The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 14

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 14


I woke up at 6 o’clock the next morning like usual. My body feels heavy and I blame skipping the daily routine yesterday. Maybe I’m just imagining it. Maybe it’s because I slept on the floor and let her have the bed. 

She definitely hesitated borrowing 2 Silvers from me, but when I said she can sleep on the bed, she accepted right away without refusing. Maybe I should think of it as the sign of getting closer. 

I looked to where the bed was. Sarah was still sleeping completely unguarded. She was trying not to show it but I could feel she was keeping an eye on me until I fell asleep. It seems she couldn’t last long against fatigue. 

Her slender waist and 11-shaped abs revealed under her tops rolled up was sexy. Gosh…. I wanna touch her. She seems completely asleep. She’d not know it if I touch her lightly. It felt like a devil was whispering me, but I shook my head to get that idea away. The more I think about it, it’s high-risk low-return. I can’t mess up my grand plan on a little temptation.

What should I do now?

I’d go have a meal then go to the guild, but now I’ve got a partner now so I can’t move alone. After persuading her to have meals together, it doesn’t feel right to have a meal alone or wake her up when she’s having a good sleep.

Staying in the room felt like a waste of time, so I came out of the inn to sell the misc items we got yesterday. It’s still early but the store is probably open.

You lose sense of time in the dungeon, so the adventurers naturally go in and out of the dungeon 24/7. So there were many general stores and bars run 24/7, as their main customers are adventurers. ‘Hans & Erina’ was open too, which was the general store I’ve become a patron. But the voice that greeted upon opening the door and entering the store was the owner Hans’s deep and low voice.


I didn’t answer and looked around. Erina wasn’t here. Erina is the name of the lady I saw on my first visit. He really marked his name and his daughter’s name on the same sign. Just how much does he love his daughter? Anyways, no Erina no business for me. Let’s just consider this visit a morning walk. I head back right away. 

“W-wait. Why’re you just leaving?”

“I got no business for a dark-skinned middle-aged man.”

“You’re always the same. Erina is busy today so she won’t be here for today.”

“Damn it! That leaves me no choice but to look for another store!”

“Woah, that hurts. I thought I’ve been paying you right, haven’t I?”

“I don’t choose a store for money. I choose for the person.”

“That sounds more wholesome than what you actually mean.”

Hans said with laughter, thinking my words were a joke. I’m so serious I’m speaking in Times New Roman.

“Do you like my Erina that much?”

“Nah. To be honest, she’s just okay.”

I’m coming to this store not because I like Erina but this is the only store with a young lady. Of course, I’d agree she’s got a cute charm, but that’s not enough to meet my standard that got higher by seeing high-level adventurers.

“That’s not very generous for someone’s wife, eh?”

“I’m just being honest.”

I only realized what that sentence meant after replying instinctively. 

What…… did you just say?!


“Oh my goddess, you’re blowing up my eardrums this early in the morning. What was that for?”

“Didn’t you just say WIFE?!”

“What about it?”

“You’re married?! You and Erina?!”


“She wasn’t your daughter?!”

“Just how can you mistake Erina as my daughter?”

“In every way people will see it as a parental relationship rather than a marital relationship, you thief! Just on what weakness have you blackmailed her? Explain what method and means you used!”

“You can speak rude words without any hesitation. I and Erina are in love, for sure.”

“How can you say that to a girl so younger than you? You’re a criminal! Just explain how you managed to hit on her with that face. I’ll judge after listening to you.”

“I can’t believe how much you’re mistaken. First of all, Erina and I are the same age.”

“…I’m sorry but how old are you?”

“Thirty-one by this year.”


I collapsed on the floor feeling my legs getting weak. So the place I’ve found after all that work, the oasis I found after avoiding the middle-aged men and women, was also a store being run by a middle-aged woman and man? Damn it, she’s 31 with that face. This is a fraud! I can easily get her to a court for that.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Shut up. My glass-sensitive mind is shattered now. I can’t trust anyone anymore.”

“If you’ve got no business, please don’t waste my time and leave.”

What a bear. It was you who stopped me. I let out a sigh.

“…. Alright. Here.”

It’s too late to go to another store now. Sarah could be awake, too.

“That’s less than the usual. Hmm? what’s this molar?”

“It’s dropped by a female wolfdog. The guild said it’s a new discovery.”

“Is that so….? I’ll pay you well, so if you find more of it, please sell it here.”

This world seems to believe that anything crafted from the items dropped by monsters brings fortune to them. They craft weapons, clothes, and even daily items like dishes out of them. The demand is high, so even if so many adventurers go in and out of the dungeon selling items, the general store keeps buying them. And for rare misc items, there is great competition going on.

I sold the items at a good price and came back to the inn. Come to think of it if we sold the items yesterday we’d have enough money to get two rooms. It was lucky that Sarah didn’t notice it. Wait, I guess I could have fapped before I went to bed yesterday if she noticed, so maybe it was unlucky.

I opened the door and there was Sarah with her tops off.


“Woah! I-I’m sorry!”

Saying that, I didn’t leave but scanned Sarah’s body. My name is Guwon. I don’t miss a chance.

Not to mention gourd-shaped waist, but the volume of her breasts squeezed under her arms are unexpectedly full, making the whole body look like an artwork. I thought you’re a cliff, but you’re good, Sarah. Her hair is wet too; she must’ve taken a shower. Damn it, that means if I was a minute faster she’d been fully naked.

“Just get out already!”

“Sorry. I didn’t see anything.”

When Sarah realized what’s going on she shouted, staring at me with sharp eyes. That eyes tells me she’d even kill me if I don’t leave at once. I saw everything but pretended to be surprised, covering my eyes with my hand and closing the door with the other.

Wow, she’s got a great body. It was indeed a correct answer to recruit Sarah. She can be snooty, alright, when she’s that pretty.

“You can come in now.”

I entered the room when Sarah called me after wearing her clothes. Thankfully she seemed not so angry.

“I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have come in if I knew you were naked.”

“…I know. It’s my fault not locking the door.”

Woah! That’s such an improvement. She’d be so startled when I approached in the beginning. I’m so proud of myself that I fought against the temptation by pinching my thighs last night. I can see my big picture is being completed!

“What’s more important is, where have you been this morning?”

“To sell misc items. Follow an example from someone so diligent like me. If you’ve woken up early, that wouldn’t have happened.”

I said what I didn’t have to say in excitement.

“Wait a minute. If you’d sell misc items last night we wouldn’t have had to stay in the same room!”

Damn it. I made a mistake. I made her realize that at the worst timing possible. I need to make an evasive argument.

“Y-you’re right! I was so tired I never thought that far.”

That was a bad excuse, and her eyes are now full of murderous spirit. How can she be so scary at that low level?

“Look, I really mean it. Nothing happened last night, after all! Haven’t you seen I fell asleep as soon as I lay down?”

Actually I was pretending to be asleep and was looking at her with slightly opened eyes and Sex Analyze activated, having all the fireworks of imagination going in my head but she’d never know it. Her erogenous zone was unexpectedly…. I’m definitely going to try it out.


Sarah, out of words, just stared at me. She never thought of selling the misc items first too, and she’s not trusting me. Well, I’d not if I were her.

But my newest ultimate ability ‘Haven’t You Seen Me Not Landing a Finger on You Sleeping in the Same Room?’ was super effective, Sarah couldn’t help but to agree that I don’t have any dark intentions.

“Okay, Shall we go hunt the wolfdogs?”

I brightly said. We raised her archer level by 3, so we must be able to raise it up further by 2. And after that…… kehehehe.

“Gladly. Let’s smash every testicles we can see.”

Said she with her eyes almost glowing sharply. Why is she doing this now? That’s scary.

“Right, let’s plan what we should do first when we encounter another female wolfdog.”

There’s no saying for sure we won’t encounter another one since what happened yesterday.

“We can just attack its genitals, can’t we? The magic stone was there, after all.”

She can speak those scary words like they’re nothing. I really wonder what kind of home discipline she’s got.

“I think it’s no use. It’s effective on male ones because you can seperate magic stone from its body. I don’t think it’d be as effective other than it being a critical hit.”

“I see. Then I’ll be up in the tree before we actually attack. If I make supportive shots from a safe point, the fight won’t be as tough as yesterday.”

Like she said, we had a tough time dealing with female ones thinking there’d be only male ones, but once Sarah’s safety is guaranteed, female wolfdogs aren’t that tough enemies to fight against. The wolfdogs can’t leap as high as a tree, so she just needs to be up in a tree before combat. But there are no guarantee that we might always find the wolfdogs before they find us, and Sarah will be exhausted early when we have her climb a tree before every combat.

“That’ll complicate things, won’t it? What about luring them, then?”

“Lure them?”

“Yeah. You stay up in a tree, and I’ll move around and lure them to you. When we’ve cleaned up the place, we can move to another place. That’ll be less work for you, right?”

“Of course, that’ll be less for me but what about you?”

“That’s better thinking the difference of stamina between you and me. Well, that’s decided, then.”

That decided, I let Sarah be on standby on a tree, and I lured a group of 2 female wolfdogs. I hoped to meet male ones only, but there isn’t much I can do. As soon as I lured them, Sarah shot an arrow at them right away, knowing she won’t get attacked.

The wolfdog got aggroed to her, dashed to the tree and jumped. Did it really think that it’d reach? I know it’s an animal but it should use its brain.

In amazement I just stayed and looked at what they’d do, but another wolfdog jumped on the first one and attempted using it as a platform to jump up higher.

What the fuck did they just do? Did they escape from a circus or something? What a move.

“Fly Swatter Blocking!”

That’s not a skill, by the way. I just shouted it. Why not?

I slapped the one that attempted a double jump in the air, so it never reached Sarah, but it definitely was a threatening move. 

It was fortunate that there were only 2 of them. If I lured a group of 3 and they did the same while I was dealing with one, it would have been horrible.

But it isn’t as threatening as before since we now know what they’d do. It’d be successful on surprise, but when we’re ready we can easily block it.

“Don’t worry about it and just shoot! I’ll deal with them one by one, so distract the other one!”

Sarah’s attacks wouldn’t be as impactful to hit a rapidly moving wolfdog, but it’s enough to distract them.

I first attacked the platform wolfdog’s head with Low Kick to stun it and started punching it. My Low Kick has strangely high proficiency thanks to dealing with short animals. I’ve acquired many other Fighter skills, but my most used skill is Low Kick. That won’t be good if I encounter another monster that low attacks are not effective.

I easily took out one and turned toward the one that’s going for Sarah. It already took her arrows several times.

Is it possible to land her arrows on wolfdogs with that level? She’s my first party member so I can’t say for sure, but Sarah seems better than the average for her level. Is her stats high? Anyways, seeing what she’s capable of, she’s qualified to say by herself that she’s talented. 

 The one that got hit by Sarah’s arrows couldn’t dodge my attacks and fall under a few kicks.

Great, at this pace, Sarah will reach her level limit by today.

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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