The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 88

With my dick shoved in my sister’s ass, her asshole was surprisingly tight. I could see the elastic rim stretched out tightly around my cock, and the feel of it squeezing down was especially pleasing. It had taken the entire length of my shaft now, and I could feel her warm, murky depths. I was taking the time now to enjoy this moment.

“A-a-re you going to move it?” Mackenzie panted her voice slightly strained.

Having it deep inside her was causing Mackenzie some stress. I’d have to oblige her soon or she might just break. I pawed her ass with my palms, squeezing the cheeks, spreading them, and then pushing them together.

“Ahh… N-Noah… you can’t be so naughty.”

“Huh? Aren’t you the naughty one?” I asked mischievously.

“I’m a girl. All girls are perverts. Boys need to be more reserved.”

“You’re back on that again? Didn’t we just go through this?” I demanded.

“We talked about it. Just because I accept parts of you doesn’t mean I don’t want things to be bet—aahhhhH!”

“How about accepting this part of me?” I asked, finally pulling my dick out and thrusting it back in.

I pulled out to the point that the head of the cock threatened to leave her asshole, pulling on her tight rim until it extruded slightly, before shoving myself back insider her. Since I had lubed up her entire back, it was wet and slippery as I slid my dick in and out of her. Lubricant had ended up all over my groin, giving it and her butt a wet, greasy feel.

I started to thrust into her, moving my hips rhythmically as I pounded in and out of her ass. If she had wanted to give any rebuttal, she didn’t find the words as she dealt with the pressure of her ass being filled in such a matter.

“Fuuuck… Fuuuck…” She moaned, her hands squeezing the pillow under her face as she bore with the feeling.

She wouldn’t reject it though, and if I asked if it was painful, she’d probably tell me it was fine. After all, she was a girl, and girls in this world couldn’t admit to things like pain. It wasn’t like I was a sadist who liked hearing my sister in pain. However, something was satisfying about her willingness to allow herself discomfort just to satisfy me. It felt good to have someone who loved you so much they’d do anything for you.

Then again, in this world, didn’t most girls want to try anal? Did that mean they were all a little masochistic? Wait… did that mean guys were a little masochistic? I seemed to remember any number of videos of guys doing stupid things that hurt themselves, so much so that there were even tv shows about the subject. Maybe I was onto something there.

I had already cum. The fact I was keeping my penis erect after was just a testament to the arousing nature of my sister. When I had fucked her earlier, I was too focused on her pleasure to care much about my own. However, she had given me her ass exactly so I could pleasure myself. Since that was what she wanted, I didn’t hold back. My hips moved faster and faster, and I started to thrust into her nearly as fast as I did when it was her pussy.

“Hah… Hah… shit… Hah…” She was making loud moaning noises again.

They weren’t at the level that they would bother the neighbors again, although that probably depended on how sensitive the neighbors were. This time, she had her eyes pinched tight. She was more focused on taking my dick. She had to keep her ass from tightening up and just accept my cock inside it.

Well, that was her problem. On my side, I could feel her tight warmth, and the rhythmic stroking my cock got from the ring of her asshole was bringing me to climax pretty quick. It didn’t feel like a vagina much at all. It was like shoving my cock into a warm, endless abyss. Perhaps the doggie position also assisted in this relaxed feeling. Feeling mischievous, I lifted my hand and then slapped my sister’s ass, causing a nice little yelp of surprise from her.

“N-Noah! Hah…” She tried to give an admonishment but was unable to with the intense feelings emanating from her buttocks.

I sped up the pace of my movements. At this point, every time my dick reached deep inside her, my balls would tap against the wet skin of her butt. It created a light slapping sound, but as I continued to pick up the pace, that sound grew louder and louder. I started to slap her ass again, and then again. Her ass was already jiggling pleasingly every time I thrust into her, but the slap caused her to instinctively tighten on my cock, which felt even better. Her butt was starting to turn red.

“Ahhh… N-Noah…fuck!” This wasn’t a voice of admonishment this time, she had grown completely lost in lust. “Yes… yes…”

She no longer had a muted voice, nor was she acting much like she was in pain. Her hand has managed to sneak its way under her body, and she was fingering herself wildly. I was impressed I was holding back for so long, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep going much longer.

I slowed down my strokes, but instead made them longer, harder, and more deliberately. I pulled out as far as I could, and then I thrust into her as hard as I could. They went from the tap, tap, tap of my balls slapping against her ass, to a slower thud, thud, thud as I took her fully. Every time I thrust in, she let out a noise of pleasure. After the fifth-some stroke, I could feel something tightening.

The twitching feelings weren’t around my cock. Rather, it felt slightly distant. I realized she was cumming, and that pussy of hers was twitching like crazy. However, my dick wasn’t in her pussy, it was in her ass. It could only pucker thirstily while I continued to plow her backdoor.

I started to try to pick up the pace again, but keep the long harsh thrusts. I knew this was the endgame though. I couldn’t hold out any longer. With several last powerful thrusts, I grabbed tightly onto my sister’s ass.

“I’m cumming!”

“M-me too!”

I didn’t know how many times she had already cum, but she seemed to have one last one in her. My cock swelled and I started to release my seed deep into her colon. She was on the pill, so it wasn’t like I couldn’t release in her pussy, but there was also something satisfying about putting it in her ass as well. Her body shook as I filled her ass with my seed. When I was finally done, I collapsed down, and Mackenzie’s legs straightened out as she lay down next to me.

After the loud noises, we had been making a short time earlier, the silence now was pretty resounding. All I could hear was the sound of the air conditioning unit as well as my sister’s loud breathing. It still felt hot despite the air conditioning running at full blast, and I was covered in sweat.

My sister reached out and put her hand on my chest. I glanced over at her questioningly. She was lying on her side now, a half-smile on her face.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re amazing.”

“Hmph, that’s what you tell all the boys.”

“No, really… you’re really…active during sex. I can’t even keep up with you.”

“What if… what if I told you things were different before?”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

I took a breath. “When I was hit by that car, everything seemed to change. Men started acting like women, and women started acting like men. I have the attitude the women have, so that’s why I am the way you are.”

“Noah, you’re such a boy.” Mackenzie chuckled. “I wouldn’t say you’re like a woman in the slightest.”

I bit my lip. “This world, it changes a person. When you’re treated a certain way every day, you start to act that way. I’m starting to think that a lot of the behavior that people adapt has less to do with sex, and more to do with how people are treated. If you are treated like a girl, you’ll act like a girl. If you’re treated like a child, you’ll act like a child. Well, I’m still a man, even if I sometimes act less than manly.”

“What are you talking about?” Mackenzie shook her head, reaching out and flicking my forehead. “You are you, and I am me, and that’s all there is to it. What we have between us is what we have, and nothing will change that.”

“Right.” I agreed, but secretly I sighed.

What I had said had gone right in one ear and out the other. It was clear Mackenzie wasn’t listening, or if she was listening, she was thinking I was just fantasizing out loud. It had taken the effort to convince Samantha of the truth. Mackenzie was a lot denser than Samantha, so wasting more time trying to make things clear would be a waste. Even if I got her to understand, I didn’t think she’d believe me ever.

Hell, after all this time, I didn’t think Samantha believed me. She accepted it and perhaps used it in an attempt to get closer to me, but she didn’t believe it. Who could? If someone walked up to you and said last week you were a completely different person, and that everything you know is a lie, who would ever believe that. There was exactly zero evidence of it too.

We didn’t remain at the hotel for too much longer. We’d both be expected home. The date had ended a few hours ago, and if we got home too late, mother would be angry. We both took a shower, although we didn’t fool around in the shower much. Just some light petting and kissing, barely anything. When the pair of us were cleaned up and dressed again, we left the motel room.

The windows to the rooms faced outside, and despite it being pretty late, a man was looking out his window at us, giving a dark look with his arms crossed. Behind him was a woman, who winked at me and gave Mackenzie a thumbs up. After everything that happened, this was the first time Mackenzie had grown embarrassed. Had she seriously not realized how loud she was being? Did she think the walls could completely obscure what we did? Finding out that she had been heard was an apparent deep emotional blow, and she held her head low the rest of the drive home.

When we pulled up into the driveway, Mackenzie turned off the car, but instead of opening her door, she turned to me instead.

“Noah, I love you.”

I blinked, giving a half-smile. “I love you too.”

She reached out and squeezed my leg. “I really love you. I know I’m helpless, but I love my little brother. I want to continue to have this relationship with you.”


“Just okay?”

“Are you… going to go on another date with someone else?”

“I won’t!”

“Then, it’s fine.”

“What about you?”

“Hmm? What about me?”

“The other women?”


“I’m not asking if you will. I already know that answer.” Mackenzie chuckled, before turning away with an embarrassed look. “What I mean is… do you want any help?”


“I know some cute seniors who might want to… you know…”

My eyebrows rose. “You want to set me up?”

“O-only… if… if I get to watch.” Her expression turned red.

It seemed like just as things were getting back to normal, things would never be the same

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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