The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 01 Chp 22

Prostitutes and the First Monster Girl (Part-5)


Nina leaks a muffled moan while pressing her lips tightly against mine.

Her tongue is intertwined with mine as if it would never separate. She also slurps down my saliva as we indulge in a really passionate kiss.

Nina’s winged hands are wrapped around my back and her legs around my waist, so tightly, that it seems like she is trying to crush me with a hug. I am just grateful that the claws on her legs are not digging inside my skin.


Suddenly, with another moan, she lowers her body such that a really soft and dripping wet thing pressed against my rock-hard cock.

“Put it…put it inside…”

Nina begs me after momentarily separating her mouth from mine.

My hands move on their own and grab the soft and round ass of Nina such that my fingers dig inside.

I move her body slightly up to position my cock against her wet virgin cunt and without waiting… I slammed my cock inside.


Nina screams loudly in pain as my cock tearing through her hymen.


The soft, moist, and warm walls of Nina’s pussy coils around my throbbing hard cock as it makes it way further inside. This squishy feeling around my already sensitive cock is something I have only experienced twice before and nothing else comes near it feeling…

I have only one regret right now, even though the length of my penis is increased by the skill, sadly, it’s still not enough to reach the deepest part inside a pussy.

But still, a monster girl’s pussy is so freaking good!

Nina is so horny that she herself is trying to swing her hips on my cock by but the pain from her virginity loss is preventing her to do it.

You should wait in this position, Nina. You just lost your—

Suddenly, my hands tighten their grip on Nina’s soft plump butt and forcibly start pushing out my cock from her tight pussy.

The moment when only the head of my penis remains inside… I plunge back the whole thing inside again.

“AHAAAN,” Nina give another painful scream.

With rapid motion, I start roughly thrusting my cock inside her little pussy which recently lost its virginity.

Slowly, after each passing thrust, painful screams start to turn into the moans of pleasure…

Damn! It feels so good…

Nina’s pussy is now again overflowing with love juices, making this fucking session even smoother.

I look at Nina’s face and see mixed expressions there. I can see that she is still in a bit of pain due to this rough intercourse but I can also tell that she is feeling extreme pleasure from her pussy being finally filled up.

Tears are running down from her smooth cheeks which are way brighter red in color than before. Her eyes are also rolled up to stare at the ceiling and her tongue is hanging slightly out of her mouth.

“Ahaan…Ahaaan… Cum innfide…Imfregnashe me…” Nina says in gibberish.

Well, I am also enjoying this sex as much as this harpy.

“He is doing it with her…”

I hear Alexa say from behind.

“Well, we cannot stop anything now. He paid for what he is doing with the harpy,” Lydia says simply.

“I won’t let it happen! He is fucking that monster when we are right in front of him?” Piper says angrily.

“We cannot stop him forcibly… but we can…” she continues.

Even though I am hearing them, my mind is only concentrated on fucking Nina properly. The pleasure, which has been building inside me since the beginning of the intercourse is reaching its peak now…

Fuck! I am going to cum!

“Hey! Look here!”

Suddenly, Piper calls me out to me in a loud voice.

My head turns on its own towards the bed and sees Alexa, Lydia, and Piper bend against the circular bed, such that their torso is resting flat on the bed and their legs are on the ground.

Their hands are on their ass-cheeks, spreading them to show me their pussies and assholes.

“If you come now, you can have three meat-holes instead of one, okay? Abandon that harpy and fuck us!” piper says.

Oh, so they are trying to lure me to them!

These poor women, they don’t even know that Beast’s Awakening has taken over my body…

The speed and power of my thrusts inside Nina’s pussy don’t slows down in the slightest, they even increase further.

“He ignored me again…” Piper mutters.

Fuck! I cannot…

“Argh,” I leak a small grunt as I find holding back my cum any longer impossible.

The next second, semen starts gushing out of my cock like a geyser as an extreme pleasure takes over my whole body.

Instantly, Nina’s pussy also starts to squeeze my cock way harder than before as if trying to milk out all my cum.

“Aaahn… Rhight… Cum infhide… all of it…” Nina mutters while moaning in pleasure.

Finally, the last few drops of my cum squirt out inside Nina, filling her pussy to the brim with seeds.

Her expressions change entirely. It looks like she is in extreme satisfaction right now to finally have male sperms swimming inside.

“H-He came inside…” I hear the shaking voice of Alexa.

“Damn you!” Piper says angrily.

It is not over yet…

Like the last time with Rebecca, after cumming, my dick doesn’t lose its hardness in the slightest. Even though the cum has stopped shooting out, my cock is still fucking Nina’s pussy.

In fact, my lust has increased even further than before and my vision turns red even further…

I want to plow this pussy till I cum again, but my gaze has already fallen upon the bodies of the prostitutes… and I am already hungry for their bodies as well…

I walk towards the bed with my raging dick still fucking an already satisfied Nina and rests her body beside Alexa’s.

“You can still go on?” Alexa says in a surprise as she sees my rock-hard cock coming out of Nina’s pussy.

I look at Alexa’s small body. Her hands are still on her cute little butt and stretching it to show her pink pussy and small little asshole.


Alexa raises a scream as my hand wraps around her waist and lifts up her whole body in the air only to rests it on top of Nina’s body, such that her face is between Nina’s tits and both of their slits joins right next to each other.

“What are you trying to—Aaahn”

Instantly, I plunge my cock inside Alexa’s small pussy and start pistoning it with hard and rough motion.


Her vagina is really tight and feels soft and wet from the inside. It seems like she had applied some sort of lubricant inside as well.

“Ahaan…. What are you… Ahaan… Ahaan”

The immoral feeling of my cock going in and out of this small body of Alexa, which is surprisingly 23-year-old, is making my hunger for her even more.

Her small and pure white ass jiggles slightly in front of my eyes as I continue to slam my cock inside her pussy.







I start spanking her cute white butt so hard that it turns bright red in just a few hits.

To my surprise, her love juices start to leak out and squishy sounds of water being churned come out from her vagina.

“Ahaan… sooo good…spank me… more,” Alexa moans.

What? You like to be spanked? Seriously? Well, I like to spank a woman’s ass as well, to be honest…

But my body is not listening to me at all and my dick comes out from her vagina… and moves towards her asshole.

My dick starts to move around her asshole in round motions to cover it with her own love juices.

“Wait! I have not let any customer use my—urgh,”

Before Alexa can complete her sentence, I push my cock straight against her asshole.

Fuck! It’s too tight!

Even though my cock is not big, it is not going inside as asshole which is a bit too small.

“D-Don’t penetrate me! It won’t go— AHAAAAN!”

I grab her waist with both hands, and forcible impale my whole dick inside in a single thrust.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Don’t move! My ass will get torn apart!” Alexa yells in pain.

Without listening to her wailing or waiting for another second, I start banging her asshole as roughly as I did it with her pussy.

“Ahaan… my ass… Ahaan… it will…Ahaan… break.”

Damn! Her back-hole is so tight that it feels like it would tear my dick into two… but this feeling is really good as well…

The pleasure just from seeing my cock go inside this small ass-hole is insanely high, so much, that I am already feeling close to cumming again.

But I want more…

I lift up Alexa’s body in the air again and rotate it 180 degrees with my dick still impaled inside her ass.

Her face comes into my view which is bright red with tears running down. I grab her long silver hair with my hands to force her face forward and kiss her small and soft lips directly.

I forcibly open her mouth with my tongue and lick her mouth inside while drinking her sweet saliva.

I move one of my hands to her small tits as well and start pinching her cute pink nipples there as well.


Fuck! She is too good… I am cumming again…

Pleasure reaches its peak again and semen explodes from my cock… this time, inside an ass-hole.

“Ahaaan…it feels… so hot… in my ass…” she moans while breathing heavily.

I again feel a momentary relief as I finish filling up Alexa’s ass with my semen… momentary…

My lust starts to rise up again. It is increasing even further than before…

Fuck! It feels like I will go mad from it! I am not stopping at all!

My breathing is now so rough that my whole body is moving up and down from it.

I look around and see Piper and Lydia staring at me in shock.


Alexa screams as I throw her body on the bed… and starts running towards the remaining last two women.

Before any of them could react, I force Lydia’s sexy dark body to bend on the bed and plunge my cock straight between her smooth and plump ass cheeks.


She leaks out a small moan I penetrate her vagina and start plowing it with loud slapping sounds.


Lydia just moans from my thrusts and doesn’t resist in the slightest. She even starts moving her own hips making my pleasure increased even further.

Fuck! The folds of her pussy are really good!


Suddenly my hands move around itself and garb Piper’s waist, who is still standing in shock, to pull her body close to mine.

While still fucking Lydia, I lift Piper’s soft bountiful tits and start licking and sucking her pink nipples strongly.


Piper also didn’t resist at all and leaks out a moan as I roll my tongue around her nipple and even lightly bite it.

Fuck! Piper is too sexy!

I pull my cock out of Lydia and move it towards Piper.

I lower my own body and put one of my hands under Piper’s plump thigh; lifting her whole leg up.

Then, I forcibly move both my hands behind her back to hug her tightly, such that her legs get open up in a vertical split while still standing.

Her huge tits also get squashed against my chest as I further close in to have my cock press against the pussy.


Finally, my cock penetrates the pussy of my fourth woman today.

Like Lydia, Piper’s pussy is also really soft and wet from the inside. The shape is a bit different, but the folds are incredible complex and clenches tightly around my cock, giving me extreme pleasure.

Piper’s lewd tits also jiggle in waves as I piston my cock in and out of her cunt. Her face is bright red and she is looking at me with horny expressions unlike that of her angry ones before. She is also moaning loudly with each of my thrusts now.

Suddenly, I feel a woman’s soft body press against mine from behind.

“I will help you cum inside her,” Lydia whispers into my ear.

Help me? How?

In the next moment, Lydia starts rubbing her well-shaped and smooth tits on my back. Her erect nipples, which are disrupting the smoothness of her tits on my back, makes it an even more pleasurable experience.

It feels good but not enough to make me—

Wait! W-What are you doing?

Suddenly, Lydia opens my ass slightly and start rubbing my asshole.

I want to shake her off but my body is not in my control and it just keeps fucking Piper without stopping.


I leak a grunt as I feel Layla’s thin fingers entering my back-hole. There, she starts massaging my prostate gland…


Instantly, a different pleasure takes over my body, so great, that I have never felt something like this before.

What is this!? Holy shit! What the fuck is this!?

Instantly, I feel a great pressure building at the base of my cock. My whole body starts shaking from this extremely pleasurable feeling.

I think Lydia has guessed that I am about to cum as she also increases the speed of her massage…


I give out another loud grunt and cum starts shooting out of my cock in globs inside Piper’s pussy. Even though it’s my fourth time cumming today, the volume of my semen is the highest this time.

This feeling is just too good…

The next moment, pink words appear before my eyes…

[Beast Awakening End]

Suddenly, strength leaves my body and I fall on the ground along with Piper and Lydia…


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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