The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 59

Taking one last look at the door that didn’t lock, I took a step into the bathtub and closed the door behind me. I looked down at Jasmine’s smooth, round behind. She had a very nice, slim, succulent body. As I was admiring it, she became inpatient, and started to wag her butt.

“Come on, I can’t stand it. I need your cock in me now.” She cried.

Her head was still down. The water from the shower was raining down on her back. It came short of her buttocks, most of it running down her sides and either falling between her legs or running off her tits. Some water splashed off, putting little wet flecks of water over her ass and pussy. The water was hot and steamy, and the sight of her body was intoxicating. After already playing with her twat for a bit, I was already extremely aroused.

My hand whipped out and I pawed her ass lightly, feeling the smooth wet skin of her butt. As I looked between, I could see a pink slit amongst the darker skin. That was when I realized that she had a hand between her legs, and with two fingers, she was spreading her pussy open, nearly begging for my dick to fill her. Of course, she still thought I was her boyfriend, Jake. However, that asshole had lied and humiliated me, so this was justice.

Still, I hadn’t intended for my sneakiness to get me so far. After getting her this worked up, I was going to reveal myself. I was betting on her horniness to get us the rest of the way. However, she was such a slutty idiot, she didn’t even think to check if I was her man before she bent over for me. I don’t know if she had ever spent any time with Jake before, but she should have really been able to tell the difference. The fact she didn’t even bother to look just showed how confident and forward she was.

Feeling a bit mischievous, I raised one of my hands off her ass, and then slapped it. Her butt was very nice and round. It actually was just as nice as Mackenzies. Hers had more of tone muscularity to it, but where in Kelsey, the muscle had made her butt a little smaller, Jasmine had a nice bubble butt with the firmness of an athlete. Thus, when I smacked it, it didn’t jiggle much. It did make a very nice slapping sound though.

“Ahn… if you’re going to do it, do it hard!” She said. “Make it hurt!”

I hadn’t expected her to not just like it, but demand more. I had done it because I wanted what we were doing to be a bit noisy. I thought she might have responded with just a bit of timidity, but she didn’t mind it at all. So, I raised up and hit her butt even more. This time, I left a red print.

“Ah! Fuck… just shove it in. Stop teasing! I’m going to cum!”

With her vulgar begging, I couldn’t wait a second longer. I grabbed my dick, and then I slid it between her legs where she was holding herself open for me. It slid in wetly, and I was surprised to feel such a heat between her legs. It was much hotter than the water falling on us. It felt really amazing. As I pushed myself into her, she reaches out and grabs the shower bar to keep herself from falling. As she does this, she clenches, tightening her pussy around my dick. It was clear she had some skill with this, as it felt amazing.

I could only look down in awe at the feel of my dick being clenched rhythmically by her snatch while I looked over her bent over form. I had completely forgotten to start thrusting into her. I didn’t need to though. The woman herself had already planned to take care of that. Using the shower bar, she started to pushed herself back, gyrating her as and pushing my dick in and out of her. She was doing all the work, and all I had to do was lean back and let her pleasure my cock. I could barely hear her moans and pants over the sound of the shower as she exerted herself toward pleasuring my hard dick.

Although the feeling was incredible, I knew that I’d end up cumming in a few minutes if I just let her have her way. Every time she backed up, there was a wet splashing sound, and I could see the water that ran down her buttcrack pooling between our skin before she pulled away and let the puddle of water fall to the bath tiles below. Then, when she thrust back again, more water splashed up before pooling between us again. The humid air was dizzying, and the feeling was euphoric.

However, I managed to regain my thoughts and bit my lip hard to regain my senses. Looking down at her, a cruel light flashed in my eyes.

“I must say, Jasmine, your pussy feels amazing,” I spoke for the first time since I had been behind her. “I wonder how big sis will feel about this.”

Her movements froze, and her gyrating hips stopped. She reached and pulled her wet hanging hair to the side and then looked up. Her eyes were wide and her lips trembled as she glanced at me.

“N-N-Noah?” Her voice was a few octaves higher.

I wanted to burst out laughing, but I schooled my expressions instead. Rather than look like I had done it on purpose, I gave her the most innocent look I could manage as if I had assumed that she knew all along who I was.

“Ever since I saw you earlier playing with yourself, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I had to see your body for myself.” I said, grinning.

Jasmine stood up, and my dick fell out of her as she spun around. She didn’t try to cover herself. Rather, her eyes fell, not even meeting mine as she looked down at my dick rather than my face.

“N-Noah… what are you doing in here? If your sister catches us, she’ll kill me!”

“She’s just my half-sister. She can’t control who I sleep with.” I shook my head and spoke like this was the most obvious thing in the world. “Besides, you’re hot and I wanted you.”

Her cheeks blushed, and her eyes still hadn’t left my dick. “You’re amazing. Damn, so young and sexy. That dick is so hard and big too.”

It sounded like she was trying to convince herself to keep going, even though she had some thoughts in the back of her head shouting at her to stop. It was almost comical to me, mostly because I could almost see the gears moving in her head. She thought like a guy, after all, and not just a guy, but a rather simple guy. There were people in this world who were complicated and their actions were complicated. I never realized how complicated sex got when I could just have it whenever I seemingly wanted. Then again, there were people like this, who just wanted to feel good and didn’t care about the consequences.

I tensed the muscles in my groin, causing my dick to lift and fall down, bouncing slightly in the shower. Her eyes widened as if this was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. I could almost see her drooling. I had never met this girl when the world was normal. I kind of wondered what kind of woman she was.

I had found that despite the attitudes of people changing in this world, their base disposition didn’t. Kelsey was still a sporty girl in either world and while in this world she often said gross and perverted things, my original Kelsey had always been a direct and gossipy girl. London had always been a woman who worked hard for the one she loved, and fundamentally got taken advantage of, but that was the same in either world too. That probably meant that this Jasmine was probably a little horny slut in her world, but she was much better at hiding it.

“Your sister can never know about this.” She said, a decision finally being made that I had no doubt she’d always make.

She already turned around and bent over. This time, she reached back with both hands, and spread her cheeks open, giving me a full few of her ass and pink slit. Seeing her being so accommodating, I couldn’t help but bring out the more sadistic side of me. Grinning darkly, I grabbed my dick once again. This time, I pushed my dick up a bit higher than where she was spreading her pussy.

“H-hey! W-wait.” She said as she started to feel pressure on the wrong hole.

Without waiting or replying, I grabbed her ass and then pushed my dick in. My dick immediately popped into her asshole. She let out a cry, and her hand let go of holding her cheeks open as she grabbed the handrail. I could see that hand shaking as she squeezed the handrail as hard as it would go. I had only just gotten the head of my cock into her ass, but I started pushing more and more.

I had anal with Mackenzie once by accident, but it wasn’t nearly as deliberate as this time. Plus, we had been interrupted before we could even get going. It was much better to do it with this slut here who had been holding it open so willingly. Seeing her pull her cheeks and reveal that tight little hole, I just couldn’t help myself.

“Ahhhn…” She cried out. “Fuck! What are you doing?”

She shot a pained look back at me as I continued pushing it in. I now had half my cock in her ass. It did feel completely different from a pussy. I had always wondered what guys liked about it. To me, it always felt kind of gross. I mean, it’s an ass after all. I may like that bubbly fat that bounces up and down on my cock, but now my dick was literally up in her colon. The part that made up the asshole was tight, while the rest of it felt like a deep, warm abyss. I kind of liked the feeling. Plus, with my mushroom head of a cock and her tight asshole, it wouldn’t pop out easily as it did with her pussy, so I could get some more aggressive thrusts.

“Is something wrong?” I asked innocently. “Did I do something that Jasmine doesn’t like?”

I once again acted like a virgin, pretending I didn’t even know I got it in the wrong hole. Any woman from my old world would have slapped a guy acting this way, but when she saw the innocent expression on my face, her own turned lewder.

“Ah… you’re doing great.” She said, putting on a smile even though her eyes still showed a bit of pain. “You just surprised me when you stuck it in my ass.”

“Oh, no!” I raised my hand to my mouth in a completely mocking way. “I didn’t mean to! I’ll take it out now!”

I started to pull my cock out of her ass, but she let out a cry just as the head reached the ring of her asshole. “N-no! Wait! Keep going!”

I gasped. “In your ass? But… assholes are dirty!”

Her face grew lewder and lewder. “Wait, you’ve never stuck it in an ass before? Am I popping your anal cherry?”

I wanted to burst out laughing. Although it wasn’t my first anal, her lewd expression, and how excited she was getting over me sticking it in her ass was comical from my perspective.

“Have you done it in the butt before?” I asked innocently.

“Y-yeah… lots of times?” She said, but I suddenly had the feeling, especially given the pain on her face, that she hadn’t.

“We can stop…” I said, fighting the smirking of my lips from showing my real thoughts.

“Keep going. Guys do this for girls all the time. It’s not dirty at all. Aren’t we in the shower, after all? Come on, enjoy my ass!”

Somehow, I had flipped the situation around and she was now begging me to fuck her in the ass. “Well… if you insist.”

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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