The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 24

New System

I read the level 2 system description again, hoping that what I am seeing right now turns out to be an illusion somehow…

No… This thing can’t be true, right?

But the description doesn’t change in the slightest…


Hearing my loud voice, the naked women around me wake up with a start…except Nina.

“W-What happened?” Piper asks fearfully.

This…fuck!… I am so angry right now… I just want to…

I don’t know why but I am having a sudden urge to be alone for a moment…to just get out of here.

Damn it!


I push my body from the bed such that Alexa and Nina fall down from my body.

I just…need to go somewhere away from people.

I look around the room frantically trying to search for my clothes before remembering that I had taken them off outside.

“Araaagh,” I voice out my frustration before power-walking out of the room.

Though in other cases it might be impossible for me to move out of a room filled with hot naked women, my anger is exceeding all limits now to even care for such an important thing.

However weird it may sound but unlike the day of the System Ceremony, there is not even an ounce of fear inside me because of this new poison right now, only anger.

Outside the room, I move towards a small wardrobe that is standing directly in front of the room.

Remembering what the receptionist told me earlier, I place my hand in front of it and in the next moment, a faint green light shines before the wardrobe opens by itself to reveal my clothes inside.

Damn! I don’t even feel like appreciating how high-class this is…

Dressing up quickly into my jeans and shirt, I start walking towards the reception area.

“I hope you enjoyed your stay, sir!”

The busty receptionist greets me.

It could be understood how distracted I am right now by the fact that I just ignored a sexy mature babe just now and walked past her.

The moment I got out of the brothel, loud voices of people jeering and laughing enters my ears.

The sky is dark right now and this red-light district is bustling with people. Drunk men are roaming the streets and the prostitutes are trying their best to lure them inside their shops by flaunting their bodies to them.

It seems like I was inside for hours…

“Hey, wanna fuck my tight little cunt, baby? Only 50 Yeux….”

A fat and ugly looking prostitute asks me while nastily tapping her crotch.

I ignore her.

“I am 25 Yeux short from 100 guys! Let’s pool money and I will let you take on her ass while I fuck the pussy!” A bald guy yells towards the crowd while pointing at another prostitute outside a cheap brothel.

I ignored all of them and run out of the red-light district. After continuously running for a few minutes, I see a dimly illuminated park along the street which is completely empty.

A perfect place to be alone…

Without thinking for another second, I enter it.

“FUUUUCCCKKK,” I yell on top of my lungs.

Taking my SIS out from my pocket, I keep it in front of my eyes. The next moment, a black miasma kind of thing bursts out and my system’s level 2 description appears on thin air.


Never in my entire life, have I heard of a system having three fucking poisons in it.

And what is this “mission penalty”? And 1000 points? What the actual fuck?

I don’t even understand the concept of the mission. Isn’t that the same thing as a task?

The thing which is making me even angrier is the fact that level 2 would have been actually perfect without this third poison.

I mean, Mind Read?

This skill might probably prove as a lifesaver to me. The things I could do with it…

And the other passive skills are good as well even though their price is increased.

And the last but probably the most important thing, I can freaking learn magic now!

Like, really? Magic?

I only used to dream about what will happen if I could use magic someday and now I could learn it if I want…

But all these things are ruined by the freaking poison…

I look at the SIS clucked in my hand.

“This… This fucking broken thing…”

I put all my strength in my arm and throw the SIS as far as I possibly can.

The instant it disappears from my eyesight, I feel a small bulge appear in my pocket.

Fuck! I cannot even throw this damn thing away…

To let out my anger, I kick a can lying on the ground with all my power such that it gets bent from the middle before flying away from me…

{Ara… This much anger, master?}

Oh, so you are speaking again, you fucking asshole system!

No, seriously, what is this fuck dickery, huh?

{I apologize for the inconvenience, master. I admit this is my doing.}

Your doing? Obviously, it’s your doing! You are the system! You are trying to fuck with me, right?

{No, I am doing all of this for you, master. To make you live longer… and to make you more powerful.}

To make me live longer?

Wait, wait, wait… First of all, why are you talking to me like this? Speak normally!

{I am speaking normally, master. I just want to show you the respect you deserve.}

Woah, are you sick or something? Can systems even get sick?

Anyway, no, this is not normal at all. You haven’t insulted my penis even once in all this talking and you didn’t even say that I should bang more hot chicks…

{Why would I say those rude things to my master? I think you are talking about the other one. We are different.}

The other one?

{Yes, the one before me.}

Wait, this is all going over me. There are two of you? Seriously? Two systems with different personalities?

{That is… Well, I cannot say anything about what you asked, master. I am sorry. But please, listen. I won’t be able to stay for more than an hour before the other one returns. I still don’t have enough power to… well, anyway, before that happens, I need to tell you something.}


{As I told you before, it is all added by me. This mission section and the poison as well.}

And why the fuck have you done that?

{Master, this is nothing but my plan to make you get more points. That’s why I added the mission section. Those missions are actually going to be a set of commands which you will have to follow. And after completing these sets of commands, your mission will be completed. The reward from them which you will get in the form of life points will be much more than any of your specific or permanent tasks gives you… Except a few.}

Having sex with a virgin, huh?

{Right, master.}

So, if you want to help me, why did you add the poison?

{I did not add the poison myself, master! Actually, to make such a big change in the system, some reciprocations or I should say, the defense mechanism will be activated as well. And in this case, it’s in the form of a new poison. Believe me, It has more benefits than flaws.}

That is… Well… If it will be that useful in getting more points then I guess it’s fine…

{Good thinking, master! You are really amazing. Really intelligent!}

Seriously? Well, I do try to think over things…

{It shows… It shows, master.}

By the way, I can understand the “Making my life longer” thing you mentioned, but why do you want to make me stronger as well? What would you get from me becoming stronger? I will get stronger from the level ups but it sounds really strange coming from a system…

{Oh, I think the other one is coming back. I need to get out from here. But remember, don’t mention me to the other one, okay? It won’t do us any good at all. And by the way, I will see you really soon…}

{…when you will get the first mission.}


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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