The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 27

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 27



I reached Diana’s quite smaller breasts with Saints touch activated, and then Diana’s body fluttered like a fish hit by a harpoon, collapsing on the floor. Startled, I took my hands off from her breasts.

W-what happened? That scared me. I know she’s level 1, but that was too exaggerating to be normal! 

Surprised, I quickly opened the skills window.

Saints Touch 23

Active Skill

Costs: 23 Resources

With the Saint’s energy; the amount of pleasure you give increases. For [23 minutes], you inflict [230] additional pleasure. This skill can be dispelled on the caster’s will.

Holy shit. When did it level up so much? Did using it on Diana earlier raise my skill proficiency? I basically spammed my skill on an extremely high-level lady so that makes sense. There were new skills I seemed to have learned during the experience with Sarah and during my near-death experience, and there were newly unlocked skills for levelling up my Saint job. I found the skill that I seemed to need the most, and invested a skill point.

Orgasm Shackle 1

Active Skill

Costs : 1 Resource

Maintain the amount of pleasure the target is feeling but stops the target from reaching the climax. The target under the skill effect is unable to reach their climax for [1 minute.] This skill can be dispelled by the caster’s will.

This skill is one of the iconic skills of Great Earth, and it won the honor of being the most preferred skill by the users on the survey for its utility.

That was the skill I could learn on level 25. I never thought my level would go beyond that after having sex with Diana once. A downside of this skill is that its level is still low so I have to re-cast it every minute, but if I am careful about it, this is one of the best skills my job has.

I immediately casted Orgasm Shackle on her and tried to reach Diana’s breasts again.

“W-wait just a moment.”


“Would you mind not using a skill and going for a round? This one might die from a heart attack if you even use the skills.”

Diana begged with tearful eyes, and that weakened my mind. If she really dies from a heart attack, that’s my loss. Should I not use the skills for now? That doesn’t mean much though, since there are more passive skills than active for Saints. I dispelled Saints Touch, and I gently stroked Diana’s breast who stood back up on her feet.

“Hgh, Hhng, Ha, Aah.”

“Girl, you’re sensitive even without skills!”

“Hhngh, y-you’re, hgh, so, aah, mean. The level difference, hhngh.”

Oh, is that it? Do I get level adjustments for not just the insertion but simple touches? And when it comes to sex, there’s additional adjustment thanks to my Saint level. I’m just caressing her breasts, and she seems like she’s finding it difficult to even make a reply. That makes me emotional recalling back how she seemed not interested how much I touched and sucked her. I can’t help but to complain that there’s so much less to play with. While kneading shrunken breasts, I got interested in the things at the center of them. You two never got stiffened the last time, did you? Just like the last time, I had her nipples between my index finger and middle finger, and gently stroked her areolae. Her body quivered a bit.

“Heeghhhh! Haah, Haah.”

“Hey, you came already? What a waste.”

I wouldn’t get much experience making a level 1 come, but it’s something. Man, that’s an experience loss making her come without me inside her. I picked her nipple with my thumb and index finger, and gently twirled it as I cast Orgasm Shackle.

Oh? They’re getting stiffened!

“I-if you think so, haah, i-insert it, hhgh, quickly.”

“But doing it raw hurts. I thought I’d put it when you’re wet, for you.”

“A-, hggh, already, Haaaa, e-enough.”

“Oh? Are you?”

I reached her crotch with my right hand and gently ran my hands over it.

She was right. Her crotch is flooded that’d wet my hand just by running it over her.


On the touch her legs gave way and she fell on me. But she’s under Orgasm Shackle’s effect. She wouldn’t have reached climax.

“Haah, B-Buhh, but why?”

“Oh sorry. I blocked it with my skill ‘cuz I can’t lose a single experience point. I’ll put it in now.”

Oh gosh, this makes me feel so nervous. In a way, this is my first experience.

Alright, here it goes. After letting out a deep breath, I gently picked her up and lay her down on a bed, moved her legs to form an M-shape, and positioned the tip of my penis at the opening of her pussy.

“Haah, haah, P-please be gentle, and slow. Don’t forget the fact this one is a virgin.”

“Don’t worry. It won’t hurt.”

Smiling, I reassured her. I don’t know if it really doesn’t hurt her, but I’m confident it will be healed soon enough since I have Healing Sex. Or maybe I should make sure it won’t hurt. I checked the remaining time for Orgasm Shackle and started bullying her nipples again. I rolled it round and round with my index finger, and Diana’s body is vibrating like a mobile phone would.

“Hhgh, why, why….?”

Diana seemed to be suffering from not being able to orgasm even though she’s feeling the pleasure.

“I’m doing this to make you not feel any pain. Hang in there just for a moment.”

That should be enough, right? I took a deep breath one more time, and at the same time the Orgasm shackle ran out, I pulled her nipples as I would pinch them with Saints Touch activated, and put my erected penis all the way in.


As if all the climaxes she was prevented from having bounced back at her, Diana’s body reacted to the pleasure more violently than she’d ever shown and reached orgasm. I think I’ve made the right choice on using Saints Touch. I feared she wouldn’t feel the pleasure even with Saint job adjustments because of the pain of being penetrated since she’s a virgin. That must have healed the wound caused when tearing her hymen.

The sense of conquest that I tore her hymen, and the sense of achievement that I finally did a proper sex uplifted my mood. I enjoyed the texture of her vagina without moving to wait for Diana to catch her breath. I can’t say for sure since I don’t have someone else to compare, but this must be what world-class pussy is like!

Her inside feels so good it’s beyond my imagination. I’m staying still but her vaginal wall keeps contracting and releasing my thingy gently and continuously.

I’m holding on because my level dominates her; if our levels were similar I might have come already like a quick-shot! Actually trying not to drive me mad, but Diana just had her hymen penetrated. I’ll wait just a bit longer.

“Are you alright, now?”

“Haaa, Haaa…. What happened? This one is sure this one was a virgin and it didn’t hurt. Is this an effect of your skill as well?”

She can actually bother with the skills in this situation! Not everyone can be an archmage, huh? She’s got some amazing willpower!

“It’s simple. You were healed as soon as you got hurt. Like the last time I survived from a heart attack.”

“Interesting. Then could– Heeeee!”

Diana seemed fine so I began without letting her finish her sentence. She can bother with the skill so that means she had enough rest. It’s a miracle I stayed still this long even when Diana’s inside kept stimulating me.

“Y-you, heeek, got to listen to when, someone, talks–.”

“Sorry, but it’s urgent for me, too.”

I grabbed her waist and went on with powerful to-and-fro motion like an aroused monkey.

“Haaa, Hhngh, Aaah, Aaaah.”

Seeing Diana’s pretty face melt with pleasure, I bounced down my hips. The pleasure must have exceeded her limit. The rims of her eyes were loosened, and she was drooling like a clumsy girl.

“I’m cumming, Diana.”

“Haaa, Ahhh, Aahhh, Aaah.”

Diana couldn’t reply but to moan. I quickened the movements as the last spurt, and I came inside her as I thrust my hip all the way inside her. My thingy that the word ‘gigantic’ would fit the most was so massive that I could still see some of its root even though the tip was reaching the deepest part of her body.



After I came once, I finally calmed down a bit. Whew. Imagine what would have happened if there was no post-nut clarity for men. What am I doing? I was supposed to discipline her! Well, to justify myself, this is my first experience so there’s always a room for improvement. I just have to get better from now on.

I looked at Diana. I saw a pretty girl with a clumsy face melted with pleasure. If she’s this weak to pleasure, maybe I’ll be able to break her easier than I thought? I talked to her as I stroke her cheeks wet with tears.

“May I kiss you?”

“Haaa, N-Haaa, No.”

I asked, remembering how she refused my kiss, but she stubbornly refused again even when she was still breathing heavily. Hmm. I suppose an archmage is still an archmage even if her level got reduced to basically nothing. She’s got an amazing willpower. I firstly decided to emphasize Diana’s pleasure. Even if I don’t do anything great, at this phase she’ll reach her limit.

Sex Boost 3

Passive Skill

Duing Sex, the amount of pleasure the caster and the target recieve increases by [0.03%] per 1 piston movement stack. The stack remains until the caster reaches climax.

Thanks to this skill I probably learned while healing Sarah.

If I cum the stack resets, but that can be covered by casting Orgasm Shackle on myself. Therefore, if I don’t give in to the pleasure dispel Orgasm Shackle on me, Diana is bound to raise the white flag under unlimitedly increasing pleasure.

That eased my mind, so I decided to not care about disciplining her and enjoying the current situation. This is my first session of a proper sex. It’d be a problem to just move my hips without thinking, but it’s even dumber if I don’t get to enjoy this for being distracted.

“Nngh, Haaa, Hnngh, Ahhh.”

As I restart the piston movements, Diana let out her moan as if she’s a musical instrument and I’m the player. Diana must’ve levelled up because I came; her inside wraps me with even softer texture.

I suppose I can use skills now. As a test, I activated Saints Touch and touched the inner thigh. Her reaction was instant.


Diana fluttered once again, reaching climax in such a short period of time and squeezing me with her vagina. But I managed to hold, suppress her and thrust with my hip even harder.

“W-wait, Hnngh, this one, heeee, might, haaah, die.”

“Don’t worry. From my experience, you can’t talk if you’re really dying.”

Maybe it’s still dangerous to use the skills. Or maybe that was because especially the level of Saints Touch is too high. I activated Saints Holy Water and lightly licked her erect nipples.


Diana reacted by shaking her head left and right, but that wasn’t enough to make her orgasm. Great. That’s enough!

“Diana. I want to ask you for a favor.”

“Hggh. W-what is it?”

“Please don’t leave my party even when you’re done.”

“Hgth, w-what do– haaa, you mean?”

“Literally what I said. Please don’t leave this party when you’re done with your study.”

“But, Hggh, that has, aaah, nothing to do with….”

“But you never know. I want something concrete. Is there some kind of contract? Like losing mana once broken.”

“This one-hhgh, will never, haagh, make a contract on mana.”

I made that up and apparently it exists. Well, it’s a cliché for every fantasy world, I suppose.

“Even if I do this?”

I casted Orgasm Shackle on her, activated Saints Holy Water and gently bit Diana’s breast. I enjoyed the softness of them with my lips, stroke them up with my tongue, and bit and gently chew the nipples. It came back with a violent reaction.

“Hhhhh! Haahh! Haaah ! Why, Hnggh!”

“You’ll be on the verge of climax but you’ll never get it until you say you’ll do the contract. Why don’t you make this easier for us?”

“Hgghh, N-not the contract, Haah, N-never! Hhaaah.”

Diana moved her waist by herself as if she wanted to come. But it seems she would never make a contract because she might lose her mana, even if she’s got into such a situation.

Mmm. I do get weak to see a girl crying though. Today is not the only day so I suppose I should stop here for today.

And suddenly there were knocks at the door.

“Guwon, do you mind if I step in there for a moment?”

And with the knocks, I heard Sarah outside the door.

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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