The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 79

I stuck my tongue out and started to lick and tease the wet pussy that had been shoved into my face. Meanwhile, down below, I felt two girls fighting over my dick. I used the opportunity to reach into the pocket of my pants, which the girls fighting over my dick had tossed somewhere near my head. I pulled out my cellphone and turned on the video. If I used the camera, it would have made a clicking noise, but the video didn’t do anything like that.

To them, it looked like I was just grabbing my pants in ecstasy, but I managed to prop my camera up and point it in their general direction, using my bundled-up pants as support. Presuming I didn’t have the camera facing the wrong way, I was now recording everything. That’s what I liked to call insurance. This wasn’t exactly a new trick of mine, but it was one that was effective. Now that I had that set up without them noticing, it was time for me to have a little bit of fun too.

I reached up and grabbed the girl on top of her legs, shoving my face into her crotch and enthusiastically eating her out. I made pig-like noises as I shook my face and dug deep for truffles. The girl on top started to spasm, letting out orgasmic moans.

While this was happening, Avery had been forced off my dick, and the other girl had grabbed it and was rubbing her pussy against it, trying to get it inside. She lost her grip because the girl sitting on my face, in her throes of sexual gratification, couldn’t take it anymore and had made a grab for my dick as well. She started to lick my balls, not seeming to care that it was covered in the juices of the other two women. I felt several hands wrestling with my dick, and as soon as one girl started pumping away with her hand, another managed to snatch it away. It wasn’t the sexiest feelings in the world, but it kept me from cumming, even as the girl on top of me started to cum all over my face. I could taste spurts of liquid shooting down, running down my chin and cheeks.

The girl on top of me was shoved aside, and I was able to see the outside world again. The sounds that had also been muffled by her thighs became sharper as well.

Avery was sucking on my shaft now while the girl who had been riding my face was still licking the balls. I was getting a blowjob from both ladies. Her ass had been pushed aside by the third girl, who after losing access to my dick, was trying to get whatever part of me she could claim. She didn’t sit on my face like the other girl did though. Instead, she grabbed my hand and shoved it between her crotch. She expected me to just start fingering her because her pussy was there. I mean, I was going to, but it was funny she just expected me to start doing it.

I plunged two fingers into her wet cunt. She was on all fours hugging my arm, which ran down her underbody, through her breasts and thighs, and where my fingers wrapped up and slid into her. As I fingered her, she started to hump my arm, treating the whole thing like her personal sex toy. She had her hands on either side of my head, but she wasn’t even looking at me, concentrated instead on her pleasure as she humped my fingers.

On my other side, the girl who had just been knocked aside was still happily sucking my balls. She was on all fours as well but facing the other direction toward my dick. As it turned out, her naked ass devoid of pants or panties was on full display, and she was right over where I had made my phone record, giving it a full view of her wet, dripping pussy. With my free hand, I reached up and touched her wet cunt, sliding fingers into her too. I started to finger both girls, one on each side, while two girls pleasured my cock.

For a bit of time, wet noises and moaning were the only sounds filling the forest. These three girls were completely lost in the enjoyment of their actions. That’s when the girl riding my arm like a saddle reached down and grabbed my shoulders tightly.

“I’m almost there!” She panted.

I started to quickly move my fingers, tripling the speed as I banged her pussy with my fingers. Her moaning rose several octaves as a wet gushy noise sounded from my fingers. She started to spurt all over the ground, her hips thrusting wildly as she convulsed in an orgasm.

“Ahhn! Yes! Yes! Fuck, yes!” She moaned as she orgasmed.

At this point, all three girls had orgasmed once, however, it was only another minute before the girl on my balls started to climax again too. As I finished off one girl, I freed my hand and grabbed the ass of the other girl. I pulled her over, forcing her to the side. Lifting her leg over me while the other was on the ground, I began to rapidly finger her with my spare hand, her legs in a V with one in the air and one on the ground, facing the camera.

Her leg sticking up in the air began to vibrate like a dog as she orgasmed. She had to pull away from my dick as she orgasmed, letting out hot breaths as she came wildly. As she collapsed, the girl on my other side stood up and stepped over me.

“I want to feel his dick.” The girl cried out, trying to push her wet pussy against my dick.

“No, Me.” Avery shot back, seemingly doing the same from the other side.

Both girls pushed their pussies against my dick, Avery from the bottom and the other girl from the top. They both humped up and down, sending my dick sliding between the slits of both of their pussies. The feeling was amazing, I felt like I’d blow my load any second. The girls seemed to still be fighting over my dick, but now they were battling with their vaginas, each trying to maneuver my dick into their pussy.

As soon as it got close, caught on the edge to popping into one girl’s wet hole, the other would shove her crotch forward, knocking it free. The girls themselves were becoming as excited as I was, and at one point my cock fell out of the pussy pit, and the two girls began to scissor each other a few inches above my dick. They were both in crab walks, their legs intertwined, humping each other wetly.

Their eyes were closed as they focused on their own pleasure, and they didn’t seem to realize my dick wasn’t even there, as they rubbed their wet pieces against each other. The scene was far too exciting for me, so I shoved my dick between their pussies. It slid in easy considering how wet they were. I started to hump up between them, pleasuring both girls at once. Whether they had realized they were fucking each other before, with the added feeling of my cock, they were both falling into bliss.

I had reached my limit as well, and I humped up one last time as my balls exploded. Cum shot up like a fountain. The head of my cock had just enough length to pop out from between their mashed together privates, and as I came with pussy writhing on both sides of my dick, white stuff shot up and then collapsed down on both of their pussies, covering their wet fur mounds in white tinsel. Using my elbows to prop up my body. I finished cumming between the two girls.

The girls barely cared, as they were too busy cumming too. Their pussy’s spasmed orgasmically on either side of my dick, and the two girls finally collapsed. One girl collapsed on my chest, while Avery collapsed on the dirt between my v-spread legs.

“You bastards!” A shout from the woods caught all of us off guard.

The girl who had cum the second-time first and who had ridden my face earlier had been standing up, cleaning herself off while the other two finished. Thus, when Kelsey burst from the woods, it was this girl that received her wrath. She slugged the girl immediately, causing her naked body to stumbled back and trip over me and the other girl on top of me.

Avery jumped to her feet immediately. “What the hell?”

She looked behind Kelsey where her twin sisters Kristy was standing, looking angry and frustrated. When they left me to fix everything, they must have worked up the courage to return, and when they saw me in my current state, Kelsey lost it and started swinging.

“Kelsey, wait!” I tried to stop her, but she moved forward to grab the girl on top of me.

She pulled her off and threw her to the side. This gave Avery time though. She had reached to the side and pulled out a bat that she had hidden before. She lifted it, ready to bring it down on Kelsey. She had her back turned to the other girl, so she wouldn’t have seen anything. Seeing the bat descending on my sister’s head, an explosion of anger erupted through me. As my twin sisters were running forward to help, I was the closest. My hands wrapped around Avery from behind.


“Don’t… touch my sisters!” I shouted, and then threw my body back.

“Ahhh!” Avery went flying back in a suplex.

It wasn’t just a supplex, it was a naked suplex. Kelsey spun around just in time to see it. I brought Avery over my body and sent her back slamming into the ground. She was bent over, her ass being displayed to everyone, while I was in a bent back position, my penis, still slightly erect, sticking up in the air.

“B-brother…” Kristy gasped.

“He-he… took her down.” Kelsey shivered.

I let go of Avery, who collapsed to the ground, and then stumbled back to my feet. The two naked girls who Kelsey had attacked took one look at each other, and then scattered in opposite directions, abandoning their clothing and wallets and running naked through the forest. They would definitely have some explaining to do where ever they ran off to.

“Brother, I’m so sorry I abandoned you!” Seeing the threat was gone, Kelsey suddenly ran up and hugged me.

“To think, they would end up making you pay like that!” Kristy also threw her arms around me.

I was naked, but now I was being hugged by two crying girls.

I held them in my arms and sighed. “You should have just left me to handle it.”

“How could we call you our big brother and do that? I’m so sorry!” Kelsey declared.

“It’s my fault!” Kristy added. “If I was a stronger sister, Brother would have never been forced into such a situation.”

“Do you think this is over?” Avery snarled, recovering from the attack and getting to her feet. “You think just because you bully me, I’ll step down? I’ll destroy you all! I’ll tell everyone that Noah’s a slut. I’ll reveal all the secrets I have about Kristy. I’ll ruin all of you.”

Kelsey took a step forward, but I stopped her with an arm before leaning over and grabbing my pants and cellphone. I slid my pants back on and then I walked up to Avery. She had a sneer on her face, and she was still checking out my chest lewdly even though I covered my lower half. It was at a level that I wanted to tell her that her eyes should be up here.

I lifted my phone, hitting play. It was a random part, but to my luck, it was when she and the other girl were scissoring each other. I wasn’t even in the shot. My camera had been aimed too high, and all you could see was the very tip of my penis. However, Avery’s face was very clear on the camera, as was her lust as she rubbed her pussy against another girl. As she saw the image, her face turned white.

“I could spread through the entire school how you like to fuck girls. I could also get you for assault by trying to attack my sister. That’s if I don’t just claim you raped me. I don’t care to do any of it.”  I put my phone away as quickly as I brought it out. “Stay the fuck away from me and my sisters.”

Her eyes narrowed. “You think you’re better than me? I’ve seen you naked. I’ve had you for myself! I’ve tasted your body. You’re my bit-”


I slapped her across the face. “I didn’t mind playing with you. However, the second you went after my sisters, you lost.”

“You-” She raised her hand like she was going to strike back, causing Kelsey to lunge forward.

However, before she could do anything, I grabbed her hair and pulled it back while knocking her leg out, forcing her down to her knees. I leaned over her as she let out a cry of pain. I brought my lips up to her ears and spoke in a low tone.

“If you ever go after my sisters again, I will end you.” I threw her naked ass to the ground and then turned to my sisters, who were all looking at me strangely. “What?”

“Brother is really scary…” Kristy responded.

“He loves us maybe too much?” Kelsey added. “I guess we’ll just have to accept our crazy, obsessive brother’s love.”

“We’ll have to emotionally and sexually keep brother satisfied, or he may lose it.”  

“You two are fine ones to talk!”

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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