Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 98 Ext 07

Seibu Rein Female Rabbit Academy-Arc 2

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The Bunny Girl Uniform Day since morning was wonderful.

“Ah, wait a sec, right now, the blackboar-……”

On this day, both the middle and high school students in the school would take their classes in bunny girl attire.

I was the only man here in the high school division with the girls, and so I was the only one who could grade the bunny girls.

Even though we perform sexual intercourse as though it were natural, that is simply part of the lesson.


The bunny girl I was currently fidgeting with was this class’s prefect.

As she had been cleaning the blackboard while directing her round tail and butt this way since the morning, I stretched my hand out without thinking.

The class president was also a part of the class, and so couldn’t strongly reject my advances.

“But still……haha, it’s quite a big butt, huh?”


This class president. To tell the truth, she was actually quite fat when I enrolled. A girl who was unpolished in her entirety.

However, after having her get proper physical condition management through the Hypnotic Test and having her succeed in the makeup lessons that I put her in on a whim, she became an adorable girl with an ideal physique.

“This sort of thing is also superb, huh? Having her gradually ripen, mature, and grow up by herself.”


“But, well, your ass is still a little big, huh? Perhaps it’s because you used to be fat?”

I slapped the loose butt of the class president several times.

Raising a voice each time that happened, the class president ended up throwing her body backwards with a *twitch*.

Taking out my penis, I placed it against her vagina and prodded it while lifting her big ass.

As she appeared to be in heat, I was able to immediately insert myself through the slit of her bunny suit, with a little effort.

“Agah……it’s enter……ing, ah ah!!”

“C’mon, you’re cleaning the blackboard, right?”

I stirred the insides of the class president with my penis.

While making a handprint on those soft buttocks, I instructed her with my body as though gathering strength in my lower body.

The class president was already no longer thinking of work, placing her hands against the blackboard as she awaited my evaluation.

“Ah, ah! Ugugh, gigh!”

“Hey now, tighten it up more.”


“Haha, putting in more effort upon being hit, you’re more like a horse than a rabbit, huh?”

“Aaaalright, class is starting.”

Suddenly, the teacher’s voice sounded from the classroom entrance.

Come to think of it, it’s time for class, huh? This voice is the female physical education teacher’s, but it would seem she’s taking classes instead since there aren’t any men here today.

“This, is?”

“Hm, what’s up?”

The P.E teacher didn’t blame either myself or the class president for having sex in front of the blackboard. Because that’s the rule, after all.

However, I became interested in the P.E teacher’s attire.

While my penis prodded the class president’s womb countless times, I voiced my doubts.

“Are you a bunny too, Ms?”

“N’yeah, that strange?”

“No, I’m fairly sure that you didn’t make a bunny suit, Ms.?”

“Aah, this was something I bought at Do〇Qi. I heard we were obligated to be one, and I didn’t think that teachers were an exception, so……”

(TL Note: Most likely DonQi – AKA Don Quijote – is discount chain store in Japan:

“No, it’s cumming, it’s cumming!! AaaAAAAAAHH!!!”

Even the P.E Teacher was wearing a bunny suit. Furthermore, it was the cheap kind, so the cosplay-feel was simply amazing. Although she was at an age that couldn’t be called young, I could also sense a tightness to her.

Sluggishly throwing the teaching materials onto the lectern, she tried to make her soft and elastic ears look annoyed.

I see, so perhaps there was such a perception gap when conducting the Hypnotic Test on the entire school. Let’s use this as reference.

“Kyah, aah, agaaaaaaaaahhh!!”

The class president’s entire body convulsed as she was about to collapse on the spot.

Since I didn’t want her to scrape against the blackboard, I hugged her tightly at once, that soft butt flesh hitting against my lower stomach just like that.

My penis ejaculated onto the convulsing class president’s butt, as though invited by it.

“Well then, class’s startin’.”

Upon looking back, all of the female students had gathered before I realised it.

It would appear that the time for commuting to school had passed by while I was playing around.

“I guess I was a little too engrossed with this girl, huh?”

I let go of the class president, whom I had finished using, onto the floor.

While happily drooling, the class president leaked semen from her crotch.

“If you’re done, then take your seat.”

I took my seat just as the P.E teacher said.

On the way there, I looked over all of the female students inside of the classroom as though evaluating them.

They were just taking classes in the classroom, but just from everyone being in bunny suits changed this into an extraordinary sight.

And it was also wonderful that all of the students in this place were conscious of my crotch, thanks to this system.

“It’s fine to play around here and there, but for the time being, let’s leave it for after I have a short break-“


After returning to my seat partly to take a break, Rein was standing before my eyes.



Despite being in the middle of class, Rein fixatedly looked at me, who had sat down.

Of course, this girl was also wearing a bunny suit as per the suggestion. She was equipped with ears and leotard of a red colour, which were a bit off from my tastes, as well as black knee socks.

When I tilted my head, she suddenly threw my desk.

“Uwoh……feh. Rein, you-“

I looked back in surprise. Because I was in the seat furthest in the back so that I could gaze at the students, I could only see my desk turned upside down.

Before I could raise my voice in protest, Rein moved.

“Take off your pants.”

“No, but the desk-“

“I got it. I’ll take it off or you, so-“

Rein’s usual indifferent expression did not break. She took off the pants that I just put on as though throwing it away.

“You’re used to this, huh?”

“How many times do you think you’ve made me do this?”

Rein crouched down where my desk originally was. She placed my exposed penis before her eyes.

This was way too aggressive a flow.

“What’s with you, so suddenly?”

“They won’t mind since it’s part of the lesson, right?”

Since it’s part of the lesson.

It was there that I somehow understood Rein’s interpretation.

In other words, this girl didn’t hold the image that sexual intercourse itself was immoral behaviour, unlike usual.

Naturally. Those were the rules, after all.

Taking that into account, if Rein was always in heat, then I guess she was trying to use me to lightly relieve it on the spot.

“Wait, I’m not a tool, you know?”

“Then I just have to ask, right? Don’t refuse it since it’s part of the lesson.”

“Then listen to……uwoh!!”

Rein wrapped both of her hands around my penis as though trying to capture it. After kissing the tip, she started to lick around the head where the scent of semen still remained.

“Ahmu……nn *smack*.”

Closing her eyes, Rein aggressively stroked my rod while her cheeks blushed. 

I tried to protest, but I stopped, thinking that it was useless. It almost felt like I was being molested.


“Since you’re in a bunny suit anyway, how about you try using your breasts?”


Although she glanced over here with a very disgusted face, she accepted my order.

It was wonderful how, because the bunny suit exposed the skin just around her cleavage, she was able to serve me without removing it.

“It’s fine if I do this, right?”

“That’s right.”

Although her expression expressed unwillingness, she was sandwiching my penis between her breasts quite aggressively. Firmly pushing her breasts with both hands, she rubbed her soft flesh up and down.

Even then, she kept licking the tip’s head, a string of saliva stretching from Rein’s mouth.


Rein jerked my rod with her chest while still cramming the penis head into her mouth. Without even taking notice of me, she performed her service with undivided attention.

While still sitting on the chair and holding her rabbit ears, I gazed at the classroom while giving a sidewards glance at Rein, who was moving back and forth by my legs.

Although there were no protests, the gazes of the female students inside of the classroom were glued over here.

“Everybody’s a rabbit today, huh?”

The bunny girls had their bodies and focus adjusted so that they could accept me at any time.

Even though we were in the midst of class, it was like showing adult videos to horny beasts.

“Nn *smack*……*ahmu*……nn……”

“I might cum.”

“Nnh!! Nnnnnhh!!”

Aroused by the biting glances of the bunny girls, my penis trembled several times before it began to ejaculate.

Rein’s lips did not separate from the head as semen was flowed into her throat. White liquid ended up spilling from the edge of her lips.

“Nn *smack*……*slurp*……”

Rein closed her eyes and sucked up the semen. She didn’t even try to hide her blushing cheeks.

“……fufuh, *lick*.”

On the contrary, just when I thought Rein had released her mouth, she stuck out her tonge and began licking the tip of my penis like a dog.

Looking at me with upturned eyes, she moved her tongue from side to side as though to tantalise me. It was an indirect sign that meant she wanted me to ravage her.


“You won’t run, right?”

I can’t run.

While wrapping her arms around my back, Rein rubbed the tip of my penis downwards, brushing it against her lower lip, chin, and throat as though stroking it, as she brought it down to even near her lower abdomen.

It felt like she was giving me a blowjob with her entire body.

So she changes like this just from having her image of sex changed, huh?

“How forceful.”

“You don’t mind, right?”

While still maintaining her indifferent expression, Rein presented the entirety of her flushed body to me. The red bunny girl leotard seemed to represent her slight fever.

The moist sensation that was transmitted to the tip of my penis was probably an indication that I could insert myself inside of her at any time.

“I’m gonna put it in.”

My penis told me that Rein’s fingertips were slowly gripping my rod, one by one.

When Rein pushed the pubic mound where the bunny suit’s slit was with familiar hand movements, I was inserted into her as though she was eating me up.


Raising her chin, a joyful expression pleasantly surfaced upon Rein’s face.

Even though Rein huffed in dissatisfaction upon meeting my eyes, she appeared rather adorable.


It was only Rein’s expression that remained as normal, however, as her lower body made appeals to me, as though to complain that she didn’t think this wasn’t enough.

Rein wriggled her red leotard, and the insides of her vagina tightened around my penis as though chewing on it.

While receiving a sensation akin to having my lower body pulled and yanked off, my penis boiled as blood gathered to it.

“Haha, it’s like you’re using me as a pillar while dancing.”

“Shut it……all you have to do is just evaluate me.”

In the end, she was just taking a lesson.

The bunny girl in front of me was dancing from side to side, as though to pervert the man that she had already obtained.

My penis was taken in by the undulations of her folds, as well as a sensation akin to being sucked on from both the left and right, becoming further aroused.


Rein’s cheeks were dyed red, and her breathing became hard. Unable to make anymore space for the steadily growing penis, she leaned on me.

Her breasts pressed against my upper body, rubbing onto me through her bunny suit.

“Ah……aah, ikih……!”

Rein’s service changed to pistoning before I noticed it, her appearance of bobbing up and down while turning to me and rubbing her entire body against mine made it look like the rabbit was ravaging me.

The sensation of the rubbing leotard and Rein’s female scent mixed, my penis trembling as she continued the animal-like sexual intercourse.

“Say, with this……will you, soon……?”

“Yeah, I’m cumming.”


Without holding back, I entrusted myself to my penis’s sexual desire and ejaculated.

I poured the expelled semen into Rein’s vagina without leaving any to spare.

Meanwhile, the interior of her vagina undulated as though to squeeze me dry, my penis conforming to that several times.

“Agagigh, kyah……AAaaAAAAAAAAAH!!!”

Rein hugged me with all her strength as she shared a climax with me.

Our lower bodies simultaneously reached it as though they were different creatures altogether, trembling with each other. 

While under the illusion that made it seem as though the sensation of my waist was about to be taken away, I simply maintained focus on my penis, which was spurting.

“……ah, aah.”

While exhaling deeply, Rein immersed herself in the lingering memory of her climax. Both of her arms kept restraining me, not even trying to let go.

Even though I calmed down, my cheeks involuntarily slackened due to the freshness of the aggressively changed Rein.

“Haah……ah. Say-“

“Yeah, it was good.”

However, I was already done, so I pushed Rein away as though casting her aside.

Sinking to the floor, Rein’s expression turned blank for an instant.

It was there that I purposefully threw that string at her.

“Here, my evaluation. Good for you.”

“…………I see.”

Rein received that string with a slightly disappointed look.

This reluctance to part of hers was probably her feeling of wanting to monopolise me for her libido treatment. It was annoying since there weren’t any romantic feelings there.

“The other girls are also waiting, see.”

Since she was getting a little on my nerves at that point, I treated her appropriately.

Though, in saying that, the other girls really were waiting.


One of the girls in the class called out.

Thanks to Rein, they realised that they’d get evaluated even if they were to ravage me on their own.

If things keep up like this, then it seems like I’ll need to partner with everyone in the whole class, huh.

“That’s right. Well then, it looks like the other girls also want me to evaluate them. Let’s go to the corridor.”

“……the corridor?”

I left the classroom, bringing along several female students into the hallway.

“The people who want my penis inside of them, place your hands against the wall and stick out your hips. It’ll be easier to do it that way.”

I don’t mind having intercourse with all of the women inside of the classroom. Rather, since it’s a memorable day, I should do so.

It’s not bad having them line up and having my fun with them.

“E-Erm, if we do, then will you insert your penis inside of us?”

“Yeah, of course. My evaluation may be a bit softer or another, huh?”

The female students who came with me into the corridor were still half in doubt as they placed their hands against the wall and turned their hips this way.

It was adorable how, when several people lined up, the round tail at the bunny girl’s hips also swayed and shook.


“Well, it can’t be helped. Guess I’ll give you my evaluation.”

Even while chuckling to myself, I grabbed the butt of the nearest bunny girl, placing my genitals that still had semen inside it against her.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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