The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 30

The Saint’s Dungeon Business – 30


“Then let’s go to the dungeon!”

“Uhmm. Go ahead, this one will follow.”

Diana stepped on the brake pedal to me who energetically got up after the meal.

“Huh? Why?”

“T-this one’s got a business. It won’t take long, so go ahead and wait for me.”

Said Diana, suspiciously fidgeting. Seeing that, something clicked in my head. Come to think of it….

“Oh, right. I had something to do, too!”

“Guwon, you too? That’s odd.”

“Sorry, sorry. It will take only a moment. Why don’t we meet at the guild after the things are settled, then?”

“Mmm. That will do.”

“Sarah, I’m sorry. If you go there before any of us do, would you mind looking for a request we could do?”

“No, I can do that for you.”

“Great! Then I’ll get it done soon!”

Spitting out the words, I quickly exited the inn like I really had something to do. And of course, I don’t. I hid by the building’s corners and waited for Sarah and Diana to come out. After a while, peeking with a suspicious pose, Sarah and Diana came out together, talked a word or two and they separated. Sarah went towards the guild and Diana went towards the commercial district. I quickly chased Diana and I talked to her as soon as Sarah was out of my view.

“Where are you off to in such a rush?”

“Mmm? ‘Tis y-you. What’s the matter? Have you not said you had something to do?”

“Well on a second thought I figured I wouldn’t need to do that now. Where are you going, though? Can I go with you? I’ll have to wait for you at the guild anyway.”

“Mmmm? No, no, you can’t. This one needs to do it alone. Go and wait for me.”

“Hmmm. You’re acting suspicious.”

“T-this one is not. Now, off you go.”

“Diana. Be honest. You’re not wearing anything under that robe, right?”

“W-W-What are you talking about?! Quit your nonsense!”

Like I expected, Diana was visibly bewildered. Come to think of it, when she appeared in my room as if she teleported, she was wearing nothing under her robe. And then she casted Reincarnation spell. Now that her level has been reset, she wouldn’t be able to cast something as grand as Teleport, so Diana must be in the same way when she came to my room.

“That’s more suspicious now you’re startled by that. Just say it. Be honest.”

“This is a waste of time! Go to the guild and wait for me! This one’ll be off her way!”

“Say it or I’ll take that robe off in 10… 9…”

Diana tried to escape from me, but it was impossible to escape from me who was superior when it comes to physical abilities.

“Heek! B-boy! There are things you can do and you can’t!”

“8. It won’t be a problem if you’re wearing clothes, right? 7…6.”

“Are you a human? How can you do this?! Unbelievable!”


“Sit there upright, right now. This one will lecture you with the most basic politeness one should–….”


“Heeek! Okay! Okay! Calm! Use words! Use words!”

When I counted down to 0 and slightly lifted the end of the robe, Diana surrendered. I saw her white bare feet under the robe, so she’s undeniably naked.

Revenge taken! You shouldn’t have mocked me like that this morning! I wanted to go on, but I don’t think I can handle the aftermath if I did, so I stopped. There’s the dungeon waiting for us, too.

“You could’ve admitted from the beginning.”

“You truly fail to understand a woman’s mind, no? Women like to keep secrets from others.”

“You were naked when you came to me yesterday, and you call it a secret? Well, I guess you could if you are into exhibitionism.”

“W-W-W-Why would this one?! Don’t speak nonsense that could mislead people!”

Diana is visibly startled and shouted with a blush on her face. I was joking and her reaction is very suspicious. Are you really into exhibition?

“Listen carefully. There’s a deep reason for this. First of all, this one visited your accommodation for your demonstration of the skills. Knowing they are that kind of skill, this one thought it would be better to be casted on the direct contact with the skin. And even if you’d use it over the robe, lighter clothing would be better than a proper one. Isn’t this sensible to you?”

“Yeah, I agree.”

“So this one wore nothing under the robe to minimize the process on the visit. This one is an archmage. This one utilizes subspace to store items so taking off clothes for a moment couldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s a long prologue. Long story short, you put your clothes in the subspace, and you stupidly never thought of this one through, reincarnated without any prep, and now you’re naked because you can’t cast a subspace magic anymore.”

“Ugh, how dare you call this one stupid?”

“You’re an archmage and you still make that kind of mistake?”

“W-what this one could do?! This one has finally found the lead to the magic this one searched for ages right before this one’s eyes! This one could make a minor mistake during such excitement, could she not?!”

“Okay. I got it, so don’t be so angry. At least put these shoes on for now.”

I took out a pair of shoes from my inventory. I have some spare clothes and shoes in my inventory. They get easily torn since I fight without any armor. They’re my size so it’d be big for Diana, but that’d be better than nothing.

“Ahem, ahem. At least you’re tactful.”

“So, in the end you’re going to get some clothes. I’m bored so let’s go together. Where’re you heading?”

“Mmm. There’s a clothing shop nearby.”

“A clothing shop? Aren’t you a really really famous archmage? Don’t you have a home or a vacation home near here?”

“Mmm. Of course, this one does. This one can’t return to her home now, however.”

“You can’t go to your own home? Did you run away or something?”

“What do you think this one is? This one wouldn’t ask for your respect but at least some politeness! This one is simply on a short untold leave.”

That’s called a runaway. I knew something was strange when an archmage was staying at an inn. You were on a runaway.

“By the way it seems like you have everything in your subspace. Do you have money with you for clothing?”

“T-this one can buy items on a tab if this one shows them her face….”

“You can’t just do that when you’re on a run away. I’ll lend you some. Just pay me back after we come back from the dungeon.”

“T-‘Tis one did not run away!”

But Diana didn’t refuse the money.

In the end, I bought her cheap clothes, shoes, and a cone hat with a circular brim that looks like a magician’s hat, and a new robe of her size. She gathered her long wavy hair, put it in the hat and pulled it over her eyes, making her look like a grim mage.

“Guwon! Oh my, Diana, you came together!”

As we entered the guild, Sarah quickly came to us.

“Yeah. We met just by the entrance. What’s all the fuss about?”

Sarah looked at me suspiciously, but soon changed her face and said.

“Oh, right. Let’s hurry ourselves to the dungeon. A Guild Quest was issued!” 

“A Guild Quest?”

“Yup. It seems the guild issued it to encourage exploration on the upper floors. If you map an area that’s unknown to the guild, they’d pay you with some compensation.”

“Great. We should explore while doing the guild quest. But why has the guild issued a quest all the sudden?”

“It seems like our discovery of the transcendent became a talk of the guild. Low-level adventurers are rejoicing that this is their chance to earn some fortune.”

“What? So that means the places we go can be flooding with people! Let’s hurry.”

“Hmm. Yes, ’tis good to hurry but can you actually do the guild quest?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“This one haven’t seen you two mapping. Mapping takes talents and techniques.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Don’t worry about that. I can do that.”

The map draws itself if we just wander around. The problem is how close I can copy it with my hands, but it’s not like I’m submitting it to a drawing contest. It just has to be distinguishable.

“Oh. It seems you have more talents than you look.”

“What do you mean ‘more than I look?’ I look like I’m full of talents.”



They both made a doubting look at the same time as if they planned it. Yeah, it’s not talent but that hurts!

“Wait. Why don’t we report the parts we explored until yesterday?”

“But we didn’t map it. How is that possible?”

“I’ve got them all in my head, so I can map it at any time anywhere, given a pen and paper. Do I look different now?”


“W-what are you doing in the middle of a guild?!”

Diana must have been moved by my shining talent! She suddenly sticked to me as if she’d hug me.

“Shhh! Be quiet. Let’s leave this place at once. Come on, aren’t we in a hurry? Chop chop.”

Diana burrowes her face into my body and pushed us to the dungeon. I looked towards the direction Diana turned back from. For some reason a group of people wearing shiny armor was searching the place. They had a symbol of a silver staff drawn on their capes and chest, and they were taking a look on each and every person, especially the ones wearing robes.

“Hey…. Don’t tell me you’re not on a runaway from home but you’re actually fleeing from the law after causing trouble or something.”

“What are you talking about?! This one wouldn’t do such a nasty thing. They are the group of villains who disturb my peaceful magic studies. Now, let’s get going.”

Okay, she didn’t cause trouble but she seemed to have ditched her work. You’re being nasty, the Honorable Supreme Mage.

“But we got to make the report.”

“The guild must know the places you’ve been! Let’s not do anything meaningless and move on!”

Diana insisted to leave, so we decided to report later on and we headed to the dungeon. Diana is probably right about the guild knowing the places I’ve been to, and since we’ve departed early we can explore further.

What Sarah said about being the issue for low-level adventurers seemed true. It’s hard to encounter a  party of adventurers a day, but now we could frequently meet them.

In this situation there won’t be much backup even if a wolfdog howls. It would have been so much better if it was like this earlier.

I opened my status window.

Name : Guwon

Race : Human 24

Job : Saint 40 / Adventurer 3 / Fighter 12

Level : 40

HP : 9200/9200

Energy : 4000/4000

Strength : 85

Endurance : 86

Agility : 76

Stamina : 55

Intelligence : 49

Spirit : 52

Charm : 89

Bonus Stat Points : 75

Status : Normal

Thanks to the power leveling from my experience with Diana, I won’t fear a horde of wolfdogs coming at me. And now hunting wolfdogs isn’t as dangerous as before. That makes me feel even more awful since it now feels like the armor set I bought yesterday was for nothing. I’m properly wearing them, though, since I spent money on it.

What comforts me is that my body doesn’t feel any heavier thanks to my higher stats.

However, the first monsters I, who wasn’t afraid of the wolfdogs anymore, encountered after stepping into the habitat of wolfdogs were not wolfdogs.

“Huh? What are those?”

“Goblins. They are just as strong as the wolfdogs.”

Yes, I know they are goblins. Green, short height that’s just as tall as my waist, a few hairs, and ugly face with a giant nose. They have small bodies but they are muscular so they don’t seem weak. These are the new popular weakest enemies these days after the orcs who are trending to be described as somewhat strong monsters. The question is, why are they here.

They were a group of four. Having shabby wooden weapons by their side, they were cheerfully making noise sitting around in a wide open space.

I don’t know why they suddenly appeared here, but I know that it’s the chance to get them when they haven’t noticed us yet.

“Alright! GO! Sarah! Diana! I choose you!”

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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