The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 24

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 24

Archmage – 5


So I returned early today from the dungeon exploration, and I went to see the Guide Lady to make a report on the transcendent and cash in the magic stones.

“Lady! It’s me!”

“Welcome. You are more energetic than usual.”

She’s not surprised a bit by me being covered with blood. Man, getting used to something really is creepy.

“Of course, lady. Look at this! I’ve hunted a transcendent!”

“P-pardon me?! A transcendent?! W-which one……?”

“Well, I went to the wolfdog habitat and, voila! I saw a house-sized wolfdog! It sure was a strong one, but yes. You have guessed. I struck it down with a single blow!”

“A-allow me a moment. We would like a precise record, so please describe it again one more time but slowly. To begin with, how big was it exactly? You said it was as big as a house, so was it about 3~4 meters tall?”

“…2….2? Maybe 2.5….”

“Why would you lie about something that would be exposed so quickly..….?”

The lady looked at me pathetically. I mean, is it a big fault to exaggerate my episode a bit to a pretty lady?

“Sigh…. So, what were the item drops?”

“I got them here.”

I took out the magic stone and the wolfdog transcendent’s penis and put it on the desk.

“Now that is a very unique item. I have never seen something like this before.”

“Is that so? Considering how the person who went exploring with me reacted, it is rare but not one of a kind.”

“Penises are rare, but it is not my first time seeing it. But they are dropped as shrinked ones so they need to be processed. I have never seen one unprocessed and erected.”

The guide lady grabbed the thing and squeezed it as if she checked how hard it is. Woah! Lady, you are bold! I think I figured out the real usage for this useless thing. If you ask beautiful women to evaluate the item, you can see their handjobs! That dirty looking wolfdog penis suddenly looks like a godlike item!

“Considering the size of the magic stone, I estimate the recommended level for it is similar to the monsters of the second floor. Was there anything else that seemed particular to you?”

“Yes. It had enormously many female wolfdogs accompanying it. You’d imagine it had every single one of female wolfdogs near it.”

“You are lying again…. If that was the case you would not have made it back.”

“No, it’s true this time! Thankfully the mage who went with me was so powerful she just wiped them all.”

I pointed at where Sarah and Diana was waiting, and the guide lady’s eyes opened wide.

“A powerful mage with that look…. Could it be?! Guwon, do you happen to know her name?”

“I heard it’s Diana?”

“The honorable Diana?!”

The honorable? Is she that great? I thought she isn’t just an ordinary mage when she thought she’d know who she is by just telling her name.

“Is she that great?”

“You didn’t know and you were with her?! She’s The Honorable Diana! The Diana! Known for being the origin for all magic systems mankind uses, who stood on the cusp of all mages ever existed from the ancient times to these days! The legend of the legend who is addressed by the Supreme Mage and is revered by every mages! She’s THE Diana!”

Something overpowered descriptions just went through my ears. What? The Supreme mage? The one who stood on the cusp? And I asked her to carry a wolfdog penis? It’s a miracle I’m alive! But more than that, from the ancient times? How old is she?

“It is amazing how unique the people around you are, including Sarah.”

“Sarah? What about Sarah? Don’t tell me she’s the Supreme Archer of some sort.”

“Of course not, but…. I cannot tell you if you do not know. Even to a party member their personal information is kept as a secret.”

That can’t be the statement from someone who just leaked the personal information of Diana. I suppose that proves that Diana is that famous.

“Anyways, the compensation for the information on the transcendent will be given to you tomorrow. And this is how much your magic stones were worth.”

The amount of money she handed me was unexpectedly more than what we got yesterday. Hunting a strong monster worth more than massacring younglings. No wonder why the adventurers wish to go deeper.

When I returned to the group, Sarah was looking around like usual, and Diana was standing still next to her. Can you not say you’re a countryside lady anymore with your whole body and learn from Diana?

“Well, let’s split it into three even cuts for the Honorable Diana. That’s fair, right? She’s dealt the half of the wolfdogs, anyway.”

“What could be the reason for you to suddenly address this one with a title? That doesn’t suit you.”

“What could be the reason? How may I not do so to the Supreme Mage?”

“Huh?! The Supreme Mage?!”

So she’s a famous figure even a countryside lady Sarah would know. But why didn’t you know her by her name?

“Haha. You don’t have to practise good manners with this one. Just be yourself.”

“Really? Can I? Great. By the way, how old are you? It seems you’re really aged.”

“…You really are an amazing man. You do not have to question this one’s age. ‘Tis rude to ask the age of a woman, after all.”

The kind of person who says that is really old that asking would be rude. But I kept this thought inside my head. If I mess with her too much and it upsets her, I don’t know if I’ll be alive anymore.

“Let’s go to the inn.”

We need to sell the misc items and look for gears to wear, but I really need a shower right now.

“This one has a business to attend. Let us split for now.”

Huh? But I haven’t let you taste my skills yet!

[This one will visit you early in the night. Then this one may experience your skills.]

I heard the voice inside my head. She’s definitely an archmage. She can send telepathy like it’s nothing..

“You do? What a shame. See you later, then!”


With that voice she disappeared into a thin air. You can do just about everything with magic, huh. I should ask her about being a mage.

“Is that alright?”

“Huh? About what?”

“She’s the archmage. You never know when you’ll meet her again, so don’t you feel like it’s a shame she’d just left?”

“She said ‘split for now.’ I suppose we’ll meet her again soon.”

Like really soon. But Diana must have used telepathy for Sarah as well. I don’t have to tell her everything. For mostly my peace.

I took a shower at the inn and went to Hans & Erina. For some reason only Erina was keeping the shop. Right, it’s my first time being here around this hour. Great timing, though. I took out the wolfdog’s penis on the counter.

“I got it from the wolfdog transcendent. How much is it worth?”

“Oh my, first discovery I guess? How peculiar, being erected before you process it.”

Saying that Erina checked the item by poking it. She’s a wife to someone with that face. What a thief Hans is! I mean, a man of culture may enjoy anyone in the action. This is a teen-faced married woman playing with a dildo. That’s hot.

“What are you thinking?”

“H-huh?! W-what do you mean?!”

Sarah is staring at me with narrow eyes. Does she look through me now?

“Are you really going to sell this to us?”

“Yeah. Oh, you don’t trade these things?”

“Yes, we do. Posh ladies sometimes buy it, but normally the adventurers would yield it to the priest in their party.”

“Huh? Yield it to the priest?”

“Didn’t you know? The monster penises are one of the core materials for making their staffs.”

What?! Why would you make a staff with– Oh right. I almost forgot the goddess here is insane. So the priests believing in her would be insane too.

“Oh. Thanks for telling me that. Then I’ll keep it and sell the other ones.”

A staff, huh. We definitely could use some help from a healer for sure. I could recruit a priest as a party member, or I could get a priest job myself and be a healer and a tanker. Either way we’d need a staff so let’s keep it for now.

“By the way, do you happen to know an armor shop you’d recommend? I want to buy some gears but I don’t know one.

“If that’s the case, why don’t you visit the forge Hans’s younger sibling runs? That kid is still young but I can guarantee the kid’s skill.”

That bear-like Hans’s little sibling…. Welp, I suppose I’m asking too much to ask for a lady at the forge.

So I went to the forge Erina told us, and I saw the sign written Hannah’s Forge. So what she meant by Hans’s younger sibling was a sister! We went in and we saw a fit woman with bronze skin wearing bold clothing that exposes her muscular shape. She doesn’t look like Hans’s sister at all! Her face is wild but characteristic, and her healthy bronze skin and muscles were not creepily big but complements feminine curve. Genes are cruel sometimes. I didn’t know Hans had a pitiful background. I don’t feel sorry for him, though. What’s more is that the forge had lots of customers, which meant the forge is famous.

I deeply thought about what I want to do with armor, and I concluded that I don’t want to wear armor that restricts my movements. So the alternative method I came up with is wearing leather armor that sets more importance on movability over defense, and I wear metal gauntlets and boots. Having Fighter as a job, I often use my hands and feet, and I naturally block the attacks with my arms and legs. So that would significantly boost my defense. Additionally my attack damage will increase, too.

“Shouldn’t we get some help from the clerk?”

Said Sarah, looking at me with a suspicious look who was observing the armor.

“Don’t bother. I have an eye for this.”

Because I can literally see them. It wasn’t useful until now, but the game system that I can see works on the items too. For example, if I were to compare these two gauntlets that look exactly the same, one has 10 defense points and the other one has 11 defense points; the right one is better.

The reason I didn’t think about getting help from Diana who seemed well-informed when I had no idea about the armor is that I had my trust with the game system.

“Sarah, do you see anything you want to buy?”

“I’m fine.”

“Don’t be shy and buy a light leather armor or something. I’ll cover you if you lack some money.”

She’d be in the back line but it can never be guaranteed that she wouldn’t get attacked. It’d be better for her to wear some armor at least.

“I’m fine.”

“I’m not. If you get attacked again, you might have to have sex with me at the dungeon, again.”


She found it hard to refuse anymore, and reluctantly agreed with a blush on her face. So I brought some best items at moderate price on the shelves to the counter. Hannah’s eyes were bright seeing me doing so.

“You look like a beginning adventurer and you have good eyes. I can see that you know which items are good, eh?”

“Well, it’s one of my numberless merits.”

“Hey, isn’t your mouth properly open as well? I don’t dislike your kind.”

“You do? I, too, don’t dislike a lady like you either. Actually, I’m terribly sorry for being cocky. I like you. Do you want to level up together if you don’t mind–”

“Hey! What are you talking about?!”

C’mon! She’s the first beautiful lady actually expressing her interest in me! Don’t mess with my relationship!

“Hahahaha. You’re a fun guy.”

Hannah laughed thinking I was joking and calculated the price for us. Damn it. I wasn’t joking.

I failed hitting on Hannah, thank you Sarah, but my hope still hasn’t been extinguished. I still had an appointment with Diana. By the time we had dinner, I couldn’t control myself because I was so anticipated about the nighttime. I’m eating while talking with Sarah, but none of her words actually made it to my ears.

“Are you listening?”

“Huh? Yeah. Of course I’m listening.”

“What’s wrong? You look nervous for some time now.”

“No. Nothing. Don’t mind it.”

I don’t know how she’d mess it up if she figures it out.

“Anyways, about that. I learned something from it.”

“Really?! That’s great! Then let’s do even better tomorrow! Good night!”

When I saw a familiar chunk of cloth at the corner of my view while making insincere replies to Sarah talking, I returned to my room without any hesitation.

Hehehe. The best mage, you say? She must have the highest level in the world. So her beauty must be world-class, right?

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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