The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 78

Avery’s eyes narrowed suspiciously after I had attempted to tempt her with my, err… forbidden fruit. I wasn’t sure if my offer would necessarily work, but I figured I’d offer honey before I offered the stick. Well, I wasn’t comfortable hurting a woman, even if this world was reversed, so the stick would probably just be my penis. That meant that I only really had sex to offer.

The two friends that had come with Avery glanced at each other, and then looked over at her. It was clear that they would follow her lead. I gave a disarming smile, but it only caused Avery to grow more hesitant.

“If you think you can screw with me, you’re mistaken.” She responded.

“I’m just trying to come to an arrangement that benefits everyone.” I shrugged.

“Heh… if you think I’m going to be tempted by a slut like you…”

“You’re not?” I asked, reaching down and slowly unzipping my pants.

All three of their eyes were locked on my pants. They were panting now, and if they were guys, they’d probably have tents in their pants right about now.

I didn’t take my dick out though. Instead, I just looked up at Avery with a questioning look, as if asking if she wanted me to continue. She licked her lips, clearly showing a mental struggle on her face. It was very easy to read.

“You’ll really have sex with us if we leave your sister alone?” She asked, swallowing.

I nodded.

“All three of us?” She continued.


An evil look appeared in her eyes. “At the same time?”

“You don’t want to take turns?” I asked innocently.

“Dude, we should take turns. I don’t want my cunt anywhere near your cunt.” One of the girls said.

“I don’t want to be smelling some other girl’s furbox when I’m doing it.” The other nodded in agreement.

“And which one of you want to go thirds?” Avery snapped at them. “No, we’ll all do you at once. We’re totally going to mess you up. You’ll be covered in pussy juice and sucked dry, you okay with that?”

She was asking such a ridiculous question with a malicious look in her eyes. It’d be the equivalent of three guys on a girl, telling her they were going to break her with their dicks. However, I wasn’t so used to this reversed world to be even remotely taken aback by such a comment. Quite the opposite, I was going to bang three chicks at once? That was one more than when I banged the twins. I didn’t know when I slept with my sisters that I’d be preparing for a gang bang. Well, it wasn’t my first gang bang anyway.

“F-fine… you, come here… on your knees!” She tried to act touch, pointing down in front of her.

I grinned as she submitted. Well, it was me getting on my knees, but she had already succumbed to the promise of sex. I walked over and got on my knees as she ordered. Then, I looked up at her, a bemused expression on my face. Her cheeks flushed, and then she pointed at her crotch. Her inexperience was clear.

“Suck my pussy!” She ordered.

“Kay…” I responded, just stopping myself from rolling my eyes.

I was quickly finding it was impossible for a girl to demand that I sexually satisfy her and come off as intimidating, at least for me. I reached up and grabbed her pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them before pulling them down to her knees. I had hooked my fingers around her hem and grabbed her underwear, pulling that down as well. Her bare ass was exposed. She let out a cry, looking at the other two girls like she didn’t want them seeing. How did she think I was going to suck her pussy without pulling them down though? It wasn’t like a dick that could just poke out the pants.

I ran my fingers through her furry patch and then spread her open, taking a quick lick with my tongue. She let out a gasp, her body shaking. Her worry over being seen by the others seemed to disappear the instant she was touched down there. Realizing she was showing vulnerability, she tried to put on a tough look again.

“You like the taste of a real woman?” She demanded.

“Mmm…” I answered, driving myself into her crotch to keep from laughing.

My tongue darted into her pussy, and I ended up pushing her back against a tree. With my hands on her abdomen, I sucked on her clitoris. She started to let out moans of delight. One of her hands rested on my head, and the other one began to squeeze her tit as she bit her lips. While my tongue went in circles around her clit, she started to rock her body, thrusting her cunt against my face. She quickly grew wetter and wetter, and her rich feminine scent filled the place. It wasn’t like she had washed up beforehand, so she was very fragrant, but it wasn’t anything I was unused to at this point.

I reached my hands around her hips and grabbed her bare ass. She leaned her head back, letting out a moan as I used my grip on her buttcheeks to press her crotch in my face even more. I could feel her wet cunt pressed against my chin as I continued to lap her pussy with lick after lick. She let go of my hand, unable to smash my face in there anymore and grabbed her other breast. As she moaned, she squeezed them and kneaded them in her hands. Any thought of acting dominant had been blasted away in less than a minute, and now she was a purring kitten taking all the pleasure I was giving her.

My hands stroked her ass, and I lapped her pussy juices up mechanically, my head bopping. When I glanced up, I could see her looking down at me with a lewd expression filled with desire. This wasn’t the face of a tough girl from juvey, but of a girl who had a crush on a guy and was finally getting the attention from him that she always wanted. It was filled with joy and just a hint of disbelief.

“Noah…” She gasped, biting her lips some more as she stifled back moans. “Yes…”

I pulled back and then grabbed her thigh. She lifted it at my slightest encouragement, like a dog who needed to pee. Spreading her legs, I was able to attack her crotch more aggressively. With one of my hands holding up her thigh, and the other grabbing her ass, I slid my tongue in and out of her snatch, enjoying the strong flavor of her moist pussy. She grabbed my hair again, her hips rocking as she tried to hump my face.

“Hey, it’s my turn.”

“What about me?”

The other two girls had been watching Avery writhe in pleasure as I ate her out. She shot the two girls a hateful glare.

“Shut up, I’m almost done.” She panted.

“He really is going to town on her slit.”

“This guy must be a total slut.”

The girls looked up at Avery, then down at me, and then at each other. They nodded at once and both girls fell to their knees. One of the girls slapped my ass. Her hand lingered there and she squeezed it. The other went down for my crotch.

“He’s hard.” She giggled. “Do you like tasting that pussy?”

I nodded, while my face was still in Avery’s crotch which only made her laugh more.

The girl with a hand on my ass lifted my shirt and then started stroking my chest, while the other girl started fumbling with the zipper of my pants. I wanted to help, but my hands were tied, gripping onto Avery. Thus, my body was at the mercy of the other two girls, who after starting to touch me, were growing bolder and bolder.

Once fishing my cock out, the girl started to jack me off with her hand. As she did that, she put her chin on my shoulder, panting hot air into my ear as she struggled to jerk my dick. The other girl started to lick my nipple, while her hands ran up and down my chest and abdomen like it was the most exciting thing she had ever felt.

In the past, during my time with my sisters, I had always been in charge. Even during my gangbang, the girls mostly just did it one at a time and watched while rubbing themselves. With two girls focused on my satisfaction at once while I focused on a third, it was really exciting. I had one girl fucking my face, another licking my nipples, and a third jacking me off. It was a great experience. Despite all of that stimulation, it was Avery who reached her limit first.

Her hands ran through and pulled my hair as she let out moans and screams. Her body shuddered and spasmed as she started to cum.

“Ahhh… yes… yes… ahhhhn…” She moaned and shuddered.

I could feel the contraction of muscles as her pussy twitched and orgasmed in my mouth. When I felt she was finished, I let her put her leg back down, and then pulled away. At this point, I had two girls completely worked up. One was sucking on my neck and giving me a hand job. The other was squeezing my ass and sucking my nipples. With my hands no longer holding up Avery’s ass, I reached down and into the pants of the girl’s at either side of me. They both didn’t hesitate to unzip their pants and help my hands find their way into their underwear.

Soon, I had four fingers in two pussies. With this rare opportunity, I considered trying to feel the differences between the two girls. However, from this angle, not to mention the amount of stimulation they were giving me, all I could do was push my fingers in and out of two wet, gushy holes. This was enough, as both girls were moaning and gasping. The girl who was giving me the handy had even stopped, unable to function as she clung to me.

As Avery recovered from her orgasm, she hadn’t pulled her pants up yet. Instead, she stared at the other two girls who were all over me, a small frown on her face. It was clear that although she had forced this into a foursome, she had wanted me all to herself. It had been an impulsive thing, a desire to get back at my sister and act cruelly. However, she wasn’t the type. She had once had a crush on me, so now seeing other girls touch me, especially after being given probably her first sexual experience, made Avery quite jealous.

While the three of us were continuing to enjoy each other, the other two girls were suddenly pushed away and I was pushed back. I fell and the other two let out cries of alarm. I was pushed down to the ground by Avery. She had discarded her pants and was now on top of me.


“What’s the big deal!”

My hands had been pulled from their two panties, and they had both lost their hold on me. Meanwhile, Avery was grabbing my cock and lining it up with her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck him. You guys were just being boring.”

“Boring?” One of the girls shot back. “Screw you, I’m fucking him!”

She grabbed Avery, trying to pull her off. What was happening was immediately obscured from my vision, because the other girl, rather than fighting with Avery over my penis, had decided to just sit on my face. My eyesight was suddenly blocked by an incoming pussy. I barely had enough time to take a breath before I was smothered by another fragrant pussy.

I had planned to be in control of this situation like I always was, but I was starting to lose control. These girls weren’t the types to get in line and take turns!

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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