When I pass by a few of these groups, I can make out that they are learning how to use magic.

Fuck! This is important!

I start to run even more desperately, in search of my class group.

Well, I might as well do something productive while I am looking for them.

Hey, Black system, you there?

{Yes, master.}

What did you do to my MCT paper?

{Oh, I just added a few numbers there, master.}

You added some numbers? Wait, why was it blank anyway?

{I am not perfectly aware of how that thing works master, so I cannot answer your question. Sorry.}

Ahh~ never mind then. But still, why did you do that? Maybe something was wrong with that paper?

{No, master. The paper was just fine. Though I do not know for sure why your percentage was not written on it but I think letting that paper seen by others could have resulted in a greater mess.}

I-I guess. Anyway, you will be helping me to learn—


Suddenly, something solid makes contact with my back and hits me strongly. The force is so great that my body lifts off in the air of a moment before falling down hard on the ground.

“Fuuuckk!” I cry out in pain.

“Ohoho… Hear the voice of this pathetic worm.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice speaks from behind me.


Slowly, I turn around and find a group of 10-12 guys standing behind me. The one who has spoken just now is standing at the front of them. He is a really good looking guy with a tall and athletic physique. His eyes are purple in color. His blond hairs are long and have a stylish windswept look to them.

“Fuck off, Alex…” I say while slowly getting up.

Alex Kremer.

This rich son of a bitch is basically known to be the biggest delinquent in our school. Though he is in the same grade as me but fortunately, his section is different. His favorite pastime is to stroll around the school with his group of hoodlums and bully everyone in his sight.

And well, his favorite targets weaker people like me, Ryan, and Leo.

“Where are the other two monkeys?” he asks.

“Banging your mother…” I say under my breath.

“What did you say, fucker!?” he says angrily while kicking me again.


This time, his kick lands on my stomach and I fall down on the ground again while crying in pain.

“Such a pathetic loser… What percentage did you get in those MCT papers anyway? Zero or negative?” he asks me while laughing.

His hoodlums also laugh along with him.

“Better than yours…” I cough out.

“Yeah, in your dreams, idiot. I got 85% compatibility. It’s the highest in my class…” he says smugly.


“Well, at least you got the Dark Elf princess to teach you. I got that vamp princess in my class. Both are really hot. Let’s see which one of us fucks our princess first, shall we? The winner gets to keep both…” He asks while making indecent gestures with his hand.

“Shut up, asshole…” I say angrily.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot… With how small your virgin cock is, you cannot even fuck a chick,” Alex says while again bursting into laughter.

“You bastard!” I shout in a loud voice before getting up.

I will fucking kill this motherfucker.

Alex also readies himself in a fighting pose. There is a huge grin pasted upon his face.


Suddenly, a familiar voice calls me out.

I instinctively turn back and find Miss Laura standing behind me.

“I was looking for you all around the ground! Where were you?” she asks.

“I… I went to the washroom. Emergency…” I answer.

“Oh, well, come with me quickly. Leena has already started giving her lecture to the class,” she says urgently.

“Che… Meet me later, monkey. I will beat the shit out of you then. Bring your idiot friends as well…” Alex says in a low voice before turning around and moving away with his hoodlums.

Fuck you…

As it turns out, my class is actually really close by and I would have found them by myself if Alex wouldn’t have intercepted me.

But what are they doing?

Everyone is standing still and staring at the palm of their right hand with full concentration.

“Ahh… It looks like Leena has finished explaining the basics. Well, I think you should stand in the back and observe for a while. I will send one of the beastkins to explain everything to you in a few minutes,” Miss Laura tells me before moving forwards where people of other races are standing.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Leena speaks again…

“Please know that it is really difficult to do this in just the first day of training. In fact, I don’t expect any of you to be even slightly successful. My main motive is for all of you to just feel how magic flows through your body,” she says in a loud voice.

Damn… It looks like they are already trying out magic.

Shit! I am missing out on cool stuff!

{Don’t worry, master. From what I can see, they are trying to form a fireball using the basic fire spell. I can easily teach you how to do it, if you want.}

Wait, you can teach me!?

{Yes, master. But you will have to do things a bit differently from those using the core stones to channel magic inside your body.}

Yeah, fine. Teach me.

{As you wish, master. First, I want you to open the palm of your hand and concentrate at the center of it.}

Basically, what everyone else is doing, right?

Okay, done.

{Now, I want you to imagine reaching in deep inside the core of your body and extracting out magic from within. After that, I want you to channel that magic through your body and lead it all the way towards the palm of your hand. Finally, I want you to imagine creating a small fireball there with the help of this magic.}

{I know It might seem a little confusing and difficult at first but after practicing for a while, you will have no problem, master.}

Oh, okay…

Well, let’s fucking try this…

For some reason, I imagine the core of my body to be inside my chest and that there is a bright blue light there which is my stored magic.

While increasing the concentration, I imagine that this blue light is traveling through my veins and arteries and flowing into the palm of my right hand.

Wait, should I just imagine fire here?


“Fire…” I say in a low voice.

Sigh… didn’t work—

The moment I thought to close my palm, a small blue spark runs on it out of nowhere and instantly after, a bright blue ball made of flames erupts into existence.

What the…


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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