The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 33

Rebecca Anna and Nina

Author’s note: The incidents happening in this chapter are from the night when Jacob and Layla confessed to each other. Also, this one is written in third person POV and in the present tense.


——3rd person POV——

NINA (Harpy)

The night is cloudless and the moon is also high in the sky.

Under the glow of the moon, a Harpy is sitting on the upper branch of a really tall tree amidst a thick forest.

The harpy is doing nothing much but just simply lost in her own thoughts while staring up in the sky and lightly swinging her clawed feet back and forth. One of her winged hands rests on the branch itself to support her weight, while the other one lays on her bare stomach, caressing it lightly.

Like almost every other half monster, she is wearing short and simple clothes made out of things provided by the forest like leaves, vines, and animal skin.


Suddenly, with loud flapping noises of wings, a figure of another Harpy emerges from the sea of trees below and lands on the same branch.

Unlike the Harpy already sitting on the branch, this one is not much beautiful. Her height is average and her figure is petite with almost non-existent curves. Her waist-length hairs, eyes, and feather are black in color and she is wearing similar clothes as the other harpy.

“Nina, let’s go hunt for a male! Now that you have mated once, let’s do your second time for fun!” She says cheerfully to the Harpy sitting on the branch.

But Nina doesn’t reply and just keep staring at the sky gloomily.

“Nina? Are you okay?” the other harpy asks while shaking Nina’s shoulders.


Nina shouts in surprise, clearly noticing the other harpy for the first time.

“S-Sona? What are you doing here right now?” Nina asks, clearly a bit shaken.

“You tell me! I am just here to ask if you want to try to hunt for a man with me! Everyone else is asleep right now and we are also not in heat. I think we can have some fun with a few travelers camping around!” Sona says excitedly.

“No, I am not feeling well right now. You can go by yourself,” Nin tells her.

“But you are the beautiful one! I am sure—”

“I am not going to come, Sona,” Nina says firmly.

Sona’s expressions turn irritated.

“Fine!” she says angrily before taking off.


Nina shakes her head a little before starting to look at the moon this time.

There is only one thought that keeps repeating in her mind for the last two days.

That man…

Though her memory is a little vague, she still remembers what happened that day in the brothel when her body was in the heated state.

She can still recall the wildness of that person, his warmth, his strong hands around her body, his hot and hard thing which penetrated her…

Nina gives another sigh and starts caressing her stomach again.

I hope we meet again… the father of my daughter…


“Damn him!” Anna curses angrily.

Right now, she is lying on the bed inside a room illuminated by only a small lamp. The expressions of clear anger and frustration are etched on her face.

He got away… After doing what he pleased with my body.

Anna thinks while balling her left hand into a fist.

And this as well…

Suddenly, in front of Anna’s eyes, red light burst out and her system’s information starts showing.

2 freaking years…

Yes, the amount of life points Anna has right now exceeds 700. It was actually quite shocking when she first looked at this.

Anna Hall thinks of herself as a strong and independent woman who will never bow down to a man. For this purpose, she even joined the police services and worked hard to get raise her name there.

If we talk about Anna’s personal life, she had been in only one relationship in her life. But it ended 5 months ago.

She never showed her ex-boyfriend any sort of affection or love. The only reason she even got together with him was because of earning life points which she told him beforehand.

She was so relieved when that pathetic idiot cheated on her with some prostitute and she got to finally dump him.

Well, it was not exactly his fault, to be honest. Anna never had sex with him after the first time they did it.

The number of life points she acquired from her ex-boyfriend were enough, but she was getting a little worried as they were running out… before she met that man.

But to think that being dominated will give me these many points…


Anna gives a loud moan of pleasure.

While her left hand is balled into a fist, her right one is inside her panty… rubbing her clit.

“You fucking molester! You used my body as a cum-dumpster! Ahaaaan…”

She stimulates herself even harder as she remembers the face of the man who played with her thoroughly on the train.

He was so rough me…

Even though in reality, the sex wasn’t great at all as the intercourse part only consists of a single thrust, but for Anna, it was like he intentionally just put his dick inside her to fill her up and leave her there like she is some meat-toilet.


I will… I will surely find you again…and have you fuck me this— I-I mean, I will have you arrested this time…

Anna thinks in determination.

After that, she masturbates herself to sleep while imagining that strange man tying her body up and fucking her senseless while claiming her as his bitch…



The sound of Rebecca’s heels resounds on the lonely street.

She got really late from work today because of some extra things she had to do and before she knew it, night had fallen.

She is walking hurriedly right now because she knows that her younger sister is waiting for her to get home so that they can eat dinner together.


Suddenly, the crooked laughing voice of a man comes from ahead of the street.

“She was screaming so loudly, that bitch!”

Rebecca stops on her track as she notices a group really creepy looking men standing around the corner of the street and vulgarly talking to each other in a loud voice.

“I just stuffed my sock in that bitch’s mouth and fucked her till she fainted.”

“Then what did you do to her after that?”

“Well, I was not going to stay there for the police to catch me, so I just threw her naked body there on the alley and ran away… Hahaha”

“Damn! You are lucky to find that chick alone at night! I haven’t fucked one in such a long time. My cock is yelling at me to put it between a woman’s ass.”

All the men laugh loudly.

All the instincts inside Rebecca tell her to turn back and run away from here… but she doesn’t.

It would get even more late if she takes a different route now and her sister would be starving by then.

“Hey, check this one out,” one of the guys says while tapping the shoulder of another one as he notices Rebecca passing them.

“Damn! This one is way sexier than any other woman I have been with…” the other man says creepily while licking his dirty lips.

All of them look at each other once and with a nod, start to power-walk towards Rebecca.

She also notices this but doesn’t give any particular reaction and just keep moving forward.

“What a nice fucking ass she—Aaargh”

Suddenly, the man in the front position grabs his throat and falls to the ground on his knees.

Similarly, one by one, the other men coming close to Rebecca also starts falling on the ground. In fact, one of them faints and the other one even pukes out.

A really strange repulsive feeling took over their minds against this woman.

“W-What is happening!?”

“That fucking disgusting woman !”

“I need to run away from this filth.”

“This…This cunt!”

The angry and vulgar comments of these men reach Rebecca’s ears as she continues on her path.

But this much nothing for her.

It doesn’t affect her in the slightest as things like these happen often to her. It can even be called a daily occurrence in her life.

But for some reason, her eyes are red and her cheeks are glistening with tears right now.

These tears are not because of what those men said or how they looked at her as if she is the most repulsive thing, they have ever seen, but because they reminded her of another man… the one who, unlike all others, is not disgusted by her.

Jacob… you have not forgotten about me, have you?

She thinks sadly.


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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