The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 48

Rebecca’s System (Part-2)

“Stop!” I quickly say.

“See, skill and all is fine, but you cannot tell someone about your poison and point earning methods. You do know the reason for that, right?” I ask strongly.

Telling someone the methods and poison is basically like tying a collar to your neck and giving its rope to another person.

It can be exploited in so many ways…

“I think he is right. You shouldn’t tell him about the poison, sister…” Aria says, agreeing with me.

Wait, Aria knows!?

“But it is the main cause of my problem and I trust that Jacob enough that he won’t do anything bad with the information…” Rebecca says while looking at me.

“I-I obviously won’t but Rebecca—”

“You saying that much is enough. Time is running out and only a few minutes are left till the barrier fades away, so, please let me speak. You both can ask what you want later…” she says, a bit urgently now.

“… Fine,” Aria says.


“I-I guess, okay…” I say reluctantly.

“First, about my point earning methods. While I cannot tell you specifically what they are or the barrier will break but basically I think I can tell you that all of them are related to how much affectionate other people are to me…” Rebecca says.


“Hmm…. you can think it like this; the more people like or love me, the more points I will gain,” she says.

Really? That’s one really convenient system. Especially for someone like Rebecca.

Her personality seems really good and on top of that, she is such an amazingly beautiful woman. Loads of guys must be in love with her…

“I know, it must sound like a relatively easy system to you. When I myself read my point earning methods for the first time, I thought that as well… till I look at my poison,” she says.

Damn… Her poison must be really bad to turn an amazing system like this into a mess…

“But first, I think I should tell you about my third skill because it is related to my poison. Well, it is also a barrier skill like but it is a little different than the other skills.

“While my first barrier prevents magic to come close to me and my second barrier prevents sound to come in or leave out, my third barrier acts directly upon the people around me…

“It basically prevents other people from coming near me, thus, giving me protection from close range physical attacks. Well, I should mention that it is for all people except those who like me and do not have bad motives against me… ”

“The way this skill works is a little different as well. Instead of just restricting their way to me or something, this skill creates a sense of extreme disgust against me inside their minds, so strong, that the runs away, the moment they come close enough to me.”

“And also unlike other skills, this one is considerably more powerful seeing that my methods of earning points are related to the feeling of other people and this skill also affects the feelings of others…” Rebecca says.

Hmm… Even though this one sounds a little bit strange but still, it should be really good in defense. I think Rebecca is—



I actually remember this one!

On the night of the system ceremony when I lost control of my body because of the beast awakening and ran towards Rebecca to **** her, I remember that for a moment there when I got really close to her, a strange sort of strong disgust against Rebecca took me over. It was so bad that I dropped to the ground and almost puked.

In fact, I would have liked nothing better to just run away from her at that moment… if my body would have listened to me.

But still, why did Rebecca deployed this type of barrier while just taking a simple walk in the garden?

I want to ask this to Rebecca but she is continuing to speak and well, she told me to ask questions later so…

“Now, that you know about my third skill, I think I should tell you about my poison… And the reason for all my problems,” she tells me.

Her voice is again starting to shake a bit again.

“Because of the poison, my third skill is activated all the time. There is no way to stop it…”

“WHAT!? You are kidding, right!?” I ask loudly in extreme shock.

“No, I am not,” Rebecca says while shaking her head.

I can also see her eyes getting a little wet.

“B-But isn’t this a combustible skill? Shouldn’t it disappear by itself after some time?” I ask.

Rebecca shakes her head again.

“It should but because of my poison, it is constantly fed with life points automatically. I lose around 3 to 5 life points daily because of it…” she tells me.

3 to 5 life points daily…

This is a really scary amount of life points to lose every day for a normal person…

In fact, our situation is somewhat the same. It’s just that instead of three, I used to lose thousands of points every day before the glitch.

“And this just the beginning of it. As I already told you, my point earning methods are dependent upon how much people like or love me but because of this poison…” Rebecca’s voice trails off.

Because of this poison, no one can come close to her, let alone like or love her.

“But then, how do you gain life points to survive?” I ask, a little confused.

“About that… I told you that people who already like me and also don’t have ill intent for me in their minds can enter the barrier freely, right?

“Actually, there is a list of people inside my system who are allowed to enter inside the barrier and I gain points through their help. Well, Aria is one of them and I gain most of my points through her. I also work at a restaurant where some of my close childhood friends are my colleagues. And well, I am somehow living off like this,” She tells me.

Damn… It must be really tough and saddening for Rebecca. I cannot even imagine living if every other person I meet is disgusted by me and hate me…

Rebecca is really a strong woman.

Suddenly, a little pleasant smile forms on Rebecca’s face and she looks at me fondly.

“And now, you are added to the list of people who likes me and don’t have any I’ll intent towards me. That is, you are my special person now,” she says.

I feel my face getting hot.

“Hey! Wait for a second. You won’t be giving any points to my sister! Me and her friends are enough!” Aria says angrily.

“And anyway, now that I think about it, how did you even break through her barrier, huh? It is impossible for someone— Aaaah”


Aria stops speaking as a small cracking sound comes out of nowhere… making all of us jump.

“The anti-magic barrier is broken…” Rebecca announces, recovering first.

“Well, can you not deploy it again?” I ask curiously.

“No… not for some time,” she says.

Damn… I wanted to ask a few more things. I think there is…

Wait a second!

Rebecca just told me about her system, right? Maybe I can also tell someone about mine inside this anti-magic barrier!

I should ask if I can do that…

“Hey, Rebecca, do you know—”

“You still haven’t told us—”


Me and Aria start to speak at once but are cut off by this sudden doorbell.

Fuck! Does anyone know how to murder a doorbell?

“Who is here at this time? Were your friends going to come, Aria?” Rebecca asks.

“No… We didn’t make any plans like that. And I have strictly told them to call me before coming to my house. Anyway, I will look who it is…”Aria answers while getting up from the bed.

Quickly, she leaves the room and we hear the sound of her climbing down the stairs.

Hmm… Why am I having this strange sort of feeling?

“Jacob, I am feeling a bit weird. I think we should see who it is…” Rebecca says with a concerned face.

Rebecca as well!?


I give Rebecca a simple nod.

She gets up from the bed and we both leave the room together.

The design of Rebecca’s house is such that the front door is visible from the stairs if you look to your left and there is a window (from which I got in) directly in front of the stairs.

And true to this, me and Rebecca see the front door just after we climb down a few steps.

And… standing there with an utterly shocked face is Aria…

And along with her…

“YOU! What are you doing here!?” I say loudly in shock.


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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