The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 108

“Mmm… mnn… nlllmmm…”

I checked my cellphone, gave a small sigh and leaned back on the sofa chair.

Mom pulled her lips off my cock and looked up. “Is there a problem, sweetie?”

“Ah… no. Just checking something out.” I gave a vague explanation. “Don’t stop. I’m almost there.”

“Oh! S-sorry!” She brought her head back down on my lap, gobbling up my cock in one gulp.

“Can you guys not do this in the middle of the living room?” Kristy complained. “Doesn’t this bother you?”

She turned to the usual source of reason in the family, Mackenzie. Mackenzie had been watching intently, and she nearly jumped when she was addressed. Her cheeks immediately turned pink, and her legs twisted slightly.

“It’s not so bad. Considering the way our family is these days, this is just like giving a hug.” She responded quietly.

We were all in the living room, just wasting away a lazy Friday night. This was my weekend off, and I decided to stay home since my family was off too. We started the night by watching a movie rental.

Mom had sat next to me with Bethany on the other side. Mackenzie was on the reclining chair, while the twins were on the couch behind us, sitting on some high-chairs from the bar area of the kitchen. Dawn was the only one who hadn’t been that interested in the movie and had been sitting in the corner casually looking through some pictures she had taken recently.

At some point during the movie, Mom’s hand had ended up on my leg. Slowly, over about ten minutes, her hand had moved up my leg and then onto my crotch. She rubbed my crotch for a while through the pants, making the other girls uncomfortable. No one wanted to say anything though. Then Mom threw all caution to the wind and got off the couch and onto her knees where she pulled it out and inhaled it. 

The movie was still playing behind us, but the new center of attention had become Mom and my cock, which all of the girls were watching. It had been two weeks since everything had finally come to the surface, and while I had tried to spend a little time with every girl, it was usually done behind closed doors. The only time we did anything out here was when no one was home. That still didn’t mean I wasn’t caught once or twice by one sister with another.

This was the first time our displays of sexual affection had been so blatant. I wondered if this was something that Mom did on purpose to try to push the family a little farther, helping my sisters become more comfortable with their sexuality and their desires for me.

Of course, I had understood the oddness of things. Even in a world where everything was reversed, an adoptive step/half-sister becomes the sexual plaything of her dad and six brothers. That wouldn’t be called a normal house by any sense of the word. I wasn’t even sure if it was my fault that we had ended up in this state, or if this was merely my family’s predisposition. Was any household full of guys one slutty sister away from becoming a house of debauchery?

I didn’t know the answer to that, but even if what we were doing seemed bad, I didn’t want to stop. I was becoming closer to all of my sisters. I understood them better. The sex was great, and I knew that they all loved me. Just because I might be their brother didn’t mean anything. I loved them all as women and as family. I wanted both, and I wasn’t willing to give up either.

“Isn’t Mackenzie saying that because this is getting her off?” Kelsey suddenly pointed out.  

“W-what? I’m not!” Mackenzie cried out.

“Look, it’s true… she’s got a wet spot on her shorts.” Kristy threw out a finger toward her pants.

Kelsey shook her head in mock disgust. “To think, our dear sister gets off at watching her mother.”

“It’s not Mom!” Mackenzie replied angrily. “I’m just turned on because it’s Noah. Anyone could be sucking it!”

The two twins looked at each other and then sadly shook their heads. “If you say so.”

“I-I’m not the only one! Bethany is also looking intently!” Mackenzie used the oldest trick in the book by dragging the youngest sister into it.

“I’m learning,” Bethany spoke shortly, not even looking away as she stared intently at Mom’s bobbing head.

“Learning?” Kelsey raised an eyebrow.

“Mom is the most experienced, so if I want to be able to pleasure a man, I need to do what she’s doing.” Bethany declared, her eyes intent.

“S-seriously?” Kelsey was stunned speechless by her answer.

Click! There was a click and the flash of a camera. The girls all looked to see Dawn on one knee.

“What are you doing?” Mackenzie cried out.

“Getting cute shots of mother and brother bonding,” Dawn said as she positioned up a new shot.

“Dawn! Stop taking those pictures!” Mackenzie cried out. “Mom’s face is in those. If it gets out, we can all get in a lot of trouble!”

“Not showing Noah, could be any cock. Besides, these are for personal use.”

“P-personal use?” Mackenzie asked, and then bit her lip. “C-can I get one?”


“You’re charging!”

“It’s a discount.”

“Can I get it in poster size?”

“Mackenzie really is a pervert!” Kristy cried out.

“Will you guys hush up?” Mom pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked it with her hand while admonishing the girls. “I’m concentrating here.”

“Mom is taking pretty long.” Kristy taped her lips as she watched the scene unfold. “Maybe she’s not as good as Bethany thinks.”

“I’d have gotten him off quicker.” Kelsey agreed.

Mom stopped just as she was about to put it back in her mouth, shooting both girls a scornful look. “Would you rather give it a try?”

“What, Ewww, your spit is all over it.” Kelsey made a face.

“You know you came out of my vagina, right?” Mom gave them a mocking look. “It’s fine if you don’t want to challenge your mom. My precious Noah knows experience is best, and only his mommy can provide. I’m the main course, while you all are just cum dumpsters.

“Are you challenging us?” Kelsey stepped forward, raising her fist excitedly.

“How about a bet?” She declared. “The loser has to do the dishes.”

“Which one of us?” Kelsey asked, looking at each of the girls present.

“I-I’ll do it.” Kristy raised her hand, and then immediately put it down when she realized where she was.

“So, you think you can suck cock better than me?” Mom’s voice got low and threatening.

“Let her try, Mom,” I responded helplessly.

Mom gave a little laugh and then moved to the side before gesturing to my cock. “It’s all yours.”

Kristy swallowed hard and then walked over to the front of the couch. She got on her knees, and then pulled her hand into her sleeve. She dried off my cock of Mom’s spit, making a gross face. Once my cock was dry again, then pulled her hand back out, grabbed my cock carefully, and put it in her mouth. She brought my cock down to the root, and then pulled away, coughing.

Mom let out a boisterous laugh. “Silly girl. You’re far too young to handle all of it. Got to build up to that.”

Kristy sent her an irritated look before returning to my cock. This time, she brought less into her mouth. As if to make up for it, she started to move her head up and down faster than mom. For a moment, she looked like she was headbanging to loud music, where my cock just happened to be caught in the middle. Mother looked at Kristy with even more glee in her eyes.

“I thought my daughters would be more experienced than that.”

“D-don’t blame all of us, I could do it better!” Mackenzie protested.

“Speed isn’t everything, dear. A penis isn’t like a pussy where you can just pound it and a guy will cum. Men need to be treated more gently.” Mom explained gleefully. “You have to gently bring the cum out, or a man’s penis will shrink back down like a frightened turtle.”

An aggravated Kristy spit out my cock and glared at her Mom. “You’re not helping!”

Mom didn’t look at her, but instead my cock. I didn’t like everything that Mom was saying. It felt kind of backward from my common sense, although that wasn’t unusual for me at that point. She had been a bit correct though. Kristy had been a bit rough, and her lips slamming down had hit my balls a bit roughly. It wasn’t at a level where I was hurt, but my cock that had been towering straight up before was now sagging to the side, slowly deflating. Mom’s raised eyebrow was more than enough.

“Ahh!” Kristy let out a cry, grabbing my cock and jacking it like she was trying to pump a tire.

“Sister, you’re messing this up! If it keeps going like this, we’ll have to do dishes!” Kelsey condemned her failing sister.

“Oh, my…” Mom responded cockily. “If you’re so worried, how about you give it a try. It doesn’t matter how many of your try. Mother knows best.”

“F-fine! I’ll win!” Kelsey got down on her knees next to Kristy, trying to shove her to the side.

“Hey! I wasn’t done yet!” Kristy complained.

“You just don’t have it. I’ll take over.”

“No, me!”

“Ah, his cock is already down to 50% wood! We’re reaching critical mass!” Dawn cried out, continuing to snap pictures.

“What does that even mean?” Mackenzie asked.

“Will you both stop it!” Bethany shouted, causing both twins to stop and turn to her in surprise. “Don’t you understand? This is our pride as young women on the line! Noah’s penis is dying, and only you can do something! Do you want this old MILF to lord all over the rest of us?”

“Old MILF?” Mom blinked and then gave a pout. “Now, even the youngest turns on me…”

“A better question, after such an amateurish display, do you think mom will let you have access to his penis? Can’t you already see her riding Noah day and night while telling the rest of us to ‘git gud’ first?”  Bethany continued, ignoring her mom as she gave a passionate speech.

Kristy and Kelsey both put their heads down, a look of shame on their faces. After a moment, Kristy looked up like an idea struck her, and then she whispered into Kelsey’s face. Kelsey’s expression also brightened.

“Do you think it will work?” Kelsey asked in a hushed voice.

“It’s our only chance!” Kristy insisted.

“F-fine…” Kelsey turned to Bethany and Mackenzie. “I deeply apologize. I… we almost dishonored our sisters. We will do our best… for Noah’s penis.”

“My sisters are so weird.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head in disbelief.

“Move aside Bethany!” Kristy announced, jumping up onto the couch.

Bethany scrambled out of the way in confusion. “O-okay!”

Kristy quickly got into position, lying on the couch with her head on the arm rail. “Noah, straddle me and put your cock in my mouth.”

“Making him move?” Mom gave a disapproving glare.

“Quiet! You don’t get to decide how we do it!” Kristy stuck her tongue out at Mom.

I ended up sitting on my sister’s chest, finding myself a little curious as well what she was going to do. I brought out my cock, and as soon as it got near her face, she grabbed it with her hands and guided it to her mouth. Unlike before, she didn’t stick it down her throat. Instead, she just sucked on the head. Of course, the feel of her rhythmic sucking was enough to bring my erection back. I had a feeling I knew what she wanted too. Kristy wanted me to fuck her face. She wanted me to roughly use her mouth like a pussy.

Although I knew my mom’s blowjobs were the best, I was rooting a bit for my little sisters, so I decided to give them help. I leaned forward, angling myself so I could shove it deep inside her. Just as I was about to thrust, I felt two hands grab my pants and underwear and yanked them down with full force.

“Twin attack!” Kelsey shouted as I felt two hands grab my ass cheeks.

Before I could even react, they were spread open, and a face was shoved into my crack. I felt a tongue immediately push against my asshole.

“Ahhhn!” I let out a girlish cry of surprise.

As soon as Kelsey attacked my asshole, Kristy launched a full-out attack on my penis. It was a battle on two fronts.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Mom cried out.

“She… she’s licking his butt, gross!” Bethany looked on in horror.

“Not at all.” Dawn adjusted her glasses as she snapped another picture. “Analingus is quite pleasurable for men.”

“Sh-should I lick his butt too?” Mackenzie seemed to wonder out loud.

“He does seem to enjoy it.” Dawn observed.

Her words were an understatement. I only half-listened to them. The feel of Kelsey’s tongue swirling around my butt while Kristy’s downed my cock was too much. Admittedly, Mom had contributed to a lot of it. The honest reason it had taken so long for me to cum earlier was that Mom deliberately held out, trying to work me up more and more. It had already had brought me to my limits for nearly ten minutes and denied me release before my sisters started messing around. Kristy wouldn’t have needed to try very hard to tip me over the edge, and if she hadn’t acted a bit too exuberant at first, it already would have happened.

A moment later, my sphincter contracted at the same time my balls did. My body shook as I came wave after wave down Kristy’s throat. When I was done, Kelsey finally let go of my ass and I collapsed back on the couch.

“Ch-cheating!” Mom cried out, pointing accusingly. “Two of you!”

“Nu, uh!” Kelsey shot back, didn’t you say ‘it doesn’t matter how many’.”

“I didn’t mean at the same time!” Mom sputtered.

Kelsey was about to argue more, but Kristy tugged her shirt. She wasn’t speaking, and she looked like she had something in her mouth. She suddenly stuck out her tongue, and I realized there was a mound of white stuff on it. That was my cum! Kristy didn’t swallow. Kelsey gave a smile, and then suddenly stuck out her tongue.

Their tongues met, and then started to wrestle, sharing the cum between their tongues. The two sisters suddenly began kissing, drinking the fluids, and tasting each other with exuberance. Everyone present was so shocked that silence carried out for a moment. It was finally broken by Bethany.

“G-gay!” She cried out. “They’re kissing?”

The two girls pulled their lips away, some fluids still connecting their lips as they turned to the rest of us.

“We realized a while ago that Noah gets turned on by Girl’s love stuff. That’s why we used our ultimate weapon. Something only we twins who have no distance between us can do.” Kelsey declared excitedly. “Lesbian Twin Attack!”

“She named that one too!” Dawn squealed excitedly.

“How can you think such a shallow…” Mom began, but then she noticed Kelsey pointing at my junk, which had become rock hard watching my sisters fighting over my cum like that.

“It… was really hot…” I admitted, feeling slightly defeated myself.

“No…” Mom collapsed to her knees. “I was defeated… despite all my experience… to think they’d go to such depraved depths to win. I misunderstood the level of depravity that would excite my sweet and innocent son.”

“That’s why you lost, you still think he’s innocent.” Mackenzie acknowledged.

“Why does this suddenly feel like I’m being attacked?” I asked.

“Sweetie… Mommy can be depraved too.” Mom suddenly grabbed my leg. “I’ll do all kinds of dirty things. You can step on me and then…”

“Forget it! To the dishes with you.” Kelsey broke in the way and pointed to the kitchen.

Mom, unable to respond, slowly got up and walked away with her head down, making a show of her defeat.

“And don’t forget, Twincest is wincest!” Kelsey declared with a victory sign. “Ahhh… Noah…”

I couldn’t hold back from my cute sisters any longer so I grabbed them and pulled them to me. While Mom did the dishes, the twins took turns bouncing on my cock. In general, it was a typical Friday at our house.

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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