Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 99 Ext 08

Houjou Kokoro Reverse Sleep Assault-Arc

Inside of one of the rooms of my apartment, I turned on the TV alone.

It was so that I could enjoy watching a video.


Incidentally, Kokoro and Sunou weren’t at home right now. Kokoro said she would be extremely late due to a business trip.

It was precisely because it was this time before noon that I was in this situation where I could enjoy it all alone.

“It’s filming now, right? I’m pretty nervous.”

This time the filmed footage was of my room during one night.

I guess this started about a few days ago?

Recently, Kokoro had been in my room when I awoke in the morning rather often. That, in itself, I didn’t really mind, though.

“I feel like she’s enjoying watching my reactions.”

I don’t mean to boast, but I’m aware of how good my intuition is. Although I have never received good will from others, I immediately notice other people’s feelings, especially their malice.

Kokoro in the footage was making the face of a mischievous child. Licking her lips, she cast a provocative glance.

“It would be annoying if I was being licked, after all.”

That’s why I set up a surveillance camera in my own room and had it observing thing throughout the night.

“The possibility exists that it could just be nothing, and that would be fine. Even if they outwitted the device, I haven’t seen any sort of person like that.”

While spouting excuses to myself, I resumed the playback.

By the way, the day before I filmed this, I conversely ignored Kokoro as though to provoke her and did not engaged in any sexual activity with her.

“Oh, it’s starting, but let’s fast forward.”

I saw my figure reflected on the other side of the screen, hiding the camera and entering the bed after pressing the button to start recording.

Since it’s likely that most of the mischief happens in the morning, let’s ignore this part-


I stopped the fast-forward at once. Even though it hasn’t even been an hour since the recording had started.

Kokoro entered into the room.

“Wait, wait! Certainly crimes are committed late at night, but this is-“

I couldn’t hide my bitter smile. It’s way too early.

Without making footsteps, and in a slightly dishevelled nightgown, Kokoro approached. Her attire was one where the cleavage of her chest and the base of her thighs seemed slightly visible, yet out of sight.

She might be paying a *night visit*. If I woke up, then we probably would’ve done just that.

“I’m a little nervous.”

For now, I wasn’t so worried that Kokoro would hurt me, but my eyes were glued to this woman who appeared before the defenseless me.

Since I dared to prepare a night camera, I could see well even though it was in complete darkness.

[Oh, Master.]

Suddenly the Kokoro from inside the TV called me.

Or rather, she spoke this as her eyes were directed to a place different than where the sleeping me was.

“Oi, oi. She’s looking right over here.”

[Fufu, Master, are you really that concerned?]

Kokoro discovered the camera that I hid as soon as she entered the room.

“That’s way too quick.”

[I clean Master’s room every day, so I can tell immediately when even something small has changed.]

It seems that she pretty much knew what I would be saying when I was in front of the TV. Man, how vexing.

Kokoro peered at the camera with an evil look in her eyes, as though she was about to show me what mischief she was up to that morning.

“Ah, she picked up the camera.”

[If you’re going to see it anyway, then I would like it if you could watch from a little closer……haah, I believe that I would no longer be able to do this if this was discovered. But, I am also looking forward to my punishment.]

With an ecstatic face, Kokoro brought that camera closer to the sleeping me. Stop it.

“Stop it.”

[You’re so cute.]

Nothing looks as silly as my own sleeping face.

Finding it fortunate that I was asleep, Kokoro patted my head. How humiliating.

[Now then, shall we begin?]

Moving the camera, Kokoro placed it in a spot where my sleeping body could be well seen.

Undoing the buttons with careful hand movements, she took off my shirt and pants, rendering me naked.

“No, as expected, that’d wake me up!”

[Master sleeps quite deeply. Of course, I am also aware as to what extent I can get away with before you will wake up, so please do not worry.]

I knew that Kokoro was quite skillful, but I’d like it if you didn’t show me how skillful you were in this regard.

She’s probably grasped everything about how far she can go until I wake up. After all, I wasn’t woken up every day.

[*sniff* *sniff*……mm!]

Kokoro brought her nose closer to my lying naked body, kissing my legs as though swearing her loyalty.

“Oi, don’t lick my feet.”

[I belong to my master. But there are also times where I think that I would like a reward. It is only at times like these that it seems like Master is somehow there for me……]

Before I noticed, my sleeping penis ended up becoming erect.

While happily gazing at that, Kokoro approached as though crawling.

Bringing the camera close to my crotch, she placed her cheek against my penis and made a peace sign as though taking a commemorative photo.

[Fufuh, it’s so pleased when I rub my cheeks against it.]

Kokoro’s soft cheeks rubbed against my penis. Both of her hands that were holding it carefully jerked my penis as though very familiar with its shape.

[If it’s Master’s d〇ck, then I can tell its shape even with my eyes closed. If you’ll excuse me-“

As though to show off to me, Kokoro exposed her breasts from her pajamas before the camera and wrapped them around my penis.

“Are you really not gonna wake up, me?”

[Like this, nn……look, your d〇ck is wide awake. I must act as its partner.]

While moving back and forth in front of the camera, Kokoro showed her breasts that were now on top.

Only the lower half of my sleeping body responded, convulsing with a *twitch*.

[Master is actually this cute when you’re sleeping. When I stroke your penis like a good boy, your hips end up rising. Hyah!]

While petting the tip of my penis with the palm of her hand, she squeezed it between her large breasts and shook them.

Kokoro had become engrossed in assaulting me during my sleep. She rubbed her body against my skin as I was sleeping naked, probably trying to leave her smell on me.


Perhaps because my penis was moving on instinct, it ended up ejaculating immediately. Is this a bad dream?

While making a muffled sound within Kokoro’s breasts, semen continued to pour out.

During that time, Kokoro mercilessly jerked my penis with her breasts as though trying to squeeze me dry.

[Now then, next. Fufuh, I can’t do this unless it’s during this time.]


For the time being, I guess I’ll watch this until the end? I don’t know what’s being done to me, after all.

Kokoro took off her pajamas and took a 69 posture, pressing her crotch against my sleeping face.

“Such humiliation.”

[My apologies, but please forgive me just this once……no, if you’ll punish me, then I shall do this any time. However, please remember my smell like this just for today, ok? Please remember my smell every time you ejaculate.]

After saying this, Kokoro continued to gobble up and wholeheartedly fellate my penis.

As it appeared that she had completed grasped my sleeping body, there was almost no signs of me being woken up.

[Aah, my pussy…’s rubbing against Master’s nose. I’ll cum together with you, so please watch. Mmh……!!]

After plugging her mouth up with my penis so that she wouldn’t raise her voice, Kokoro shook her entire body and climaxed.

The sleeping me was completely at her mercy. Without enduring, it ejaculated onto Kokoro when it so pleased.

“I wonder how long I’ll be made to ejaculate if I were forced to match that woman’s pace.”

[……please rest assured. If Master’s in a healthy condition, then your body will not be strained even if you ejaculated 59 times a day. Today’s mischief will only be a few dozen times. Fufuh.]

While gobbling my ejaculating penis, Kokoro twisted her hips and rubbed her smell onto me.

[Just for now, you are mine, and only mine.]

Rubbing my entire body, Kokoro mixed our sweat and juices together.

I could clearly see Kokoro’s entire body against the background of my figure that was completely under her thumb before the camera.

I could tell that her body, that moved as though twisting, was being licked by the sleeping me’s tongue as though it were natural.

[Oh, Master, you’re like a baby……hyah. Fufuh, I also have to do my best.]

While dripping saliva, Kokoro moistened my penis. Moving the camera, she stuck out her tongue while looking this way with upturned eyes.

[Well then, let’s have fun together with Master!]

Bringing the camera close to my penis like so, Kokoro mounted it from above and inserted it into her vagina.

[It enters inside this smoothly. I know everything about it, from what to do to make it ejaculate to which places Master finds pleasant.]

Kokoro twisted her hips, pushing my penis into the deepest part of her vagina.

The sleeping me pathetically twitched his waist, still on the passive side. How vexing.

[Actually, it’s me who brings my mouth close and stick my tongue out like this. Although I’m not as compelling as Master, after repeatedly doing it for days……hyaauh……!]

I seemed to have ejaculated without giving prior warning.

Kokoro arced her body backwards as her lower half shook. It was almost as though her vagina was swallowing my semen.

[Nn……haah, Master is truly wonderful. Even when you are sleeping, you grace me with your love like this. I know that this is a bad thing, but please, just for tonigh……]


Kokoro panickingly closed her mouth. She was so excited that she became too noisy.

Although the me across the screen raised a groan, he had yet to wake up.

[Fufuh, Master……just for tonight, my one and only—-]


It was a faint voice, but I clearly heard it.

And then the Kokoro on the other side of the screen had become silent in the truest sense.

Kokoro’s eyes were not smiling. As though losing all tension, she shivered while hugging me.

The sleeping me’s penis had become erect again before one even noticed it.

[Let’s have you let out as much as you can today, shall we?]

“This woman is unable to hurt me, right?”

Inadvertently becoming worried, those words spilled out.

After that, she performed intercourse so many times that it had become too annoying to count.

Kokoro silently stored my penis inside of her vagina, as though devouring it, and shook her waist. I didn’t see the figure of her licking her tongue.

Her lustful, sadistic eyes continued to seek semen like a beast.

“As expected, this much should be enough, right?”

After finishing intercourse for the who-knows-how-many’th time, I fast-forwarded the footage, skipping until the morning.

During that time, I was once again surprised at the fact that most of my sleep time had been spent buried in sex with Kokoro.

And then, after she had probably squeezed me dry to the limit where I could remain healthy, she arranged the bed and our clothes before returning the camera to its original position and heading back.

The film had reached morning.

[Master, it’s morning.]

“How shameless.”


She was poking my listless face.

Kokoro’s beast-like expression had completely transformed, greeting the morning with an angel-like adorableness.

After I, who was asleep, awoke and got up from bed, I first left the room.



As she was about to leave the room, Kokoro paused.

Turning towards the direction of the camera, she placed her index finger against her lips and smiled.

She’s provoking me.

“How vexing……damn it.”

But, mortifyingly, the me who practically didn’t wake up was also pathetic.

Kokoro would probably be getting home around now.

And since it’s that slave we’re talking about, she probably knows all about this.

Wondering how I should go about punishing this woman, my mind pondered for a counter that would bring her to her knees.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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