The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 45

Leaving the classroom where I just blackmailed my teacher, I realized that most of the school was over and the extra-curricular activities were in full effect. I felt like maybe I should have picked up some extracurricular activities with my family. In the past, my activity had always been videogames. As soon as I got home, I’d pop them in and spend the next three hours playing until the food was done. Then, mom would tell me I had to do homework after, and I would fly through it whether it was well done or not just so that I could return to video games. Then, when it got late at night, and I was convinced everyone was asleep, I would bring out my headphones and maybe look at a little porn, jerk off, and fall asleep. That was the cycle of my life.

Now, it seemed to be cooking for my family that was replacing the time I had spent playing video games. I thought I might be more annoyed by not having time to play games, but I was surprisingly alright with it. I didn’t know why, but I just didn’t feel as inclined to sit around all day and play games as I once did. It probably had something to do with my schedule being filled with other things to take my attention. As I was thinking of such things, I suddenly remembered someone I hadn’t talked to in some time. I dialed their number.

“Noah!” An excited voice answered, clearing having my number on their phone.

“Hey, Anna… you busy?”

I heard some static sounds like she was moving, followed by. “No! Not at all. Did you want to hang out, or something?”

“Yeah, can you pick me up from my school?”

“Of course! I mean, yeah, sure.”

“Then, hurry. I’m waiting.”

I left the school, keeping a distance from the locker room this time. I had a feeling that Mackenzie might be hanging around there just in case I thought about heading back. I didn’t. Although I was jumping back and forth between not regretting it a bit and feeling mortified that I acted that way, I thought it best to put it behind me and focus on one girl at a time from now on.

I sat on the side of the school that didn’t face the fields. I didn’t want to be seen by any of my sisters. While I was waiting, I called home and left a message telling them to get food on their own. Mom really couldn’t say anything if I didn’t feel like going. That was one good thing about being the man of the house.

Her familiar car ended up driving up the street. I took a glance around to make sure I wasn’t under the eyes of anyone, and then I jumped into her car.

“So, where do you want to go?” She asked.


“Out…” She nodded. “Right, out, we’re going out.”

She blushed when she said that last sentence, and then put the car into drive and left. I calmed down slightly as I saw the high school left behind in the rear-view mirror. I needed to stop causing trouble at school. It wasn’t just my sisters, but I’d personally have a heart attack if I kept giving myself more stress.

“What do you want to do?” She tried asking again once we were on the road.”

I leaned the chair back and shrugged. “I don’t know, you have any weed?”

“Weed!” She jumped in her chair, but then looked around. “Ah… I don’t have any. But… I know a girl who does! I’ll go get some and then we can g-go get high!”

“I was just joking. I don’t smoke weed.”

“Ah! Y-yeah… I don’t either…” She turned red.

I gave her a wry look. “Would you seriously smoke weed just to have a chance to fuck me?”

Her eyes widened and she just stopped herself from slamming the breaks. We still ended up getting a car beeping at us from behind.

“It’s not like that at all! I mean, I don’t want to… I mean… I do… but not right… damn it, I’m just going to kill myself right now.”

“Just relax.” I chuckled, enjoying watching her squirm.

I had been in her position before. There was this girl who always talked about getting drunk and would act flirtatious back when I was a freshman. I was ready to steal a bottle of my dad’s alcohol, something as old as I was and locked up in one of our cabinets, just so we could get drunk together and I had a chance to score. Of course, she was flirtatious with every guy, and I heard she got pregnant and then dropped out of school. It was the last time I ever saw her.

“S-sorry.” She said.

“Hey, how about we just go to the mall, okay?”


I had said the mall because there was a rather nice mall food court where we could both get what we wanted. I didn’t want to pick someplace and for her to hate it. Plus, I was using her for the car, but I wasn’t going to make her buy everything for me. It’d be less uncomfortable if we each got our own thing while at the mall.

At least, that’s what I had in mind, but I was surprised when she pulled me into a clothing store. Stranger still, after we walked, she didn’t look around but just turned to me. It took me a moment to realize she thought I wanted to go around clothes shopping.

“Ah, actually, I didn’t come here to look at clothing,” I said honestly.

I didn’t even know what to look at. It was guys’ clothing. It all looked fine. However, I had clothes on, and I didn’t need anymore. I saw no reason to be in there. Plus, the prices were really expensive.

“O-oh… s-sorry…” She blushed.

This time, I grabbed her hand and led the way, entering a store I wanted to go into. I dragged her into a video game store. She seemed stiff though as she followed me around, and as soon as I let go of her hand, she quickly drifted off. She seemed to relax when she got to the other side of the store. The system games she wanted to look at weren’t the same system that either Dawn or I owned, so I let her to it and started looking for games.

As a family with very little money, I didn’t usually buy very many video games. What I did buy was always the stuff that was on sale or clearance. Thus, I was always on the lookout to catch a good deal, which was what I was watching for now. I did have a little bit of money, but I wasn’t going to spend it on clothing. My only regret was that those girls at school decided to stop talking to me. I had hoped I’d have some gaming buddies. That was part of the reason I had dragged Anna in here too.

“Hey, do you need any help.” A girl came up from behind me and asked.

I turned back to see a girl who had to be in her twenties, possibly London’s age. Although, where London was in med school and rotating through a hospital, this girl was working at a video game store. Well, it wasn’t like I had any better plans. I kind of wanted to work at a gaming store too. I seemed to remember applying at this place once. That’s when a thought suddenly occurred to me.

“Hey, do you have any applications?”

“You’re interested?” She asked, smirking.

“Why, are you the manager?”

“I might be…” She laughed. “Do you know anything about video games?”

“I do!” I nodded, hoping that she didn’t ask any specific questions, which I probably wouldn’t know.

When it came to gameplay, this world wasn’t any different, and I could play pretty well. At least, I was able to give Dawn a challenge at home.

“Then, come in tomorrow. I’ll get the paperwork done.”

I blinked. “Just like that?”

She smiled and put her hand on my shoulder. “I think you’ll do great here.”

“Noah… let’s go.” I blinked and turned to see Anna standing there.

The expression on the woman’s face darkened when she saw Anna next to me. “I-is this your girlfriend?”

“We’re friends,” I responded, still a bit excited that I had managed to land a job that easily. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“You must interview first.” She responded. “Bring your completed application in tomorrow.”

“Huh? I thought you said…”

“I was just giving you an interview.” She responded and then turned away, walking back behind the register.

I was still surprised and confused, but Anna ushered me out of the store.

“What? Stop pushing me! What is the deal?” I complained.

“She was flirting with you,” Anna said.


I felt I was pretty good at seeing girls flirting with me, but I had not noticed it with the employee at all. Then again, could she be obvious about it at work? She could probably lose her job is she was hitting on people.

“She was just giving that job so you’d sleep with her!”



“Ahem… I mean, I’m hungry. Let’s go to the food court!”

Sex with my teacher, and now I had guaranteed better grades. Sex with a manager, and now I could have a job too? My dick was turning into a money-making tool!

I had gotten money from having sex with that stranger the one time, but I had disregarded having sex to get stuff too much. I didn’t want to feel like a prostitute. However, when I was thinking that, I was talking about material goods. I wouldn’t have sex with someone so they bought me a phone or gave me money. However, grades, jobs, and other such things were probably okay, right?

I mean, isn’t marriage two people getting together so they could share resources. Women would take care of the home and give sex, while men gathered resources and made all the money. That’s why they called prostitution the oldest profession. In that way, if I used my body to get advantages in life, that’s no worse than a model, an actor, or a woman marrying rich!

“I’ll buy it! No, I insist.”

In the end, I couldn’t convince Anna to not pay for me. I started wondering if I could have gotten her to buy me a new outfit, or a video game. My qualms about such things were starting to slip away. Women got away with this stuff all the time, right? They’d date men just so the men bought them stuff. Of course, if it was really bad, they called them gold diggers, but I wasn’t that bad. I was even looking for a job, so I wasn’t any gold digger.

“What are you grinning at?” Anna asked, looking at me with a blank expression.

I had been lost in thought as we ate at the food court. I had gotten Chinese and was drinking from my cup while looking off, thinking about what else I could get, not just monetarily, but also benefits in society. I glanced at Anna and smiled.

“I’m thinking about how cute you are,” I responded.

She blushed. “Ah… r-really? I mean… I think, you too… um…”

“You want to go back to the car?”

“Hm? The car?’ she seemed lost by my train of thought.

“I figured we could… I don’t know… find someplace private? You know, where my sister won’t suddenly bust us?”

She nodded excitedly without hesitation.

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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