The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 19

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 19


I had grandpa’s body in my arms and cried until the townspeople found us. With their help I buried him, and even after the funeral I just kept crying looking at his grave.

I don’t know how long it has been. A week? A month? Maybe more. Seeing me just crying staring at the grave like a wasted person, a middle-aged woman felt pity for me, held my hands and talked to me.

“Sarah. I understand your feeling but you need to move on. What would your grandfather think of you if you stay in this way?”


“See, if you keep doing this he won’t easily rest in peace.”

That woke me up. She’s right. Grandpa won’t rest in peace like this. I need to get his revenge. But how? He is a strong adventurer that I would be a no match. Then I should get stronger too! I have a job named Hero that’s optimized for getting strong. If I want, I can get stronger than anyone else in the world.

For the first time in my life, I felt thankful for having a Hero job. 

That’s right. I’ll get strong. I’ll get strong and get our revenge. I’m sorry grandpa. I don’t think I will live the life you wanted me to live.

After that my acts were fast. To locate where the adventurer is, I visited Chief Edmund’s house to hear from him. Apparently he bluffed about earning a fortune at Dungeon City.

I went to my home and took a knife for self-protection, a bow my grandpa made me all by himself, and a few quivers from the pile.

The town I lived nearby was a small town of slash-and-burn farmers. A town where everyone shares the work and whatever they get from it, and is small enough to make money useless. So when I left the town, I was penniless. I had to survive hunting the rabbits and eating the meat I can get from them on my way to the dungeon. I hunted them using my knife. Not knowing what the dungeon is like, I couldn’t waste any arrow. While hunting, I and my Hero job levelled up a few times. When I finally made it to the Dungeon city after a long period, I  and my Hero job was at level 7.

“Sure, the registration fee is 2 silvers. To check your identity, please put your hand on the status paper.”

That’s how I bumped into a hurdle as soon as I barely made it to the city.

“I-I’ll come back later.”

What should I do? What should I do now? I’ve never ever seen money before. Of course, I wouldn’t have such a fortune. I came here to get my revenge, but at this stage it’d be fortunate if he doesn’t decide to rape me again if we meet again. I need to get stronger for my revenge, and the dungeon with its endless supply of monsters is perfect for me to get strong. But to enter the dungeon? It’s necessary for me to get registered as an adventurer. With my arms crossed, I stood at a corner of the guild building and fell in thoughts. Should I leave the city and earn some money by hunting the monsters outside? But this is a city where the adventurers endlessly supply it with things from the dungeon. How long would it take for me to collect 2 Silvers, then?

“Hey, is everything alright?”

A man walked up and talked to me. With my beauty, I’m used to how men look at me. And I know very well what it means. Do every man think the same way? And he’s an adventurer. It makes me want to puke just for being near him. Like that bastard, his head must be filled with getting laid and nothing else.

“No. Thank you.”

There was only one way I would act to such men. But he was persistent. No matter how nasty my tone was, he continued the conversation with soft words. 

“I’m not very bright with this world so I need a partner.”

That’s what grabbed my interest. Grandpa wanted me to live a life that’s not related to a Hero job in any way. I would use the job for revenge, but I don’t want to reveal it to anyone. But he just said he’s not bright with this world. Maybe I could fool him and lie over it even if I get too strong with my Hero job.

I need a partner if I’m going to a dungeon anyway. Even if my partner is a male, which I hate to be with, I can get over it for revenge. If he walked up to me for my body, it’s just about adding another target. I decided to be with the adventurer named Guwon, temporarily.

Unexpectedly, he was telling the truth about needing a partner, he lent me the money for the registration fee. I suppose that wasn’t small money for him seeing how he’s dressed up.

The job Hero appeared on the status paper during the registration, and I had to make sure it’s kept as a secret. Thankfully the guide explained to me it’s for the administration purpose only and my privacy kept safe, guaranteed. 

But just in case I threatened her so she would never tell it to anyone. It is a threat by a Hero she’d never know how strong I’ll get, so a mere guide wouldn’t dare to spill it.

And then we head to the dungeon right away. I didn’t like how friendly Guwon was dealing with me, but I could understand his intention for the survivability of the party. But is he really an outlander? He’s so experienced in hunting as a party. But soon I could erase the suspicion, because he talked about stat points, skill points, which didn’t make any sense. I suppose he really is an outlander.

And when I hid my hero level and told him my Archer and Hunter level, he kindly decided to help my growth, even at his loss. He must be preparing for a long-term party rather than a short one. Seeing how serious he is at hunting in the dungeon, I think I was right to decide partying up with him.

The dungeon was more harsh than I thought. A mere rabbit was level 10. If I entered the dungeon by myself I could have died even if I’m a hero. On that day, I levelled up my job with comfort thanks to Guwon’s help. But I didn’t let my guard down. He could always be that guy who came for my body. But in the last fight, he threw his body to save me from a threat. I never thought he would do this much for me. He’s really devoted to me. Is it really because he needs a party member? Or is he just a good person but stupid? Seeing how he humorously pretended to be in pain when he’s covered in blood, I couldn’t tell for sure.

While Guwon went to cash in the magic stones, I looked around the guild to see if there’s the man who tried to rape me. I know he’s around somewhere in this city, but I want to know his whereabouts. I know it’s far-fetched to find someone at such a large place. I can take this slowly. I haven’t gained enough strength to take revenge yet, have I? I’ve got plenty of time until I become strong enough.

Guwon handed me half of what he got from selling the magic stones. I knew I only got helped by him so I refused the money, but Guwon knew how he wanted to run the party, so I couldn’t help but to accept it. I can’t do much at this point but to get help. But I can’t stand owing anybody anything. I’ll grow my strength and be a useful hand for him. Once I level up, my performance in the battle will be much better than this man. I can pay back what I owe now.

I was surprised that I was actually thinking of staying at the man’s party. I suppose I found him trustworthy knowing how much he’s sacrificed for me. 

But my trust was shaken when Guwon tried to stay in the same room with me. Apparently this man walked up to me for my body. I found myself foolish that I actually tried to trust him for being together for such a short period of time. But then again, he was just worried about me spending a night outside, he gave me the money for the room and he’ll sleep on the street. Is he really not partying up with me for my body? Really?

I got nervous lying on a bed, but Guwon fell asleep as soon as he laid on the floor as if he wanted to prove his innocence, and nothing happened that night.

And the next day, Guwon solely focused on helping my growth. Now I was certain that this man is really not with me for my body.

That’s what I thought, so when Guwon mentioned we’ll have to level up the next day, I got disappointed. So he had a longer plan but he was going for the same as the other men. Then he added he’s not saying let’s do it together but go somewhere and level up with anyone else for further exploration of the dungeon. Of course, I don’t intend to. After that night just thinking about my body touching a man gives me goosebumps. And being in the arms of a man? Even if that’s a shortcut for our revenge, I don’t want to do it. With Hero’s strength, I can level up by killing monsters. It may be slower than sex, but growth rate isn’t the only advantage of the Hero job, so it doesn’t matter if my level is a bit low.

I’ll probably become stronger than that man even if my level is a bit low.

I looked at Guwon once again. I’m now totally certain that this man is not going for my body. And he’s kind enough to give me unconditional help. Will I ever be able to meet another partner like this, if I split up with him? I’m sure I won’t. Maybe he is a gift from the Goddess to help me get our revenge! And he’s an outlander whom the Goddess brought to this world herself. I feel like that we were really destined to meet.

So I kept persuading him to continue fighting. I thought maybe I could persuade him without revealing that I’m a hero because he’s an outlander. But even an outlander had a bit of general knowledge because he didn’t agree at the beginning but he seemed to be considering. Should I tell him I’m a Hero? But it makes me hesitate when I think about what Grandpa said on how people reacted to a hero. But then, he’s a gift from the Goddess. Should I trust him for once?

Then we suddenly met a few wolfdogs and the battle began. Guwon ran to the wolfdogs and I shot a few arrows, and then the wolfdogs attacked me from behind. I was bewildered, but I carefully dodged and repositioned myself. With the Hero job I was physically more capable than a normal level-8 archer, so male wolfdogs with a certain weakness aren’t threats to me. I quickly handled the male wolfdogs by shooting my arrows at their testicles, but Guwon left the fight with female wolfdogs and ran to me, probably to help me. He didn’t have to worry about me that much. 

Then I saw one of the female wolfdogs looking up. I recognize that position, which Guwon definitely said that’s what they do before they call their backup. I quickly drew my bow, but one idea came up in my head. What if I perform well in the battle against their backup and persuade him that I can grow up via battles? And as I hesitate, Guwon got in front of me so I couldn’t stop it from calling its backup. Alright, now we’re at it, let’s show him what I got.

But the things didn’t turn out to be in my favor. The number of wolfdogs were beyond my imagination, and there were too many of them to cover Guwon and attack me. But Guwon was dealing with them successfully enough for stronger ones to attack him, and only the male ones were coming for me. I thought I’d better reduce their numbers first, and shot the arrows at the male wolfdogs.

Maybe they were upset about me doing so. Two female wolfdogs suddenly separated from the main group and jumped at me with their fast movement. I just shot my last arrow so my quiver was empty. To avoid its attack I fall from the tree, but rather unstably and I hurt my leg.

I can’t die like this, I haven’t gotten our revenge yet! That’s what I thought, so I took out my knife and faced the female ones. I can do this. I’m a hero. I can deal with these wolves. And I succeeded at handling one, but at the next attack I felt cruel pain and lost my consciousness. 

How long have I been unconscious? At the foreign feeling I had all over the body, I was back to myself. And via the blurry vision, I found a man on me shaking his hips.

D-don’t tell me…?!

I got a flashback of the bad memory, so I desperately resisted. But I couldn’t move or feel my arms and legs. Am I being…. the thing… again? 

“Ugh…Wh-what…are you…. S-stop….”

“Sarah, listen to me. You can live! Alright? I know you don’t want this, but this will save you. Just bear with me for a bit.”

I looked at the man at his nonsense, then I realized. This man thrusting his hips on me is bleeding and crying like a small kid. And he’s rambling things about being worried about me. A man, not minding his own body covered with blood, was worried about me and was raping me. I couldn’t follow the situation. What the hell is going on?

Then a foreign feeling stormed on my body.

W-what was that?

My body felt tense and it twitched convulsively, and I felt I gained some of my strength back.

Am I being healed? Is this what you meant by this will save me? I seemed to have understood the situation, but the strange feeling the man gave me overwhelmed my head, and I lost myself again.

After a while, I was able to get off from him after I got fully healed. I fell in thought as I left the dungeon with Guwon who still hadn’t fully recovered from the shock of my close call with death.

I got raped, but strangely enough I don’t find him resentful unlike the last time. All of this wouldn’t have happened if I never hesitated and shot the wolfdog. Recalling the face crying over my life not his own, I can’t hate him. He really was desperate to just heal me. 

What makes me feel complex is having sex with him. The night my grandpa died, just the touch of the adventurer stripping me was horrible by itself. But with Guwon? The strange feeling was definitely pleasure. For healing or not, I was getting raped! And I was a virgin. I heard it hurts the first time, but I never felt any pain during the act. Why is it so different? And what makes the difference? It seems like the Saint job is related to sex, so it has to do something with it. But is it everything? Are the feelings I got during the act all because of a job? I don’t think so.

I just remembered that my friend once told me having sex with someone you like gives you happiness. Happiness? It did feel good, too much I couldn’t think straight at all. So does that mean I like the man? Me? Someone whom I just met? I did think we were destined to meet, but it was for revenge. Or was it?

The more I think, the less sure I got with my feelings. And now I want to check what my feelings really are.

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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