Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 94 Ext 03

Seibu Rein Decorative Colouring-Arc

On a certain day off, it was decided that I was going on an outing that I didn’t want to go to.

Spread out before my eyes were a lot of families and clothing shops lined up, the likes of which I didn’t know the differences

“Just what is so different about these stores……?”

“What are you doing? Over here.”

Rein was beside me.

Even whilst furrowing her brow in displeasure like usual, Rein’s conduct was much gentler than usual. It would seem that she is not in a bad mood.

It turned out that we would be going to buy clothes together today.

“I wonder which one would look good on Mai?”

“You can’t help but say that without even going in, huh? Did you have something in mind?”

“No, I mean, where are we anyways?”

“……ok then.”

Today, I set foot into this shopping trip looking for a present for Mai.

That girl said that it’s been about a month since I had become her boyfriend or something of the sort. 

Thinking normally, refusing to do anything would be very much like me. However, the reason I came along was due to a line of thinking that was very much like me.

I invited Rein to accompany me for that. She was in a bad mood at first, but I feel that, if I had to say one or the other, she’s currently having fun.

Although her plain clothes were designed for winter and had low exposure, the black tights tightly matched Rein’s beautiful legs. Coupled with her spruce manner of walking, she cut a rather eye-catching figure.

“What’s wrong? This way.”

“Yeah–rather, where’re we going? I have no idea about clothes, see.”

“To think that you’d have the gall to pick something while like that……are you really thinking about Mai at all?”

“I’m sure am, yup yup.”

“Well, whatever.”

I wonder if Rein likes shopping? She was walking in front of me with light steps.

However, she noticed something and stopped her feet, standing half a step behind me.

“You go first.”


“Somehow, I don’t like being in front.”

Thinking about safety, I think it would be better for Rein to be in front.

Since I’d be troubled if she sulks and leaves me behind, I obeyed for the time being.

Rein walked half a step behind me. Even while feeling some weird sense of shame, it appears that she continued to walk with me.

“I’m the one who asked you out today.”

“That’s not the problem.”

Even while grumbling, Rein grabbed the cuff of my shirt so as to not stray away.

“It would’ve been fine if I asked Kokoro. But, since I’m doing it anyway, I thought that you’d be the better choice. You’re the same age, and you seem to have the same tastes.”

“……yes, our tastes are the same. But even so, I don’t know that much.”

Despite that, she really seems to be quite familiar with this place. It also appears that her destination is quite clear.

When women say they are not familiar with fashion, they would, at minimum, score a 70 out of 100.



Because I was walking ahead, the back of my collar was pulled. What a violent fellow.

The minute that Rein entered, she began searching for the most expensive looking clothes around.


“It’s for Mai, right? No complaints.”

“There’s too many zeros.”

Wouldn’t this blow away all of my part-time earnings in an instant?

For the time being, I decided to not interrupt while she was shopping.

Because Rein seems to unexpectedly be having fun.

Even though she was choosing clothes to buy for Mai, Rein donned the clothes over her own body and looked at them in the mirror. I did not miss how her usual hard-to-understand expression had changed into an inexplicable smile.

This just means that she’s also a girl. Nothing changes with regards to dressing up.

“……what, there’s not that much difference between Mai’s stature and mine, so we should at least see how it looks, right?”

“Aah, I don’t have any complaints in particular. I’ll watch, so choose carefully.”

“That so? Then how’s this?”

Rein spun around in front of me while wearing the clothes. It was a beautiful rotation, akin to the ones done in figure skating.

However, perhaps feeling embarrassed immediately after doing it, Rein clenched her teeth as she endured her shame.

She’s done well to become so embarrassed even though we’ve seen each other naked so many times, huh?

“Haha. Aren’t you also pretty cute, Rein?”

“You’re getting cocky……”

“Say, Rein. There was actually one more reason why I called you here today.”

It should be fine to broach the subject now.

“I’ve been thinking that I want to give Rein a present sometimes as well, see. Why don’t you try choosing something for yourself today as well, Rein?”


“I’m saying that I’ll buy you some clothes.”

“I think my ears just went weird.”

“Rein’s body is strong and healthy.”

“Isn’t it Mai’s anniversary? You’re doing this even with that going on?”

“It may seem that way from a time perspective. But I also think of Rein as importantly as I do Mai.”

Although it was an extreme declaration of two-timing, it was certain that both of these women were precious to me.

Although Rein’s mouth made a へ shape as though to say that she wouldn’t be deceived by such a comment, she once again began to wordlessly search for clothes.

“Don’t tell me that you can’t buy it.”

“Hm? Got it. If it’s money, I’ve got it.”

“Understood. Then I’ll buy the first and second best expensive ones.”

“Hahah, it seems like I’m gonna be stripped bare.”

I smiled slightly at the fact that things went smoothly. Well, with this, I’ve taken a step forward.

When I thought so, Rein pulled my sleeve and pulled me in.


“I can’t see well since I’m too close.”

Rein clung to my body and asked me about the colour of her clothes. Of course, I couldn’t see it.

Perhaps she’s in a good mood.

From my perspective, I wanted to enjoy the difference in her behaviour from that, so I thought things were heading in a good direction.

When we became this close to each other, I suddenly looked around, worried about whether we were standing out.

After roughly two hours of choosing what to buy, we headed home. Ignoring the time taken on our way back, we spent 2 hours. Something is strange with that elapsed time.

Rein assumed an expressionless face, but it was an unexpectedly beaming one. I, for one, understood why.

For the time being, the two of us sat down together in my hideout that I had Kokoro go on an outing from.

“My legs.”

“Say, at the end of the day, which one is for who?”

Rein asked me as soon as we returned. Approaching me, who was crouching, on all fours, she intimidated me with a grim face.

I bought two outfits during today’s shopping trip. Rein thought that both of them were good, and had continued to trouble herself over them until the very end.

From these two, I had promised to give one of them to Rein and Mai each as a present.

“Now then……”


Rein brought her face closer. She possessed honest eyes that seemed to be expecting something.

Does she really want those clothes, this girl? What a calculating fellow.

I edged backwards and, before I knew it, I ended up in an arrangement where it seemed like I was being pushed down by Rein, who was on her hands and knees.

“Which one do you want?”

“You choose.”

Rein’s neck that was right above me was reflected in my view. The line of her Adam’s apple-less neck was so smooth that I wanted to lick it.

I thought that I should rest a little bit more, but I decided that now was the time to act.

“Then let’s try taking the clothes out.”


Rein took out the clothes from the shopping bag without delay.

Standing upright with her usual beautiful posture, she displayed the first article before my eyes. Covering her own body with it, she swayed with a flutter, perhaps in a good mood.


“Like you can say that after you did such a thing yoursel……ah, I mean, it’s cute.”

Rein grumpily averted her gaze. She’s embarrassed with herself, isn’t she?

Just for confirmation, it’s not like I was afraid of her and trying to curry her favour. I just thought that it would be best to keep her in good spirits for the sake of what comes later.

She took out the other article and once again displayed it to me. Either is nice, huh?

“This looks like it’d suit Mai……”

When I was tediously worrying about things, I heard such a grumble.

I took immediate action.

“Rein, show me you wearing that.”

“Eh, this one? ……ok.”

Perhaps somehow weak to being pushed, Rein decided to wear the article she thought would look good on Mai upon my instruction.

After waiting in another room for a while, I was called by Rein and entered the room.

“How is it?”

Rein originally wore a lot of outfit with trousers, so it was weird to see her in an adorable miniskirt.

Perhaps feeling the draft through her legs, she wriggled the tips of her toes restlessly.

“Yeah, it’s nice.”

“Then, this-“

“I’ll give Mai the clothes that you’re wearing right now.”


The instant I said that, the suggestion activated.

Rein’s cheeks flushed, beginning to stir while maintaining a surprised expression.

She went into heat. She was induced into the usual type of horniness that she wasn’t able to endure.

Rein’s trembling legs had already become pigeon-toed. I liked watching this figure of hers.

“Hm, what’s wrong, Rein?”


With her mouth gaping open, Rein desperately tried to suppress her body’s hot flashes. Without having the time to question her sudden outbreak of lust, she squatted in place.

I purposefully stretched my hand out to Rein’s body, as though worried.

“Oi, Re—“

“Aah, aah!! Mm!!”

As though jumping, Rein hugged me and placed her lips over mine.

Her kissing motions were wonderful, granting me the soft sensation of her lips while not hitting our teeth at all despite being so quick.

When I opened my mouth, Rein’s tongue entered as though burying inside it, licking all over as though to devour all of my saliva.

“Mmm! *slurp* *sllrrr*!!”

Rein did not try to separate from my mouth while her eyes remained closed.

My lower lip was sucked, and a ticklish sensation raged inside of my mouth to the extent of numbness. No matter how many times I saw it, Rein’s desperate figure that continued to suck up saliva no matter how much I gave her was adorable.

“Mm……haah, ah.”

“What’s wrong, Rein? Do you want me to dispel it here?”

“W……wait, l-let me change……”

Rein feebly displayed her intention to change clothes. With her tongue sticking out, even now she trembled as though trying to lick me, saliva sticking around her lips.

Even during our kiss, her legs constantly continued to rub against my groin, appealing her longing to an extent that one wouldn’t believe it came from a girl saying to wait.

“I-I need to change.”

“I see.”

While holding back my face that was about to laugh, I did not lay a hand on Rein and complied with her will.

During that time, it was almost as though Rein did not try to separate from me. Her fingertips stroked my chest, seeming as though they would tear my clothes. Breathing strongly near my ear, she seduced me.

“Haah, aah……!”

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to go change?”

“Get, away……”

“Could Rein be the one to get away? Since I’m holding myself back.”

I was merely in a position where I would wait for her to change clothes.

Rein reproachfully glared at me. It can’t be helped since I’m holding myself back.

We were each unable to separate from this state of close contact. Our bodies slowly rubbed against each other, seemingly making wrinkles in the clothes that I’d give to Mai.

“Mm……mm *smack*……”

Perhaps having reached her limit before one noticed, Rein began sucking my neck while play-biting it.

While my neck received the sensations of her ticklish tongue, I grabbed Rein’s breasts from over her clothes.

Inserting my hands straight in the middle of the top’s open front, I removed her bra, digging my fingers into her and playing with her breasts. My fingers slipped into Rein’s soft, shapely breasts and distorted their shape.

Inviting her to the bed prepared in the room, I pushed Rein down onto it.


Rein breathed heavily, looking at me with feverish eyes.

When I tried to leave her, she wrapped her hands around me, rendering me unable to move. As that couldn’t be helped, I took off my pants while in that state.


“……undress me, hurry.”

“I see. Then I’ll help myself.”

I dared to put my hand underneath her skirt and removed Rein’s panties only.

Rein simply closed her mouth and desperately endured, making no mention of my kindness.

Since it seemed to have gotten a little interesting, I decided to have a conversation with her before insertion.

“Are you sure this is fine? This is going to be Mai’s present, you know?”

“……you, you knowingly……!! Ah, hurry, hurry it up!!”

“Hahah, if it gets dirty, then you’re doing the laundry.”

“I’m sorry, Mai. I’m so sorr……aah!!”

I rubbed Rein’s vagina with the tip of my penis.

From just that, Rein’s entire body arched backwards as she began to break out into convulsions.

“Hau! Aahyah!:

When I stroked her abdomen with my fingertips as things started to become interesting, Rein recoiled like a spring.

“I won’t go in if you move too much.”

“You’re-hyaah! Purposefully, doing it, right!? Hurry……aaah……”

“Oh, it went in.”

Timing it with the only moment that Rein let her guard down (when she opened her mouth), I inserted into her with one stroke. Without even breathing, she stiffened as though time had stopped for her.

Like that, I firmly pried open the insides of her vagina, pushing the tip of my penis so far that it hit the dead-end of her womb.

The instant that my penis was swallowed up to that extent, the insides of Rein’s vagina squirmed.

The interior of Rein’s vagina, although ticklish, skilfully stimulated my penis as though it were being rubbed by several thin fingertips. It would appear that her body was very generous with regards to sex, as per usual.

“AaAh……! Agigh, gah!! Kyaaaah!!”

Rein moved around, caring not for her own appearance as the skirt she normally wouldn’t wear swayed.

As though to put wrinkles in those clothes, I forcefully shifted her outfit and stroked Rein’s bare skin.

The softness of Rein’s breasts were transmitted to me, regardless of whether it be over her clothes or whether I forcefully thrust my hands inside to touch them directly.

“S-Skirt, the skirt!”

“Well, it’s already too late for that.”

As I pistoned, the wet sounds of our body fluids mixing together could be heard.

She was probably worried that the skirt would get dirty from that. I don’t care, though.

It would seem that, even as she was drowning in pleasure, even in the midst of her repeated faintings and awakenings, Rein’s heart had not been lost.

“Ah, aah!!”

“Haha, it can’t be helped since my body won’t listen to me, right!?”

I smashed both my will and bodily pleasure all at Rein.

Rein was hit with sexual desire, desperately trying to stay conscious in the midst of her sex with me despite being unable to articulate properly. And then, once again, that mentality was tied by her lust.

I believe that having her body unable to listen to her due to her lust that became more intense the stronger her will became is quite a difficult affliction.

“Now then, I guess now should be about time. Sometimes, unleashing it outside is……uwoh!!”

“Fuh, aah, kyah……hyah……uuh……!”

Rein suddenly wrapped both of her legs around my waist.

My rare attempt to ejaculate outside had been seen through. Although what I was really after was to dirty the clothes and leave her heat further unresolved.

“Well, I guessed things wouldn’t go so well!”

“ah……hyaaahn, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

Showing respect to Rein’s efforts, I decided to ejaculate inside of her vagina as we were.

Rein was probably suspicious of me. Her strong legs maintained their restraints on me, not letting go.

As a result, my penis was milked until its last spurt whilst still inserted into her deepest depths.


“It felt quite good. Come on, Rein.”

After moving Rein’s legs and having them release me as though tearing them off, I brought my penis close to her.

With her eyes empty, I stuck my penis against the tip of Rein’s nose.

“……what, is it?”

“It seems like a little more is gonna come out. If I let it out inside of your vagina, it might overflow, see?”


Rein probably realised what I wanted her to do. She opened her mouth and waited for me.

Without holding back my grin, I thrust my penis into Rein’s mouth just like that.

It felt quite good, having my penis licked by her tongue inside of her lukewarm mouth.

“*Ahmu*……*smack*, nkkh……”

“Look, it’ll stick to the skirt if you don’t raise your hips a little more.”

I harrassingly spanked Rein’s butt.

Rein’s body twitched with a *jerk*, causing that shock to be transmitted to the semen inside of her vagina.

The skirt was already wet, but on top of that, it had semen stuck onto it.

“……mm, *slurp*.”

“Don’t get so mad. You’re the one who wanted to do it.”

Although Rein had no strength in her expression, I could tell very well that she was glaring at me.

It was quite striking how, even when I handed Mai these washed western clothes the next day, Rein glared at me menacingly from behind her.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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