Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 85

Seibu Rein Confession Rape-Arc

Author Note: The content’s a little not hypnosis-like.

The Counselling Room was fundamentally comfortable.

It had a certain amount of heating even in winter, and one wouldn’t be troubled even when thinking about the daily necessities to live which Kokoro made sure were always available, so I could be as relaxed as I was when at home.

Upon thinking that, I once considered that staying here would be fine.

Suddenly, a knock resounded in this room. I already knew who was coming in.

“Huh, is there no one else but you?”

“Yeah, today it’s just me.”

Rein surveyed the room without even trying to hide her dubious expression.

Even though the one who called her was no one other than me, what an unspeakably skeptical fellow.

Well, it’s only natural when considering my treatment of her up until now.

“How about you sit down? I’ll prepare something for you.”

“It’s fine. Is it fine for you to do as you please even though this is Kokoro-san’s classroom?”

“Yeah, of course it is.”

Come to think of it, Rein also sometimes comes in for counselling, didn’t she?

That unidentified heat may be regarded as a pyschological matter. Well, she probably just doesn’t want to continue that sort of relationship with me.

In that sense, it’s good news that I called Rein here today.

“Rein, I have something I need to say to you today.”


Rein uninterestedly leaned against the wall, crossed her legs, and looked out the window. Although she adopted this sort of attitude, there’s no way that she would be able to mishear it.

After taking a deep breath, I stated it simply in an easy-to-understand manner.

“Rein, I am in love you.”


I understood that the thing that I was lacking lately was love.

I was convinced of my inexperience from Mai’s event during Christmas. Perhaps the many events that happened which I couldn’t predict during that time was becuase of my lack of knowledge.

The result of racking my brains over that was this confession to Rein.


After stiffening for a while, Rein shouted as though jumping into the air.

“What are you saying?”

“I said that I love you, though?”

“No, wait, that’s impossible. In the first place, you and Mai……”

It really was as I predicted.

Rein doesn’t like me. What, it’s only natural upon thinking about everything that’s happened up until now.

That’s exactly why I chose her.

Standing up, I approached Rein, who was still in a fluster.

“I love you.”

I forcibly hugged her.


Rein’s entire body trembled as though all of her hairs were standing on end. It’s likely that she hates this.

It was unexpected how I wasn’t pushed away, though.

“Wait, you’re acting weird!”

“How so?”

“How so, you say……”

It was all too sudden that she probably wasn’t able to grasp the sense of incongruity.

However, without caring for such a thing, I forcibly moved.

Releasing my body from her once, I locked eyes with her. In the face of that action, Rein exhaled at once.

Aiming for that moment, I locked lips with Rein.

“Nmmh!! Mmmmmm!!”

I forcibly inserted my tongue inside. With a smack, saliva entwined at both of our mouths, producing a sticky sound.

With this, it should have risen by about a 1, huh?

This time’s hypnosis was constructed in stages.

Originally I had the policy of only implanting a horny suggestion inside of Rein as the primary suggestion, but this time I had weakened it more than usual.

Or rather, the horny suggestion would change depending on how favourable she views me.

smack……kkmm, shtop!!”

Like that, I firmly held Rein close so that she wouldn’t separate from me.

Rein’s chest touched me due to the fact that we were in close contact, being crushed by my chest while granting me a soft sensation.

If I were to place a numerical value on the love and disinterest someone has in a person, then love would be 10 and disinterest would be 0.

As a result of careful investigation, I concluded that Rein’s favour towards me had a numerical value of 3. The objective this time was to raise this to 10 through sexual intercourse.

It had become an experiment to observe an opponent’s affection through sexual intercourse, which also included a profitable experience.

Skinship apparently makes it easy to tell when favour rises. The aim is to turn her on until she gives in.

Although I don’t know love very well, if I do that much, then she will probably come to like me.

To that end, I performed a rape-like act, forcibly pressing Rei with a kiss.

“Tongue……stop……ah’ll bite it off……”

“I won’t stop.”

Rein’s eyes were rebellious. As expected, she hates me.

In Kokoro’s view I would have gotten a nine, but since that woman’s too partial towards me, I couldn’t get any accurate numbers.

Every time she responded with a twitch, the flesh of her chests that were touching me rubbed against my body with a squishy sensation.

“Haah, ahm……mmryu……”

Tongue and tongue roughly rubbed against each other, rampaging wildly inside of our mouths. When I poked the back of Rein’s cheek, Rein’s tongue caught it as though to stop it.

Rein’s salive that flowed into my mouth was sweet, making me numb every time it passed down my throat.

Every time Rein’s body lost strength, I held her tightly, further crushing her soft breasts.

“Mm……feah!! h!!”


I was taken off guard. She bit my tongue as predicted. As expected of Rein, she has quite some nerve.

I ended up seperating my lips, but it wasn’t so bad that I sustained a wound. So it was just to the extent of a play bite, huh?

“Haah……haah……you, are you messing around?”

“I am not messing around. We always do this.”

“What you were trying to do right now is different, right? I’m not like that right now!”

Rein breathed hard, perhaps unable to suppress her wild tongue as it poked out from her parted lips. The saliva that flowed from her mouth was vulgar, but it could also be seen as material used to excite me.

If it’s the same as Kokoro’s number, then an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to stand her horny favour. From the look of things, she’s still doing her best to hang on, isn’t she?

“That’s why……let me……go.”

‘Let me go’-was quite unlike Rein. Usually she would just go home as she pleased.

Perhaps she was mistaking the slight horniness with the usual matter?

Either way, being put in a good mood in the face of this meek expression, I once again ended up hugging her.

“Hyah……let g……”

“Why don’t we go to the bed like this?”


Heading towards the simple bed that was provided in this room whilst still hugging Rein, I collapsed onto the bed as though pushing her down.


“Hikyah……l-let go……!”

“Unlike normal, aren’t you pretty adorable today?”

This was my true feelings. The usually strong-willed Rein was awfully timid today.

I wonder what does it mean? If she doesn’t have a good impression of me, then she’s probably just bewildered.

Although not sure of what she thought towards my light-hearted line, Rein averted her gaze and became sullen.

“Where……are you touching?”

“Aah, Rein’s chest is unexpectedly big, isn’t it?”

“Wha……don’t touch!”

“Even though I normally touch it?”

“Today you can’t! That’s why-hyah!”

My hands grasped the two large mountains that had collapsed on their back. While confirming the softness that could be felt over the uniform, I created wrinkled in her shirt.

Now then, it’s likely that the present Rein still hates me. I need to observe the process of her coming to love me by continuing to have sexual intercourse with her from here on or else there’s no point to this. I want to have a solid sense of it happening to a certain extent but, well, it can’t be helped.

“I’m gonna remove it.”

“Wha-, don’t get carried away……wait-“

Rein resisted with her mouth, but it seems that she couldn’t move her body, perhaps because she was scared.

Taking that as a good thing, I removed the buttons of Rein’s shirt, laying it bare together with her jacket. Pulling the blue bra, I removed the hook.

“So you’re wearing pretty cute underwear, huh?”

“Shut up! It’s not like I can’t-“

“Rein is so adorable.”

I guess this should be ok? Although it is a common phrase, apparently it’s good to say it.

Rein simply became disgruntled as she turned the other way. Her red cheeks were likely due to being embarrassed. As expected, her favourability isn’t going up, is it?

Just like that, without moving my mouth, I reached out my hand.

“ah……that’s why, you can’t touch……!!”

Rein’s two well-shaped bulges had their shapes greatly deformed due to my hands.

When pressing it with my fingers, they would get burried in her breasts just from that. It was just one place, the nipples only, that would simply shake to the sides even when stroked by the pad of my index fingers.

“Kyah……kuugh!! Hyah……”

“Like this……will this work?”

“What will-hyaah! You’re pulling……n-nipplzz, dohn’t puhlay with dem!!”

While pulling both of Rein’s nipples, I brought them to the centre. The two nipples met, as I played and rubbed them together.

Rein responded to it more than I thought, glaring this way as she arched backwards and trembled.

Although she’s in heat, it’s likely that her favourability hasn’t increased, huh?

“Please, just stop already……I won’t forgive-hahyaah!! If you suck it, theeeen……!!”

Rein continued her rebellion while letting out a pathetic voice that wouldn’t be seen normally.

I continued to rub Rein’s nipples as though kneading a stiff and hard piece of gum. The more I teased them, the harder they became.

Sinking my teeth into those nipples that were still erect, I scraped my teeth against them as though rubbing them. And then, to finish, I sucked it while ensuring that a loud sound was made.

“MM, nyuhyaaaAAAaaaahh…………”

“Oh, was that good?”

“If you continue like this……then I won’t forgiffe…….”

As expected, she still hates me, huh?

Even as her entire body became enervated, Rein’s rebellious attitude didn’t break.

Suddenly, a sweet scent mixed with her sweat drifted.

“What, you’re unexpectedly also getting into it, aren’t you?”

“This is, just……the usual……”

“Then you won’t mind if we do it like usual, right?”

“I-Isn’t it obvious that it’s a no……aaah……”

Advancing my body towards Rein’s lower half, I brought my face in front of her uniform’s skirt.

Although unwilling, Rein did not run away. Apparently the horny suggestion was working as a placebo rather than as hypnosis.

“Why not?”

“That’s because doing it now has a different meaning-“

“Different meaning?”

“I mean, you and Mai are……”

How is Mai related to this? Perhaps she’s feeling guilty about something?

Rein only implied such as she didn’t put it into words. No, doing so with this nuance means that she didn’t want to do it.

With tears in her eyes, she sometimes showed a desperate expression.

That expression conversely fulfilled my safistic heart as I hiked up her skirt.

“Wait! If you do any more, then I won’t forgive you……!”

“Well, but you see, I love you.”

“That’s……but!! -h, mmmgh!!”

Waiting for the gap created by Rein’s hesitation, I pressed the pad of my finger into the underwear that was inside of her skirt.

Just from pressing the already wet underwear, Rein’s pubic mound clearly swelled, her erect clitoris asserting itself over the fabric.

Rein strongly bit her own lip, putting up a futile resistance as she tried to suppress her convulsing body.

“What, we haven’t started yet, right?”

In the meantime, I removed my pants and placed my erect penis on top of her vagina.

Our hot genitals touched each other over the single piece of fabric that was her panties. Both were concentrated with blood flow, pulsating like a heart.

“But, right now……-“

“As I thought, it seems that you don’t love me, huh?”

Despite being surrounded by the smell of woman, my penis asserted its manliness as it emitted a masculine scent.

Perhaps having recalled her usual horniness, Rein swallowed, not separating her eyes from my penis despite being reluctant.

That being said, as she rejected me, it would seem that her favourability towards me hasn’t changed much.


“What, as long as I do my best from here on with regards to that, then its fine.”


Moving my penis back and forth, I allowed Rein’s underwear to become intimiate with the male genitalia.

Rein panted from this alone, raising her hips as though she was inserted inside of.

“Is it ok to put it in?”

“N-no……don’t……come in……”

To refuse despite this means that my favourability really hasn’t gone up, huh?

She had lost her bearings since it was different to the usual heat, huh? It seems that Rein was aware that this was something special, though that’s what it was.

For the time being, I moved the wet underwear with my index finger and applied the tip of my penis against it. The already impatient juices leaked from the penis, becoming accustomed to each of the genitals.

“That’s why, stop it already……gguh!!”

The tip of the penis was inserted as per normal. The insides of Rein’s vagina was gentle, unlike the usual where it would move to squeeze me dry, making it more interesting. So it can change like this just from emotions, huh?

“Inside……it’s big……”

“I’m going deep inside, so stay still. Look, you can clearly tell that I’ve hit a dead end.”

I ventured to explain it aloud. The tip of my penis gently tapped against the entrance of her womb.

Each time it did, Rein would shrink back like a child who was about to be beaten by their parents. She seems to be blaming herself for having step foot into this domain.

Such an expression was so funny that I involuntarily ended up laughing.

“C’mon, one more.”

“Higugh! Nooh……!”

After firmly pulling back my waist, I strongly pushed it back into the deepest place again so as to properly show her the facts.

Each time, the interior of her vagina would pulsate and start to accept the penis.

“Haha, like Rein, your p*ssy is also becoming quite meek, isn’t it?”

“Don’t say iiit!! Ai’m noht gonna forgiffe youu!! Stupid, stupid!”

Somehow or another, doesn’t this mean she’s in heat? In other words, my favourability may have increased to a certain extent.

It’s just that she isn’t being honest, though that is but a trifling matter.

I need to tease her a little more, huh?

While smiling, I placed my finger against the area just above Rein’s vagina.

“Did you know? The back of Rein’s stomach here is very sensitive. Haha, look, it’s twitching.”

“Higiggh, iiigh, I dohn’t knowww!! Ai dooohn’t knooooooww!!”

Rein’s tone is already completely worn out, huh? Even so, rather she must hate me a great deal to not yield despite this.

I have to firmly instill it and have her gain favour towards me.

“Well then, it’s still a long way to go, but I’m gonna put out the first one, ok? I’m raising the pace.”

“Hah, fuuuh!! aaAAAH! Hurry, take it out…….iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggh aaaAAAAAAAAAHH!!”

“What’s wrong? I won’t get it unless you say the whole thing properly.”

While clenching my teeth, I cheerfully fired off my first ejaculation.

While receiving the sensation of my waist being pushed from the back, my penis poured the accumulated pulsations into Rein’s vagina.

Rein moved her body in accordance to the penis’s convulsions, raising a cry.

Her reaction was almost like a small tank that had a bucket full of water tipped upside down into it. Even though the amount of semen coming out wouldn’t reach to that extent.



“I still have to do my best, huh? I need you to properly come to love me.”

“Anymoah dan dish, inshide……dohn’t……shtop……it-“

“I have no idea what you’re saying.”

While feigning ignorance, I resumed my pistons.

This time, while scooping her out, I purposefully made a wet sound so that Rein could clearly grasp the semen that was inside of her.

While making a sticky schlick and squelch sound, I stirred the penis rod inside of her vagina.

“Hyaaaaaaah, it’s hot, nooooo!! Agghu!”

Because of her defiance, Rein’s pathetic voice came out much better than usual.

While scoffing at such a Rein, I continued to ravage her over and over again.

I don’t remember how many times I ejaculated, but I’ve put out so much that even I’ve become fatigued.

I’m pretty sure the sun had just started to sink when we started, but before I noticed it the morning sun was filtering into the classroom.

“Although we’re taking a break, I’m quite tired, huh?”


Rein’s whole body, that was even now still stick with semen, was exposed on top of the bed.

As she was pretty much in an unconscious state during the second half, it was funny how she would wake up every time my penis smacked against her womb.

“It stinks, huh?”


It would seem that Rein, while still naked with her face down, was getting turned on by the semen that remained inside of her.

When I touched her butt that was covered in semen, the sperm inside of her butt hole overflowed.

“With this, I’ll have to push her stomach later.”

I also didn’t think that I could exert myself up until this extent, but Rein was also considerably obstinate.

The result was a failure. It seems that I am considerably disliked by Rein.

She did not accept my confession even once. Even if her body firmly held onto me and did things to incite a creampie, she absolutely did not shake her head in a vertical direction.

“Love is a pretty hard thing, am I right? Well?”


I placed my hand against Rein’s back and pressed it lightly.

In doing so, like a can whose lid was not opened completely, semen spilled out while making a dirty sound.

Rein’s eyes opened from what happened just now, but her eyes had no focus.

Now then, how should I clean up now after having met failure?

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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