The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 01 Chp 19

Prostitutes and the First Monster Girl (Part-2)

“Excuse me! Can you tell me about this poster, please?” I ask the receptionist.

I try to sound as calm as possible but even then, the excitement in my voice cannot be hidden.

Harpies are low-tier half monsters, with the body of a human female but with wings and claws like a bird.

To have sex with a Harpy is relatively easy but to get out alive after that is really tough, as most of the time, they remain in a large group and attack the male all at once.

But man, to have one alone and that too in a brothel for bidding?

Damn! People would pay a shit load of money to fuck her…

The receptionist stops on her track and looks back towards me.

“Oh, this?” She says while quickly moving towards the poster and taking it off of the wall.

“I am really sorry, sir. I should have removed it. This offer is no longer available,” the receptionist apologizes while bowing down to me.

[Tell her that she needs compensate with her three holes!]

Shut up!

“So, the bidding already happened?” I ask while feeling a bit down.

“The bidding is canceled, sir.” She says.

“What? Why?” I ask.

“It is a blunder from our side, sir. We didn’t expect Nina to become so ferocious in the heat of her first mating season.

“As a high-class brothel, we couldn’t compromise with the safety of our customers and workers, so, we had to lock her up before she hurts someone. But please be assured that we will release her once she gets over her heated state,” the receptionist answers politely.

[Tell her to give you this Nina and then fuck her.]

No way! Though I too want to have sex with her, she might really be dangerous right now…

[No, she won’t… because I can feel it coming again soon…]

Coming again what?

[Just tell this woman that you will take the Harpy!]

I won’t say anything until you tell me.

[Just think it like this, it is this Nina’s first mating session, right?]


[That means that she is a virgin, buddy! Imagine how many points you can get!]

Really? It also applies to monster girls as well?

[If she has pussy and tits, everything applies!]

Well, I did get way more points with Rebecca after taking her “first times” than any other thing I have done…

But still, you didn’t tell me what is coming aga—

“Is there something wrong, sir?” the receptionist asks me with her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Fuck! I must look weird just standing still and saying nothing.

[Believe me, fuck Nina and you won’t regret it!]

Well, it’s not like harpies are that strong alone and this one is even young.

I might never get a chance like this again…

“I will take the Harpy,” I finally say.

“But sir, Nina is—”

“I don’t care. It will be my responsibility if something happens,” I cut in between the receptionist.

She stares at me for a moment as if thinking something but then speaks again-

“Okay, sir. If you say that much,” she says with another bow.

Well, she agreed faster than I thought…

“I will tell you the truth, sir. We suffered many losses after canceling the bidding as it was also bad for our name and we had already paid Nina what we negotiated with her before. So, I am also trying to lessen the losses of our brothel here,” The receptionist says in a slightly business-like tone.

“Okay, fair enough. By the way, how much do I have to pay?” I ask.

“Well, the highest offer we got before the bidding was canceled was 8,000 Yeux—”

What the fuck?

“—but seeing that we probably won’t be able to provide you with three other prostitutes due to safety and that the situation is way different, we will take 3,000 Yeux,” she says.

Fuck! Even 3,000 is too much…

[Buddy, I don’t understand this talk of money much, okay? Just tell me how many hoes can you fuck with it.]

Probably 10 low-class prostitutes or 5 high-class…

[Well, there is no point going low and we will get 10 times points from a single virgin monster girl than 5 high-class hoes. Though I highly regret the loss of those 15 experienced holes…]


[Mouth, pussy, and asshole.]

Oh… Well, I think I know what I am going to do…

“I will pay.”


“Damn! This bed is soft…” I mutter.

[As soft as Rebecca’s or Anna’s tits?]


Right now, I am lying down on a circular bed in a large luxurious room. The walls in this room are dark maroon in color and are covered with artistic paintings of naked men and women indulging in different types of sexual activities and plays.

Instead of any artificial lighting, this room is brightened by numerous candles that are burning while also giving off a strangely sweet fragrance.

Beside the bed, there is also a small ornamented table on which there is a basket full of various fruits, an expensive-looking bottle of wine and a bowl with some transparent fluid I don’t know of are there.

I look above my bad and see a large mirror attached to the ceiling from in which the entire bed is visible.

Damn! This might be the best room in this brothel…

[Fufufu… this is going to be amazing.]

It better be. I paid freaking 3,000 Yeux for it…

Suddenly, the door of the room open.

“Aahnn… Ahaan…”

I can hear the sweet moaning voice of a girl from outside.

The next moment, with a creaking noise, a small cage comes inside my room in which… there is a beautiful naked harpy.

So, this one is more on the human side, huh?

The case with most the half monsters is that the percentage of human and monster disposition of their bodies depends upon the stronger gene among the two.

This is not applicable to all the half-monster races, but Harpies comes under it and from the looks of it, this Harpy, Nina, has stronger human genes.

She has a beautiful well-defined face with plump lips and a straight nose. Her eyes are big and her hairs are long and both of them are of the same color of bronze. Her sweaty naked boobs are average in size but their shape is perfect, with small cherry color nipples. Her ass is also a bit meaty with a perfectly round shape.

The monster parts of her body include her slightly elongated ears, shining bronze-colored feathers forming her beautiful wings below her human-like arms and greyish bird-like claws which starts from below her plump white and smooth thighs.

I can already tell that this Nina is in a high state of arousal as her breathing is really rough and her white skin is also red in few places. She is lying on the floor of the cage with one of her hands roughly moving between her crotch and the other one on her tits, pulling on her nipples there.

The moment her eyes fell on me lying on the bed, she instantly stands up…

“Haaa….Haaa… Come here…give me that…,” she says while sounding out of breath.

Both of her winged arms are out of the cage and pointing towards me. The wing part of her arm is probably a little damaged by this but she doesn’t seem to care.

“With me… mate…” she says while giving me a horny and hungry look.

“Shut up!”

Suddenly an angry female voice comes from outside the door.

I look around and see three women coming from behind the cage.

The first one is a really busty and beautiful woman with red hairs and brown eyes. She is wearing a hip-length, purple-colored, semi-transparent negligee above her smooth and white skin without any bra and only a small black colored string underwear beneath it. I can completely see her huge swaying tits and her slightly dark nipple above her negligee. Her indecent ass in her string underwear is also really big and meaty and her bare white thighs are plump and soft looking.

Behind her is another beautiful woman. She is tall with dark skin and straight shoulder-length light brown hair. Her eyes are green in color with a pert nose and thin lips. She is clothed similar to the redhead but her body is lean instead of busty. Her breasts are average but well-shaped with dark nipples which are slightly large. Her ass is also really good and has a nice round shape.

The third and the last girl is small in height and looks really cute and beautiful rather than sexy. Her hairs are long and silvery blond in color and her eyes are bright blue. She looks younger than her actual age but I can tell she is old enough from her mature expressions.

She is also wearing the same transparent negligee above her pure white skin and black string underwear. Her breasts are on the smaller side but look cute with her small pink nipples and a round little butt.

“You are such a pain in the ass always moaning and screaming like this,” the redhead says while giving Nina a loathing glare.

The dark-skinned beauty and the cute little woman are also staring at the harpy with similar expressions.

“So, you are the mister who paid 3,000 Yeux for her?” the small and cute girl asks in her sweet voice.

“Y-Yes?” I say.

I am feeling a bit flustered and excited at the same time from the sudden arrival of all these beautiful naked and half-naked women.

[Buddy? Are we dead and in heaven right now?]

Well, I doubt I would ever be in heaven but even if this is hell, I am really liking it…

“Hmph… there was no need to spend that much money on this thing with no experience or whatsoever! You know, could have bought all three of us with that much money,” the redhead says.

“Yes! This Harpy is no good! We are much better!” the cute one supports her.

What is wrong with these women?

Well, all of them are hot so…

[Woah! The jiggling of those huge tiddies on the redhead is real!]

I know, right? Though the soft-looking white skin on the cute and small one will feel really good to touch too.

[Don’t underestimate that sexy ass of the dark beauty, buddy!]

I am not!

“So, he is even ignoring us now!” the cute one says to the redhead.

“How dare you!” the redhead says angrily, shaking her tits even more.

“Well, ladies, why don’t we stop talking and show him our true worth then?” the dark beauty calmly speaks for the first time.

“Fufufu… You are right,” the cute one says.

All three women enclose around the bed with a strange smile on their faces.

[You lucky bastard!]


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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