Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 86

Seibu Rein Reverse Rape-Arc

Perhaps the time when I felt the most impatient during the last few years were these passing few seconds.

Right now I had settled down a bit, but I felt pitiful at myself who wasn’t able to stay calm and collected as per usual.

I was presently eating Rein’s wrestling technique that was known as a pinion in the school hallway. It wasn’t painful, but it wouldn’t be strange for one to be put in such a position at any time.

“Stay still.”

Due to the suggestion, Rein could not attack me. That’s why this shouldn’t have the intent of obstructing me.

On the off chance that the hypnosis was lifted, then it would be strange if some sort of information hadn’t been relayed to me in advance.

Therefore, the hypnosis was working. There was no danger.

If that wasn’t the case, then I’ll just think about then.

Ok. After taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth.

“Rein, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Why don’t you ask your heart?”

“My heart can tell that your chest is touching me. First, let’s talk-boeh!”

“For the time being, walk.”

Rein helplessly pressed her chest against me due to our posture as she guided me forwards.

It seems that, for this one time, there was no one around. No, well, there would be nothing more pathetic than being encountered in this appearance, though.

“Thankfully it’s after school.”

It felt as though Rein also had acted with almost no prior planning. She was relieved that no one was passing by.

The club rooms in the literary department that was separated from the classrooms was the most crowded zone after school. I ended up being taken to such a place from nearby the Counselling room.

Ah, Kokoro is looking this way. Don’t come out, don’t come out, just wait and see.

She nodded back.


Rein directed as such, so I turned to the right.

I had anticipated it to some extent. I was brought alone to that vacant room inside of the school that belonged to Rein.

This wasn’t a crime committed by an outsider, but an impulsive action that Rein had made.

After being pushed into the room, Rein, who came in afterwards, locked the door.

While stumbling forwards and turning back, I loosened my restrained body.

“What, if you wanted me to come to this room, then you should’ve just said so. I’m kinda free, after all.”

“I see.”

Rein leaned against the door, almost as though she were trying to make sure that I wouldn’t run away.

As I also didn’t have any intention of escaping, I shrugged my shoulders without showing any particular resistance as I approached Rein.

“Oi, oi, what’s wrong all of a sudden? Did something happen?”

“What ‘happened’ happened just earlier.”

“Aah, come to think of it, it did, didn’t it?”

She must be referring to my confession the other day.

I hadn’t touched her after that, but it seems that she hadn’t forgotten it.

In saying so, the experiment was a failure, so was there anything thing else to that? Although I was planning on aiming for another opportunity to try the experiment again, though.

“There was.”

“What’s wrong, I don’t really mind it, you know. If you want to talk, then–owah! Nn!”

As though aiming for a chance, she moved swiftly.

Rein suddenly cut the distance between us and robbed my lips.

It was also something like this when Mai did it, but that couldn’t compare to this. If last time was a kiss where it seemed as though she were entrusting herself to me, then this girl’s was the complete opposite.

“Hoi, Rei……”


Rein inserted her tongue into my mouth. Lifting my jaw, she firmly held the back of my head.

Rein’s tongue ran wilde inside of my mouth. She licked the back of my teeth, causing me to break out into goose bumps due to the ticklishness.

I reflexively tried to repel her with my tongue, but Rein’s tongue entwined with mine like a snake as she sent saliva my way.

“Buh, oh!!”


When Rein glared this way with moist eyes, the bountiful amount of drool was sent to me.

I slightly blew out some, but even so I couldn’t hold it back as I swallowed it all. The uniquely feminine smell passed through my throat, numbing my body.

And then, the instant that I thought I lost all strength, my body was lifted up and rolled on top of the large sofa.

I was being pushed down by Rein.

“What are you planning?”

“I’m not really feeling like that right now.”

Rein declared as though giving me a warning while hanging over me.

Not feeling like that. In other words, she isn’t in heat.

No matter how you look at it, she was in heat.

“That’s wrong.”

Rein asserted silently as though she were seeing through my thoughts.

She implicitly didn’t want to admit it.

Certainly, if she was in heat and went out of control, then this sort of silence wouldn’t occur.

Was she really not in heat?

“That’s why, what we’re going to do from here on will be sex.”

“What, then I-“

“That’s wrong.”

Rein firmly declared, placing her hand against my neck.

“You have Mai. I can’t go out with you because of that. Even if you’re ok with it, I won’t allow it.”

“I also heard that last time.”

“That’s why, I am not in love with you.”

What’s with her, attentively going on about things I already know after all this.

I know that this girl hates me. That was thoroughly etched into me last time.

Rein arranged her words as though to press me, but what meaning is there in that?

“That’s why, this is me using you because I want to use you.”


“I hate you, yes, hate. But I’m fine with having sex with you. You see, I think that it would be fine to have your child.”


“But, since this isn’t one between lovers, you don’t have to worry about it. All you’re doing is having sex because you want to.”

After that, Rein shut her mouth and took off my uniform.

With both of my hands spread open, I couldn’t do anything else but wait for the buttons of my shirt to be removed.

What, this is no different from the usual, huh?

We have sexual intercourse because we want to. Even if you declared such a thing, what would become of it? What does she mean when she says I don’t have to worry even if she gives birth to a child?

My coat was stripped off and my lower body was also exposed. The positions from yesterday were swapped. I was the one being raped.

“I’m just having sex selfishly, so you haven’t done anything wrong at all. Mai also has nothing to do with it. Got it?”

“What meaning is there in that-?”

“Got it?”

Rein glared at me with a glint in her eyes that resembled that of a wolf itself. There was an unspeakbale force contained within them.

In the face of that terrifying and fascinating Rein, I chose to obey.

“Got it.”

“Is that so? Then good.”

Rein placed her crotch atop my belly. She placed her weight upon it so that I couldn’t run away.

After that, she took of her own uniform.

Her body that was looking down on me from above was very supple and beautiful as always.

Thinking about the limbs of the person who would fuck me from here on, then this was quite the considerable perk.

“Don’t move.”


I was tempted by an evil spirit and tried to reach my hand out to her chest, but that wrist was stuck in place as it was grasped by Rein.

Rein removed her clothes while still on top of me with dexterous movements, even taking off her panties as she became completely naked.

As usual, curves, as though calculated, were drawn upon her body. Without showing the slightest shiver in the face of the chilly climate after school, Rein’s body was stroked by the light that peered through the gaps in the curtains.


While giving off a slightly feverish voice, Rein closed the fingers of her right hand in turn as she grasped my penis.

Her eyes that looked as though waiting patiently, akin to those of a beast right before eating their prey, bestowed an overwhelming sense of intimidation.

This sort of thing has also happened once before.

It was when I hypnotised Rein for the first time, where I took away her reason and forcefully had her abandon her virginity.

However, this time was different. With rational feelings, she dared to come and fuck me.

It was unclear how the changes in her body caused by the hypnosis had influenced her mentality.

“I’m going to put it in……”

However, this time’s change was based from Rein’s self, induced by the hypnosis. It was likely the first opportunity where something other than hypnosis was involved.

Due to Rein’s body movements, which she had gotten used to, her vagina was placed against the tip of my penis that it had become accustomed to, causing her vagina to spread.

I simply stayed silent and decided to get fucked.


Rein lifted her chin, breathing deeply several times while submerging my penis into the insides of her vagina.

My penis was greeted by the countless folds in Rein’s vagina, receiving a sensation akin to that of minute hands that couldn’t be grasped rubbing my pole.

And then, she slowly lowered her waist and Rein’s vagina was filled with my inserted penis. I could tell that the parts that couldn’t fit were pressing and squeezing against the entrance of her womb.

“Haah……aah……h, it’s in.”

“Yeah, it’s in.”

“I’m going to move as I please, so you, just stay there like that.”

Rein slowly raised her knees and once again returned to normal.

Each time a screamed leaked out through her gritted teeth, but her vagina was favourably wet.

It’s likely that she was horny. She probably also had feelings of guilt. Both of those had become the same.

However, what was inside of Rein right now was not her misdeeds towards her dead little sister. Something that I didn’t know—a new guilt had driven her into action.

“Haah……ah, ah, haaah……! Nngh, haah……”

Rein’s waist moved up and down without stopping. Perhaps as though trying to make changes, she twisted her hips side to side and also showed off her swaying figure.

As though connected with those movements, my penis received stimulus in all four directions. The interior of her vagina stroked my tip, Rein’s movements causing my penis to tremble many a times from being stroked by the back of her stomach.

“NNgh! Aah, faahh……”

Rein’s body had already turned into one that sought out semen, even when it wasn’t in heat. What had surpassed the hypnosis and sank into her own body was connected with her awareness towards me.

The moist interior of her vagina secreted love juice as though to further distract from her thirstiness.

Even so, she firmly tried to squeeze out the thing she wanted most from my penis.


“Hurry……aaah, let it out! I will, give birth to your child, after all!”

Lovingly stroking Rein’s enraptured cheeks, I felt blood gathering into my groin.

When I realised it, my body was enveloped in a feeling of ejaculation, as though the entirety of my lower half was being squeezed out, and I poured semen into the insides of Rein’s vagina.


Rein bit her lips and suppressed her own voice. Apparently she had reached her climax.


Running out of breath like that, she collapsed as though gradually overlapping her body with mine.

When I tried to wrap my hands around that Rein’s back-

“It’s fine, go home. Because it’s all over.”

Rein rejected those hands. Pushed by hands without strength, she, who had collapsed on top of my belly, moved powerlessly in order to try and move me aside.

Although I worried about what I should do, in the end I withdrew from the sofa as per Rein’s wishes.


Rein silently regained her breath while still remaining face-down.

There was no sign of her calling out to me.

It was almost as though we had become merely strangers the instant that sex ended.

For the time being, the semen that fell from inside of her vagina made our intercouse all too clear, though.

I fixed up the buttons of my own uniform, all the while trying to grasp the intentions of Rein who had not spoken all this time.

“Later, then.”


Without especially continuing, I left the room.

Outside of the room, Kokoro waited eagerly outside with a beautiful posture, perhaps out of worry.


“Yeah, it was fine. It was quite the unusual act, huh. I don’t know what the cause was, though.”

“Is that so……”

Kokoro stayed still, doing nothing while gazing at the closed door of the classroom that Rein was in.

I continued to wait for that situation without any particularly strong feelings.

After waiting, Kokoro finally moved.

“Master, the contraceptives……”

“Mm, aah. Today’s fine.”


“That girl said she wanted to give birth. If she gets pregnant, then that’s fine.”

The clean up can be done at school anyways, and she still won’t graduate for at least a year.

“Is that so……?”

Kokoro spoke the same words as earlier with a different nuance.

And then, after staring a while at the front of the door just once more, we departed.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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