The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 07

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 7


In retrospect, Great Earth’s titles were designed for party plays. Always, one or more women were your party members from the beginning, and there were storical reasons for it. Once it was a childhood friend. Once it was a classmate at knighthood school.

What if Sex At the Dungeon is the same? What if the difficulty of the dungeon is built for a party of 2 or more because you get a party member by a storyline from the beginning?

Come to think of it, I should have known I’m not doing this right when I, who got boosted to level 12 with an overpowered job Saint, found a rabbit, one of the weakest monsters quite fast. Even if I didn’t invest any bonus stat points on Agility.

That explains why the guide lady and Alicia gave that look when I went to register for Adventurer. The basic storyline is being an adventurer and beating the dungeon. Of course I thought the first thing I had to do was to become an adventurer. Maybe that wasn’t the case if everything went normal. I can only assume that you get a party member in the beginning, level up by having sex with her, and then become adventurers. It’s only an imagination, a theory, though.

And I was proud of killing merely beginners monsters at the dungeon entrance. I should just get the feelings here for the first day and learn how the things work in this world from the adventurers at the guild.

I’ll admit. I was complacent.

But that’s one thing. And this is another. But even if I’m reflecting on myself, that doesn’t mean you’re too strong for me or I’m in a disastrous danger.

Even if this is a reality, I’m in a game avatar. It would have been different if I had a real body I ruined by playing games after being discharged from the army, but a game master like me can’t lose to some number of dogs with this great body. I first boosted my Strength, Endurance, and Agility with all bonus stat points.

Name : Guwon

Racr : Human 24

Job : Saint 12 / Adventurer 1 / Fighter 1

Level : 12

Health : 2500/2500

Energy : 1200/1200

Strength : 40

Endurance : 41

Agility : 41

Stamina : 23

Intelligence : 21

Spirit : 22

Charm : 61

Bonus Stats : 0

Status : Normal

The HP of the wolfdog I fought in the last battle was low enough to get defeated by two or three hits. Considering that the one that took three hits almost died on the second hit, now two hits will guarantee each kill. The only thing that scares me is that I don’t know how strong their attacks will be since I’ve never been hit by one, but I can’t do much about it. I should do my best to not get hit.

I might get hit once or twice, but I’ve increased endurance that much so I wouldn’t die, would I?

Wolfdogs seemed to think of me as a trapped rat. They slowly approached.  They were very confident and it seemed like they’re saying to me ‘Our parents taught us to gang up, bitch!’ You dogs are such losers imposing wolves, you don’t know what you’re doing. Anyways, this fight is not in my favor if I’m surrounded like this. Let’s move so that my back is toward a wall.

“Let’s do this!”


I gestured to run forward and roared to confuse them and dashed backward to kick the one that let down their guard. I broke through and put my back towards a wall. Now I don’t have to worry about the attacks from behind, at least. They became more careful instead, but I’ll take that as a reasonable trade.

After a moment of confrontment, three wolves initiated the fight.

Morons. Have you not seen how I handled two of you before you dogs back up? More of you should have come at me together.

I punched the two attacking the sides and kicked the one attacking the front. Now my pose was unstable and strange with my arms spread out and one leg up, but my physical capabilities surpass ordinary man. I can easily find a balance even in a pose like this. Now I moved to Low Kick each one of the fallen ones.

Just as I expected, I got all three of them with two hits each.

3 down, 9 more to go. I’m in a bit of a rush that I need to get them before they call the back up like last time, but this might be easier than I thought!

At this time, as if they read my thoughts, they were all getting ready to engage at the same time. But since I have my back against a wall, no more than 5 or 6 would be able to attack me at the same time. I suppose animals are too stupid to think that far. As expected, five of them engaged at this time.

I won’t be able to hit all of them this time. Then I should be the first one to move and make them react! Before they got to me, I got to the leftmost one first. I began with punching it once, grabbed its tail with both hands, and swung it when the other ones leaped at me! Did you see that? This is the wisdom of men who know how to use tools. That’s what you get for leaping at the same height, stupidly.

That was the moment my eyes and a wolfdog’s eyes met that leaped at the height of my head. By the law of inertia, my hands are still being swung to my right. It grinned as if it was taunting me, and opened its mouth wide.

This bitch!

I quickly tilt my head to avoid the fangs and tilt my waist to powerfully hit it with my shoulder.

“Ha. That was smart for a mere mons–Aaagh! Fuck!”

I looked down at the pain at my right leg. A wolfdog was shoving it’s fang in my leg.

“That hurts, you fucking dog!”

I instinctively shook my leg, but it wouldn’t get away, and while I was struggling with it, the wolfdogs that got hit by my wolfdog swing got up and engaged. I got bewildered and swung my fists in the air. It hit a leg of one of them, but it didn’t die unlike my expectation.

Wait, so two hits are not enough?!

And then the fight became a dogfight. Not because I fought the dogs, but I fought like one. The one on my leg wouldn’t get off no matter how much I kick and punch it. In pain I panicked and I couldn’t think clearly. Other fucking dogs leaped on me from every direction. We beat, bit, and tore off each other. 

I really thought I could die.

When one of them posed to call the back up, my heart sank. Fortunately I ignored all other dogs biting me and beat the shit out of it. I was able to avoid the worst case scenario. 

The fucking dog on my right leg never got off. I thought it would cut my leg. I like the Red Leg but I don’t want to follow his disability too. 

At the end of a dirty dogfight, I did get all of them but at a miserable cost.

I got bitten here and there. My body is bloody and messed up. The training clothes and the trainer are now pieces of rag. 

I could heal my body with a lesser potion I saved for this moment, but I guess now I should give up the trainers and training clothes.

What can I do? I’ll think of it as a great cost for a lesson. It’s a miracle I’m not dead yet. I should take a potion just in case.

I took a glance at the HP meter at the corner of my view. It was just over half.

……Y–yeah! Well, didn’t I invest my points to  endurance before the fight? My defense points are okay! It was the first time I’ve got bitten like that without any pain limit. No, I wasn’t making a fuss. I did great, actually. I got all the enemies against the pain I never had in my entire life, didn’t I?

I’m so proud I want to compliment myself!

……. It’s dangerous to stay here any longer. Let’s get the magic stones and leave the place. 

Removing the magic stones, I analyzed the last battle. I can’t help but to let out a sigh to see my stat window. There was a reason I didn’t use bonus stat points. Firstly, like the other games that you gain stat points by taking certain actions, the mechanism is effective when your stat is low. Once you get to a certain point, the effect becomes negligible. So the bonus stats become more important when you get closer to the endgame. 

And I prefer balanced stat if possible. I have nothing for now and that’s why I’m dealing everything with bare hands. Later on, I might go for intelligence-related jobs like magician. Not only that, since there are no limits for the number of jobs, in theory I can get the stats evenly and become overpowered by mastering all jobs. Of course, that’s only possible when there is a time boost in a game and when you use it to play the game for several hundred in-game years. I wouldn’t be able to get that far, but my goal was being an all-rounder, and that plan wouldn’t work anymore. 

And one more. Some dogs took more than 2 hits. I am mistaken on that. I made this mistake because even if I know that this world is my reality, I still think like playing a game. 

In game, attacking is all about getting hit detection for your movement. No matter if your attack is deep or light, wherever you hit, as long as it’s hit, the result is the same. 

In special cases like raid bosses they may take different damage for the different parts they got hit; that’s only a special case. If you die by getting hit once at the critical points, the game will be so unbalanced where the player could die instantly by 1 damage to the heart and you could kill powerful enemies with a single strike.

But this world is not a game. Even if you hit, it would be meaningless if it is not a successful one, and you could die with a single attack if you get it on the critical points.

I should have known that. Even if I know that this is my new reality in my head, when there is a health meter, energy meter and a minimap floating in my view, it’s hard not to think I’m playing a game.

I suppose only time can solve this problem. 

Anyways, I’m exhausted.

I retrieved all magic stones so there were no traces of wolfdogs left. That doesn’t mean my torn clothes come back. It wasn’t much but they got dirty with my blood. Let’s go back for today.

I checked the clock at the corner of my view. It was almost dinner time. Right, it took some time to get to the second floor. I had no food since the morning. I guess I have enough loot for a night at an inn. Let’s go back.

I took the shortest path so it didn’t take long to go back. That’s why I bothered to take a long detour to light up the map.

Let’s sell the magic stone at the guild first. But the manual said I can sell it at the guild, but not exactly where, because the guild building is not big enough, and they expect me to find it.  

The guild building surrounds the dungeon entrance and it alone was as big as a commercial street. It was fortunate enough that the building didn’t have a complicated shape but a simple donut shape so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. 

If you have a question you gotta visit the guide first. I went to see the guide lady who helped me with the registration this morning. 

Why did I go to see the same lady when she’s not the only guide in the giant building? I couldn’t find a better looking guide. They’re all fairly pretty being the face of the guild, but her beauty is just overwhelming. 

She’s got huge, unmatchable boobs, perfect neatness and a mature mood. And she is a blonde girl with blue eyes that’s straight out of a painting. How could I leave such an intelligent lady of my taste and look for another guide? I can never do that. 

“Hello, what can I–…Oh my gosh! Are you alright?”

Hmm? Oh right…. I’m wearing rags. I was feeling alright as my HP fully regenerated on the way back, so I forgot about it. That aside, isn’t she a beautiful woman? How can someone be so beautiful for being surprised?

“Ah, yes, I’m fine. Thank you.”

I don’t think she’s dealing with not just one or two adventurers. I don’t know if she’d remember me, but my first impression would probably have been the worst thanks to the weird shit I’ve done this morning. So I made the most reasonable answer, but for some reason her expression became rather unclear. Amazing how such an expression on a beautiful lady can be an art.

“You haven’t been to the dungeon, have you?”


“You are level one! What were you thinking! I mean, I am terribly sorry. I should have guided you more properly.”

It seems like she remembers me perfectly. Also she seems to be feeling guilty thinking it’s her fault I ended up like this. I might have seemed sarcastic, if that’s the case. I was just answering without thinking.

Of course, if the guide was a funny looking one, I’d been a rude customer questioning her to do her job, but I feel weak to see that look on a beautiful woman’s face.

But wait, isn’t this a great chance? Using the weak points of your opponent is the most basic strategy. I can’t miss this chance.

“You’re right. If you are that sorry, let’s have dinner together somewh-…”

“No. I am not THAT sorry.”

I got refused before I even got to finish my sentence. She seems really sorry and she’s like a knife at times like this!

“I know I am a bit late, but I will guide you with the basics. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, pelase.”

She explained to me the basics of the job Adventurer, belatedly at least.

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint's Dungeon Affairs, TSDA, TSDB, 던전에서 성자가 하는 일
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Korean
Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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