The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 115

“Hah… hah… hah…”

The breathing of these girls would have been enough to fog a car window. Hell, it was fogging the bedroom window. If anyone looked from the outside, this room would be suspicious. Thankfully, Nora’s bedroom window was blocked by a large tree in the backyard, so this room was given a lot of privacy.

The more I heard their moaning, the harder I became, and it wasn’t like I could hide it with three girls in the room. I saw them all shooting me side looks, seeing if I was getting turned on by it too. Wasn’t that the fantasy, to show a girl a porn and watch her get turned on? Well, in those situations, the girl didn’t have an erection that gave everything away. Seeing the tent in my pants only seemed to make the three of them more excited, and their petting grew more aggressive. It began a tangible sent in the air, which went back to only making it even harder for me.

With so many sisters, my mom, and even three girlfriends, one would think I could just be satisfied with that, but how could I be a man and pass up such a naughty opportunity. It was already difficult getting Abigail, Samantha, and Anna in the same room together, but to have a foursome with all of them was impossible. Other than my twin sisters, my opportunities for more than two people at a time were rather low.

I didn’t know how far I’d end up going with these ladies, but I decided to at least go a little farther. I very quietly unzipped my pants, and then pulled out my cock. I gripped it with my hand, and then started to stroke up and down it slowly and methodically, taking my time to strike the entire length and giving the girls a chance to see it in all of its glory. As soon as it whipped out, I could hear an inhalation of breath from all of them, and I knew their eyes that should have been on the screen were now looking at my pants.

The scene on the television was much more eventful at the moment, with the girl bouncing up and down on the guy’s cock while his face was scrunched up and he was letting out long wails of pleasure like it was the greatest sex ever. However, that was a fictional recording, and I was real and in front of them. Their hands had temporarily stopped moving in their pants but then started up again even faster as they watched me.

“D-do you mind if I touch it?” Not even a minute passed before such a question was asked.

“Sophie, what the hell?” Luna declared.

“I was just asking!” Sophie responded defensively.

“Even so, he’s a friend, why would you ask that?”

“You can,” I spoke up, causing all three girls to look at me in shock.

Sophie looked down at my dick, while the other two girls looked at her. I could hear them all swallowing hard. Sophie pulled her hand out of her pants, and almost likely she was in a trance, crawled over to my dick. The other two girls watched with wide eyes. They were ignoring the porn scene on the television completely as they focused on something far more stimulating.

Sophie stopped just short of having her head over my lap. I moved my hand so that my dick was just poking up out of my pants freely, the view unobstructed. Sophie lifted a single finger and reached out toward it. Her hand moved slowly like she was trying to pet a tiger. Her finger touched my dick, pushing it to the side. She pulled back her finger, and it bounced slightly from side to side. The girls all broke into smiles. The kind of things that entertained girls were odd.

“It’s warm.” Sophie bit her lip as she examined it thoroughly.

“I learned in sex ed that it’s engorged with blood. Isn’t that kind of gross.” Nora added. “It’s like you get fucked by a rod-shaped blood balloon.”

“Ew… shut up, Nora.” Sophie shot her a disgusted look.

“How does this feel?” Luna didn’t seem to pull herself back, so she reached out and grabbed my dick tightly in her hand.

“Dude!” Sophie shot her a look while Luna shrugged helplessly, but then all of the girls looked at me, still clearly wanting an answer.

“It’s fine?” I responded, not sure what else to say.

“Does it feel good though?” She asked.

She wasn’t moving her hand though. She was just holding it. I had underestimated just how much of a geeky virgin my friends were. It’d be like a guy sticking a finger in a girl and being like, “did you cum yet?”.

“Your hand… is a bit cold.” I decided to speak honestly.

Luna’s face drained of color, and she quickly let go.

“My hands are warm, how’s this.” Sophie grabbed it next, using both hands and wearing a face filled with concentration.

“Th-they are warmer…” I couldn’t keep the grin on my face, as the situation was just far too comical.

“Yeah, but does it feel good?”

“I mean, it feels fine. You’re not squeezing too hard.” I stated.

“I mean, in porn, the second the girl grabs the guy’s dick, he goes crazy,” Nora explained. “Are your nipples sensitive?”

“Why don’t you try one and find out?” I teased.

I was just joking, so I was a bit stunned when Nora grabbed my shirt and pulled it up, revealing my chest. She immediately leaned down and licked one of my nipples. She didn’t stop there though. She put it on her lips and started sucking on it. It did feel kind of good, especially with Luna squeezing on my dick.

“It’s more the movement that feels good, rather than just the touch,” I instructed Nora.

She nodded and then started moving her hand, stroking my cock up and down. Sophie looked like she didn’t want to be left out, so she moved around the other two and came on my other side. Settling on her knees, she leaned down and took the nipple that Nora wasn’t playing with.

I was on the floor, my back to the side of a bed, my legs spread in a sitting position. I had one girl stroking my cock, while two other girls each sucked on one of my nipples. I had only been teasing at the start, but this situation was quickly starting to do it for me. At first, I was going to just tease the girls a little, but their diligent attention was causing me to grow too excited.

“Haah… ahhh…. Haaah…” It was my turn to be the one gasping and moaning.

These girls didn’t even think to play with themselves as they gratified me. They were too new at this and too excited by the mere chance of touching a boy. Wet spots were forming between their legs, but their focus was 100% on me. A guy would normally be blessed to have a single girl giving so much focus into satisfying her man, but for three of them to be, it was very intense. At that point, Nora bit down on one of my nipples.

“Owww.” I cried out.

However, Nora didn’t stop, biting it again even harder. I thought about pushing her away, but I didn’t want to ruin the mood. That’s when I felt a bit of pain in my groin. Sophie was working extremely hard to jack my dick, but her fist was moving up and down it fast, and every time she went down, her fist hit my balls. At first, it felt fine but repeated hits and it was starting to hurt. Was this the problem with an enthusiastic virgin?

These girls were far from my first virgin, but all of the other girls I had taken were usually a one-on-one affair. Furthermore, I usually took the lead, or at least, there was some emotional attachment between us so they were very careful. With these three girls who I only hung out with casually at school, I was more like a toy they just realized they could play with. All they knew was porn they watched on television, stuff geared toward the female sex, and it filled their heads with all kinds of rough behavior.

If it was just one of them, they might have been too nervous to act aggressively, but because they were in a group, these friends of mine had suddenly turned into predators, wanting to test out every little dirty thing they could think of. Luna pulled back from sucking on my nipple and then grabbed it with her thumb and forefinger and just pulled it before twisting it in her fingers. I wasn’t some masochist though, so it didn’t feel sexy at all.

Luna seemed to notice what Luna was doing, and so she pulled back and did the same thing, except she was much more aggressive, twisting it like she was trying to give me a purple nurple. I reached my limit.

“Ow!” I growled as loud as I dared with the parents still downstairs. “That hurts. I don’t like it.”

I had thought they would settle down, but Nora only laughed. “You’re still hard, aren’t you? Don’t worry, you’ll start to like it.”

Luna laughed. “You’ll like a lot of things, you dirty slut.”

Sophie’s hand stopped on my dick for a second, a bit surprised by the other girl’s words, but it didn’t take her more than a moment before she was back to jacking my dick. However, whatever middling amount of pleasure I had felt at the start was mostly gone now. My dick was sore and my nipples hurt too. Girls who didn’t know what they were doing weren’t nearly as cute as I originally thought.

“Alright, we’re done.” I declared.

“What?” I tried to stand up, but that was when the girls pushed me back down.

“Not so fast.” Nora grabbed my arm.

“Hey, we’re not done,” Luna added.

“Yeah, well, I’m done.” I tried to get up again.

Sophie had let go of my dick, and she was looking between the other two girls uncertainly.

“Don’t be like that, you were into it before.” Nora grabbed me and before I knew it, her tongue was in my mouth.

I quickly pushed her off, but she had grabbed onto my dick and was trying to get on top of me.

“Come on, I want to feel your dick in me. You’ve fucked lots of girls. One more won’t matter, right?” Nora declared.

“Don’t be such a frigid dick.” Luna nodded

“Dude, that’s too far.” Sophie fell back, but I also didn’t see her jumping to save me.

Any amorous feeling that I had been having was long gone. I had been playful in the beginning, but the more aggressive they became, the less interested I was. I had self-awareness of the situation. If this was back when I was in my old world and I heard some girl was leading a guy on and then suddenly wanted to stop, I’d probably be calling her a cock tease and a bitch just like them. You had to be in that situation where you weren’t in the mood while the other party felt you owed them to truly understand it.

Nora was wearing a skirt, and while she was sloppily fighting to line my dick up and push her underwear aside so she could stick me inside her, I grabbed her by the hips and then stood up anyway. It wasn’t like I was physically weaker than her. Testosterone was one thing this world couldn’t explain away. While men were stronger and faster than women on average, most men deliberately acted weaker. Strong men made women uncomfortable.

Since coming to that world, I had often fallen back into a passive role. Occasionally, I could act aggressively, but more often than not, it put the women in this world off, and a guy who acted aggressively was immediately scorned or ridiculed. However, just because I sometimes acted the part didn’t mean I wasn’t still a man. Nora’s eye widened as I lifted her in the air as if me being a head taller than her didn’t tip her off that I was stronger than her.

With a shove, I tossed her off me and onto the bed. She landed with a little bounce. Had it been a month ago or so, I might have pounced her and made her submit, or something like that. However, that was only giving her what she wanted, and I’d only be doing it to satisfy my pride and self-worth. That wasn’t the man I was anymore. I didn’t need to prove anything to them. Putting my dick away and zipping back up, I shot the other two girls a look. Sophie looked away shamefully, while Luna merely looked surprised.

I turned and walked for the door. As I opened it, Nora had finally recovered.

“You fucking pussy-tempting whore!” She snarled.

I let out a sigh, walked out the door, and shut it. I wasn’t angry at them. I was just a little sad because I knew our friendship wouldn’t survive that. I had egged the situation on, even though I should have known better. I kept making the same mistakes. This time, I would live with the consequences. I still had more maturing to do. Even so, I had come a long way. The former me wouldn’t have even acknowledged my mistake. I politely said goodbye to her parents, and then used my cellphone and called for a ride. On the way home, I didn’t say much, and thankfully Mom didn’t ask. I was thinking about everything fairly deeply.  In the back of my mind, I decided that I was done being a man in a woman’s world. It was time I brought my women into my world.

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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