Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 97 Ext 06

Minami Mai Female Rabbit Academy-Arc

Commuting to school early in the morning when no one’s there was, even now, still my daily routine.


Shortly after I had finished my morning preparations, Mai came to visit the apartment.

I was helpless as that girl, who sounded energetic even through the intercom, rushed me as soon as I left the apartment.


“What did you come here for?”

“Let’s go to school together……?”

Mai pounced on me and asked near my ear.

Come to think of it, this girl is still my girlfriend, huh? I was waiting for Mai to get bored of this, but it doesn’t seem like her heart’s gonna change today.

“Together, you say?”

“Yeah, I mean, Book you go way too early! And you haven’t come to pick me up at all.”

“Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure I said something like that, huh?”

“And Book didn’t come to pick me uup! That’s why I came. Can’t I?”

Mai’s quite intense about skinship when there aren’t many people in the surroundings. She made no attempt to separate herself after pouncing on me.

I like going to school alone. That’s why I commute so early.

Because I fundamentally dislike it.

“Today’s fine.”

“Yaaay!! Rather, listen to your girlfriend’s request everyday!”

“No thanks.”

I was in a good mood today. Of course, there was a reason for this.

After also smiling in good humour, Mai wrapped herself around my hand and began to walk beside me.

“Say, Book. Come to think of it, what are you doing during spring break?”

“Speaking of, the third semester is over after this week, huh? I’m not doing anything in particular.”


It doesn’t even take 30 minutes to walk to school from my apartment.

There was no one passing through the street this early in the morning.

Mai was awfully energetic in such situations. After thinking that she had called out to me several times, she began to fidget shyly, causing the atmosphere to change to silence filled with the chirping of crickets.

“Although I’m not tired of seeing it, it’s also quite mortifying. I feel like I’m being denied of my alone time.”

“You’re like those kind of people, Book. I think it’d be better if you cherished girls a bit more.”

Even though you’re the one who got carried away by the momentum of that place and picked a guy who doesn’t cherish girls as her boyfriend.

Although Mai voiced her dissatisfaction, she also knew that I had no intentions of improving.

“You also like your alone time, right?”

“Oooh~ I like that part of you, Book! Aren’t there times where you just want to be alone?”

Although there were many times that Mai spoke up, there were times when she would also suddenly turn quiet and simply be there.

I naturally didn’t care. That’s all she was made of.

The dry essence that this girl has suits me rather well, in a certain sense.

“Ok, we’ve arrived.”

As we were doing this, we arrived at the school.

Today, the real thing starts from here.


This school’s entranceway was always kept clean due to hypnosis. However, it was an even more beautiful place than usual, today.

After placing my shoes into the shoe rack, I looked at Mai next to me.


Mai similarly placed her shoes in the shoe rack before then taking off her jacket. And then, she rolled up her Y-shirt.

She removed her uniform before my eyes, placing her Y-shirt and skirt inside of her bag.

Undoing the hook of her bra, she then stripped off her underwear, becoming fully nude.

“Come to think of it, today was that day, huh?”

Laughing deliberately, I gazed at Mai.

The naked Mai turned her gaze this way just a little bit. Upon waiting a bit, all she did was simply wink at me.

From inside of her bag, she took out something that looked like a black leotard. Upon looking further inside, there was a headband with characteristically long ears.

“Did you forget, Book? Today’s Bunny Uniform day. Oosh!”

After putting on the tights, Mai placed her legs inside of the leotard that was so tight that it made the lines of her body clearly visible.

Equipping the mysterious parts that were attached to the wrist known as cuffs, Mai wore the headband and high heels, completing the look.

“It’s well-made.”

“Isn’t it? I did my best to make it, after all.”

It was what the world commonly referred to as a Bunny Girl.

Mai made a single revolution before my eyes with a *twirl*, exposing an orthodox black bunny girl appearance to me. The rabbit’s round tail is cute.

Bunny Uniform Day.

We had both the middle and high school students prepare for it via hypnosis through a mandatory subject in which they were to make a bunny girl uniform.

Today was the presentation day of those uniforms, and so it was decided that the female students of the middle school department would also take classes in the high school building.

Naturally there were some exceptions to this, but it was a wonderful system where all the girls in the school building would dress up as a bunny for one day for me and me alone. A system that I created.

Incidentally, all the male students and teachers were gathered in the middle school building, where they held a full-fledged gyoza party where they’d make it from the skin. The food of the hypnotised students was wonderful, not at all being inferior to cooks.

“But still, it’s quite surprising. You chose the orthodox black bunny?”

They were required to be a bunny girl, but there was a certain amount of leeway with regards to the outfits they could prepare. Things like making alterations to the colour, and even swapping out the leotard with a bustier were allowed.

“Well, I mean, Book likes simple things like this, right?”

Proudly tapping her hand against her chest with a harrumph, Mai was clearly waiting for my evaluation.

Certainly, I like simple things. But-

“You created that in the second semester, right? It just doesn’t follow that you made it to suit my tastes.”

“Uwah, uwaaaah……well, since it’s Book, I guess it can’t be helped.”

Because Mai usually moves her body without rest, the bunny ears on her head bounced around.

Well, I guess this girl will be fine to start with?

“It’s certainly cute.”

“Ain’t it? I wanted you to say that, first. But since you said it to me, I love ya!”

Unreservedly approaching Mai, I stroked her cheek with my finger.

Although she closed one eye, Mai didn’t refuse me. But of course she didn’t.

After all, if making bunny clothes was a lesson, then the point of that lesson was to entertain me as a bunny girl.

“Hehee! Is it really ok for your girlfriend to be first?”

Perhaps the reason why Mai wanted to go to school together was because she was aiming to be the first to entertain me.

“Don’t go deliberately proclaiming you’re my girlfriend. Well, I guess it’s fine…no, I want Mai to be first.”


Mai’s expression calculatingly moistened for an instant.

I ended up flinching and changing my words. How pathetic I am.

Changing from crocodile tears to a smile with a bang, Mai coiled around my arm.

The bunny girl’s chest region was being supported by pads or something, and so the breasts were stiffer than usual as they were pressed against me.

“Now, now. What does the bunny girl evaluator who represents our school, Book, think?”

“Well, I still don’t have anyone else to compare you to, yet.”

“Well then, it’s possible for me to be the best of all time, right?”

Mai rubbed her body against me with upturned eyes.

It was almost as thought she was an animal that was marking me.

While tracing Mai’s leg with my fingertips, I brushed my hand against the very bottom of the leotard, where Mai’s crack was.

This bunny suit had a distinctly different part compared to a normal one. That is, there was a slit in the crotch.

Although it remained closed when adopting a normal posture, you would be able to touch the pubic mound of the girl who was wearing it upon spreading the slit open with the fingers. I could see a little skin tone just from her spreading her legs wide.

In other words, I could have sex with her without taking any of it off.

“Well, it’s an event for the bunny girl, after all.”


Facing Mai, I stepped into her space.

Mai took a step back in response to that action, her back hitting the wall.

Spreading the crotch of the bunny suit with my index finger, I stroked the vagina of Mai which I had always seen.

“This was handmade by Mai, right?”

“That’s right. I made it in order to have it evaluated by Book, after all.”

For everyone within the hypnotised school, it is only natural for the female students dressed as bunny girls to serve me. It is for that reason that they changed clothes, after all.

Accepting my finger, Mai shut her eyes and tried to fulfil the role bestowed upon her by that outfit.

My fingernail gently scratched Mai’s vagina as it was wrapped in warm skin.


Even while surprised, Mai closed her mouth and waited.

Perhaps because of the suggestions, she already had her hopes up when she put the clothes on. Her vagina tightened strongly as though sucking on my finger, awaiting my true evaluation.

“Well, I’ve also got my hopes up.”

All in all, I was also excited, even while we were commuting to school.

My penis was already erect, and it soared upon opening my pants, its tip turning towards Mai.

Mai became surprised as she stared at my penis, but her bunny ears drooped alongside her movements settling down as she accepted me.

“……you’re going to put that inside me, right?”

Mai slowly opened her eyes, swallowing her saliva upon spotting my penis.

Rabbits are said to be the symbol of libido, so I implanted a suggestion so that she would be proactive.

Since she’s a rabbit, it couldn’t be helped no matter what happened with regards to intercourse with me.

“Hyabbh, Boohk, wai-……!!”

My penis was already familiar with the insides of Mai’s vagina, and so was inserted smoothly.

In that instant, Mai jumped. Her entire body twitched as it recoiled bit by bit.

While stroking the sleek surface of Mai’s bunny suit, I raised her legs that were wearing the tights.

“Hyah, pyah!!”

“Haha, it’s like you’re hopping and bouncing around!”

As my penis began to piston, Mai clung to my body, pushing her chest against me.

The intense back-and-forth motion shook the rabbit ears, and Mai rubbed her body against me like she was an animal.

“Aah, hyaah……!”

The insides of her vagina tightened many times with a *squeak*, and a heat boiled up in my lower body, as though a pressure point had been pressed.

Suddenly, I could hear footsteps near the shoe boxes.

“Aah, he-ey!”

“……ah, good morning.”

“Oh, you’re early. So you already arrived at school?”

Mai was engrossed in twisting her hips, trying to monopolise my penis’ attention.

While greeting the female student who had commuted to school early, I continued my pistoning.

“Look, this, way!!”

It’s just that Mai didn’t appear to allow that. She licked my cheek, trying to grab my attention.

I also rubbed that saliva back onto Mai in retaliation.

“Haha, as it stands, aren’t you just like an animal? Come on, try just a little bit harder and try squealing!”

“Hyah, aaaah!!”

“Oh, but rabbits don’t have vocal cords, right?”

“Nbbgh……!! Mmmmmm!!”

Mai kissed me, rendering my unable to speak.

Yet, perhaps having contrarily accepted that, Mai moved her mouth as though to taste the saliva, trying to suck up all of my sexual desire.

Before I noticed it, the student who had arrived at school finished changing and went over to the corner of the corridor.


“What, that girl’s already gone, right?”

Taking on board the irritation of missing the long-awaited strip show, I continued the piston.

In response to the violent act, Mai conversely laughed lazily.

Perhaps she was glad that she was able to monopolise my attention.

“Just as you wish, I’m gonna hit you with everything I have first, alright? C’mon, do your best!”

“G-Got iht-mh, mmmmmmh!! Mmmmmm!!!”

My penis flew into a rage, rampaging about as though it were a completely different creature.

Mai desperately moved just her lower body, trying to accept my actions with all her might.

As though to respond to such pitifully adorable affection of hers, I spat out my final fervor.

“I’m letting it out.”

“Nn, bbfh!! *zmack*, uggh, mmmgghmmm!!”

With a *glup*, my first thickest semen of the morning was discharged into Mai’s vagina.

Although Mai embraced me strongly at the end, her body gradually shook as though her entire body was swallowing my ejaculate as semen accumulated inside of her uterus.


“As expected, the spilled semen looks pretty with the black, huh.”

Upon withdrawing my penis that became refreshed, white semen ended up spilling out from the slit in the bunny suit.

Mai was leaning against the wall, both of her feet powerlessly released onto the corridor floor.

After wiping my penis on the drooping rabbit ears, I made Mai clean just the tip only.

“C’mon, lick it.”

“Nn, *smack*……”

I brought my penis close to Mai’s face, who was powerless and completely exhausted.

When Mai, while still dazed, placed her mouth against the tip of my penis as though kissing a lover, she carefully licked the surface of its head.

“Well, I guess this should be enough for the first one, huh? C’mon, this time stuff the tip into your cheek and suck it.”


“Ah, what is it…..ah, that’s right, I forgot.”

I suddenly recalling something, I placed my hand inside of my bag while having Mai suck my dick.

Inside there was one thick red thread, which I laid near Mai’s feet.

“Don’t forget it.”

This was the proof that she had sexual intercourse with me.

This thread was to be the thread that would be embroidered on the new bunny suit after today ended. It could be attached to the lower stomach, and if one collected five of them, then it would make the character 正.

(TL Note: Japanese equivalent of tallying. Used in this context to denote how many times they’ve been ‘evaluated’.

In other words, they could count the number times I had sexual intercourse with them on the bunny suit itself.

“The more of those you have, the closer you’ll be to a high achiever, right?”


Mai gazed at that meaningless red thread with a foolish grin.

Today had just begun. I can’t help but look forward to how much of this thread I get to deal out.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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