The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 04

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 4


 Wait up, so the adventurer registration fee was 2 Silvers. What do you mean it costs 3 Silver for being in the room for a moment? I can at least understand if I’ve been there for an entire afternoon. I didn’t last that long and came so at most that was an hour! And now what, you said it was 3 silvers? My entire belongings? I’m not paying. No, I can’t!

…would have been my argument if it was a game. Now since I can’t be so sure I am in a game, I couldn’t do anything stupid as I don’t know what would come back like a boomerang.

 I won’t deny the fact the clerk lady being quite pretty had some effect.

 Guwon helplessly handed over all his belongings and left the inn.

 What are all these bittersweet feelings?

 Now I’m penniless, indescribable feelings wrap all over my body. Is this what non possession all about? Now I see how forlorn life is. Anger grew in me for Alicia leaving without paying for the room she dragged me in but now it doesn’t matter anymore. 

Thinking with somehow a refreshed head, now I can accept how expensive the inn was. It was an inn with a modern bathroom that has shower head located on a street of western medieval buildings. Of course it will be expensive. I didn’t realize how smooth the bed sheet was. Right, I didn’t get ripped off. I paid a fair price.

But now what.

My plan to buy someone a drink and collect information is screwed up from the start. There is nothing I can do. Should I start hunting monsters like in a normal games? Only if I had a weapon. No, only if I was level 2 would I have tried hunting. 

If I entered the dungeon and died by getting a wrong aggro, I wouldn’t be able to complain to anyone.

 Guwon opened up his status window without thinking. 

Name : Guwon

Race : Human 24

Job : Saint 12 / Adventurer 1

Level : 12

HP : 2400/2400

Energy : 1200/1200

Strength : 22

Endurance : 22

Agility : 22

Stamina : 22

Intelligence : 21

Spirit : 22

Charm : 61

Bonus Stat : 55

Status : Normal

……Huh? Now what’s wrong with this?

Oh, right! I played a round with Alicia!

There was no system window and no alert so I didn’t notice, but it seems I got boosted by that round.

I mean, how high does she have to be to boost me up this much for a round?

I’m not bragging but I can’t say Alicia was satisfied that much on that sex. She seemed to have an orgasm but that was only because I lasted longer and let her come lightly. There was no technique from me but holding tight as long as possible. And I still got boosted, so does that mean her level might be so much higher than I thought?

Don’t tell me I didn’t know who I am and talked rubbish to a high-level warrior to go drink some more cum. No, of course not. I must have gotten boosted because my level is too low. Yeah. That must be it. Still, I should be more polite when I see lady Alicia the next time. No, this is not being scared. As a human being, I am doing what’s reasonable to a person who graced me with a boost.

I still should apologise to her about the semen juice, right?

Anyways, thanks to her, I’ve got a lead to what to do. Here’s the plan: You don’t have money? Earn!

I got some bunch of bonus stats, and my overpowered job Holy Man leveled up, so I got a bunch of stat points. Wouldn’t this be enough for me to survive the beginning of the dungeon?

For your information, there are 3 ways to get stat points. The first one is levelling up and investing bonus stat points. I guess this is the basics so I wouldn’t need to explain more. 

 The second one is doing stat-related action repeatedly. But there are limits to this action. You’d know this if you did some workout. The heavier the weight gets, the harder it gets to add weights. This mechanism is basically the same.

 And lastly, levelling your job. In this world, you can get a job by meeting some requirements, and you can level up your job by gaining proficiency in that job. When the job level rises, you have a fixed chance to get stat points for one or more related stats. Also, Holy Man gets stat points for all stats no matter what. There are reasons only the protagonist gets it. And it doesn’t end there. The way you get job proficiency is having sex, so that’s killing two birds with a stone. You can level up yourself and your job by having sex. What job can top that?

 You may think ‘you won’t have to level up. You can farm stat points by just getting a bunch of jobs and levelling them up.’ Well, it doesn’t work like that. 

Because the upper limit of your job level is your level. 

If your level is 2, no matter how much job proficiency you get, your job level can’t go higher than 2.

Also, it doesn’t appear visually but level adjusts every stats. For example, if a level 20 warrior with 30 Strength matches their strength with a level 90 wizard with 10 Strength, the wizard wins. 

 Simply put, level rules. 

 Do you see the obsessiveness of Great Earth that they will make you have sex in every way possible? I can’t stop thinking it’s a wonderful company with original and brilliant ideas.

 That doesn’t mean you don’t get experience points from combats like normal games. It’s just the efficiency being greatly lower than having sex; you still can level up from combats. According to the article on the official blog posted before the release of the game, you can try levelling up by having combat if you want to only play the game until you die but never reach the ending.

 You ask why they allowed combats to give you experience points when you can level up by having sex?

 Here’s their answer: if you can only level up by having sex, then no high-level NPCs would be virgin. 

 C’mon, how brilliant are they even on second thoughts?

 I assure you, the developers of Great Earth must be always thinking about adult games except during meals.  

 No, even during meals, during slumber, while awake, 24/7, their brains must be pickled with adult games. 

 Even in this situation where I can’t figure out if I got stuck in a game or I got moved to this dimension, I just can’t hate this company even if I want to.

 Before I knew, I was back to the Adventurers Guild.

 The Adventurers Guild building was circular with a hole in the middle, like a donut. The dungeon’s entrance was at the hole. 

 You don’t know when evil monsters would rush out, so the guild where the most adventurers gather around all the time will become the last barrier and protect the city from unknown disaster!… was the context written in the manual.

 Why did you build the city around the dungeon in the first place? You could have done it at some distance. It’s convenient and good for adventurers, but think about ordinary people.

There was a sea of people at the dungeon entrance. The image of the adventurers are rather lazy, rough, and loosely-living people than hard-working, but I guess this place booming with them means the stereotype is not true at all. Alicia, whose level seemed quite high, was getting ready to enter the dungeon early in the morning; maybe adventurers are diligent after all.

Should I invest bonus stats before I enter? I am going to stay near the entrance so I don’t expect anything terrible, but let’s invest some points on Strength just in case.

I went through the dungeon entrance that resembles the subway at rush hour and barely made it into the dungeon. There was a huge pillar of light. It was a portal that’s connected to somewhere in the dungeon.

 Now that has nothing to do to a beginner like me, so I ignored it and went on, taking any path at forks that my steps lead to. Before I knew, there was no one around.

 The dungeon was so vast that even the first floor was’t fully explored. No matter how many adventurers are there, maybe it would be rare to meet them in the dungeon.

 The paths are so complicated that you may get lost and become lost forever. The first floor was a dense forest so there weren’t many natural indicators to guide the paths. How do they get through this place without getting lost? Is there something I don’t know?

 If there wasn’t a map feature that automatically updates the paths I took, I am sure I would have become a missing kid already.

 Come to think of it, the guide lady mentioned level and job, and Alicia did too. That means the game system is a general knowledge here.

 Possibly game systems like map and inventory are normal features for others as well. That’s different. I remember the novels allowing only the protagonists to do it.

I heard something different than my footsteps from the front.

 Finally, the first combat comes. 

 I got nervous a bit. I took a boxing stance, awkwardly at least. I know my stats are high enough to not feel threatened at floor 1, but I can’t help to be nervous as I don’t know if this is real or a game. I might not be as nervous if I had a basic weapon like a knife.

 In an awkward defence stance Guwon slowly approached the bush, and then he found…. a peacefully grazing rabbit.

What the fuck.

I felt like a fool being nervous for a rabbit, let my guard down and approached the rabbit.

 Aren’t goblins usually beginning monsters for dungeons? I was readying myself to kill human-like monsters walking with two feet! And it’s a rabbit? Alicia, wasn’t adventurer supposed to be a not easy job a fucking cherryboy can take?

 The rabbit noticed me. It looked directly at me with its round, wide eyes. 

That’s the fucking cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. But there is no mercy to the law of the forest. 

I was one meter away when the rabbit suddenly jumped up to my eyes and attempted a backflip kick.

“Woah! Fuck!”


Man, if my agility was low as default, I couldn’t have dodged that.  And what was that woosh? Was that something a bunny could make with a backflip kick?

 Come to think of it, I should argue if a bunny can do a backflip kick in the first place. I guess it’s telling me it’s still a monster of the dungeon, huh.

 Okay, I’m careless. I posed back.

 I’ll make a counterattack on its next move. I felt that I’ve got the high ground on stats on the last attack.

If done right, I might be able to kill it with a single counterattack.

 I was ready and waiting for the next attack. The rabbit stared back, then suddenly turned around and ran away.

“Huh?! That’s not what I wanted! Hey! Stop right there!”

 I got impatient at the thought I might miss my first target, I ran at full speed and attempted a soccer kick.

To begin with the end, I got her. Thanks to the overwhelming stat difference, I was able to chase the rabbit at lightning speed. Then I made a soccer kick without controlling the strength. However, my pose was unstable and I collapsed, and somehow that ended up concentrating all the power at the tip of my foot. With an unpleasant sound and feeling, the rabbit that seemed about 30cm big, got torn into pieces so tiny the original shape was gone, and stained my right leg and foot red.

“Kugh. Get away from me! The Crimson Dragon that dwells in my right foot is about to be unleashed!”

 I panicked and let out bullshit that even I don’t know what it means but that didn’t improve anything.

Guwon’s first hunting was a success, but he got no loot. Innocent Seoul Youth Guwon who never even saw breaking a hen’s neck got damaged in his heart witnessing the flesh explosion show of a bunny. And he got a boozangangly uncomfortable right leg. 

To my excuse, I did fail at controlling the power. I was in a hurry. But I just kicked it thinking I wouldn’t need to control my power. 

 By the characteristics of virtual reality, bleeding can be so real and horrible for some people, so Great Earth’s fame replaces it with a red light effect, and the body disappears with a light.

 And this is a game-like world? Isn’t it? Of course, I thought such expressions would be the same as their game!

I thought I knew it’s very likely I got moved into this dimension, and one corner of my brain still didn’t accept it.

Thanks to that, one thing became very clear. I suppose I can’t expect a force termination.

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint's Dungeon Affairs, TSDA, TSDB, 던전에서 성자가 하는 일
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Korean
Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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