Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 88

Houjou Kokoro Sexual Technique Coaching-Arc

Sunou remained fallen in a hypnotic trance, awaiting my next instructions.

This was a test to challenge the loyalty of Sunou who had volunteered to become my slave, but of course more than half of it was for my fun.

“It’s impossible to never betray someone.”

I told the unresponsive Sunou as though lecturing her.

There are many moments were people betray people. There is nothing certain in this world.

Even Kokoro here was no exception. Based on that premise, Sunou’s promise held no meaning.

That’s why, rather than this being a test, it’d be more correct to say that this was simply to make her suffer.

It was something that was intended to teach her body the meaning of the phrase ‘the mouth is the source of calamity’.


“Now then, let’s once again proceed with the premise that you have become my slave.”


Perhaps feeling relief from this line somewhere, Sunou’s mouth slackened.

Well, it’s not good if all she does is suffer. As long as she becomes a slave candidate, then I should give her a certain amount of allowance.

By no means am I spoiling her.

“Kokoro, come here.”

“Y……yes! What is it!?”

Perhaps finding it unexpected that she’d be called upon, Kokoro at first went blank before immediately breaking into a smile and rushing over here.

“Like earlier, she’ll be a temporary slave for the time being so treat Sunou as a slave. You got that?”

“Yes, I understand, but why tell me such a thing?”

“What, I was just thinking of trying to train the newcomer. Because this girl hasn’t serviced me outside of punishment games up until now. You will support her so that she is able to properly work for my sake while possessing her reason.”

After briefly implanting appropriate suggestions into Sunou, I released her from her hypnotic trance.

With this, Sunou will have just become my slave.



The instant after waking up as though having unsteadily nodded off, Sunou stretched her back.

“MASTER! I wish for your everlasting favour along with this eternal contract!”

“Yeah, I got it, already.”

After deeply dropping my waist onto the chair in a MASTER-like manner, I signalled at Kokoro with my eyes.

Picking up on this, Kokoro kneeled down before me.

“Up until now, you know that you have always been in a setting where you were being ravaged during sexual intercourse, right? Kokoro will act as an example from here on, so learn from her.”

“Y-Yes! I will whole-heartedly devote myself to observe carefully!”

“Sunou-chan, please watch closely, ok?”

“I will not remove my eyes even for a single instant!”

After laughing a little, Kokoro began to remove my shirt.

While her thin fingers ocassionally bestowed a ticklish sensation against my skin, she exposed my front and also undressed my trousers.

Sunou stared fixedly with large eyes, watching my stripping as though peering at it. The part where she jerked in surprise when my penis vigorously showed itself made her still seem like a small animal.

Without particularly moving my body, I left everything to Kokoro.

For the time being, I guess I’ll devote my all into not moving.

“Pardon me……aah……”

Kokoro’s expression slackened, gazing upon my penis as though it were a cherished lover.

“Master’s smell is, from the strongest place……look, Sunou-chan. Can you understand what’s happening?”

“I-It’s big and erect.”

“Master’s thing……”

While supporting the erect penis with her fingertips, Kokoro nestled against it. The sensation of her soft cheeks were transmitted from the penis’s frenulum.

Kokoro’s nasal breaths hit against the tip of my penis, allowing me to tell without seeing that she was truly smelling it without reserve. Perhaps this was an expression of love that was unique to her.

“Now then, next……I will firmly remember Master’s responses. Which parts are weak spot and which parts feel pleasant, please memorise them.”

“Yes, Kokoro-nee-san!”

When Kokoro stroked my penis with the pads of her fingers, her fingers gently held it with slow movements.

And then she gradually began to jerk my penis off as though to confirm the sensation of my skin.

Even while doing that, Kokoro’s free hand adeptly removed the buttons of her own jacket as she slowly brought her face closer this way.

“Nn smack……mmh.”

“Kokoro-nee-san’s mouth is overlapping with Master’s, and to think that she’d bring her skin close so actively……”

While she licked my lips, Kokoro removed her bra and pressed her exposed breasts against my skin. My lips were gently kissed as my skin received the soft sensation of her breasts.

During this, Kokoro carefully continued to jerk my penis off.

When my penis responded with a jerk upon receiving the occassionally strong sensation, Kokoro smiled and hastened her speed as though to encourage that.

“Haah……mmm!! aaAh……”

“Aah……Kokoro-nee-san’s body is moving almost like she’s dancing.”

And then, Kokoro used her own upper body to rub my chest as though jerking off my entire body.

She rolled all over my torso almost as though she were painting my chest, bestowing upon me the sensation of her soft breasts and the tips of her nipples. She persistently rubbed her chest against my mouth, inviting me to put out my tongue.

“Master, are you already about to let it out? If you are, then feel free to do so at any time.”

“Both of you look so happy. So this is a slave’s service, isn’t it?”

As though struck by Kokoro’s disorderly-ness, Sunou placed both hands against her crotch and tried to start consoling herself.

“You cannot do that.”

However, Kokoro controlled that with but a single word, placing my penis atop the palm of her hand so that Sunou could clearly see it well.

“Sunou-chan, slaves exist entirely for their Master. That’s why, selfishness like self-consolation is not permitted. Everything must be under Master’s permission, and even if freedom is permitted, you must properly accept the fact that all of your rights are entrusted to Master.”

“Y-Yes……I, understand!”

When was such a rule made?

Sunou prayed with both hands as though to suppress her masturbating arms, shaking while staring at our intercourse.

Perhaps being satisfied with that, Kokoro made a small smile before concentrating on my service.

“Mm, smack……haah, Aah……Master, Master……”

As though following blind belief, Kokoro wholeheartedly licked my entire body as she continued to rub against me.

Somehow, we’ve been together for more than half a year. I have a feeling that Kokoro’s bodn with me has gotten stronger. The previous declaration was likely made precisely because she has respect for me.

Kokoro’s breasts that were crushed against my body caused a soft spongy sensation to come and go against my skin, almost as though my entire body was being pistoned.

“Master, are you already, going to cum!? Please let it out! Anywhere on my body, no matter where you put it out, I do not mind! This body, all of it belongs to you, after all……aaah!”

“MASTER’s d*ck is, twitching……ah-“

I ejaculated without holding back. While raging violently in Kokoro’s hand, my penis continued to release a turbid white liquid.

Immediately after ejaculating, Kokoro brought her face close to my penis, bathing her body without leaving any to spare as though accepting my semen.


Kokoro closed her mouth and took a deep breath. Her face, nape, and chest–the semen covering her body decorated her vulgarly.

In this space where silence had descended, my male odour drifted.

Sunou’s cheeks reddened as she brought her nose closer.

“Sunou-chan. Master’s semen is something that is granted to use slaves. It is important to receive it without letting any go to waste. Look, like this, overlap the tongue against the tip of his d*ck, and……”

Kokoro’s tongue danced on the tip of my penis, granting me a ticklish sensation.

While seeing that, Sunou swallowed her saliva. It’s likely that her imagination of her figure doing this overlapped with Kokoro’s.

slurp……’rike dish, whi’e makin’ soundz. slurrp……sho that Mashtah cyan pwoperly……kyah!”

My penis once again returned to its original erect state from Kokoro’s nasal breath.

Kokoro became surprised as her cheek was slapped by the suddenly aoused penis.

“……fufuh, Master’s dick……it is a very energetic and naughty child.”

As though she were looking at a beloved child, Kokoro gently smiled while staring at my penis. Semen that she still had yet to finish licking up dripped from her mouth.

As my penis was poked with her index finger, I ended up becoming strangely sensitive.

“I am honoured to have your d*ck become erect because of me, but……this time, I would like to yield this to Sunou-chan.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I feel bad for monopolising it all this time, after all.”

Perhaps showing concern for Sunou, Kokoro held back on performing any more intercourse.

As for me, I wouldn’t have minded if we did it even twice or three times, if Kokoro wants to do that then it’s fine.

“I-I will……please……MASTER……”

“Please do your best. I will firmly assist you, after all.”

Kokoro went around behind Sunou and pushed her back.

Sunou was probably seized with fear at the fact that she was stepping into the final domain that she, herself, had accepted. She did not readily approach.

However, unlike usual, she sent a curious gaze which was something quite new.

Well, it’ll just be a matter of time before she says that she’ll do it on her own.

Behind Sunou was Kokoro, who still had semen on her. Making contact with Sunou’s skin, my semen was transmitted to her nape.

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Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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