The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 06

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 6


I came to a quiet corner of the dungeon with no one around that’s a bit far from the dungeon entrance, and I took out the monster bodies.

Let’s begin with the most simple ones: giant rats. 

Whiskers and incisors. The difficulty is way lower than the other two. The visual is much more horrible, but I can’t be a choosing beggar.

“Alright, here we go!”

Determined, I grabbed the incisors with my hands firmly and shut my eyes trying not to leave the image burned in my memory.


With a disgusting sound and feeling at the tip of the fingers, they came out easier than I thought. This is all because of my strength stat points, but I don’t feel like thanking them.

It’s not about my conscience feeling guilty for damaging the corpse; the texture just feels terrible. But I can’t stay weak here. If I take a step back, I’ll be a unique retard starved to death in such a beautiful world.

Determining yet again, I reached for the whiskers.


With an unpleasant feeling that’s like pulling a flock of hair out, the whiskers snapped out.

Now what’s left is one magic stone. I need to search all the way through the body and find the magic stone. I don’t know where it is. 

I thought about leaving the magic stone aside and doing the other ones first, only to realize that there is no other thing to do. Not to mention the claws, I can only make grotesque imagination if I grabbed and pulled out the tails from the racoons I might pull the spines out. When it comes to rabbits, I don’t know how I should separate leather and flesh with bare hands. 

I’ll just tear it up as if I’m getting the meat from drumsticks. What is it different from getting the bones out of fried chickens? The only differences are, it’s got intestines, and the texture is just a bit more slippery.

I put some power at my fingertips and started digging up the giant rat’s body.  I had enough strength stat points for my fingers to penetrate the leather and search the flesh without much effort. 

At the end of 3 minutes of bloody battle, I found a blue stone that’s as big as a little fingernail.

I saw a magic stone for the first time, so I couldn’t tell if that was it. I guess it is. There is no reason for it to be in its body. If I took it out, and if it is some kind of its breakfast being digested, I will cry. No joke.

I told you. I’m not joking. I said it! I said I’m not joking! If you don’t want to see a grown man holding a bloody rat body and crying, you’d better be a magic stone.

I threatened something out there and took out the blue stone. At that moment the body of the large rat shrinked as if it rots rapidly, became dust and disappeared into thin air.

“W-…? What…?!”

What the fuck!

S-…. Seriously…?!

A baseless confidence popped up in my brain. I reached for another rat body and dug up the digestive system where the last one had its magic stone. As expected, I was able to find a blue stone. It seemed the location of the magic stone is the same for the same type of monster. I pulled out the newly found blue stone. Just like the last time, the giant rat body shrinked as if it rots rapidly, became dust and disappeared. Leaving its incisor as an item drop.

Fuck! FUCK! What were all the troubles I went through for?! I heard from a pig shopkeeper to get lost! And I walked all that road to find a store! I pulled out incisors and whiskers and that was disgusting!

I threw my red leg that showed great performance for 3 hours and kicked the wall next to me.

Fuck! Fuck!

I knew something was off when that clerk tilted her head! THIS was what she meant! You could have told me! Now I’m the only weird one here!

I kicked the wall without thinking, and it hurts a lot. I lowered my leg and opened my status window. It never got lowered for three hours, and now I lost 100 health points.

That helped me to cool down a little bit. Right. It’s me who’s losing kicking a wall. Let’s think positively. I discovered the true nature of the pig shopkeeper quick enough, and thanks to that I found a store with a cute clerk, didn’t I? And I learned about removing magic stones before I dissected rabbits and racoons. That’s a win for sure! If I left the magic stones alone and started dissecting rabbits and racoons first, I would have never forgiven myself for my entire life. When put that way, I’m proud of myself. Am I a genius, maybe? Did I open a superpower like farsight somehow?

 I opened my skill window with some exaggeration, but there was no such skill. But, there was a new skill.

Butchery 1

Active Skill

Cost : 1 Resource

Displays the location of the magic stone in the dead monster body. Item drop rate increases by [1%].


Yes! This is it! This is what I wanted! There should be some generosity like this in such a world with game mechanics!

I used the skill right away. A part of the belly of the first rabbit body that came into my view seemed to glow. I stuck my fingers in and got the magic stone out. The body disappeared again, leaving its leather.

Just like last time, I only got one item drop from removing the magic stone. The skill description mentioned item drop rate, so will I be relying on chances if I get items by removing magic stones.

With my gamer instinct, I forgot about the disgusting feelings at my fingertips and started verifying my theory. I first spread out the rabbit bodies and removed magic stones one by one.

There were different results, from dropping nothing to dropping both leather and meat. I guess I can assume the drop rate relies on chances.

And then I spread out 10 giant rat bodies I still had. I pulled out incisors and whiskers and put them in order of the bodies I got it from. And I checked the drops one by one as I removed the magic stones.

I could say the result was as expected. 

As soon as I removed the magic stones, some drop items I removed in prior disappeared. Therefore, even if I got the items first and removed the magic stones, acquiring loot depends on the drop rate anyways. 

For me, that’s very fortunate. Even while verifying my theory, I was making a serious consideration if I should sacrifice my mentality to dissect every monster if it turns out that I could get all loots regardless of drop rates by doing so. 

Now I don’t need to worry about anything but getting the magic stone!

Also, there was a bonus effect to removing magic stones. You might have noticed it from the part I said some pre-dissected drops disappeared. The bonus effect is, blood and organs that messed up my hands disappeared when I removed the magic stones. Well, if they didn’t have this, the adventurers must be covered in blood.

Right, so the clerk lady worried about my leg because she thought that was my blood. That’s so cute!

What? The pig shopkeeper did it too? Who’s that?

For your information, the blood on my right leg hasn’t disappeared yet. I didn’t get the body of that first hunt. That body exploded into pieces. It must be easy to get the magic stone. Won’t somebody pass by and remove the magic stone for me?Maybe I should just go and grab it.

Yes, I should.

I have a rough idea where it is on the map, and it doesn’t feel right to go out of the dungeon as soon as my problems are solved. More than anything, I don’t want to leave my trainers and training clothes messed up like this. They are rare items I might not be able to get ever again. So I decided to head back to the area and remove the magic stones from the rest of the bodies.

The journey to the area I had the first battle was very smooth. I got used to the feeling of hitting monsters and exploding bodies after searching in and out of bodies. Since I know that the blood spattered on my body disappears when I get the magic stone, I didn’t need to use my right leg only anymore. Exploding the monsters actually made it easier for me to get the magic stones, so I began to use Low Kick more aggressively.

My stats were too high to be around here in the first place. Now that nothing was holding my leg, the progression was multiple times faster than the last time. 

I got to the area in no time. It felt like a light jog. The blood was still spattered, so it was really easy to spot. I used Butchery on the body fragments and removed the magic stone. That cleared the grossy things that ate my leg.

That feels bittersweet. Although the traces are gone, the experience that stained my right leg bloody will become the pabulum and breath in me forever. Thank you for all the damn things you’ve done for me all these hours!

I fought back the tears that sprang up for some reason, rubbed my nose and left the place real quick.

Of course, I didn’t bow down.

Even I isn’t that crazy to bow all the way down to the ground towards a disappeared body. I’m not doing that when someone might see me.

After walking for a while, my heart calmed down a bit, and I felt the need to set my goal again.

 I ended up not getting the general price the last time, but generally speaking hunting for a few hours at the dungeon entrance wouldn’t be enough for a room, a meal, and for booze. If it did, even the dogs would want to be an adventurer. 

Maybe I should go down to the second floor. I don’t know the way down, but it’s such a vast place. There mustn’t be only a way down, so I might bump into one somewhere.

How far have I walked? It didn’t feel like I walked down the hill, but the map was displaying a different place. Maybe the layers of this dungeon are not separated but have very natural slopes so there are very smooth transitions between the floors. If the minimap didn’t switch, that was so smooth I wouldn’t have noticed I walked down.

 I get the feeling that learning the structure of the dungeon isn’t as easy as I thought. What’s not great is it took quite a while to get here. It cannot be helped. I’m still going around the entrance, lighting up the map by slowly going far away.

 It’s not the most convenient way, but it was a good way to explore as I will be here a lot of times.

This will allow me to take the shortest path to the next floor from the entrance. More than anything, I want to see it lighten up and it’s my greed to seek perfection. Of course, it would be impossible to get all of them lightened up since the first floor hasn’t been explored fully, but doing this should help me somehow somewhen.

Woof! Woof!

The atmosphere didn’t change, and I didn’t feel like I was walking down, I wasn’t sure but I definitely moved down to a floor below. A wolfdog appeared that I’ve never met before.

Not just one but two. My level is probably enough to fight them, but they are new enemies, so I didn’t let my guard down and clenched the fists.

“Alright, any moment when you’re ready.”

As if they understood my words, they both leaped at me at the same time.

They’re fast!

When I encountered a rabbit for the first time I thought it was fast even if it probably is a low-level monster and I’m over 10. But wolfdogs were approaching me at a higher speed.

But I wouldn’t freeze by it. I still have a secret weapon. Behold! Stat Bonuses!

I boosted my agility with some of the bonus stat points, the wolves approaching speed felt easy enough to react.

I moved sideways to dodge the wolfdog that leaped aiming my waist, and attacked it with a knee kick. Then I hit the head of the wolfdog leaping at my shoulder with my elbow and then Low Kicked the fainted wolfdogs to confirm kills. 

That’s what I’m talking about. Wasn’t I soooo cool? This must be the display of wuxia that your body reacts as soon as you think, just like in the novels, right?


 While I was admiring myself one of the wolfdogs suddenly got up, looked up and howled as if it was a real wolf. So I finished him with a Low Kick.

Don’t you see I’m entertaining myself?

That ruined the mood. I checked the bodies using Butchery. Their balls were glowing.

Seriously. I know they’re dead, but isn’t it just mean to eunuchize it? More than that, do I have to touch dead dog balls?

The hesitation came back gnarly. A horde of wolfdogs. That’s one… two… three…….. Twelve?

Haha. I see you heard your friend’s cry. And I see there are many of you. 

Didn’t your parents teach you ganging up is a bad thing?

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint's Dungeon Affairs, TSDA, TSDB, 던전에서 성자가 하는 일
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Korean
Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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