Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 96 Ext 05

Academy Floor Interview-Arc

Author Note:

This time the perspective changes in the middle.

I walked to my school which had none of its normal students present.

“Entrance exams, is it…how bittersweet.”

The season for entrance exams had also arrived at my school.

Even right now, there were examinees who were in the middle of taking the test to enrol into my school.

It has been decided that some of the students who pass will be selected according to my criteria. In order to make that choice, I have regretfully come to school on a holiday.

“Now then, what kind of students were there?”

The students who I had my eyes on from their ID Photos in advance were currently gathered in a special classroom.

Although there was no doubt that they had pretty much passed, I wanted to have fun with them before that.

I stood in front of that special classroom and opened the door.

“I’m entering.”

“Ah, Master. Welcome!”

Kokoro happily ran up to me when she saw me at the room’s entrance.

In the dreary classroom where the chairs had been cleared away, I was able to confirm Kokoro, who had rushed to me, as well as 5 female students I had never seen before, all of whom were standing still and unmoving.

“I have lined everyone up. They have also completed the Hypnotic Test.”

“How was it?”

“They are healthy. Although a light one, I have also given them a medical check up. I have taken their blood samples, and the necessary background checks have also been completed. It was all thanks to the hospital that Master prepared for the pregnant women.”

For the sake of this, Kokoro has been working since morning.

She had just prepared breakfast and was about to head out when I woke up, so I really appreciate her efforts.

“Kokoro, go take a good sleep.”

“Yes! Thank you very much for your concern!”

I placed my hand on Kokoro’s shoulder.

While lovingly looking at that hand, Kokoro gently placed both of her hands atop of it and tilted her neck.

“You’re in the way.”

“M-My apologies.”

Driving Kokoro away, I decided to gaze at the prepared female students.

Right there was five notably beautiful students among the examinees.

Perhaps because they were in a hypnotic state, their eyes were deprived of light, and their entire body had lost strength as they swayed unsteadily.

“Five people, huh? I want to partner with all of them, though. Well, let’s do this in order.”

Standing in front of the five, I decided to fixatedly stare at them.

The girls, who were beautifully lined up like mannequins, did not show even a single reaction even when I brought my face so close to them that I could lick them.

I tried to grope their breasts from atop of the uniform that was prepared for the exam.

“It’s still quite stiff huh?”


Although the girl whose breasts were groped responded with a *twitch*, that’s all she did.

I’m glad that the girls who were here were already my playmates.

“Although it’s not bad gazing at them just like this as though they were a collection, I really do have to play with my toys, huh?”

Brushing the hair of the unmoving girl, I tried to have myself reflected in her eyes, as though usurping it.

*Female Perspective

My name is Shizuka. Today, I was receiving an interview at Reisei Academy.

Perhaps because I was nervous, my head more dazed than usual, and I was a little sleepy.

Upon looking down, I could tell that my chest, which was a little bigger than most people’s, and my slightly-too-long black hair swayed together.

As I originally had a face that could be called absent-minded, I needed to pull myself together a little.

“I wonder why……?”

“Please enter.”

“Ah, yes!”

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of the interview room as a man’s voice called out to me from inside of the classroom. As such, I opened the door and entered.

“Please excuse me.”

Inside of the classroom was but a single male interviewer. Rather than saying that this person was young, it was more like his age didn’t feel like it was that different from mine.

Other than that, there were a few props gathered, and right next to me was……

“……ah, I need to change.”

That’s right. [When in the interview room, I have to change into the interview attire.]

I saw the interview outfit placed on top of the desk that was right next to the door.

“Right now……I will change.”

“Yes, because this is an interview, see. Please change into that swimsuit.”

There was also a mirror, making it easy to change my clothes.

I need to change clothes here.

Placing my hands on the buttons of my uniform, I slowly removed them one by one.

“I don’t mind if you take it slowly. There’s plenty of time, you see.”

“Yes……thank you very much.”

In front of the mirror, I first took off my uniform blazer, leaving me in a Y-shirt. It’s embarrassing that, because I came with black underwear, they could be seen through the Y-shirt.

The interviewer was constantly looking at me as I changed. It’s likely that this was also part of the exam.


Unbuttoning my Y-shirt, I opened it from the chest, allowing it to fall to the floor.

“Is that transparent lace underwear?”

“Well, I’m taking the enrolment exam……I thought that I should put some spirit into it……”

“Haha, some people are like that, aren’t they?”

I became embarrassed by my childish reasoning. As though trying to hide this, I placed my hands against my skirt and stripped so I was in just my underwear.

I had a complex about my larger than average breast-size, but it ended up becoming even more noticeable when viewing my entire body from in front of the large mirror.

Let’s also take off my underwear as soon as possible.


Upon taking off my brassiere, my chests bounced around like pudding. As my nether regions had yet to sprout any hair, I don’t think there was any reason for me to be particularly disadvantaged in this interview.

“Well then, I would like you to don that interview outfit, but……”

“……this, may I ask how to put it on?”

The interview outfit was a swimsuit with very little cloth. I also felt that the size was big—too big for me.

“This, you see, is worn by making your nipples stand up and catching the cloth with them. If you do so, then it won’t fall off of the chest.”

“Eh, stand up?”

“That’s no good. It would seem that your nipples aren’t standing.”

I became flustered. If things stay like this, then I might be given demerits.


“It’s fine. After all, for such girls, I will make them stand up.”

In saying that, the interviewer approached me, stroking my bare skin directly.

I felt a little ticklish and something akin to a chill as my entire body stiffened.

While the interviewer’s hand stroked me as though tracing the lines of my body, he lifted my breasts as though to support them.


He licked my nipples.

As though he were lapping up ice cream, he licked my nipples again and again, and sucked them. He also playfully nibbled them.


“You know, it’s good to knead them with your fingertips like this. You just pinch them to an extent that it doesn’t hurt.”

“Somehow……it’s like they’re being squeezed……”

It was kind of scary to be touched by the interviewer, but my body became hot and I started to grow dazed.

I wonder why?

“And then they’ll become erect like this, see?”


The interview held the interview outfit that was the bikini between his fingers and decisively hooked it around my nipples.

While receiving a tingling sensation, I was able to wear the interview outfit as it was caught on my nipples.

“Well then, I shall also do the bottom part for you.”

“Eh, wai……for the bottom part, I can–hyaaaaah!!!”

The interviewer forcibly pulled on the string-like swimsuit, as though it were a high-leg swimsuit, and dressed me.

As the swimsuit dug into my p〇ssy and butt, the tingling sensation and feeling of unknown nature once again flowed into me.


“This should do it. Please sit in that chair.”

Noticing that drool was spilling from my mouth, I panicked and quickly concealed it. How embarrassing.

Perhaps finding that funny, the interviewer stifled a small laugh.

“Please excuse me.”

Just as the interviewer said, I sat in the chair before his eyes.

“Yup, you have good posture. It’s proof that you’ve been taught properly.”

“Yes, I have to spread my legs, firmly unfold my p〇ssy and display it, after all.”

As I was worried about whether or not the interviewer could see it, I corrected my posture a bit and used both hands to spread my p〇ssy over and over again.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“I am fine. Because the interview outfit has string panties, it’s properly being covered.”

“In that case, shall we start the interview? Please tell me the reason why you applied for this school.”

While saying this, the interviewer removed his pants and showed off his erect d〇ck.

I became surprised at the horror of the d〇ck that I saw for the first time. I was scared since it looked like it was *twitching* and wriggling as though it were a separate organism.

“Well then, please go ahead. Do you know how to?”

“Yes……for my reason in applying here, I need to place your d〇ck on top of my tongue and say it as though talking into a microphone.”

“Haha, indeed.”

I opened my mouth and stretched out my tongue.

The interviewer placed his d〇ck on top of my tongue with a *flop*. That hot member that seemed to possess a fever caused a masculine scent to drift to me just from being atop my tongue.

“Mai mo’hif foh wanhing hu go hu d’is sc’ool ith becauth I thin’ I can de’elo’ mai’helth heah……” (My motive for wanting to go to this school is because I think I can develop myself here……)

When I declared my reason for applying here, my breath hit the interviewer’s d〇ck, causing it to tremble adorably.

As the interviewer shifted his body a little, I became desperate so that the d〇ck wouldn’t fall off and struggled to roll my tongue to the side.

Perhaps seeing this, the interviewer pushed forward a little, causing his d〇ck to enter into my mouth.

“Fabh!! Nn, mm……”

I suppose that he was kindly caring for me so that I wouldn’t drop his d〇ck.

In the meantime, I finished stated my reason for applying and cleared the first barrier.

“Such a wonderful reason for applying. This interview can be said to have been passed.”

“I-Is that so?”

The interviewer kept his d〇ck away and applauded.

I, somehow regretfully, stared at his d〇ck. For some reason, my body has become hot and, even though I know it’s rude, I can’t tear my eyes off of it.

“It seems that the reality hasn’t sunk in yet.”

“M-My apologies. I am unable to calm down until I receive the results of this examination……”

“Then, shall I give you my seal of approval so that you can rest easy?”

“Eh……will you really……!?”

I inadvertently ended up in high spirits from the suggestion that I had never gotten from any interviewer other than this one.

If I could get the seal of approval, then that naturally means that I’ve already been enrolled.

“Indeed, I will.”

“Will you really [press your d〇ck inside of my womb, pour the semen ink inside] and give me your stamp of approval?”

“Yes, of course. In order for that to happen, you understand what you need to do, yes?”

I hurriedly shifted the lower part of the interview outfit. The reason why it is a string is because it serves the function of shifting to the side so that insertion is made possible.

The interviewer was chuckling to himself, but he wasn’t fooling around. It seems that he was really going to insert his d〇ck inside of me.

“T-Thank you very much. Please press your d〇ck stamp against my womb.”

“Then let’s get right into it.”

The interviewer’s body drew closer as he rubbed my p〇ssy with that big d〇ck of his.

He was sluggishly fidgeting around. I want him to quickly insert it and be reassured already. 

It would seem that the interviewer saw right through how I was restlessly staring fixatedly on his d〇ck.

“Ah, it’s entering, it’s entering……ah-“

Along with words of expectation, I firmly confirmed that the interviewer’s d〇ck had entered my vagina.

As it was my first time, there was a stomach-oppressing pain. I felt the foreign body *jerking* as it entered into me, as well as a little bit of discomfort.

But more than that, the feeling of wanting all of it to be inserted and be reassured won out, causing strength to gather at my waist.


“Not even half of it is in yet, you know?”

“I’ll be……fine! Please!”

I’ll have him stamp his seal of approval. That’s why I’ve been studying for the enrolment exam for the past year, after all.

The interviewer clutched my butt with both hands and raised my body up so that insertion would be easier.

The insides of my vagina instinctively tried to push back the *squelching* penis that slipped in as though trying to scoop me out.

However, his d〇ck was powerful, forcibly entering deeper inside.

“It’s……kah…’s in……aah!!”

I was so moved that I began to shed tears. With this, I’ve passed.

The interviewer also shared my joy with a gloating expression.

“Not yet, the the ink still needs to seep in.”

“Ah, t-that’s……righ–kyahn, kyaaaaah!!!”

The interviewer moved his d〇ck back and forth in order to release the ink.

I raised a pathetic shriek from the shock of having the back of my stomach slammed.

But, rather than pain, a deep joy and pleasure that filled me from somewhere surged through my entire body.

“Ahah, hyaaaah!!”

“You’ve got a pretty good body, there. With this, it seems like I’ll be able to stamp the seal soon.”

“T-Thank you very mu–hyahn, aaaah!!”

The sound of our flesh colliding against each other could be heard. The man’s body was so stiff that it seemed like he would crush me.

But taking that as completely blissful, my body embraced it as though having that done were but a female’s instinct.

“How is it?”

“I-It kinda……feels gooood!! Stronger, please do it strong–hyaaaah!!!”

“That’s good. Even after enrolling, there will be opportunities to get another stamp.”

If I enrol, then I’ll be able to get the stamp again.

Thinking this, my p〇ssy tightened with a *twitch*, lovingly grasping his d〇ck and refusing to separate with it.

Caring not for such antics, the man’s d〇ck rubbed back and forth countless times, making my lower body numb.

“I love it! I love stamps! More, please give me more!!”

“Haha, if you try just a little harder, than the ink will be released.”

“Release it……please release it!! Please release lots of it and let me enrol……aaaaaaaahhh!!!”

As I accepted that mysterious sensation that circled throughout my entire body, the insides of my head turned white.

I involuntarily wrapped my arms around the interviewer, hugging him. My body, which did not want to let go of his d〇ck, moved on its own.

“I-I’m sorr……”

“I do not mind. If I’m to be hugged because you are so moved, then it does not feel at all unpleasant.”


“Here, with this, you pass.”

While I was feeling relieved, his d〇ck thrust into me with remarkable vigour.

In that instant, the man’s d〇ck trembled, pouring and *spewing* semen into my vagina.


The white insides of my head were further muddled, as I accepted the hot liquid that was poured into me.

My whole body stiffened from nervousness, as my *clattering* body rampaged for the first time since I was born.

The interviewer firmly restrained me, ensuring that the ink wouldn’t spill out.

“Ma……mai’h apohloghi……gah—“

“Haha, I do not mind. It’s your first time, so it’s only natural that I support you.”

Losing consciousness for but a moment, the man’s figure was reflected in my flickering vision.

While grinning in a slightly mean manner, the interviewer remained inserted, not pulling out so that the ink would seep in.

As for me, after feeling happiness towards my first time passing, I exposed a pathetic face. Upon peering at the mirror that was placed for the purpose of changing clothes, I looked like a completely different person when compared to before the interview.

Yes……I have already enrolled, so I’ve become a new me.


“What’s the matter?”

“Would it be……ok if you, did it one more time?”

“……haha, yes, indeed! You wouldn’t be reassured after just doing it once, after all.”

The interviewer is so kind. I could tell that the d〇ck, which was still inserted, was expanding inside of my still murky p〇ssy once again.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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