The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 25

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 25

Archmage – 6


I hurried to the room and anxiously waited for Diana. I neatly folded the bed sheet, checked my face in the mirror, and as for a shower… do I need to do it another time because I’ve been outside after the last one?

If anyone saw how nervous I was, they’d say I looked like a virgin who were about to have sex for the first time. I must look like one, because I only had it twice in real life. And they were both a little too embarrassing to claim that I have had sex. The first one was me, being squeezed out by Alicia as I got reverse-raped. And the second one was sex in the dungeon to heal Sarah. The first one was a simple act of me just tensing my muscles to hold it in for as long as I could, and that doesn’t count as a sex. As for the second one: I don’t even remember what I did, what I felt, and what emotions I had.

In short, this is my first time for the proper experience. Of course, Diana’s purpose is to satisfy her curiosity as a mage by experiencing my skills with her body, but I don’t care. What’s important is that I have the lead, and I’m sound in mind for this one.

While I was hesitating if I should take another shower, Diana suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the room without any sign.

“Hmm. This one supposes this one kept you waiting.”

Diana looked around and said seeing me sitting on the bed having butterflies in my stomach.

“N-no? What are you talking about? I never waited! I was so relaxed! Oh, right! We talked about meeting at this hour! Oh my, having an appointment with a woman is so common I almost forgot about this one!”

“You even have a sex-related job, and your actions scream that you’re a virgin.”

“V-v-v-virgin?! What part of this relaxed body do you think it screams virgin?! Huh?!”

“Sigh…. Fine. Fine. This one understands, just don’t rush yourself.”

Said Diana, astonished and letting out a sigh. Damn it. Just wait and see. I will change that relaxed voice to moans distorted with pleasure.

“Well, then. This one supposes you are ready, let’s begin.”


“Hmm? What is it?”

“I need to check one thing first. As a Saint, I have sworn to use my strength only to women that meet my criteria. To begin with, show me your face.”

“…Are you saying that knowing who this one is?”

“That is that and this is this. I only trust my eyes.”

“This one thinks it wouldn’t matter much. Are you satisfied now?”

Said Diana, as she grabs the hood of the robe and slowly pulled it back. When I saw her revealed face, I couldn’t make a single sound. Hell, I even forgot how to blink.

Peerless, Siren, Sylph, Aphrodite; whatever the phrase it is it would only diminish her beauty. She’s got overwhelming beauty that the Goddess of the Beauty herself would feel miserable for her own face if she sees Diana. Softly waiving silver hair sparkled as if every single strand is drawn with platinum, and mysterious silver pupils that had the same color with the hair dazzled as it contained polished gems. Would she be just a bit little older than me? Her soft first impression, which makes you feel the comfort that could embrace anything, harmonizes with her benevolent smile and makes her beauty shine even more. Her long ears that were pointy at the sideways told me that she is not a human. She was a beautiful woman that has the ascension of the image of my ideal type, a woman with a gentle impression.

Her overwhelming beauty would make anyone I thought was beautiful look like a squid in a flash if she stood next to Diana. Seeing the mysterious and holy beauty, I felt like I was committing a sin that I even thought about having sex with such a woman.

“How is it? Do you now see how indiscreet your claim was?”

“Yes? Yes, I do….”

“This one may take that as an agreement for satisfying your criteria.”

“O-of course.”

“Well then, you may begin.”

She gave me her permission, but I couldn’t help but to hesitate. Am I really permitted to land my hand on her? What I’m about to do felt like an unethical thing to do, like drawing a doodle on famous paintings.

“What is up with you now?”

“Well, you need to get naked first….”

“Hmm. This one may presume the skills won’t be effective with the clothes on?”


They would, if I use caress skills like Saints Touch, but I can’t avoid the efficiency getting lower. And there are more skills I can activate during sex. With clothes on, I can’t show everything.


“W-what’s the matter?”

“I don’t know if you can control yourself to use the skills after seeing this one’s naked body.”

That’s absurd confidence but with that face it’s understandable. I almost lost myself seeing her face. Can I really be myself looking at the body of such a beautiful woman? I can’t be sure.

“This leaves this one no choice. This one warns you: don’t you dare to leap on me.”

Diana warned me and took off her robe. Surprisingly, she was already naked under her robe. Her muscleless figure looked limitlessly soft that made me imagine she’s never lifted anything heavier than a spoon. Her large breasts, that were somehow hidden under a robe, defied gravity and maintained its beautiful shape. Her waist is so slim I doubted how that’d support such large breasts. And it connects to her hip line with a sharp curve. Her body was just as perfect as her face.

Inside my mind, my lust won over the awe. When I couldn’t wait any longer and tried to leap on her, my whole body was snared by some unseen power. I couldn’t even move my fingers.

“What do you think my warning was for? This one hasn’t made her way to you to be humped. Control yourself and use the skill. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes.”

Unsnared, I activated the Saints Touch and carefully reached her large breasts.


That giddy feeling of my fingers being buried. To such an endlessly soft texture I felt my fingers being welded to her breasts, and melting away. I lost my purpose and started focusing on just kneading her breasts.

I lift her breasts upward and make them bounce to enjoy seeing them jiggle, I grab them with my entire palm as if I muffle them, and I gently stroke them in a circle.

Her breasts were so large I couldn’t cover them with my hand and they would overflow between my fingers. And they were so soft that I doubted it’s human skin.

“Hmmm…. This one doesn’t mind how you knead them, but are your skills really active?”

“Pardon me? Yes, of course.”

Saints Touch is activated. Maybe I’m not doing this right. I got scared that Diana would say she’s done with me, so I touched her body even passionately. I gently touched her breast with her tits between my index finger and middle finger to gently twist it, and gently pull it as if I’d pinch it.

“Hmm. This one does have a unique flow of energy. Not something this one has ever felt before, not quite.”

Despite my most sincere care, Diana’s face didn’t change at all and she’d simply devote herself to analyzing my skills. Gosh, is my skill not effective at all? Feeling anxious, I redoubled my efforts but there were no signs for her expression to be changed.

Right. I was stupidly touching her breasts only. I turned my narrowed view from her breasts and looked at her body as a whole. I know I’m saying this one too many times but her shape is just tremendous. But she must not be that sensitive; she doesn’t look sexually excited at all after all that foreplay! How does she manage to stay still after my foreplay moves even with my skills activated? It’s strong enough to force orgasm for Sarah when she was badly injured!

“Don’t use just one skill but others.”

I was already going to. I activated Saints Holy Water, the skill that makes my body fluids act as aphrodisiac, making the area on effect sensitive and increasing sexual excitement. And I draw my face near hers to kiss her.

“Wait. Do you have to kiss me to use that skill?”

But my attempt to kiss her failed because she put her hand between our faces.


I was just trying to do my first kiss as I use the skill.

“Then do it elsewhere. You do not have to kiss this one.”

Fuck. She can let me bang her but not kiss her? What did I get myself into? Does this world have a weird sense of chastity that you can have sex because of levelling but kisses is only for lovers? That upsets me but I can’t rebel to her so with the anger on my mouth I started sucking her breast.

“Hmm. The energy flows do feel different….”

But even with Saints Holy Water her reaction was light. To be exact, I could never think my skills were effective on her. Damn it. This is not the picture I had in my head. At this point I got to use my final resort. Saints skills are mostly used during sex, anyways. Let’s see how long you can take this.

I picked her body up, took her to bed, and gently put her down. Oh my gosh, the feeling of hugging her body is insane. Her body softly wraps over my skin like boneless mollusk; you can never know what it feels like before you actually feel it. After putting her down I pulled my pants and underwear at the same time, but Diana stopped me by raising her leg and gently pushing my belly away from her. I mean, what now?!

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Huh? Sex, of course.”

“Sigh…. Are you out of your mind?”

Don’t tell me you’re refusing the real game when we came this far. Please. No. That’s a torture.

“S-Saints skills are mostly uses during sex. You can’t say you’ve experienced them without having sex!”

Being anxious, I desperately argued.

“Tell this one, how massive do you believe the level gap between you and this one is.”

“That is of course very large….”

“You realize this and you still want to have sex? This one values magic research but that doesn’t mean this one would take away someone else’s life on it.”

“What?! What do you–……”

“Do you not understand? In short, were you to have sex with me, you shall perish from a heart attack no matter what.”


I scanned her from the toe to top again. She’s an impeccably beautiful woman that satisfies my ideal type by 200%. I am confident the luck of meeting a beautiful woman of her class would never happen again. And you’re saying I have to take a step back with such a beautiful woman’s naked body before me? My sense and instinct viciously fought in my head.

Guwon! Do you think you’ll ever meet someone like this ever again?! Put it in! Can you say you’re a saint without doing this?!

Are you mad?! Don’t waste your life on this! You need to survive first before anything. Get your pants on.

There was a voice of a devil that lists out sweet words and the voice of an angel that directly faces reality. and it was the angel who won the argument.

Fuck. Yeah. Life is the most valuable thing in the world. If I stay alive, I will get a second chance. I looked down to pull up my pants, crying tears of blood in my heart. That was the moment I saw it; the slightly opened crack of clean, pink pussy before my penis.

Fuck! Who the fuck can restrain himself after seeing that?!

I couldn’t win over my instinct, pushing her leg away and thrusting my hip on her all the way in.

“What on earth you think you are– Hhhaaaah!”


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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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