The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 42

Night With Layla (Part-1)

I start running after Layla but before I even reach the stairs, I hear the door of her room being closed shut.


I swear loudly.

Layla is clearly really angry with me. She must have thought that we will spend some romantic time together but the whole day is already gone. In fact, only a few hours are left before midnight.

Reaching upstairs, I grab the knob of the door of Layla’s room.

Please don’t be locked!


To my relief, the door opens with a clicking sound and I quickly enter inside.

Layla is sitting on the opposite end of the bed with her back facing me. She is wearing a white knee-length skirt which is one of her casual home dresses. In her hands, there is a magazine she is staring at as hard as possible.


She did not react at all to the sound of me entering inside.

“L-Lyla?” I call her our reluctantly.

I half expect her to burst out angrily and start calling me names or something but to my shock, she turns back to give me a radiant smile…

“Oh, Jacob? You are here? Do you need anything?” she asks me in a strangely polite tone.


“Y-You are not angry?” I ask.

“Me? Angry? Hahaha… There is no reason for me to be angry, is there?” she asks while giving a laugh that does not belong to her.

Fuck, she is really angry…

“W-Well, I thought you are because we were going to spend—”

“I heard from Maya that the school got over early today…” Layla says cutting in-between.

“W-Well, yeah it did and I was going to come home directly after but—”

“Maya had such a great time with her friends today and it looks like you had too… If I knew you both were going to be late, I would have gone out with some of my own friends…” Layla continues to say as if I am not here.

Even her smile hasn’t fluctuated in the slightest since the beginning.

“Listen, Layla. I was just—”

“I feel silly to ask, but have you eaten anything? Surely you would have…” she suddenly asks.

Even I am taken a little off guard by this unrelated question.

“N-No, I haven’t because—”

“Oh, can you take the food by yourself then? I am too tired right now because I was busy all day preparing your favorite dishes. Though you will have to heat the food up… It’s all cold now…” Layla says.


I can tell that she was really excited about today.

This time, I don’t speak anything but just move to the bed and sit down next to her.

“Layla, I need to tell you something,” I say in a serious voice.

Layla doesn’t say anything but just keeps staring at me with an obviously fake smile.

“I am not lying. I was directly coming home from school but on my way, Zakira hit and abducted me,” I say.

“Kidnapped… What!? And who is Zakira?” Layla says, her expression finally breaking into a shocked one.

“You know, that Vampire princess…” I answer.

“Zakira Vondrack!? She abducted you!?” Layla asks, almost jumping from bed.

“Yeah, and then when I woke up, she had me naked and tied up to the bed a-and well, she was all naked as well and was… err… She was riding my…err… my p-penis,” I tell her.

“You both were naked!? And sorry, I couldn’t hear the last word properly. What was she riding?” Layla asks.

Fuck! I seriously don’t want to say this but well, I have to if I want Layla to believe me…

“M-My penis…” I say, a little louder this time.

“Riding… your…”

Layla looks momentarily confused before her eyes start widening as she starts realizing what I just said.

“She… She raped you!?” Layla asks with intense anger in her voice.

“Well, yeah, but her motive was different. She actually wanted to drink my blood so…” I answer.

“Drink your blood!? But vampires don’t drink blood anymore!” Layla says. Her voice growing angrier with each passing second.

I explain to her about me being a special case to Zakira.

“Special case… But then, how did you escape, Jacob? If a vampire had you captive…” Layla asks.

Fuck! I cannot tell Layla about the Beast awakening…

“W-Well, she… err… she realized her mistake in the middle of sucking the blood and…err…released me,” I answer.

“Released you? Just like that?” she asks, confused.

“W-Well, not exactly. I-I was all weak from the blood loss and stuff, s-so she gave me something to eat and told me to rest for a while…” I say, making things up.

“Wait, so she first raped you, then drank your blood, realized her mistake and finally gave you food and told you to rest?” Layla asks with her eyebrows raised.

Shit! This sounds too pathetic even to me.

“W-Well that is…”

“Hmm… I think there might be some hidden incentive of her behind all this…” Layla says wonderingly.

“What!?” I ask, surprised.

“I mean, she is the princess of the Vampire kingdom and we also know why all these people from the other races are coming to our country. Maybe she lied to you about your blood being special and just wanted to somehow find out about your system?” Layla asks.

The way Zakira looked when she attacked me, I can surely say that this isn’t the case. And why would she personally attack me? She is a princess. She could have easily sent someone else.

Well, everything will get clear to Layla if I just tell her about the Beast Awakening and the Blood Bond formed between me and Zakira because of it but…

“Y-Yeah, maybe…” I say.

“Urgh… It’s so frustrating! We cannot even complain to the police. She is a princess and we have no proof against— wait, she bit you, right Jacob!? You should have the mark!” Layla says, suddenly in an excited tone.

“Nah, I checked on my way here. There is not even a trace of her teeth on my shoulder,” I tell her.

Layla’s expressions again turn frustrated and she looks down, lost in thoughts.

“I don’t think we should worry about it this much, Layla. It is also possible that she was telling the truth, right?” I say.

“Yeah… I guess. Then you should be careful around her from now on. If what she said was true and your blood is special to her, then she might attack you again,” Layla says worriedly.

“Yeah, I will be careful,” I tell her.

This time, Layla slowly looks up to me shamefully.

“I am really sorry, Jacob. I got angry even before properly listening to you…” She apologizes.

“There is no need for any sorry. I know how excited you were for today. But well… the night isn’t over yet so…” I say with a slight smile forming on my face.

Seeing my meaningful face, Layla’s cheeks start blushing.

“B-But you h-haven’t eaten anything yet. A-Aren’t you hungry?” Layla asks stutteringly.

Well, she is right. I haven’t eaten anything since the morning.

But if I waste time eating food now then everything…

Wait! Fufufu… I got an idea.

I quickly stand up from the bed and move towards the door.

“Layla, just wait for a second. I will be back in a minute and then I will do what I promised in the morning,” I say.

Layla turns even brighter red.

“Y-You will?” She asks.

I give her an excited nod.

Suddenly, even Layla’s face turns somewhat determined and her lips also curl up into a smile.

“Okay then. I have a surprise for you when you return,” she says.

A surprise?

“Well, l will come back as fast as I can then.”

I quickly leave the room but before I reach the stairs, I remember something…

Fuck! I forgot about Maya.

She didn’t call me out earlier when I was downstairs, so that can only mean that she is in her room.

I should check on her first…

I quietly move further back into the corridor and slightly open the door of Maya’s room.

Though because it is really dark in her room and I cannot see anything much, but it looks like she is asleep.

Well, she must be really tired after her day out…

After closing the door of Maya’s room again, I turn back again and quickly reach downstairs before dashing into the kitchen.

Now, where do we keep them… yeah! The fridge!

I quickly open the refrigerator and see the things I am looking for directly in front of my eyes: A can of whipped cream and a bottle of chocolate syrup.

Fufufu… Licking these off Layla’s bod— Ahem, let’s go…

I run so quickly that I almost trip twice on my way up before entering the room again.

“Layla look here—”

I abruptly stop speaking from the scene in front of my eyes.

Layla is standing beside the bed with her face burning red and her eyes barely being able to look back at me.

Her white dress is lying on the floor and nothing is covering her bare skin except a really lacy and expensive-looking white underwear.

“Damn…” I leak out a voice.

She is looking too sexy…

But still, I cannot get a full view of her underwear because her left arm is wrapped around her huge tits (well, trying to wrap around them) and the other one is covering her crotch.

“Layla, this is—”

I start to say but, in that instant, Layla removes both of her hands.

“What the…”

I almost drop the can and bottle from my hands in shock. Even my eyes almost pop out of the socket and my jaw drops open.

A small circular part in the middle Layla’s bra is completely see-through making her cherry-colored nipples completely visible to me.

And on her underwear, there is a slit on the underside from within I can faintly see her…

“I-I-I bought this today… D-Do you like it?” Layla asks, looking like she will burst into flames anytime now from shame.


Before I can say anything, my heart starts beating really hard and for the second time today, an intense feeling of lust takes over my mind.

Fuck! I forgot about the side effect…

And I move towards Layla.


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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