The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 11

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 11


I had a big wrong assumption until now. I’m in a world where level and job is a general knowledge like a game. I assumed everyone checks their information through system windows like a game. Apparently I’m the only one using the game system. Come to think of it, that pig at the first general store I’ve been was surprised when I took out what’s left of a rabbit. I thought it was surprised to see the blood. It just didn’t know the existence of an inventory. Wait a minute. If the people of this world cannot see their stat window, what about…….

“Then what do you do with bonus stat points? Like getting strong when you level up, or getting more fit, you know?”

“Don’t you get better at all kinds of things when you level up?”

“Well, yes. But you can still enhance the ability you want, right?”

“No. I’ve never heard of that.”

Just as I expected. That explains why the recommendation for the entrance of the dungeon is as high as 10. My level was 12 when I first entered the dungeon. Normally, that isn’t high enough to be able to slaughter the monsters. I thought I could do it thanks to Saint’s stat growth rate, but it seems like my advantage is not only being a Saint.

“What about skill points? You don’t have that either?”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

Sarah’s face slowly changed to seriously considering ‘Should I really go to the dungeon with this dude?’ but my mind was too busy to notice that.

There is this thing called MC-buff that every main character from dimension travelling stories get. I thought that would be just Saint for me. Who could’ve imagined there was more? Bonus stats, skill points, and the game system! With those, being a hero who can do everything alone is not just a dream. Can you imagine being an overpowered isekai high school kid MC isn’t just a dream? 

Well, I’m not a highschool kid, but I’ll get strong really easily, and when the rumors go out many ladies would want to be with me, then I can level up so easily. Then a virtuous cycle of more ladies following me and levelling up more will continue!

Finally, my time has come!

Beautiful ladies from all over the world!

Behold! Your Harem King.

MC buff? I’ll be an OP?! 


“……Hey! Are you alright?”


When I was back to myself, Sarah was looking at me like I’m a pitiful man with bad mental health.

Okay, for times like this, putting myself in the other’s shoes always works. Let’s recall the moment in Sarah’s point of view.

To her, I’m someone who talked about strange things then suddenly went quiet and eventually started giggling……. Fuck! I’m a complete wack!

“Wait. Wait, wait, wait. I’m fine. I’m completely okay. Don’t look at me like that. I’m completely normal.”

The more I talked, her expression got worse and worse. And it felt like she was following me from further and further.

“C’mon. I told you I’m an outlander. I don’t know how things work around here. Let’s help each other, okay? I’m not out of mind, I just didn’t get used to this world yet. So PLEASE, don’t look at me like that.”

“…Well, I suppose things will be hard for you if you get suddenly dropped in another world. Cheer up.”

I feel like that was the first time she’s been nice to me. But can’t you be closer to me when you’re saying those words? It’s hard to talk to each other when you’re 2 meters apart from me.

“Welp. Anyways, I thought we could build up our teamwork near the entrance. How does that sound to you?”

Whatever happens in my future, present me is a low-level adventurer who earns his daily needs near the dungeon entrance. For my dream-like future, we need to prepare a springboard for potential growth.

“Good. I’ll show you my bow skills. My level isn’t everything.”

The recommended level for rabbits, the weakest enemy here is 10. Yeah I believe level 2 Archer would rule here. Well, I suppose I need to train her if I’m adventuring with her. I guess I’ll begin at the dungeon entrance.

After some walk, we encountered a rabbit. 

“Alright. I will protect you from the front. Try attacking from behind.”

“Do we need to do that for a rabbit? Just watch.”

Sarah drew her bow with her smooth hand movement. 


Unexpectedly the arrow was on point, but the rabbit barely managed to dodge it. Then it rapidly dashed at Sarah as if it showed off its speed.

“Kyaah!” she screamed.

“…What are you doing?”

Dumbfounded, I punched the rabbit down and asked her. On what confidence she did that? Did she want to die?

“Wh-what was that rabbit?”

“Well, the recommended level is 10, so isn’t this normal?”

“So you’re saying a mere rabbit is level 10?! Isn’t it normally 1?!”

I don’t know what’s normal. I told you I’m an outlander.

“Why are you surprised with that? Haven’t you heard it from the guide that helped you with your registration?”

“…I felt sorry to keep you waiting so I came back to you right away.”

That makes sense how you got back so fast. She’s steady and trustworthy at some points.

“But I heard that kind of things are well-known for adventurer wannabes.”

“…Actually, I’ve been living with my grandfather this whole time and today is my first day in a city.”

“What?! So you won’t have much general knowledge to teach me then. That’s not alright!”

I didn’t actually pick her up for that, but that’ll make her a bit more uncomfortable. Right?

“…You’re right. I’m not making an excuse but I didn’t mean to fool you. Let’s split up here. Don’t worry about your money; I’ll make sure to pay it back.”

“No! We are not splitting up! We’ve just met, but once you are accepted as my partner, you are my partner. I’m not a piece of trash who would ditch a partner for being useless!”

Don’t say something so bold. How do we split up after how I picked you up? She’s bouncing right off me trying to put some pressure on her. It’s a bit difficult but I’ll be more gentle to her until she falls completely for me.

“Anyways, I knew it won’t work well but not this bad. What should we do?”

“…I’d better be away from you.”

“Nah, you can stop saying that. ……Alright. Since it’s already like this, let’s focus on your growth first. It doesn’t make any difference that I’ll be in front and you’ll be at back. For a while, just focus on levelling your Archer job while I distract the rabbits for you. Think of it as a process of building teamwork. How does that sound?”

“But that doesn’t do anything for you!”

No worries. This is all for me. If I keep being nice to you, that’ll make it easier to persuade you, and I really hope you reach level 7 archer soon. 

“’That doesn’t do anything for me’? It’s all about building teamwork. I can’t keep adventuring alone, and having a reliable backline is great support so that’s not true at all. Or are you thinking about leaving me when I get you up there somewhere?”

“Of course, not! What made you think that I would do such a thing?!”

“Then it’s all good. Let’s get going, then. We need you to be better soon.”

So Sarah and I decided to level up her job Archer dealing with monsters near the dungeon entrance. You can level up your job on any action related to the job, not by just having combat, so she’ll still level up shooting at a practice target. But the most efficient one is going through real combat. So we insisted on only using her bow. 

The plan is simple.

When we encounter a monster, I distract them and focus on only defending while Sarah attacks it with her bow.

We encountered a rabbit at a point not far from the first encounter. I distracted it, and Sarah drew her bow. But the power of her attacks were just not enough. Rabbits easily took several shots, and they could have dodged the attacks if I didn’t distract them. Moreover, the rabbit would die instantly on my attack, making me only defend without attacking which was even harder. 

 Still, considering that the people of this world don’t get any bonus stats, maybe it’s incredible that her attacks actually deal damage. However, her accuracy was on point, though. Almost all of her arrows were shot to where she aimed at. When she shot yet another arrow we lost count, the rabbit died with arrows all over its body.

“I can’t believe it takes so much to kill a rabbit….”

“Well, don’t be so gloomy. I still think you’re good for your level.”

“Of course. I learned it from my grandfather. My Archer level is low only because of my level.”

“I guess your grandfather is a good archer?”

“Yes. He was good at everything.”

Said Sarah with confidence.

In this world, you can’t get better than your level limit no matter how much you practice. Maybe that would feel like being blocked by a wall just as martial art novels describe. I can’t say for sure since I haven’t been there. 

Anyways, she seemed to have learned archery from her grandfather when she was level 1 or 2. I suppose he is not there anymore seeing how she speaks. I get the feeling there’s more to do in the story….

That bothers me for some reason. Maybe there was a character with a similar story from the games I’ve played. I recalled the Great Earth’s game characters one by one, but none of them clicked in. 

“Okay. Like you said, we can’t waste time here. Let’s move on.”

“Wait. I’ve got a suggestion.”

“A suggestion? What is it?”

“There’s a habitat of wolfdogs near here. Let’s try hunting there.”

“…We just had a tough fight against a rabbit. Do you think fighting wofldog would be fine?”

Sarah wariedly asked for some reason.

“It will be alright. Maybe it could be easier. There’s a trick. So what do you say? Won’t you level up faster hunting those?”

“Is that really possible, though?”

“Of course. Just trust me and do what I say.”

Then I lead the way to the wolfdogs habitat. I moved on killing rabbits and racoons with a single punch each, and Sarah seemed upset with it. I suppose her competitive spirit kicked in when she saw me being able to kill them with single strikes which took her a lot of arrow shots. Anyhow, it’s good that she’s getting motivation. 

When we entered the habitat of wolfdogs, we found a group of 2. 

“Listen carefully. I’ll aggro them and fall back to that side up front. Get yourself hidden here and when they show their back to you, aim and shoot at their balls.”

“I’m sorry? Where?”

“Balls. Their sacks. That’s where their magic stones are. The monsters disappear into thin air when we get their magic stones, right? We’re going to abuse that.”

“I see. Got it.”

Oh, wow? It’s quite a cruel method even to a monster, so I haven’t said it until now thinking she’d oppose. But she said yes so easily.

“So I just need to cut off all of their testicles, right?”

For some reason her eyes were sharper than ever.

“Y-yeah. Th-then I’ll aggro them.”

It felt like my crotch aches for some reason, so I hurriedly left the place.

“Hey, guys? I’m back again. Don’t you wanna get neutralized today?”

They won’t understand me but with cheap taunt I dashed at the wolfdogs. The wolfdogs stiffened for a moment seeing me coming out of nowhere.

It feels like wolfdogs are scared of seeing me for some reason. I did kill so many wolfdogs that I might have gotten a system alert that goes ‘, the wolfdogs now fear you,’ if this game had a title system.

They are easy enemies to hunt, but this will only make things easier for me. I passed by them and ran to their back. Only then they got bewildered and faced me. That seemed like they were desperately trying to hide their back from me, which was quite sad. 


 Putting the wolfdogs effort in shame, merciless arrows precisely flew to their crotch. Ball’s eye.

The wolfdogs whined rolling on the ground.

But arrows showed no mercy to such a scene, increased in numbers and completely messed up their crotch.

I’m getting goosebumps from seeing arrows landing precisely on testicles despite how hard the wolfdogs are writhing. At the end, the wolfdogs died in pain then became ashes. Looking at such a desperate scene, my face grew solemn without knowing.

I quickly ended your pain from behind so I never knew you made that kind of face when I neutralized you. I do this for survival, but I’m sorry.

When I was having a moment of silence, Sarah, the bloodless, came to me with a big smile on her face and briskly said

“I wasn’t sure when you said that but you weren’t lying! At this rate I’ll level up so fast!”

I didn’t know you can make that face. I think this is my first time seeing her with such a joyful face. Even if they’re monsters, she just mercilessly crushed the dignity of males, and she is so delighted of herself. Isn’t she a psychopath?

I started to wonder if I should think this over again if I chose the wrong person as my partner.

You ask if I didn’t do the same? Well, at least I made it quick. But isn’t it just way too harsh to attack the balls until it becomes a rag?

“Come on. We should go find a next target quickly. Haven’t you heard of the phrase ‘Time is Gold’?”

“No. I’m from a different world, remember? There was no such phrase.”

I rebelled meaninglessly at the joyful enemy of man in front of me.

“Nothing similar enough? I don’t suppose so. My grandfather said people are basically the same the world over. Are you sure it’s not just you being stupid and not knowing it?”

Ugh. I shouldn’t talk with this damn girl. She wouldn’t just back off from an argument, would she?

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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