The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 01 Chp 20

Prostitutes and the First Monster Girl (Part-3)

“Do you want to suck on these? That harpy doesn’t have them this big!” The busty redhead says while shaking her huge tits above my face.

I won’t lie, she does have an amazing bust!

I move my hands to grab them but she instant moves back.

“I will let you play with them as much as you want… but later,” she says while moving down the bed where the cute girl with silvery blond hairs and the tall dark beauty are sitting.

What is fucking wrong with you to take tits away from a horny man?

[Hey, what about that Harpy, by the way?]

I look at the cage again and see Nina, who is on the floor again, masturbating really hard while looking at me.

I too want to fuck the virgin pussy of a monster girl but well…

She looks like she can wait for a little longer… I think I will eat what’s in front of me first.

[Spoken like a true gentleman!]

Wait… what?

“So, let’s unwrap him!” the cute and small girl says.

Together, she and the redhead start opening the loose robes in which I changed before coming inside this room.

I am a bit nervous because I am completely naked under and these three beautiful half-naked babes are staring at my crotch in anticipation while undressing me.

In just a few seconds second, my half erect dick is exposed for everyone to see.

“Looks ready to suck—”


The redhead starts to speak but a sudden scream cuts her sentence.

Nina is again standing with one of her winged hands stretched towards my cock while the other furiously rubs her own pussy.

“Ahaan… Aahaan…”

Nina starts moaning from her masturbation again.

“You want this?” the redhead asks while grabbing my cock.

Damn! Such soft hands.

“Hahaha, just watch as we suck on it, you damn harpy!” the cute one says while grabbing my balls and massaging them

Man… the feeling of such small hands cupping my balls is so good!

Even the dark beauty starts to lewdly rub my thighs.

Suddenly pink words start to appear before my eyes…



1. Rebecca Woods, 22 (Perm.) [Level 2]

2. Alexa, 23 (Temp.)

3. Piper, 25 (Temp.)

4. Lydia, 25 (Temp.)


…temporary, huh?

Well, it’s kind of a relief…

And these must be these prostitute’s names below Rebecca’s… but why aren’t their full name showing?

Anyways, my guess is that Alexa is the cute one because she must be the youngest.

Let’s find out who this Lydia is…

“Hey, Lydia, suck my cock!” I say.

“Me? Well… if you wish so,” the dark beauty says.

Oh, so it is her…

Lydia gracefully moves her long and straight brown hairs sideways and lowers her head towards my cock.

“Shall we start as well?” Alexa says.

“Yup!” The redhead Piper says whole slowly starting to stroke the shaft of my nearly erect dick which she was grabbing since earlier.


A small grunt leaks out from my mouth as Lydia’s warm and moist mouth slowly engulfs the head of my cock.

Fuck! A woman’s mouth feels so good!

I look down and see Lydia staring into my eyes as she starts to slowly lower her mouth to take my cock further inside.


Suddenly I feel my legs forcibly opening up and two small and wet things start to move around my balls as if trying to tickle them.

I look up at the ceiling and on the mirror up there, I see Alexa and Piper’s face buried between my crotch.

Both of them are licking my ball-sack all over with their saliva covered tongue.

Seeing the faces of three beautiful women buried into my crotch, another sort of pleasurable feeling, different from the stimulation I am getting, invades my mind.

I am in freaking heaven!

My dick is already rock hard now and half of it is inside Lydia’s soft and warm mouth. Her saliva is dripping down from my hard shaft towards my balls, where it is mixing with Piper and Alexa’s saliva.

Fuck! Swallow it more! Make my cock go deeper!

I myself move my waist up a bit to force my cock inside…

But suddenly, Lydia moves her mouth away from my saliva covered cock.


I open my mouth to protest but something else takes away my attention…

Woah! it really does look bigger than before!

Though not much, my erect cock is definitely longer than it was before. It has probably grown more than half an inch!

“Oh, I was just getting it a bit wet. Don’t worry, I will now let you have the taste of a blowjob from one of the top prostitutes,” Lydia says while licking her tongue.

In the next moment, her beautiful face falls down… and her mouth engulfs my whole cock at once.


Holy shit! What is this? This feeling…

Lydia is moving her face up and down so rapidly and her tongue is also moving so skillfully to caress my whole cock that the pleasure from it is indescribable.


I unconsciously grab the brown hair of this dark beauty but her skillful motion doesn’t hinder in the slightest.

Damn! I won’t last long if she continues it like this!

I try to think of something to delay the feeling of orgasm …but suddenly my mind goes blank from another great pleasure coming from below my cock.


Another grunt leaks out from me as two soft and warm mouths engulfs both my balls inside and start strongly sucking on them.

Fuck! Piper and Alexa changed from licking my balls to sucking them!

Damn! Their technique is a bit too good…

Well, as expected from the top prostitutes of The Nux.

All of their mouths are working in such a synchronized manner that the pleasurable feeling building at the base of my cock is unstoppable now.

“I am going to… Aaargh”

Hearing my voice, the motion of all their mouth increases even further…

Shit! I cannot take it any further.

Feeling really close to cumming, I move my other hand to grab Lydia’s hairs as well and forcefully push her head down such that her plump lips kiss the base of my cock.

Wow, she is not gagging at all!

My balls also gets pulled further inside Alexa’s and Piper’s mouth as they give them even a stronger suck.

“Aarrgh…swallow it… swallow it all!” I say with a grunt before my cum starts erupting inside Lydia’s mouth.


I force Lydia’s face down even more powerfully as my cum keeps squirting out.

She also obediently keeps drinking my cum.

I think the skills a bought are working fine because I can tell that I am shooting out more cum than before.

“Haaa…Haaa… that was great…” I mutter

After I finish my orgasm, Lydia is sucking the last drops of cum from my half-erect cock while Alexa and Piper lightly play with my balls.

“Wasn’t it?” Alexa says while finally removing her face from my crotch.

“Obviously it was. You can’t go longer, can you? Piper asks while removing her face as well.

Well, I don’t feel tired because of the stamina skill but I am still not experienced enough in sex that my cock also keeps up with my stamina…

“Ahh~ I guess we need to wait before we can let you experience the real fun,” Piper says with a sigh as if making fun of me.

Lydia just simply licks her lips where a little of my cum is pasted.

Damn it! I want to fuck all of them right now, especially this Piper…

[Well, there is no need to wait at all!]

What do you mean?

[As I said before, it’s coming again… Or, I should say, it has come and this time, at the right moment.]

Can you just tell me what the fuck has come?


[Beast Awakening]


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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