The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 01 Chp 23

First Level Up!


I leak out a painful voice.

Damn! My head hurts so bad…

Not only my head, but my whole body is also already feeling really heavy and it’s taking all my efforts to even try to open my eyes.

After taking some deep breaths, my head finally starts to become a little clear by each passing second and I somehow manage to open my eyes.

The first thing which enters my eyes are the purple walls of the of this room I am in and after that, I slowly took in everything.

Oh, I remember, I am in a brothel right now…

By the way, how much time has passed?

The candles which were burning before are all fully melted now. I can only see inside this room because of the low lighting on the ceiling which I didn’t notice before.

After taking in these things for a moment, my gaze finally fell upon the bed I am on right now…

What the… Damn…

I am completely naked with not a trace of clothing on me. And as it turns out, the heaviness I am feeling is because of an entirely different reason than I thought.

More importantly, butt naked women are sleeping around me while exposing everything…

On my right, Piper is lying with her huge milky tits steadily moving up and down from her continuous long breaths.

Similarly, on my left, Lydia is sleeping with her beautiful back towards me such that her round and meaty ass is just inches away from my hand.

I look directly down now and the reason why I am feeling this heaviness on my body turns out to be Alexa. She is lying on my stomach such that her cute little round butt is high in the air as if she is trying to ask for more spanking.

Though I cannot see Nina’s face because she is lying directly below Alexa, her wings are visible to confirm her existence here.


Suddenly, a small grunt leaks out from my mouth as I feel something soft, wet, and warm wrap around cock which is in its limp state now.

Who is giving me— no, only Nina’s face is not visible to me…

But why is a harpy giving me a blowjob?


I give out a small pained voice as her teeth brush against my head and after which she instantly she starts to leisurely lick my cock again.

Wait… Don’t tell me she is doing this in her sleep…


I leak a grunt again as I feel her mouth enclose around my cock and start sucking on it this time.

Damn! I might as well enjoy this.

I move both my hands to my left and right and start lightly caressing Piper’s huge tits while also playing with her nipples and also start to rub Lydia’s meaty ass.


After making Piper and Lydia leaks out pleasurable moans in their sleep from my groping, I remove my hands from both of them and start playing with Alexa’s small body next.

First, I rub her soft and plump little butt with both my hands until fully satisfied before moving towards her breasts. There, I thoroughly massage her small bulges while rolling her cute pink nipples.

“Umm… Ahaa…”

Alexa also gives out soft moans from my touches.

Fufufu, let’s try to rub their pussies and assholes next. And if they don’t wake up even from that, maybe I can even try to put my cock inside them one by one!

[Enjoying yourself?]

W-What? No, I was just— wait, why would I need to give you an excuse? Yes, I was having fun with the bodies of prostitutes I bought with my own money!

[You just bought the Harpy, to be honest…]

T-That is…

[Man, why are you getting worried? Did I even tell you to stop? I was just asking if you are enjoying yourself, and if not, maybe I can give some suggestions… I think we should tie all of them up completely before they wake up, so, that they cannot resist when you mindlessly fuck them next!]

[No, wait, let’s just bring that hot receptionist and tie her up as well. This way we can fuck five meat-holes together!]

Sounds grea— I mean, I won’t.

[You are such a pussy…]

Hey! It’s not like I don’t want to, it’s just that my dick is not getting erect even when it’s getting a freaking blowjob!

I say while giving a glance at Nina’s slightly moving wings. This whole time, Nina has been continuously licking and sucking my cock and while my blood is certainly flowing faster to try to fill my cock up, but there is still not enough hardness there to actually have penetrative sex.

[So, it’s your pathetic little willy again, huh? I say that you cut it off and attach a new, better one!]

What the fuck are you even saying!?

[Ahh~ I guess you we will have to wait till you level up more…]

Yeah, level up…

Suddenly, I remember something.

Wait! Show me how many points did I got!

[Oh, yeah! I forgot about that too! Just wait for a second…]

Pink words erupt in front of my eyes.



Is this thing seriously broken or what?

[Why? What is wrong?]

Seriously? You don’t see it?

I roughly calculated how many points I should have, considering the things I did yesterday and also taking in the fact that I must be asleep for at least a few hours and it is clear that I have way more points than I should!

To tell you the truth, I am not complaining at all but I have freaking 10,000 points more here!

[Oh, it’s not broken, buddy. Didn’t I tell you before that I will give you 10,000 points if you knock a virgin chick up at first try?]

What? Wait… Don’t tell me that I…

[Yes, baby! I never expected someone like you to do it in Level 1. But, well, you proved me wrong! This Harpy chick is knocked up! Woohoo!]

But still… This is…

[Hey, buddy, you should be happy! You impregnated her in the first try!]

I know but…

In reality, there is really nothing for me to worry about as she is a monster girl but I am still having some sort of strange feeling by this…

Ahh~ fuck it!

To be honest, I think the whole point of this was for me to get points (and bang women) and for Nina to mate… And we both got even better things out of it.

Me, an extra 10,000 points and her, a child, which every monster girl basically mates for.

[Right? It’s a win-win situation! Now, let’s level up!]

Yeah, you are— wait, what?

[I said, let’s level up, baby!]

What the fuck are you even talking about?

[Well, I think it is a good time for you to level up, to be honest. You can easily do it now with these many points and you will even have enough left to spare.]

[Anyway, I should tell you, things will start to get really tough for you now to survive if you don’t level up which will give you better tasks to earn points because you won’t be fucking virgins every time. You might even die before the level-up timer even turns zero…]

Wait, I will die when the timer turns zero?

[Well, duh. What do you thought would happen?]

Well… That is…

[So, is it final that you want to level up?]

Final? When did I ever tell you “yes” once?

And what about my poisons, huh? Won’t they get worse with leveling up?

[Seriously though, how will a death poison get any worse?]

Well…that is… there may be some way?

[Come on! You are just making excuses now! You won’t regret it! I promise!]

Really?… Well, I don’t think much of a promise made by a system, but if it will help me to survive better then… I guess I should level up…

[That’s more like it! Then again with the official way!]

[Do you want to level up?]


[Then please take out your SIS from your pocket and hold it in your hand.]

I follow what my system said and take out my dark blue colored SIS with pink lightning-like streaks all over it.

[Leveling up initiat—]

Suddenly, the pink words disappear and nothing else happens.

Wait, what happened? Did I level up?

[What the— NOOOOOOO]

I didn’t?

[You should not be here!]

But you wanted me to come to the brothel… Don’t bail on me now!

[Go back! No! We already dec—Aaaaagh!]

Go back? Where?

Suddenly, my SIS starts tremoring horribly in my hand. I try to tighten my grip around it to stop it from falling down.


I jerk my hands back from the sudden burning sensation I felt from the stone and it falls on the bed because of it.

This time, I shift a little sideways and just look at the stone closely without touching it.

“Wait, what is this?” I speak out in a surprise.

My SIS is still shaking but the thing which is concerning me way more is that from the left end of the stone, the pink streaks on the dark blue stone start changing their color to pure black as if something is corrupting it.

This continues till all the pink lightning streaks change their color completely when suddenly, a dark miasma sort of thing burst out from it and starts making characters in front of my eyes.




Current System level: [2]

Max level: [Not defined]

Life Points for Next Level up: [12,000]

Life Points: [9,906]

Life points consumption rate: [1 point/minute]

Magic Level: [1]

Mission: [None]



Rebecca Woods, 22 (Perm.) [Level 2]

Alexa, 23 (Temp.)

Piper, 25 (Temp.)

Lydia, 25 (Temp.)

Nina, 30 (Temp.)

Note: Temporary names will be removed from the list 24 hours after the sexual activity.



[Beast’s Scent] (Max Usage: 2 times/day)

Note: Passive skills are not shown on the list.


Magic Learned: [None]


Buyable skills and powers [Level 2]:

1. [Beast’s Mind Read] (Price: 5000 points)

Skill Description: Allows the Beast to read the mind of any person. In the case of a male, 2 minutes. In the case of a female, 10 minutes.

Note: For females, the time will increase or decrease according to their feeling for the Beast.

2. [Stamina +1] (Price: 1000 points)

Skill Description: Increase overall stamina. [Permanent]

3. [Penis Girth +1] (Price: 1500 points)

Skill Description: Increase penis length. [Permanent]

4. [Semen Volume +1] (Price: 1000 points)

Skill Description: Increase semen volume. [Permanent]

Note: Skills will vanish if not acquired before leveling up.


Points earning methods:

[Level 1] Specific Methods: –

Spank a woman [10 points]

Get a hand-job from a woman in a public place [50 points]

Note: 1) Point will not be added if done during sexual acts.

2) Points for task 2 will be given after the beast have an orgasm.

Permanent methods: –

1. Kiss [50 points]

2. Cunnilingus [100 points]

3. Fellatio/ mouth fucking [100 points]

4. Vaginal sex [150 points]

5. Anal sex [160 points]

6. Impregnating [ 200 points]


1. Points will be multiplied by 10 if the above are a girl’s first time.

2. 50% more points if permanent tasks are done with consent.

Warning: All the permanent methods can give you points only once every day per girl.


[Poison]: –

1. [Beast Awakening]: Lose control of your body with extreme sexual heat. Once activated, will go on for 30 minutes. Will raise in intensity and frequency as the level increases. Other specifications not defined.

2. [Instant death]: Activates if any of the beasts mating women (except for temporary rank) gets removed from the partner section or indulge in sexual activities with other than the beast.

3. [Mission Penalty]: Refusing any mission will cost a penalty of 1,000 points.

Time left to level up: 29 days: 23 hours: 59 minutes: 40 seconds.


{Finally… I am here…}


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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