Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 82

Houjou Kokoro Right Tool for the Right Job-Arc

The school entered winter vacation. This time, where one was able to sleep in late, was blissful. As it was winter, even more so.

That’s why, even though I was woken up by Kokoro at a strange time, I didn’t get angry for the time being.



Kokoro entered the room and watched me for about a minute before whispering to me. If she thought I was sleeping, then she was greatly mistaken.

I asked about her business while furrowing my brow and rolling over.

“You have a guest.”

“A guest?”

“Master’s girlfriend has arrived.”


I languidly removed the blanket.

Kokoro opened the curtains, introducing light into the room.

“Yesterday, I made her my girlfriend.”

“Yes, I suspected so. Mai-san is the second.”


“The very first one who became Master’s girlfriend is me, after all.”

Kokoro was awfully immersed in a sense of superiority, huh? I guess she was concerned about her relation to me other than being a slave?

Walking while still in my pajamas, I headed towards the living room.

Upon surveying the surroundings, I confirmed the familiar rear silhouette sitting in the living room sofa.

Mai looked back this way.

“Wuv yooou!!!”

Mai jumped over the sofa with light movements as she dived at me.

Mai’s body made a direct hit against my stomach.


“Mmm, morn morn! It’s Book’s smell~”

Mai clung to my waist and happily rubbed her cheeks against me.

Apparently she still has no intention of breaking up. How many more days will this last?



“Me, girlfriend?”


“Mmm, Yaaaaaayyy!! Call me Mai?”

“That’s no different from normal, right?”

Mai was clingier than usual. She entertwined herself around my arms and legs while beaming.

Although I sent a distressed gaze towards Kokoro, she simply smiled towards me.

“But, you see, Kokoron wouldn’t let me wake you up. Even though I came at this time thinking that I would wake you up in the morning-“

“That is a slave’s duty, after all. I will not yield on this.”

“Rather than talking about such a pointless thing, don’t you have something more important to do that comes before that?”

Intending on going to for my morning bathroom break just like that, I suddenly stood up.

Come to think of it, I made that suggestion, huh?

“That’s right, since you’re my girlfriend, drink my urine for me.”

“Eh, yeah, sure. Not because I’m your girlfriend, but because I’m your treatment manager.”

This is just right for the fellow who disturbed someone early in the morning.

Taking off my pants and exposing my penis, I turned it towards Mai.

Mai fell to her knees and opened her mouth, taking a position where she could accept my penis.

She’s not doing this because she’s my girlfriend.

This is due to the suggestion of being my treatment toilet that was implanted in her a while back.

“Then I’ll stick it in, alright?”

“Ok……bgh! Mmgh!!”

“Haha, sorry it was so sudden. Hey, I’m letting it out.”

After plunging my penis into the mouth of Mai, who had let down her guard, I expelled my urine in a flash.

Mai was about to spurt it out in the face of the sudden stream of water, but she shut her eyes and endured it, swallowing her throat.

“Nkh, nkh, mmgh~~~~! slurrrp! Mm!”

I firmly held Mai’s head while swinging my hips up and down. I emptied out my morning urine, which was the largest amount of the day, into Mai’s mouth without leaving a single drop.

Playing the role of a urinal properly, Mai firmly slurped the remaining juice left on the tip of my penis with her tongue.

The feeling of being able to do this to her in the early hours of the morning is nice.

“Puhaah! Book, that’s too much! You’re way to unreserved!”

“Aah, my bad, my bad. I was holding it in, see.”


Thanks to Mai sucking on it, my penis had ended up considerably erect.

Perhap having noticed that, Mai became embarrassed as she averted her gaze.

While snickering, I tried to touch Mai’s breasts.

“Geez, Book……that’s no good.”

“No good?”

“I may be your girlfriend, but it’s still a little too early for that.”

However, Mai’s hand stopped my sexual harrassment.

After all, even if she was called a toilet, it just means that it’s still to early to have sex as lovers.

Although I’m like this, I think that she has quite the distorted perception.

“Well, it can’t be helped then. I’ll just use Kokoro.”

“Yup, got it. Kokoron’s a slave, so it’s all good, right?”

While doing that, I approached Kokoro and exchanged a kiss.


Kokoro immediately accepted it, our tongues entangling with each other while she made an expression that was immersed in joy.

“By the way, Book, do you have any plans today?”

“Mkh, Masshdaa……”

“Puhah, let’s see, I haven’t thought of anything in particular.”


While stroking Kokoro’s cheeks, my hand flowed downwards, plunging from her throat into Kokoro’s collar.

Wildly pulling at Kokoro’s clothes, my hand surfaced from over her pajamas.

Mai blankly watched Kokoro’s panting and trembling figure without any particular interest.

“Then won’t you have a date with me?”

“It’s the end of the year, so everywhere’s going to be crowded, you know.”

“Isn’t that fine~?”


Placing my hand against Kokoro’s side, I dipped it into her lower body as though slipping into it. Her soft, smooth skin was always warm no matter when I touched it.

Kokoro’s horny suggestion activated just from having her crotch touched by me. Both of her inner thighs trembled as she collapsed on the spot.


“Hm, what’s up, Kokoron?”

“Do you, love Master? Hyahn!”

Kokoro sank to the floor with her butt still turned upwards.

While winding up a large swing and slapping her butt, I dragged Kokoro’s panties down.

Her shapely butt shook from side to side, inviting me.

“Y-Yeah. I love him……”

Perhaps due to embarrasment, Mai replied in a small voice.

Even though she says things like ‘Luv you’ towards me, it would seem that she’s embarrassed when saying it in front of other people.

“How much, do you like-kya……hn!!”

“Even if you ask how much……right!?!”

Mai turned to me and smiled. Even if you say that…

I was busy right now. Holding my penis in my left hand, I placed it against Kokoro’s butt.

While my penis vigorously pushed against the flesh of her butt, it traced its outline towards the vagina.

“You see, although it still hasn’t even been a year since I met Book, I intend to have him in my thoughts for the rest of my life.”


“That’s why, we need enough memories in order to catch up to that life. From now on, we’re going to create a lot of good ones!”

Mai asked me while fidgeting with both fingers. So that overly familiar Mai can become weird like this, huh?

Well, with regards to that point, then Kokoro is also the same, though.

Kokoro is intense only when having intercourse with me, but normally she was the personification of a calm lady. That gap, in itself, was something that was so fun that it was worth it.

I firmly applied my penis against Kokoro’s vagina and inserted the head of my tip.

“The two of you, congratulations……mmmgh!!! aaAAH!!”

The instant that was noticed by Kokoro, she, for some reason, moved her hips as though to swallow my penis as I inserted into her vagina.

The back and forth motions of her hips that seemed almost as though urging me on was quite lovable.

“Thanks, Kokoron!”

“No……I am……Master’s–slave, after all, aaAAAAH!!”

As though to admonish such a lukewarm pistoning, I firmly pierced my penis deep inside.

Basically, this penis, if left as is, would stop at the entrance of the uterus without all of it entering. Having the penis completely swallowed, as though cramming the flesh inside even further from there, was my job.

I always pumped her as though striking skin against skin, but Kokoro’s body should have been spread out after this period of more than half a year. It’s likely that it had gradually begun to adopt my shape.

“Haahn, hyaaaah!! You’re knocking, my insides!! I’m being spread out!! Master’s d*ck is hitting, kyaaah!!”

“Kokoron’s a zealous slave, huh?”

“That’s right, I’m also really helped by that.”

Mai approached the face of Kokoro, who was lying flat on the floor, and casually pressed her finger against it with a poke.

Kokoro panted to the extent of not being aware of such a thing, her vagina being spread open by my penis.

“But I won’t give Book up to you, ok~”


Unconcerned with the beaming Mai, Kokoro climaxed.

During that time, I continued to pump her. While enjoying the sensation of her convulsing vagina, I spanked her butt, granting her further stimulation.

The act that, at first glance, was no different from violence and rape. Kokoro accepted all of it as pleasure as she climaxed countless times.

“Aah Aah, Aghaaaaaah……”

“Hey, properly show my girlfriend that pitiful slave face.”

Placing my finger inside of Kokoro’s mouth, I raised Kokoro’s fface that was covered with drool.

Kokoro’s figure of delightfully licking my finger was displayed to my girlfriend, Mai.

“Nn, smack……”

“Haha, Kokoron’s like a baby!”

“Mmgh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!”

Kokoro’s entire body trembled with a twitch, reflecting her arousal.

While my penis received the stimulus of the vagina that vibrated countless times, the vaginal folds undulated as though seeking semen. The slave’s body, that was tightening up, urged me on.

That’s why, without enduring the stimulus nor giving any prior notice, I ejaculated.

Just from having the interior of her vagina bathed in semen, Kokoro, who wasn’t able to prepare herself, once again reached an even stronger climax as her entire body became stiff.


After leaking out a long sign in a pitiful voice, Kokoro collapsed to the floor with a thud like a doll who had her strings cut.

Without looking after her, I crammed my penis deep into the collapsed Kokoro as though to crush her as I continued to pour my semen into her.

While looking at me, who was engaged in such sexual activity, Mai smiled heartily.

“I’m Book’s girlfriend, right~?”

“Haha, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm. Ah, it’s already over, right!? Then where are we gonna go from here?”

As Mai seemed to be only interested in her first date with her boyfriend, she impatiently rushed me.

Well, for the time being I’ve let one out, so afterwards, under the pretext of having a date with Mai……


Suddenly I tried to raise my waist.

In doing so, Kokoro’s crotch tensed up, giving off a slight resistance.

Upon looking down, it would seem that Kokoro was still maintaining consciousness. While making a completely broken and exhausted expression, she looked at me with amorous eyes.

“Mas……ter. You can still go on, yes?”

Kokoro desperately wiggled her shaky, immobile waist, shaking the vagina that contained my penis from side to side.

Certainly, my penis was still erect.

What an incredibly happy slave, isn’t she? To think that she would try so hard for my sake.

“That’s right, at this point it’s still not enough.”


“Mai, wait a little more. It would be meaningless if I couldn’t let it all out.”

“I get it, but still—“

After growing timid as though she were a cat who was told to wait, Mai puffed her cheeks.

What, Kokoro is doing her best for my sake. In that case, it wouldn’t be bad to leave after thoroughly breaking her and relieving myself.

“HyaaaaAH!! It’s coming!”

As the semen slime remaining inside of her vagina was stirred up, Kokoro began to pant as though she had gone mad.

It would seem that she had been quite forcibly going along with me, huh? I’m quite thankful that she had gone to that extent to satisfy me.


It couldn’t be helped that I was late in going out. I wanted to take after Kokoro’s tenacious example.

Rather than her mood being spoilt, Mai averted her gaze and waited for our intercourse to finish.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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