The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 26

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 26


As soon as I put it in, I felt the overwhelming pleasure. It couldn’t be described in any other way. And I instinctively knew. Oh, this is what coition death is. With overwhelming pleasure my vision got white, and my brain was paralyzed, leaving me without any control over my body, and I can’t even think straight anymore. I was in the state of feeling nothing but the overwhelming pleasure that strikes my brain like lightning.

Is this how I die?

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t hurt. Maybe it doesn’t, since I’m dying from pure pleasure.

When I faced my death with a strangely peaceful mind, suddenly my senses came back.

“Huff, huff, huff, w-what was that?”

My whole body is wet with unpleasant cold sweat, and my arms are heavy like wet cottons, but I’m somehow still alive. I noticed the health meter, and I still had about half left. I checked the number, and it was 5150/9200.

What? 9200? How many times did I level up? And how am I still alive?

Seeing the health value, two theories went through my head.

Firstly, Healing Sex.

When healing Sarah, my Healing Sex levelled up and it now heals 150 health points on climax. So when I was about to die from a heart attack by pushing myself into her, ‘Healing Sex must have took an effect.

And the second one is the Last Bit of Pride. When I reached my climax, the skill lead Diana to climax, levelling my Saint job up, which eventually restored my HP by the amount my max HP increased.

I don’t know which one of the two theories saved me, but I survived.

“Are you alive? Are you fine?”

Diana got herself out from being under me, and she’s looking at my face with a worried face.

“Yes. I somehow survived.”

“H-how did you manage to–…. M-More than that, what was the last skill you used on this one?”

“Huh? What skill?”

“T-the one that made this one orgasm! What else could there be?! That is this one’s first time feeling it after reaching this level! What was that skill?!”

After hearing that I took a closer look at Diana. Her face was blushing, unlike how it was when I carried out my foreplay moves. With her eyes wet as well, anyone could tell she’s aroused.

I checked the Energy meter. Just as I expected, 1500 of them were spent which was the max value before levelling up. I should consider this that the Last Bit of Pride is activated.

With a base effect of 2% and additional 1% per 100 resource used, the skill effect would have been 16%. At the moment I die from the heart attack, Diana must have felt 16% of the pleasure I felt. It may be merely 16%, but that’s 16% of the pleasure that could kill someone. Wouldn’t she have felt a great degree of pleasure? I wasn’t myself because I was dying, but she was herself so she might have felt a great orgasm, maybe even a better one than myself.

“It’s a skill called ‘Last Bit of Pride’. Regardless of my partner’s level, the skill shares a portion of my pleasure to make you climax.”

“WHAT?! Regardless of the opponent’s level?!”

Diana seemed really surprised by this point, and she got closer to me as if she had plans to collar me.

“Is that true?! You have a skill that has an absolute effect regardless of the opponent’s level?!”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Is there any limitation, then? Such a powerful skill must have some sort of limitation.”

“No. Not really.”

“What on earth?!”

Diana made a serious face and fell in thoughts, entering a world of her own. Okay, but can you fall in thoughts after being somewhat away from me? I don’t know where to lie my eyes on when you’re naked on top of me.

Welp, I suppose I might enjoy the view. I scanned Diana’s shape slowly and minutely as if I’d enjoy a great artwork. Her whole body was slightly flushing probably because she felt orgasm, and it added a mysterious sensual mood to her divine and soft aura, making her look even more beautiful.

Woah. I can’t imagine how it’d feel to date someone like her. Seeing how shabby I am, being unable to do anything when I have  

a woman like this before me.

I was able to have sex with her for being in this crazy world, but I ended up dying from a heart attack as soon as I put it in, without being able to move my hips at all. It wouldn’t be possible to date her even in my wildest dreams.

“Hmm…No, but… Still, this may be…. …right. Alright!”

Diana murmured something for a while, then looked up at me.

“You. This one’s got a huge favor to ask of you. Would you do it?”

“What? Yeah. Whatever it is.”

And I immediately regretted it. Whatever it is? How do you know what she’d ask? And now I have a mixed feeling thinking that I might grant her favor if she asks with a desperate face, no matter what.

“This one wishes to study your skills, for a longer period of time near you. Would you let this one become a member of your crew?”

“Sure. Wait, what?! My crew?! Really?!”

“Hmm. It is so. But this one is about to use a spell. Once casted, most of this one’s power will be sealed away and this one will be reduced into an ordinary Mage. Will you still allow this one to become a member of your crew by then?”

“Of course! Gladly!”

I was so glad about granting her favor. A crew! I’d do anything to recruit her! I don’t know why she’d seal away her power and be an ordinary mage, but who cares! I don’t need her to have some special power. With that beauty I’d want to be with her for any reason.

Even if the Supreme Mage is a being above the clouds, which is just a fancy way to say she’s out of my league, but we might get close to each other if we are together, and if a male and a female get close to each other, who knows? We might…. My mind was filled with hope.

“This one appreciates your decision. Even if this one returns to an ordinary mage, this one’s knowledge would not disappear, so this one shall be of great help to your exploration.”

You appreciate me. I appreciate you even more. You don’t have to worry about being helpful or not, and make yourself at home with us.

Diana climbed down from the bed, went to the center of the room and started chanting magical words, making gestures in the air as if she was drawing a picture. She cast the overwhelming spell without chanting a word when hunting the wolfdogs, and now she’s chanting something. I wonder what kind of magic she’s casting.

A glowing magic circle appeared under her feet, then magic circles appeared around her ankles, calves, tights, as if they’re being layered up. Eventually, she was covered in magic circles from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, then her whole body began to glow with an intense light. How long would it have been? The intense light slowly died down, and there was a pretty young girl standing who looked just like Diana.


“DIANA! Diana, where are you?!”

“What are you talking about? You can see this one is right here.”

“Aaaaaaaaaah! What have you done! What is that appearance! You can go back, right! Please tell me you can!”

“Hmm. That’s impossible.”

“Nooooooo! YOU! Do you even realize what you just have done?!”

“What is all this fuss about? Don’t men prefer younger ladies?”

“I! Like ladies older than me! And I thought I finally met a lady that perfectly fits my ideal type!”

“Hearing that this one is your ideal type in front of yourself is embarrassing, indeed.”

“You were! Why have you done this?! I will never forgive you if you don’t explain the reason I can accept!”

“Haven’t this one told you this one would like to study your skill more properly? For that this one needs to experience your skill more properly.”

“…And what does that mean?”

“The spell this one just used is called Reincarnation. It is not a complete spell, so it fails to truly deserve such a grand name, but in short it returns the caster to their past self. This one has returned to this one’s body to its former youth, resetting my level. Thus this one would now be able to feel and study not only the last skill you have used but the other ones that didn’t quite work.”

So I scanned Diana yet once again. For sure this pretty girl looks like a younger form of Diana. But how should I describe it? I don’t see the aura. Diana’s beauty before the Reincarnation spell had an overwhelming aura that I wouldn’t dare to get close to. I’m not saying Diana now is not beautiful. Since Diana now is a younger form of the goddess-like beauty, she indeed is a pretty girl that I would call one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. But compared to her past goddess-like beauty, she does look poor. Of course, my view may be biased because I prefer somewhat older women, but that’s definitely not the only reason. Is this what level adjustment is about?

“Wait, you said your former-self, so does it mean you’ll return to what you used to look like once you grow up?”

Great! Candle snatching!

“Hmm. You’re right. It will take about a thousand years.”

What the fuck?! No! You can’t do this to me!

“Don’t look at this one like that. This one can’t help it. We elfs grow slowly.”

Fuck! Her ears were pointy, right! What a damned race! Fuck the Race of Beauty!

“Do not feel such despair. At least you know this one will grow for a few years.”


“Hmm. I suppose this is new to you since you’re an Outlander. We elf’s grow at about the same rate as humans until the body reaches its pregenital stage. And the growth stops when it’s in the early 20s, and the elves live with their body at their pregenital stage for a very long time, then they grow again at the same rate with the human bodies when we reach the end of our lifespan. Therefore the appearance I had earlier was back when I only had several decades left. And this appearance hasn’t reached its pregenital stage yet.

“The Reincarnation spell completely resets the level, so this one’s former-self when this one was level 1. That means there is room for some growth.”

In short, it’s impossible for me to see her in her late 20s appearance before I die, but she’ll soon grow to her early 20s.

“…Alright. I’ll accept you as my party member.”

“Mmm? This one thought that was already decided.”

“That was when you had the appearance I preferred! You have deceived me by not saying what’s more important than resetting the level! How are you going to apologize to this betrayed mind? Huh?!”

“You are really honest to your desire. Alright, what do you want for this one to do?”

“I don’t! You can’t do anything but return to what you used to look like!”

“Hmm. This one will grant you to take this one’s virginity. How does that sound?”

“Of course, very terrible– huh? I’m sorry? What?”

“This one said Virginity. Virginity. You may consider this an honor.”

Right. She said she’s back to her former-self when she was level 1. So, that means she’s back to her virgin-self! Moreover, she hinted that the reason my foreplays didn’t work was the level difference. But now Diana’s level is back to 1, my level is much higher than hers. In short, this means I can violate the virginity of the pretty lady before me and make her indulge in pleasure using my skills.


I gulped down before I knew, and stared at Diana.

“Well then, let’s begin. Being level 1 is quite inconvenient in many ways. Also, use the skills. This one has used the Reincarnation spell for that purpose.”

With that I realized. Diana is not interested in sex in itself. She literally sees sex as a process to level up, and nothing else. The only reason she’s having sex with me is because of her interest in the characteristics of the Saint job’s skills.

She said she’ll grow up, but once she’s done experiencing and analyzing the skills, there’s a chance that she’ll leave me.

And I don’t like that idea.

She’s beautiful, and she’s guaranteed to be an archmage if I level her up. I can’t let her go.

Then this is the only chance I got. I don’t know how experienced she is. Her level was very high. And what if this isn’t her first time using the reincarnation skill? Even if I count my game experiences, I will be nowhere near her. That must be how she’s so relaxed with having sex. But Diana is now only level 1 and she’s never experienced my skills. Maybe I could capture her mind if I really want. This is not a game and I don’t know if that’s possible, but it’s worth a try. If it works that’s great, and if I fail, I can make an excuse that I was just using skills.

Alright. It’ll be fine. I can do it. You’ve done numberless disciplines on girls.

A mere level 1 is nothing to me.

Mind-controlling myself, I reached my hands on Diana.

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If I started writing a few days earlier, I could have written a coition death ending as an April fools joke. What a shame.

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redwine180 // MC’s lust is great, but there are environmental factors. He’s dropped to a world you level up by having sex, because he’s a virgin so he’s got fantasies. The fact that he can have sex with beautiful women he’d never dare to talk to in real life must have encouraged him. He’ll probably learn from the experiences.

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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