Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 91 End

Final Chapter

My footsteps echoed in the silent hallway afterschool.

School today was a half-day because of exams. It was fortunate that we could go home during the fulfillling time that was after eating lunch.

And, no matter how much I can play at school, I’ll eventually arrive back here.

“As I thought, I’m really glad that this is here.”

It hit me deeply when I stood in front of the Counselling Room.

Without its existence, then no matter how good my hypnosis was, I’d probably have struggled more.

What if-scenarios, although unproductive, make people excited.

“I’m coming in.”

As though asking for approval, which was unusual for me, I entered into the room.

I didn’t have any ulterior motives. That’s right, I didn’t.

“Ah, Master, I welcome you.”

In doing so, Kokoro, who was patiently waiting here for me no matter how you look at it, was there.

As nobody had made a counselling reservation today as well, she knew that I would come.

Looking down so as to curb her anxious emotions, Kokoro became restless and unable to calm down.

“Why are you so anxious like this on such a meaningless day?”

“Because it’s Valentine’s.”

So what? That doesn’t matter, right?

Although it was the perfect excuse to have sexual intercourse, are you saying that……it has some significance other than that?

I laughed spontaneously. In other words, I was a normal, good-natured citizen who was no different than the masses there.

“Look, Master is also pleased.”

“Yeah, since I’m getting a present from Kokoro, it’d be rude if I wasn’t looking forward to it.”


Kokoro looked at me with sparkling eyes. Her cheeks were also reddened, seemingly excited.

Perhaps having her tension relieved by that, she brought something out from the back of the counselling room.

“So big.”

“Please accept this, Master!”

What Kokoro brought was a large box that was big enough to hold with both hands. It was probably chocolate.

I received it while shuddering slightly. Thinking about what would happen if I were to drop this, I persuaded myself that such a thing didn’t matter.

After all, this was something that my slave had prepared, so what need was there to be so tensed?


“Master, what’s the matter?”

“I said it’s nothing.”

Come to think of it, this would be the first Valentine’s chocolate that I have received since birth, huh?

No, no, what am I thinking? Shaking my head from side to side, I drove away the senseless farce.

Prudently placing it on the desk, I unwrapped the packaging.

No, this is something that my slave brought to me. Don’t I need to handle it more appropriately? That should be a reasonable decision given my dignity.

Slowly holding the side, I opened the box.

“Fufuh, how is it, Master?”

“……is this a whole cake?”

Even though this was just some chocolate, I ended up using polite language.

That was unmistakably a chocolate cake. As it was the type that could be divided amongst a family of four, it was probably something handmade by Kokoro.

Perhaps being awfully glad with my response, the raised corners of Kokoro’s smile trembled more than usual.

How humiliating. Just what about my cold reaction is fun?


“What’s this?”

“It’s a whole cake.”

“I know. Just when did you make this without me knowing about it?”

“I woke up earlier than usual and finished it early in the morning. I thought about what I should make right up until the appointed time.”

“Did you sleep properly?”

“Yes! For you to concern yourself over me, I am as happy as can be.”

I see, so she slept properly, huh?

Thinking about what I should ask next, I warned myself that I’d be embarrassed if it came out clumsily.

“I see.”

“Thank you very much! Since I thought that we would be eating it together anyways, I decided to make it a whole cake, but-“

“Yeah, then prepare it now.”

“Yes! I shall prepare the dishes!”

This was nothing. Even without me, the normal-looking scene continued.

As for me, this contrarily made me itchy.

“Master, thank you for waiting.”

Saying this, Kokoro returned empty-handed. No, I guess she had meticulously washed her hands, huh?

Smiling silently, I greeted Kokoro.

“Then, please excuse me.”

Kokoro placed her own index finger into the cake that was taken out and divided it. Naturally, the pieces didn’t have a good shape.

Placing one onto her palm, she brought it before me.

Just as per the suggestion.

“Now then, thank you for the food.”

“Yes, please……mmh!”

Grabbing Kokoro’s head, I brought it to the top of her palm.

Accepting that without any problems, Kokoro placed her own mouth against the cake on her palm.

This woman was currently working as a dish.

For the first time in a while, I had made her lose her awareness of sexual activities. While making her believe that she is eating normally, I decided to enjoy her all by myself.


Showing the cake that was stored inside of her mouth, Kokoro brought it towards mine.

Responding to that, I accepted the dish.


While receiving the cake, I tried biting the bottom of Kokoro’s lip. It was considerably soft.

Although it’d be good for me to receive it with my tongue out, but the ticklish stimulus of having Kokoro carry it with her tongue into the insides of my mouth was also nice.


“aPah……A-Ai’ d’oo noht m’ind.”

I sucked Kokoro’s tongue, not allowing her to let go. I might like looking at Kokoro’s troubled face.

From Kokoro’s point of view, she’s probably wondering why she felt a strange sense of discomfort despite the fact that we were just eating together.

“It’s not enough, huh?”

“Eh, feeaah!! Nkh……bh……smack, mbbhh!”

Upon holding and lifting Kokoro’s chin up, I sucked up the almost non-existent remains of the cake in her mouth.

Perhaps being surprised by having the interior of her mouth suddenly sucked, Kokoro forgot to blink as I was reflected within her eyes.

Upon letting go of her mouth after a while, I confirmed that a string of our saliva stretched out.

“Isn’t it pretty delicious?”

“Hoeh, ish it really!?”

“When things are disgustin, then I say that it’s disgusting.”

The taste of the cake itself was very good. Without being too sweet, the soft dough enveloped my mouth, and the fair amount of strawberry that was contained within firmly tightened the taste.

I felt a certain sense of conquest from eating as though playing with the special dish Kokoro.

It could be said that Kokoro had already been conquered from the beginning, though.


Before I noticed it, Kokoro prepared to feed me the next piece of cake.

She amazingly spread her collar near her neck with both hands, placing the cake atop her clavicle while waiting for me.

For the most part, she should be under the suggestion. Yup.

“Can you still eat?”

“Yeah, I intend to eat it all.”

Bringing my face close to Kokoro’s neck like a spoiled child, I extended my tongue and began to lick up the cake along with her clavicle.

“Hyah……aaah, M-Master……hyaahn!! Somehow, it tickles……”

“You’re a dish, so endure it.”

While licking Kokoro, I placed my right hand inside of her collar and touched her chest. I stroked Kokoro’s breasts, which were softer than the sponginess of the cake.

Even though she wasn’t able to be conscious of what was going on due to the suggestion, Kokoro was able to receive pleasure itself. Perhaps in a snap judgement, she pulled back as though trying to escape from me, but that caused the western clothes she was wearing to stretch forcefully, increasing its burden as it tore.

“Kyah! Hyah……aaah! Kyauhn!!”

With a snap sound, the button of the clothes that Kokoro was wearing came undone as her clothes laid bare. The impact at that time caused her shapely breasts to shake.

While separating my mouth from Kokoro’s neck, I further spread apart Kokoro’s clothes and exposed her. Although the forceful spreading caused her clothes wrinkles, her adorable bra was now clearly visible to me.

“It seems that it’d be easier to eat on this dish, huh?”

“U-Understood! I will immediately—aAAAAAHN!! I-I said it tickles!”

While haphazardly grabbing the cake in my hand, I pressed it against Kokoro’s chest. The cake whose shape collapsed adhered to her shapely chest, decorating it nicely.

“Now then, if it’s like this, then we can do it.”

In order to take it to sexual intercourse, I reached my hand out to Kokoro’s skirt. After that, I tried to remove her underwear, only to notice that she already wasn’t wearing any.



Upon gently brushing the surface of her vagina with my finger, I could feel that, along with the wetness from her arousal, there was another sensation that was somehow different from it.

After forcibly pushing the skirt apart, I peered at Kokoro’s crotch that wasn’t wearing any underwear.

In doing so, I noticed that there was melted chocolate atop her vagina. A sweet smell mixed with her womanly smell and drifted towards me.

“……I guess our thoughts were the same, huh?”


For the time being, I’ll do my duty and lick it up. This should finish it.

All that’s left is for me to just play around as I please. Today I decided to enjoy one-sidedly fucking her.

“Let’s see, shall we talk about what happened during spring?”

“Spring, is i-hyaaaah!! Aah, ah!”

“You’ve already decided on the desired test takers here, right? We have to recruit those in the list to a certain extent, and also have to get them to take the test.”

Removing my trousers and taking out my penis, I place the tip against Kokoro’s already wet vagina.

In place of the licked up chocolate, I spread the juices that were leaking from the tip of my penis.

Even as she raised a scream, Kokoro wasn’t able to recognise what was happening. Even though her body had begun convulsing several times, she was making idle chat with me as per usual.

“Erm……ah, hyaah! Like Lis, you meann-!!? Ari-kyaah……nn!!”

“Come to think of it, there was also an application, huh? Hm?”

“Hyah, ahyyaah!!”

I sucked Kokoro’s breast. The sweet taste of cake that remained on top of it as well as Kokoro’s skin bestowed a nice sensation to my tongue.

Kokoro’s ticklish body arched backwards, her body struggling as though in resistance.

How should I say this? Perhaps it could be said that she was being shaken around by an uncontrollable baby, having no clue what was going on as she was licked by me.

“Hyah, hyahaah……aaaaahh!!”

Holding both of Kokoro’s sides and stablising her body, I carefully licked it all up. Meanwhile, my lower half firmly bore into her vagina as I inserted my penis.

Kokoro was bad with having the lower region of her breast being licked.


While raising a strange laughter, Kokoro wasn’t even able to provide her normal service.

I have heard that there were cases were tickling coud produce sexual pleasure so long as it was affectionate. I wonder what would happen to this woman if she was in a sane state?

At present, Kokoro’s lower half was squirting, dripping love juice as though shedding tears.

“Haha, how about we try this next!”


Finding such a broken toy-like reaction fun, I was no longer able to stop the act that had no end.

Although Kokoro’s torso continued to laugh while running out of breath, that unreasonable movement was transmitted to her lower body, tightening around my penis in a good way.

My penis jiggled inside of her vagina, rubbing against the sides countless times as though to crush those folds. The folds that trembled each time that happened twined around my penis, stimulating it with a ticklish sensation.

It was a strange sensation, where it was like I was tickling Kokoro and she was tickling my penis.

“It’ll be soon, huh.”


As though giving gratitude towards that stimulus, I pushed my penis even stronger into her, pressing it against the entrance to her womb. And at the same time, I released her tickled body.

Kokoro received that instant sense of release and unrecognisable pleasure that came from her body all at once, raising a scream so loud that her throat would become hoarse in the face of the emotions that rushed her like a tsunami.

After that voice resounded for a few seconds, Kokoro’s breathless voice could be finally heard from her mouth.


After confirming Kokoro had retained her consciousness, I separated my hands and dropped her on top of the sofa.

“Well then, that’s the end, huh? [Let’s play together].”

Stating the Hypnotic Keywords, I made Kokoro fall into a hypnotic trance.

With her face still flushed, the sound of Kokoro’s panting became smaller. Due to the hypnotic trance, she was forcibly made to calm down.

While emitting a hot breath, Kokoro, in her hypnotic trance, blinked her empty eyes feverishly. Her exposed chest swayed regularly like the pulse of a heartbeat.


Collapsing onto her back in such a state, Kokoro’s figure who was waiting for me atop the sofa-

-possesed a considerably lascivious expression.

After having played to a certain extent, I released Kokoro from her hypnotic state.

I reclined onto the sofa as Kokoro collapsed to the floor.

The time had passed to the point where, rather than being just after noon, one could begin to see the sunset.


“……huh, Mas……ter?”

Upon opening her eyes, Kokoro first looked over her own body that had both arms spread out.

Firstly, her entire body was as naked as she had been when she was born. That body’s genitalia had semen splattered all over it, to the point where the skin colour of the region around her vagina was unable to be seen due to the sperm. If she pushed her stomach, it would froth up and overflow.

The present Kokoro was in a state just after I had played with her as I pleased while in her hypnotic state.

“Lick it.”

After that, I was thinking of having her lick up my sticky penis. And so I released her from her trance.

After smiling as though looking at a troublesome child, Kokoro became silent and began her service. She probably grasped the general gist of things.



“Neksh time, pleash let me ‘oin in ash well, o’hay?”


Kokoro serviced me, but as expected her entire body seemed tired. Without even being able to stand, she approached me on all fours.

Even so, the one who moved was my slave—my property.


“Faht’s wrong? Was it not to your liking?”

“No, certainly your movements aren’t bad, but……”

It might be something caused because I was tired, but, so long as I was in a human body, that was something which couldn’t be helped.

Or rather, in the first place, I was a person who was for the most part silent. It was normal for me to have my mouth closed.

Just what exactly was Kokoro for her to be able to discern something within that silence?

“Ai’m Mashtah’s slave……after all……”

Kokoro smiled and licked my penis. Even though she had pretty much licked it all clean, she serviced me with unnecessarily more care as though loving me.




“………………thanks. The chocolate, made me happy.”

I simply thought that I should at least speak my gratitude.


“No, nothing at all!”

“It’s over already! Hurry up and wipe your body!”

As Kokoro looked at me with a languid grin, I felt mortified.

After engraving into my heart that I shouldn’t have said that, I glanced at the top of the desk as though to divert the subject.


In doing so, several things had been brought and lined up there. Such things had been mentioned during the conversation topics we had earlier, which I brought up thinking that it would become a good spice for the previous sexual intercourse.

One among them was the subject that was first brought up, the thing related to the spring freshmen. It was the register of examinees.

Apart from being uninteresting, it only had a list of names. It might have been fun if each of them had a profile picture or something.

However, even if it was a register that had nothing but the names, it appears that there was at least one among them who had the factors that could entertain me.



“Ah, no. I just thought that it was interesting, see.”

Kokoro had finished donning the minimum amount of clothing she could before I had noticed it, observantly taking the register that I was looking at. And then she had also specified the place which my gaze had stabbed into it.

“……is it this Manaka Ai? She has the same surname as Master, but-“

“Don’t you think that this world is quite exciting like this?”

Having obtained this hypnosis ability, I have been given very fulfilling days. I am grateful to my grandfather.

“But, as expected, a life without danger is boring, huh?”

Suddenly the cell phone that was left in the corner of the room rang.


[Book? Book! Where’re you!? Even though today’s Valentine’s, I can’t find Book anywhere. You get it? It’s Valentine’s, y’know!]

“Yeah, I’m in the counselling room right now. So what?”

[As I thought, you were there! Aah, Rei-Rei!]

The thud of a suddenly crashing door sounded.

Almost as though an agent had performed an infiltration, Rein swiftly rushed to this room as though invading it.

Just where did she call from?

“……what a weird coincidence.”

“Yeah, so it is.”

As though to conceal her earlier harsh movements, Rein greeted me in a smart outfit. Such an indescribably amazing gap there was in the span of a few minutes.

What did this girl even come here for?

“M-MASTER! Is it alright now?!”

Sunou’s torso that leaned out from the kicked-open door asked timidly.

“What is?”

“W-With Kokoro-nee-san……”

“It is fine. Sunou-chan may also do as you please.”

“Oh, sometimes the summoner visits the evil spirit!”

Sunou also hadn’t changed, restlessly entering this counselling room from somewhere.

“Hey, Rei-Rei, you’re too fast……y’know?”

Behind them was a panting Mai who came late.

It would seem that this quartet were still around in their uniforms at this time. It was quite the curious thing.

Well, in that sense, I might also be the same, though.

“Master. Please let me join in this time too.”

“Yeah, I will.”

I had thoroughly played until I dropped up until a while ago, but apparently I still hadn’t had enough.

It was convenient for me that these four people had coincidentally come here for whatever reason.

[Let’s play together. Over there is fun. The Rule is Easy. Defeat is Yours.]

When I state the hypnotic keywords, all members of the energetic quartet fell into a hypnotic trance.

They let both of their arms listlessly dangle as strength left them. Their wandering hollow eyes did not see anything. With their bodies remaining unsteady, they waited for my instructions.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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