The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 12

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 12


There was indeed a change of method but we ended up spending  yet another day neutralizing the wild dogs.

“Let’s head back for today.”

I spoke seeing another wolfdog disappearing into a thin air with its testicle messed up by the arrows. Her job level must have levelled up; it took her lesser arrows to take down a dog. How can she be so much stronger with a few level-ups? 

Honestly, I could kill the wolfdogs with a single attack anyways so I never felt the benefit of levelling jobs.

The time was already 10 PM. We’ve been hunting since the morning, without a rest. It should be exhausting, but she was immersed in combat and never showed a hint of fatigue.

I didn’t say anything, but my whole body is wet as if I took a shower with sweat, you can see steam coming out from my whole body.

I was tired physically and mentally. I especially had to see the wolfdogs’ expression and their writhing from the front which is mentally exhausting. This is not a sane thing to.

“What do you mean? We’re far from being done. Or did you burn out already?”

You coldly said that but you’re completely soaked in sweat too. Do you feel nothing after seeing the wolfdogs’ sorrowful fate all day long? I must’ve chosen the wrong person for a party member.

“I can understand you so badly that you can’t sleep at your level, but it’s already night and if we continue now it’ll affect us tomorrow.”

“It’s night already?”

For your information this damned dungeon maintains a certain brightness as if the whole place glows. I don’t know how it’ll be down below, but this place is always bright as the daytime.

“Yeah it’s 10 in the night already. Today isn’t the only day so let’s wrap it up for today.”

“But I’m only at 5….”

It took so many days for me to reach level 10 Fighter. I think you’ve done great levelling up 3 times. 

Was she able to level up fast because she’s been practicing her bow until now even if it was limited by her own level? Or was it fast because she’s hunting monsters that have higher level than her? I want to test it out but how do you even test it out? Maybe I could just ask her. Job level is a thing for them.

“That’s still quite faster than me. Can you give me a tip?”

“T-tip?! W-well? Nothing I could think of. Maybe it’s just as simple as being talented.”

I suppose she’s right. Not to mention how snooty she is.

At the end of the day, job level is all about getting proficient. 

I’ve never used my punches other than the times I learned taekwondo during my military service; I suppose I could be slower than someone who properly learned bow skills from her grandfather.

Of course, being right doesn’t mean her snootiness can be forgiven.

“Ugh. Let’s get going then. I’m tired.”

I persuaded Sarah who couldn’t just quit and headed to the dungeon entrance. Then we encountered a wolfdog.

“How about finishing with that one?”

“Sounds good.”

I dashed at the wolfdog while it still didn’t notice me.

“Hi! I’m sorry but this is my job.”

The taunt got so much weaker because empathy grew on me while hunting with Sarah. I couldn’t keep joking about neutralization seeing all the writhing 


Unlike the wolfdogs that fear me, this one was quite hostile. That doesn’t change anything, though.

I barely dodged the wolfdog leaping at me and got to it’s rear side. The wofldog quickly turned to me as well.

Wasn’t this one’s leaping speed and reaction speed faster than the other ones?

Well, it still doesn’t have eyes on its back. Waiting for the moment, Sarah quickly drew her bow, but then was bewildered at what she saw.

“Hey! This one is a female! Do I shoot at its crotch too?!”


The wolfdog dashed at me. At its remarkably faster speed, I couldn’t react quick enough but to swing my arm only to be bitten by it.

“Gaagh! Fuck!”

I swore at the pain since there wasn’t much chance to be bitten these days. I was trying my best to use good language in front of her!

I punched it in its body with my other hand, then the wolfdog let me go. I might be too late but I can’t show more eyesore than now. Doing my best to cool my head, I stared at the wolfdog. It seems like it’s stronger than anything I’ve met before, but there’s a big gap in physical difference.


As if it’s really pissed off, it leaped at me once again to bite me. I punched the side of its head then kicked it with a Low kick. But it still didn’t die and tried to bite my leg. I had to dodge it and stomp on it. That finally did it for the wolfdog.

Four attacks! That’s a serious step up from the other ones!

My Fighter job levelled up to 10 and I got a few skills during that progression. So I should be much more powerful than the first time I fought the wolfdogs. And that still took 4 attacks to kill it. Is it a named monster or something similar?


I looked up at a sudden scream. There was a wolfdog approaching Sarah.

NO! Do you even know how hard it was to pick up her?! At her level, she’ll get hurt badly by it’s attack. 

I ran with all my strength and got between Sarah and the wolfdog that leaped aiming at her neck. I had to give my arm to be bitten but I managed to protect Sarah. Considering how horrible the pain is, it wouldn’t have been strange if it snapped Sarah’s neck in two parts.

“Behind you!”

Before I managed to look back at Sarah’s call, another wolfdog bit my leg from behind.

Fuck! Where the hell they’re coming from!

The situation now and the dogfight from the first day overlapped inside my head.

I didn’t have to be that desperate in that fight thinking what I was capable of, but it only got worse because I wasn’t thinking straight. I’m not making the same mistake twice.

“Sarah, fall back! Assist me from a distance! Don’t be too far, though!”

 Being too close is one problem, but being too far is another. I might not be able to help when their backup comes. Seeing how strong and how fast they are, these two must be the stronger race like the one I just fought. If this new monster also calls their backup by howling, that’ll get us in trouble. I need to finish this quickly.

I’m not dying by some bites, so the plan I took was fairly simple.

I’m going one by one. I’ll show you why a mad lad is scary. 

I completely ignored the one that bit my leg and swung my arm to smash one on the ground.

And I punch it on a mount.

With this position, a sad wolfdog with short legs can’t help but to be punched. 

I can feel they are perplexed by me punching one dog only completely ignoring the one that bit my leg.


And while that happens, Sarah shot the wolfdog on my leg and took it off from me.

“Nice shot!”

I blow the last hit on the one below me and turn up my thumb at her. Then the one that got shot by Sarah’s arrow suddenly looked up.

Huuugh! That posture is…!

“NO! Shut up, you bitch!”

I quickly kicked it with my foot but its howling was faster.


Damn it! We’re fucked!

But at least I could finish it while it is unguarded calling its backup.

“Sarah! RUN!”

I quickly swept the bodies into my inventory and hurried her.

“Wh-what was that? The bodies?!”

“I’ll tell you later, run for now!”

I grabbed her arm and ran away. We could fetch our breath when we were near the entrance. Fortunately we didn’t end up encountering wolfdogs.

Phew. That’s a relief.

“Can you let me go now? It hurts.”

“Oh, sorry.”

I was desperate to run away. I didn’t realize I was still grabbing her.

“Are you alright, though?”

Why is she acting not like herself? Puzzled, I looked at myself then I could guess why. I wasn’t feeling any pain from the excitement of the combat, but I was badly hurt by the attacks of those new wolfdogs. I was bleeding a lot, which makes it the worst injury I’ve ever received. It was healing thanks to superior health regeneration rate, but there was blood of wolfdogs on me that I didn’t take the magic stones out, so outwardly it seemed like a great injury.

Health regeneration rate depends on maximum health.

I had Saint and Fighter which guaranteed maximum HP growth on level up, so I have higher health points than the average of my level. 

Naturally, my health regeneration rate is fairly high.

Wait a minute, isn’t this a nice chance? If we only count the situation, I got badly hurt trying to save Sarah. This is a typical plot for a heroine playing hard to get opens their mind to MC.

I can’t miss this chance.

I began using my method approach right away.

“Kuugh. Ugh. I’m fine. No worries. Kugh,”

Moaning, I smiled at her as sorrowly as possible.

“Great. Why did we run away, though?”

You bloodless, cold-hearted chick! Is that really everything you got to worry about the one who saved your life with their whole body?!

“You saw them howling, right? After that, all wolfdogs around gather up. You have a Hunter job and you don’t know that?”

Knowing that she wouldn’t fall for me acting hurt, I stopped it right away.

“I told you I’m level 1! And how did you make the bodies disappear?”

“Oh that? It’s something similar to subspace pockets.”

I said as I took the bodies out.

“Subspace pockets are subspace pockets. What do you mean ‘similar’?”

“Just think of it as an outlander’s technology. I don’t have a way to describe it in your technology.”

“So that’s what you meant you’ll carry the things around. I wondered how you carry them around.”

“Hey, you didn’t think I’ll steal some, did you?”

“They’re all female.”

Sarah clearly changed the subject.  Oh, what the fuck should I do with this girl?

“I know right. I’ve never seen a female wolfdog until now.”

To take out magic stones, I activated Butchery and opened its belly with my hands.

“Oh, my! What are you doing?!”

“Taking out magic stones.”

“Don’t you have a knife at least?!”


I really needed it on the first day but I didn’t need it nowadays so I didn’t even think of buying one.

“Here. Use this at least.”

Sarah took out a knife from her pocket and handed it to me. 

…Scary lady. You had it on you this whole time? I’d have been stabbed if I jumped on her. 

When I took the magic stones out, the bodies disappeared leaving their molar and leathers.

Wait? Molar?

Male wolfdogs left leathers only. So female wolfdogs are stronger and they drop different items. I suppose males and females are counted as different kinds of monsters after all. I should ask at the guild. 

“Wait here for a moment. I’ll cash in the magic stones.”

We arrived at the guild and I left Sarah waiting at the entrance and headed to the Guide Lady right away.

“Oh my? You are hurt! Are you alright?”

I only went to this lady only, and now I got quite close with her. And she worriedly asked.

This is what I’m talking about! This kindness. Are you seeing this, Sarah?


I proudly looked at Sarah, but she was just looking around, not even interested at what I’m doing. 

Just how snooty does she have to be. I want to see the face of the grandfather she talks about.

“Yes. I’m fine. Please cash in these.”

By the way, this lady. I still can’t see her level with my Lv.17 Analyze. Just how high is her level?

“How did you get hurt that badly?”

“Well, I thought maybe I could go lower so I found a party member and went to hunt the wolfdogs.”

I said as I pointed at Sarah.

“…Hmm. I see…. That lady decided to go with you….”

The guide lady looked at Sarah with a mysterious face.

“Then I happened to run into these female wolfdogs somehow. I thought there were male wolfdogs only.”

“I am sorry but ‘female’ wolfdogs? Would you mind elaborating it in details?”

“Even if you want it in detail…. That’s just about it. They were there when I went to the usual place where I hunt the wolfdogs. They had better physical ability. Oh, right. I got a molar from its drop.”

“Splendid. I looked through the guild record and it seems like this has never been reported. Please wait for a moment.”

The guide lady took out a form of some sort and filled it out asking me the exact location and how strong they were.

“Good, thank you for your report. The compensation for your information will be given tomorrow.”

Oh, right! I completely forgot about that thing. Unexpected income is always nice.

“It has not been that long and you can already give us some new information. I see someone with a special job is really different after all!”

“Haha. Of course. I told you I’ll show you the Saint Legend.”

I don’t just want to show it to you but build it up with you, if possible. In a way of raising my Saint level, to be exact.

“Right. This is your 7 Silvers and 26 Coppers.”

It wasn’t much as expected.

Sarah was passionate with her hunts, but that doesn’t give additional attack damage. Time to kill one wolfdog was slower than me alone. It was fortunate we got this much thanks to how much female wolfdog magic stones were worth. What can I say, though? Let’s consider it as the investment for the future.

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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