Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 87

Touhou Sunou Future Rape-Arc


I think that it is best to do what one likes. If you don’t like it, then you should refuse to do it, whatever it may be.

However, I dislike being the only one to taste defeat even more.

That’s why the reason behind me spending all of today playing games with Sunou was because my pride was annoying me.


While Sunou was lying down and rolling around in my house, she gazed at the board game whose outcome had already been decided.

This girl jokingly let me, who had no plans for my holiday, play a game. It was really unbearable.

“So it seems.”

“This is the guidance of my evil influence~……”

However, ever since she came early in the morning, we have continued to play various games all day up until now.

Perhaps because Sunou had also become tired, as expected, she no longer had the spirit that could be seen from her in the morning. It was really regrettable how she sluggishly crushed me as though she were the sky up above.



Incidentally, I couldn’t move poorly.

Whenever I got bored and tried to activate the hypnosis, Sunou proposed the next game with poor timing. Being obstructed by pride or something else, I was forcibly placed into a situation where my escape wasn’t forgiven.

I began to vaguely sense it. It was likely that this was Sunou’s ability known as Laplace that was able to adjust the random numbers of life. To her, stalling for time right now by continuing to play games probably related to some sort of important cirucmstance.

That’s why, my chances of escaping by opposing her were low.



If I hurry Sunou, then she would once again start another game as a diversion. I learned this after it happened several times.

That’s why, for the time being, I waited. I waited, and got tired.

Lying on the floor, I gazed at Kokoro in the kitchen. She seems to know something as she wore a troubled face without helping me.


At last, Sunou began to fiddle with the finished game’s pieces without proposing to play a new one.

If you’re gonna talk then don’t go doing such round about things and just propose to have a talk. She should know just from my reactions that I won’t be swept by the atmosphere.

At this point, it’s completely possible for me to just ignore everything and go to sleep like this.


After thinking that far, Sunou finally spilled the beans.

I responded by directing only my line of sight towards Sunou.

“Demon, you’re a demon, right?”

“Hm, yeah.”

The expression of Sunou, who was lying on her side, was somehow sorrowful, and was more calm than usual. The gothic dress that she wore felt as though it had more fighting spirit in it than usual.

The appearance and body of Sunou, who always felt as though she were nagging, really possessed something that attracts people. It was precisely because of this that I would think isn’t this girl the one who’s actually the demon?

Anyways, there should be no other opportunities to say it. So just say it.

“I have already been together with Demon for more than half a year, right?”


“That means that Kokoro-nee-san has already been Demon’s slave for more than half a year, right?”

Sunou spun the game piece with restless fingertips.

Before long, that hand slowly separated, the piece fell, and Sunou rose up.

“Say, Demon. Do you not have any intention of taking this body as your eternal familiar?”


Hm, what is the meaning of this?

It was such a sudden thing. Sunou said that she wanted to become my slave.

Raising my body from the floor, I properly looked at Sunou for a little bit.


“Even if you do that, I won’t release Kokoro.”

“I know.”

I met eyes with Kokoro once.

Kokoro directed her usual smile towards me.

“I was also consulted in advance.”

“What do you think about it?”

“That is for Master to decide. I do not have any means of making the decision.”

“For the record, I was granted permission by Kokoro-san. I will be the second one and be in second place.”

“No, wait.”

My half-asleep consciousness woke up.

I rearranged my thoughts at once, allowing all of the problematic points to bubble up to the surface.

“Why do you want to be my slave?”

“Because I want to follow you, who are a Demon. I might not be able to become your lover. That’s why I want to stay together with you as a slave.”

“Just what about me……no, even before that.”

“It’s because I know that Demon isn’t simply just teasing me and enjoying yourself. Wanting to follow you is something that I decided on my own. It’s not like I’m running away from reality.”

Before I noticed it, Sunou had arranged her posture and continued to assert herself as though saying she wanted herself to be seen.

“If the Demon hates my tastes or clothes, then I’ll strive to change them. I don’t believe that the Demon will do something like that, though.”

I was puzzled by the proposal that was basically like treasure had fallen into my lap.

I kind of don’t really know what to say.

Sunou’s jewel-like eyes that were full of earnest eliminated the possibility that this was a joke.

“I will not deny someone’s personality. No matter what I claim from you, you yourself are free.”


“But of course, I will not permit something such as denying what I want to do.”

It’s not about running away.

Even so, I could not wipe away the possibility that this girl was escaping from her current situation.

If I accept it and she lives to become dependent on me, then I didn’t think that would be permissable.

Certainly, the current Sunou isn’t a shut in, had friends, and had now become able to hold a conversation with people to a considerable extent.

However, without just one more push, she won’t have my trust.

And above all, I don’t like being the passive one.

Slaves should be something that I choose.

“If you accept this covenant, then I will never betray you no matter what happens.”

“I can’t trust that. If I tell you to die after we form the contract, will you?”

“I believe that the Demon won’t speak of such a diversion. However, if that happens, then I will accept it. Because that would simply mean I didn’t look at you properly.”

Almost as if accepting me, Sunou’s eyes were glued this way with a transparent hue that seemed like it would suck you in.

In the face of such eyes, before all else, I had become vigilant.

“[The Rule is Easy].”

That’s why I escaped using the keywords.

If this was a game, then this would be my loss.


“Yes. I am resolved to be scolded as much as you please!”

“Are you the one who put that in her head?”

“No, it was something that Sunou-chan said herself.”

While combing her bangs, I watched Sunou who had fallen into a hypnotic state.

Sunou’s shoulders swayed from side to side with a flutter as her gaze wandered.

I thought once about what to do, and-

“……well, I guess I should enjoy this too, huh?”

I came up with a proposal.

If she says that she wants to become a slave, then she shouldn’t mind if I used her for a play suitable for such.

“I also love that part of Master.”

“This girl said that she would never betray me, right? In that case, shall we test under what sort of circumstances will that hold true?”

Now then, let’s try and simulate a situation where she may betray me inside of her head.

“Sunou, please try and imagine your ideal adult, the greatest adult there is.”

“……that is, mother.”

“Now then, you have become my slave and 10 years later you found employment and are working in the same place as your mother. Come, let us travel 10 years into the future.”


Sunou shut her eyes and experienced an imaginary virtual decade as my slave.

Although it’s bothersome, I included appropriately detailed episodes just in case as I established the setting inside of her. I can get rid of the inconsistencies later.

“You feel that this job is worth living for, almost as important as your mother. What do you think of this job?”

“It is, very very important……it is worthwhile……it is wonderful……”

Right now, Sunou was busily taking up a new important position in her mother’s workplace and felt pride in it.

After that, while taking our time like that, all that was left was to release her consciousness.

“Now then, this is that workplace, and you are currently at the most busiest time. Struggling at every second of every moment is very fulfilling, isn’t it?”

“Yes……it is, very fulfilling.”

“Then, you will wake up. 10……”

When Sunou woke up, her body jerked for an instant, and in the next moment she tapped on the keyboard that was in her imagination and gave instructions to her invisible subordinates.

“Sunou, good morning.”

There, as though not having any relation to that place, I, who had become Sunou’s owner, trespassed onto the area.

“Mas……! Why the office, um, please come with me for a second!”

After crying out without hiding her shock at that reality, Sunou restlessly looked at the surroundings. Perhaps she was concerned about the people in the surroundings?

And then, she took my hand and walked me somewhere.

What, as expected I would be in the way in such a place, huh?

While thinking that, after Sunou moved to close a door somewhere after walking 2 or 3 steps-



Sunou jumped into my chest. Even though she should recognise herself as an adult, she made a frolicking action like a child.

“What’s wrong!? If you were to give this Sunou a call, then I would come greet you as soon as you visited!”

“Ah, no, I just wanted to surprise you a bit, see.”

“MASTER is always mischeivous, and a wonderful personage who is able to think up such elaborate plans for the likes of me!”

Sunou sent a coquettish gaze towards me, having loosened so much that I had never seen it before.

I felt incredibly complicated.

“Where is this?”

“Yes! This is the place I have furnished so that we do not have to be on guard when MASTER comes, and a place where I can prepare to perform a ceremony with the highest priority should you wish it.”

“What about your job?”

“Please do not worry. After all, to me, MASTER is my everything.”

When this girl who was that rebellious became this obedient, that in itself became a weird feeling.

Kokoro also became surprised with rounded eyes, but wordlessly returned to the kitchen so as not to disturb us.

Suddenly, the zip sound of my fly being undone could be heard.


“Ah, my apologies! I thought that I had discerned the reason for MASTER’s visit, but……”

“……I see. Well, that’s true, but-“

“Yes, is Kokoro-nee-san busy? Or did you find yourself free from being at home all the time?”

Sunou kneeled and removed my trousers.

Home all the time, is it? It would seem that this girl thinks my future is one of unemployment, huh?

My cheek twitched slightly. Things have already become troublesome. As a result, one could conclude that her current stage was that of obedience.

“Open your mouth.”

“As your will, I shall open my mouth no-mgh!!”

While grasping Sunou’s adorably set hair, I used her like a sex-sleeve as she was.

Normally, she would try to spit it out or push back against me, but today was different.

Her small mouth which wasn’t able to hold it all should have pushed back, but was now accepting my penis without caring about whether I hit the side of her throat.


While her eyes became filled with tears, Sunou’s consciousness seemed as though it would fly away when her neck was pierced from her throat.

Even so, she desperately clung to my lower body and ensured that my penis wouldn’t spill out of her mouth. As proof of her hard work, drool overflowed from the corners of her mouth.

Unlike the defiance she showed up until now, she acted to accept my violence.

Of course, if I did that with Sunou’s small body, then she might end up being broken by this violence.

“Hahah, this is pretty good.”

“Foah’ h’you to ‘fe en’oying h’yourshelf, ish’ an honou-!!”

How do I say this, I feel a sense of accomplishment. She possessed a different disposition than up until now, and I was thankful that she was trying to please me.

The warm sensation of her throat rubbed against the tip of my penis whenever I pierced the back of her throat, and the frenulum forcibly rubbed against Sunou’s tongue due to my pistons.

“Oggh! AaAAAAAH!!”

Even when Sunou raised a scream, she wasn’t able to cling onto me as though leaning onto me. She desperately continued the service as though not to disappoint me.

As it wasn’t my intention to go overboard and really break her, my penis didn’t endure it.

Like that, I ejaculated directly down her throat without passing over the tongue.

“Gobogh! Gogh, aggh!”

While shedding tears, Sunou lifted her chin so that the semen wouldn’t flow backwards, accepting the sperm.

I continued to ejaculate without care, shaking my penis inside of Sunou’s mouth while allowing her to swallow it all up.


Sunou even forgot to blink as she stiffened while her mouth was still stuffed with my penis. Even though she wasn’t able to breath, she firmly intended on drinking my semen.

“This is pretty nice.”

It was quite the heroic act with her undivided attention, to the extent where one would suspect whether or not she had actually fainted.

It was an entertainment different again from Kokoro. With her, she was so capable that it felt like there was never a moment that she was forcing herself.

That figure that was able to become desperate precisely because such a thing was lacking granted me another good stimulus.

“Hey, don’t overdo it. You alright?”

“Ai’m……fai, ne……”

As my mood had gotten better, I took care of her, even though things had already come to pass.

“I’m satisfied, so you can go back to work. You’re busy, right?”

“Nkh……yezh……thank you, very much……again, at any time-“

“Hey, hey.”

I tried to return Sunou to work in that manner.

Sunou accepted that and, after standing up while holding her mouth, tried to return back to work.

[The Rule is Easy.]

It was there that I stated the keywords at once and had her fall into a hypnotic trance.

The instant Sunou lost consciousness, her body looked as though it would collapse.

Supporting that, I acted to not allow it to fall for the time being.

After a while, the semen that couldn’t be held came gushing out of Suou’s mouth. Coughing violently even whilst in an unconsciouss state, a turbid liquid spilled over her lips.

“Hahah, it’s good that you passed the first hurdle.”

Seeing that, I once again laughed in good humour.

This had become quite the enjoyable suggestions, hasn’t it?

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Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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