The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 01 Chp 11

Going Home

“Ahh~ that was close,” I mutter while sighing to myself.

Right now, I am walking on the familiar streets on my way home from the train station.

I totally forgot that the Beast’s scent skill is lifted off from the women on the coach other than the policewoman. I think they must have heard her moans (or a single moan) and guessed what was going on inside the washroom.

Luckily, the train was stopped at a station at that time. I dressed the policewoman up quickly without even cleaning up the leaking out cum from her pussy and ran out from the coach to the station while pushing away everyone who was trying to catch me.

“Twenty minutes… twenty fucking minutes got wasted,” I speak frustratingly.

Even though (to my shame) I prematurely ejaculated, I still could have earned some more life points there by licking her pussy or something. Even my head was starting to clear up from the lust it was filled with due to my poison’s side effect, so I could have also thought of some other way of getting points other than mindlessly fucking her.

And there is also the regret due to the fact that my dick couldn’t keep up and I couldn’t give that busty woman a proper fuck. I also wanted to penetrate her asshole and if possible, get a blowjob from her as well…

[There is no point regretting anymore, buddy. You can’t do anything about it now.]

Ahh~ you are right… but still…

[Wait, let me cheer you up a bit! There you go!]

Pink colored words start to appear before my eyes again.




Current System level: [1]

Max level: [Not defined]

Points for Next Level up: [10,000]

Life Points: [8,459]

Life points consumption rate: [1 point/minute]


1)Rebecca Woods, 22 (Perm.) [Level 2]

2)Anna Park, 25 (Temp.)

Note: Temporary names will be removed from the list 24 hours after the sexual activity. (We need to make this Anna chick permanent, partner. You know the famous saying, right? “Never let go of a hot and busty babe.” Though I won’t forgive you even if you let go of a petite one, okay?)


[Beast’s Scent] (Max Usage: 2 times/day)


Buyable skills and powers [Level 1]:

1) [Stamina +1] (Price: 500 points)

Skill Description: Increase sexual stamina. [Permanent]

2) [Penis Length +1] (Price: 500 points)

Skill Description: Increase penis length. [Permanent]

3) [Semen Volume +1] (Price: 500 points)

Skill Description: Increase semen volume.[Permanent]

Note: Skills will vanish if not acquired before leveling up


Points earning methods:

[Level 1] specific methods: –

1) See a woman nude [10 points]

2) Touch a woman’s breasts or ass above her clothes [20 points]

Note: Point will not be added if done during sexual acts.

Permanent methods: –

1) Kiss [50 points]

2) Cunnilingus [100 points]

3) Fellatio/ mouth fucking [100 points]

4) Vaginal sex [150 points]

5) Anal sex [160 points]

6) Impregnating [200 points]


1) Points will be multiplied by 10 if the above are a girl’s first time.

Warning: All the permanent methods can give you points only once every day per girl.



1) [Beast Awakening]: Lose control of your body with extreme sexual heat. Once activated, it will go on for 30 minutes. Will rise in intensity and frequency as the level increases. Other specifications not defined.

2) [Instant death]: Activates if any of the beasts mating women (except for temporary rank) gets removed from the partner section or indulge in sexual activities with other than the beast.


Time left to level up: 29 days: 13 hours: 27 minutes: 50 seconds.


“So, that policewoman’s name is Anna, huh?” I speak to myself.

Well, I must agree with my system here even though it’s not a famous saying at all, that Anna is too hot for a woman to let go. I just hope we meet again…

Anyway, the good thing is that I got around 800 points after deducting a little more than two hours’ worth of points and yeah, also the points I spent on the skill I bought.

When I roughly calculate the number of points I gained, two of my doubts get clear; first is that I get points separately for grabbing the ass and boobs of the same woman, and second, Anna was no virgin.

Well, it’s not that I expected her to be a virgin seeing the fact that she is 25 and personally, it also doesn’t matter to me much if a girl is a virgin or not.

It’s just a bit regretful that I couldn’t multiply my points by ten…

I think I got points for groping the busts and asses of around 50 horny women, so, I guess overall, it’s fine.

After walking for a few minutes, I start to see my house from here. It is an average sized house with a small garden attached to it, in a neighborhood of similar looking houses.

Man, I was out all night even though earning the first point takes at most only a few hours. Those who don’t return within the night are considered to be… well, I just hope things don’t become too bad…


Phew, at least the front door is unlocked.

Maybe if I just get inside my room, I can lie about my absence.

Slowly, with soft steps, I start to move towards the stairs leading upstairs.


A voice comes from the living room. I can hear the footsteps of someone running.

“Fuck… she found out,” I mutter while sighing.

Suddenly, a woman comes running out of the living room and stops for a moment to look around.

I can see tears leaking from her beautiful dark golden colored eye and running down her smooth white cheeks. She has long, brown colored hairs. Her nose is small and of perfect shape and her rosy red lips are thin but plump. She is wearing grey colored sweatpants and sweatshirts but her figure is completely standing out. Her waist is thin and her butt is meaty and sexy, but the most noticeable thing about her is her boobs. They are really huge.

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes fell on me and her expressions changes to a half-crying smile, though the tears start to flow even more.

She starts running towards me in a dash and hugs me so tightly that I feel my backbone will crack. Her tits are totally squashed on my chest and even spilling from the sides.

“W-Where were you? W-Why didn’t you come home last night? You know how worried I was? I even though that you might have… might have…”

The woman starts sobbing even harder.

I wrap my own arms around her body and lightly caress her back and head.

“Some things came up because of my system and I got late. But I am home now, Layla.” I say softly.

Layla’s sobbing slowly starts to settle down but she didn’t move from the hugging position.

“You could have at least called me,” she whispers.

If I only had time to do that…

“Sorry, I forgot.” I apologize.

She slowly separates her body from mine. Her cheeks are still glistening from tears but there is a smile on her face. It looks like she is finally starting to calm down.

Pink words appear before my eyes.

[Who is this woman?]

Mind your own business.

[This is my business. Is she your girlfriend?]

Shut up.

[Let’s fuck her.]


[Why? She is probably the most beautiful one we have met so far. And you also need points, right? Then why not fuck her?]


[I will even give you extra points. Fuck her.]

How muc— No.

[Oh, sorry, I forgot. You little willy is done for the day, right? How pathetic. Let’s buy the stamina skill and remove your unmanliness. Then yeah, let’s fuck this babe.]

It has nothing to do with my wil— I mean, penis. I can’t do it because she is… well…

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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