The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 41

The Vampire Princess (Part-4)

[Hey! Wake up!]

Mmmm? No…

[Come on! Wake up, fast!]

I want to sleep more. This pillow is so soft…


[Your dick is on fire!]


My eyes flutter open in surprise.

What is this?

I am lying down on a bed right now. My vision is blocked by two huge black colored bulges right in front of my eyes. And also, what I thought of as a pillow before seems to have a smoother feeling to it.

“Hmph… So, you wake up…”

I hear a familiar voice say. And instantly, I remember where I am and how I got here.


Swearing loudly, I quickly get up and turn around to look back.

Sitting there in a kneeling position is Zakira, the vampire princess. She is looking completely different from what I remember before fainting.

She is not naked anymore and is wearing a black tank top with shorts. Her long dark grey hairs are also beautifully straightened out (Though it was me who messed them up). From the floral scent in the air, I can tell that she had taken a bath as well.

Though she is looking extremely beautiful right now in this casual and clean look, I cannot properly concentrate enough to appreciate it…

Zakira’s arms are folded and she is looking at me with a little angry and mostly frustrated look.

“Hey! D-Don’t come close!” I say while instantly putting my arms forward, forming a defensive position.

Zakira doesn’t move even an inch but just continues to glare at me.

“I am not going to attack you,” she says.

“Y-You won’t?” I ask, surprised.

Her expressions turn dark and extremely frustrated all of a sudden.

“I admit, I want to drink your blood… so much… But I just cannot…” Zakira says while gritting her teeth.

What is she saying?

“You can’t? Why?” I ask suspiciously. Still not relaxing from my defensive position.

“First tell me this, how did you become so stronger earlier?” She asks angrily, disregarding my question.

You expect me to answer while you don’t?


“I am not sure how that happened myself but I guess it has something to do with my system…” I say.

Well, I cannot explain to her about the beast awakening and even I am not sure what happened before…

Wait, hey system, do you know how I became that strong?

[Hmm? Oh, yes. I will tell you later though. Lemme focus on the tits of this vamp chick for now…]


“You are not sure? It is your system, right?” Zakira says in a disappointed tone before suddenly getting on her all fours and moving towards me.

[Damn! Those tits look even bigger in this position…]

“And at what level are you anyway? I never thought that a human could reach such a high level to even restrain a vampire…” She asks.

Seeing her come at me with such angry expressions, I stumbled back on the bed.

[Ask her why she was giving you a lap pillow.]

“Why we’re you giving me a lap pillow before?” I ask quickly without thinking.

What the fuck are you making me ask?

To my surprise, Zakira stops moving and her pure white cheeks turn red.

Wait, red? But vampires don’t have blood— oh yeah, she drank mine earlier…

Zakira turns her head sideways before speaking in a small voice.

“I-I just thought that you will like if I do that.”

What!? Now she is acting shy?

[Who cares? Just look at how those tits jiggled just now. Damn! Imagine how your dick would feel buried in-between those juggs.]

I know it would feel amaz— Just let me concentrate!

“And why do you care if I like that or not?” I ask.

Zakira turns back her head and gives me an accusing look.

“I have to care… because of the blood bond!” she says angrily.

“Blood what?” I ask, confused.

“Blood Bond… The-Blood-Bond,” Zakira says as if telling a child while rolling her eyes.

“Oh! The Blood Bond…” I say sarcastically.

“And will you tell me what is that, idiot?”

“Hey! I am the princess of the whole vampire kingdom!” she saying, bursting out angrily.

“You cannot just call me an idio—”

Zakira stops speaking as if remembering something.

“Hmph… Anyway, I will tell you about the Blood Bond. It is a really special and rare bond between a person and a vampire, formed when a vampire sucks that individual’s blood,” Zakira says.

Her expressions turn serious all of a sudden.

“The reason why the formation of this bond is really rare is because there are some really specific conditions which are needed to fulfill this and the conditions are basically near impossible…” She tells me.

“What conditions?” I ask curiously.

“This is one of the highly guarded secrets of the vampire race! I cannot just— Ahem… I-I mean, I will tell if you promise not to reveal it to anyone else… Please,” Zakira says.

Wait, if this is a highly guarded vampire secret, then why are you even thinking about telling me?

And did you just say “please”?

Zakira is looking at me desperately for some reason. As if she really wants me to say yes.

“Well, fine, I won’t tell anyone…” I tell her with a shrug.

“Really! Thank yo— Ahem… I mean, good. Then I can tell you about it,” she says.

She takes a long breathe in before starting to speak.

“You see, we vampires hunt for people with a specific goal in our mind. Either we use them as our food, or we convert them into half-breeds.

“It is a fact that once a vampire starts drinking blood, he or she cannot stop by themselves until the person they are drinking from die. The only thing that can stop us is our own venom which can be voluntarily secreted from our fang. And it is this venom which also converts an individual into a vampire.

“Now, apart from these two, there is one other extremely rare possibility as well. If in the case of using a person as food, the vampire is somehow made to forcibly stop sucking the blood before the individual die, a permanent magical bond is created between them, which is known as the Blood Bond.

“And as you know, drinking blood is forbidden because of the treaty now and also, there are a really few things which can stop vampires when they drink blood, so, the formation of this bond is nearly impossible now. But well, this is exactly what happened to us…” Zakira finishes.

Damn… this bond sounds like a bad deal…

“But still, how will this bond affect us? Is it the reason why you are not attacking me anymore?” I ask.

Zakira suddenly starts looking really uneasy.

“W-Well, because of this bond, t-there is a permanent relationship formed between us,” she says.

“Relationship? What relationship?” I ask, confused.

[You both are now friends with benefit! Let the plowing of her pussy begin!]

Shut up…

“T-The relationship between an R-Regnant and a T-Thrall…” she says in a low voice.

Wait, what the fuck!?

“Regnant and Thrall!? You mean, Master and slave!?” I ask, shocked.

“W-Well, you can also say that…” Zakira says, growing more uneasy.

[Wow! What the fuck!? You are getting a vampire princess as a sex slave!? Is this for real!? You lucky bastard…]

She did not say “sex slave”, idiot!

“Seriously!? Am I your master no—”

“N-No! Obviously not! A-A vampire is always the s-stronger and the dominant one in the Blood Bond! T-Thus I am your master!” Zakira says while heavily stuttering.

She is not even looking into my eyes while speaking.

[Wait, you are the slave!? Now, this is fucked up…]

No, wait.

“Hey, why are you so nervous when telling me all of this, huh? And this does not add up to how you were behaving earlier. I think you are lyi—”

“OH, WAIT! My phone is ringing!” Zakira quickly says before picking up an expensive-looking phone lying on the table next to the bed.

“Like, seriously? There is no sound coming from it…”

“I-I-It’s on vibration! I-I am a vampire so only I can hear it!” She tells me while stuttering again.

“Oh, Remus! What happened? You are coming up to check the security of my room? Fine, in a few minutes then,” Zakira speaks.

This is her room? And wait, shouldn’t they have checked for the security beforehand? And also, she spoke a bit too fast for anyone to respond on the other side…


Suddenly, Zakira’s phone starts ringing loudly.




“You said that your phone is on vibration?” I ask with a glare.

“M-M-My phone uses d-different software. Anyway, y-you need to get out of my room now!” she says while quickly getting down from the bed and grabbing my arm before pulling me down as well.

“Hey, wait! What are you doing!? I still need you to answer—”

“M-My bodyguard is coming. You need to get out right now!” she says while pushing me towards the door of the room.


“Just remember this,” She says while opening the door and pushing me out in the corridor.

“I-I am the m-master here so, you will have to willingly give me your blood from now on. I-I will give you rewards as well. Okay, bye!”

Zakira says before slamming the door on my face.


“I am having a hard time believing what that Zakira just said…” I say.

[Me too. I also think she didn’t tell us everything about this Blood Bond.]


Right now, I am walking towards my house while discussing what happened earlier with my system.

Even though I fainted after the beast awakening, the day hasn’t ended yet, for which, I am thankful.

[Well, we will think about this later. I am going now. I have something to do. I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight, buddy!]

Yeah, goodnight.

After walking for a few more minutes, my house comes into view and I strange thought suddenly comes into my mind.

Hmm… I think I am forgetting something really important. But what is it?

I enter through the front gate and walk towards the door of our house.

Ahh~ It might not be that important. I will think about it later.

I turn the knob and open the door.

I just need a nice long bath righ— Oh shit!

Standing directly in front of me Layla…

Her arms are folded and she is tapping her left foot on the ground. Her face is looking really strange as well.

“Welcome back,” She says in a low voice before turning around with a jerk and running upstairs.



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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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